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A military resume is one of the most challenging documents an individual can have to write. Military service does not involve a typical work history, so it is hard for some veterans to explain their training and experience in a way that makes sense to civilians.

It is tough for soldiers with no work history to explain why they were unemployed. Even soldiers who have what might be considered traditional civilian work history may find it challenging to explain their skills on paper.

How do military resume writers help?

Expert writers help fresh job seekers or those who wish to transition. These professionals specialize in writing resumes that highlight