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Resume writing isn’t a walkover task for most people. Most job seekers prefer hiring a professional resume writer to help them create a resume that will help them land their dream job.

The resume writing industry is exponentially growing worldwide, and New York is not an exception. Hiring a resume writer has many advantages that certainly contribute to its growth.

In this article, you will find information on hiring a professional resume writer in New York and the benefits of doing so. In addition, you will get a list of some of the most reliable resume writing companies in New York.

Resume writing process

Before we discuss the details of hiring a writer, it is essential to have a brief idea about the resume writing process.

In essence, resume creation begins by understanding your skills and what you can offer the employer. The resume writer will identify your accomplishments and skill sets in detail based on the job description.

The following information is used to create the resume:

1. Profile of the candidate (your name, location, and educational background)
2. Employment objective
3. Work experience
4. Skills
5. Education
6. Awards and achievements
7. References

The entire resume creation process takes around 8-10 hours, but it may take more time, depending upon your requirements.

How to find a resume writer in New York

If you are looking for a professional resume writer in New York, the best way to find one is to search online. Many resume writing companies in New York provide all kinds of writing services, including resume writing.

You can get in touch with these companies and ask for a quotation. Make sure you compare the rates before making a decision.

Resume writing services in New York

If you live in New York, many professional resume writers in your city can help with all kinds of writing services, including resume creation and editing. Following is a list of some resume services you can get in touch with:


We have a lot to offer to recent graduates and experienced job seekers. Our writers are experienced in various professions and deliver customized job-specific resumes. Our high-quality services have earned us a 5-star rating and several positive reviews.

Depending on your career type and level, you can choose the resume package that suits you best. At Tutorsploit, you’ll work with resume writing experts from the initial consultation until you receive your final copy.

Fleet Resumes

This writing service is managed by Rachel Sirca and has more than a hundred reviews and a 5-star rating. Happy and satisfied customers describe Rachel as punctual and quality-conscious.

Their services are best suited for job seekers or workers with more than two years of experience. On average, a resume from Fleet resumes will cost $150, but the prices still depend on different levels and industries.

Marty Weitzman

Are you looking for an executive five-star resume writer? Look no further. Marty is a certified professional resume writer who is also top-rated on LinkedIn. He serves senior executives and helps them secure jobs and promotions in less than the average time.

Martz’s resume writing services cost between $800 and $1500 depending on the industry and experience of the client. He also offers other services, including LinkedIn profile creation, cover letter writing, and resume distribution services.

Your Next Jump

If you’re looking for a resume writing service in New York City, Your Next Jump is here to serve all your resume needs and much more. Their team of professionals offers phone call, email, and video chat consultation services. The price range is $799-$1099.

To get an interview preparation or LinkedIn profile photoshoot, you may need to do an in-person consultation. Your Next Jump is well-rated in Yelp, and the customer reviews portray the service as highly professional and of exceptional quality.


This resume service delivers resumes that make it past the Applicant Tracking System to the hiring manager’s desk. Their writers have vast resume writing experience and are keen to deliver customized resumes to clients.

Also, Klaxos’ highly skilled writers understand a thing or two about keyword optimization and its importance in resume writing. Depending on your resume specifications, you’ll pay between $699 and $1799. There’s also a 60-day interview guarantee.

Benefits of hiring a resume writer

• Boosting your chances of getting an interview
• Enhancing your chances of getting a job
• Focussing on what you want
• Setting realistic job search goals
• Fast delivery of resume

If you hire a resume writer, there are many benefits, including:

Boosting your chances of getting an interview

The main purpose of creating a resume is to make the hiring manager interested in you for an interview. While most job seekers can do this to some extent, they will never be as good as professional resume writers.

Enhancing your chances of getting the job

When you create a resume on your own, there is always a chance that it may not convey what you want to say. Some skills and accomplishments may be hidden in the resume. The writer will put everything in writing to get the desired results.

Focusing on what you want

Since the resume writer is an expert, they will guide you on what to write and how to maintain a balance between your skills and accomplishments.

Setting realistic job search goals

Many start their job search without setting any goal. This can result in low self-esteem and frustration when the desired results are not achieved. The writer will help you set realistic job search goals and suggest the best approach to achieve them.

Fast delivery of resume

Professional writers normally charge quite a bit, but their work is worth the money. The reason is they will not only write a good quality resume; they will also deliver it as per your instructions and requirements.

What to consider in a resume writing service

• Price range
• Experience of the writers
• Customer reviews
• Services offered by the company
• Customization of services
• The company’s return policy
• Turnaround time

Before you hire a resume writing service, it is important to consider some factors such as:

Price range

Most job seekers have a strict budget for this type of service. Ensure that the company offers affordable services and choose one that meets your needs and financial capabilities.

Experience of the writers

The experience determines how good the writer is. Ensure that the company has writers with good experience and training to help you land an interview. Also, consider the relevance of experience to ensure that your field and career are well-covered. You need a writer who fully understands your career path to get the best resume.

Customer reviews

Today, customers can review companies on their websites and social media platforms. This means you should choose a writing service that has many positive reviews. You can also check how they respond to customer complaints and grievances.

It is important to go through the customer reviews to find out what people are saying about the service. This will help you make an informed decision.

Services offered by the company

Not all companies provide the same services. Some may only write resumes, while others offer various services such as cover letters and LinkedIn profile writing. You should choose a company that will give you the service you need most and any other related services.

Customization of services

When hiring a resume writer, it is important to consider their level of expertise in customizing resumes. Some writers will only make a few tweaks, while others will completely rewrite the resume to match your experience and skills. Choose a writer who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your resume stands out.

The company’s return policy

Some companies offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the resume. Others do not have this policy. Make sure you understand the company’s return policy before hiring them.

Turnaround time

You need a resume fast to land an interview or get that job you are applying for. Ensure the company will deliver it as soon as possible because most companies take up to five days to complete your order. If you can find one that guarantees a resume in 24 hours or less, it’s better, as long as they don’t compromise on quality.


A professional resume writer can help you focus on what you want, set realistic job search goals, and deliver a high-quality resume. In addition, they offer customization services to ensure your resume stands out. When choosing a resume writing service, consider the price range, customer reviews, services offered, turnaround time, and the company’s return policy.

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