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The resume writing industry is one of the busiest industries today. Executive resume assistance is a lifesaver for those looking to fill a position in upper management. A well-written executive resume will show hiring managers that you are goal-oriented, self-driven, and the perfect fit for the company.

Evaluating an executive’s previous work experience with the appropriate skillset can make or break their candidacy for a given position. It provides information about their past success and helps prove they have what it takes to succeed at the next level.

Executive resume writing services are experts in this field, and they understand the job market well. They know how important it is that your resume be explicitly tailored to each employer rather than being one size fits all.

Who needs an executive resume writer?

Typically, executive resume writing services are needed most in highly competitive fields such as banking and finance. It can be difficult to distinguish yourself among the many applicants eyeing executive positions in these fields. The following categories of job seekers may benefit from:

  • Someone who is changing careers and needs to showcase the skills developed in an entirely different field.  
  • An internal candidate looking to take on a management position.
  • A professional making a career change and wanting to rebrand their image.
  • Someone who has been out of work for an extended period needs to highlight their new skills developed during their absence.
  • Someone who has never worked before and is looking for a first job.
  • Highly skilled professionals with multiple certifications, diplomas, and awards who need to break down their resume into a more manageable format.

What should an executive resume include?

Since each industry and position is different, candidates need to know what an employer is looking for. Some of the most relevant pieces of information that should be included on your executive resume include:

  • A highlight of past leadership and management experience. Include key accomplishments in the earlier stages of your career to prove you have what it takes to move up the ladder. List the achievements that can be tied back to your qualifications for the position in question. For example, increased profits achieved while working on a specific project. 
  • A list of important certifications and awards you may have earned over your career. 
  • A highlight of relevant skills such as foreign language skills, computer software training, or specialized knowledge in a particular field.
  • A list of educational institutions attended and degrees earned.
  • Proof that you possess a professional online presence, including social media profiles.

Why should you consider executive resume writers?

Below are some of the advantages of hiring professional resume writers:

• Top-notch quality
• Saves time
• Career coaching
• Cost-effective

Top-notch quality

A professionally written resume is a great way to make a lasting first impression. In the competitive job market, you must stand out from the crowd as soon as possible.

A well-written resume is a perfect way to do this by highlighting your relevant skills and achievements and showcasing your personality. A professional resume writer also has a keen eye for details, so your resume will be well-arranged and free from mistakes.

Saves time

The resume writing process can be time-consuming, especially if you’re unsure what you need to do. A professional writer will complete the assignment quickly without compromising the quality. You will get your winning resume exactly when you need it, as long as you choose the suitable writer.

Career coaching

Most executive resume writing companies do more than resume writing. They also have career coaches who will help you with your career goals. You can’t get coaching services from peers or friends who may not have the qualifications to guide you.

Not only will your career coach help you define what it is that you want, but they will also come up with a strategy to help you get there.


These services aren’t free, but they are worth every penny. Resume writing can be compared to other professional services like accounting, tax preparation, etc.

Most people will not do their taxes or file their returns because they can’t afford to spend the time away from their jobs. Resume writing is similar. You pay for a resume that will grant you a promotion or a new job.

Tips for choosing the best executive resume writing service

To get the nest executive resume writing services, consider the following:


Hiring a certified pro writer guarantees you the best executive resume services. Certification is a stamp of approval from the experts. It ensures that the writer has undergone intensive training and is up to date with all current industry trends.

Resume samples

This is an important consideration, especially if you are not used to writing executive resumes. Choose a company that has executive resume samples on its website. This will help you get a general idea of the quality and layout.

Discounts and offers

If you’re working on a budget, choose a service that gives discounts and other offers. For example, you can get your first resume for free. Usually, these services offer executive resume packages that are more affordable than ordering one resume at a time.

Writer qualifications and experience

A qualified and experienced resume writer will deliver what you need when you need it. Check the academic qualifications of various professional writers and see if they fit your bill. From their profiles, you should also see and gauge the worth of their resume writing experience.


You should choose a resume writing service that will provide you with the quality and kind of services that fit your requirements. For example, if you are not tech-savvy, choose a service that provides templates and other customizable formats so you can work on your resume. Also, some services assist in completing the application process. Go for the ones that understand your journey.

Customer support

An executive resume service should answer all your questions, give you samples, and offer other services that you need. They should also provide free consultations and a precise estimate of the services they provide. Ensure their customer support team is available around the clock so you can get in touch with them anytime.

Interview preparation

Most companies also offer interview coaching services. If you are unsure how to ace your interviews, choose a service that will help prepare you for the next step.


The best executive resume writing service will provide a cover letter to match the resume. Make sure that you choose a company that can deliver these services even if they are not mentioned in the advertised service packages.

Customer reviews

For added peace of mind, read up on customer reviews. It will help you get a general idea of the quality of services that various companies offer. Check outside their website to see what others are saying on Social Media and other platforms. This way, you’ll be assured of verified customer reviews.


Choose a resume writing company that provides freebies. Some of the most common free services are unlimited revision, email transmission, consultancy, an electronic version of your resume, and a cover letter.


Choose a company that offers guarantees. The best companies provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with their services. They also guarantee you 100% original work, timely delivery, and a high-quality product.

Process simplicity

Navigating a resume writing site shouldn’t be hectic and complicated. The moment you visit the site, there should be someone on the live chat ready to assist you. Also, the steps followed to have your resume done should be straightforward.

Safe payment methods

Choose a service that offers safe and secure payment methods. You don’t want to give out your credit card details online unless you’re sure of the company you’re dealing with. They should offer safe payment systems to protect you from losing your money or exposing personal details.

How do executive resume writers work?

• Build a resume from scratch
• Improve an existing resume
• Use a template

A professional resume writer can work in different ways to deliver the resume of your choice. These ways include:

Building a resume from scratch

This is a popular choice, especially for those who have been on the same career path for a long time. The writer will start from scratch and make a new executive resume draft. Custom-written resumes always work better. They are also good if you want to switch career paths or change the aspects of your current resume.

Using an existing resume as a starting point

If you have an old resume that you would like to use as a basis, some resume writing services can help you. Ensure all the necessary information so the writer fully understands your career path. The writer may also need to research the career field you want to enter and your past work experiences.

Using a template

This is another popular method. The writer will use the resume samples in their database to create one that matches your requirements. Ensure that the chosen service already has your kind of executive resume sample in their database.

Characteristics of a top executive resume

SEO optimized

Resume keyword optimization is one of the most critical steps in resume writing. It is the process of ensuring that you get to your focus keyword through searching on Google or other search engines. The resume service should have an SEO writer who can help you with this step to ensure that your executive resume will be the first search result when a hiring manager types in your focus keyword.


The final resume copy should be error-free and easy to read. Typos, spelling, and grammar mistakes have no place in an executive resume. A great resume writer will edit and proofread your resume as many times as necessary to ensure it’s perfect. The editing should also be according to the resume instructions. Ensure everything is where it should be.

Concise and well-written

The final resume copy should be as concise as possible and shouldn’t go beyond one page if possible. The resume format should be professional and free from gimmicks. It should leave a lasting impression on the HR to get the interview call. Executive recruiters have no time to read lengthy and irrelevant resumes.

High-quality formatting

The executive resume writing service should deliver a professionally formatted resume that will work for you. Ensure that it is in the proper format before making your final payment. Do your research before ordering if you have no idea how the formatting should be.

Original formatting

A good resume has a personal touch to it. A hiring manager should believe that you wrote the resume yourself instead of using a template. Make sure that yours is one of those original resumes. It’s shameful for someone eyeing a managerial position to present a disconnected and lifeless resume.


A pro writer should always go the extra mile for his client. This is demonstrated by well-researched content that will help you land a job interview. It should be a persuasive piece of writing that can convince anyone to hire you for the position.

Professional wording

The resume writer should write your executive resume in a professional tone that will connect with all types of hiring managers. It should be straight to the point and full of action verbs. Avoid short forms, slang, and other informal writing styles that will give a wrong impression about you.

Expertly written

The resume should be expertly written with a creative flair to it. It should not be a rehash of what’s already on the Internet. The professional resume writer should understand the employer’s mindset to choose the best words to describe your professional abilities.

Take Away

A resume is a sales tool for you and no one else. It should include as much persuasive writing as possible to help you land a job interview. If you lack the time or the skills to write a top-notch resume, consider hiring an experienced resume writer.

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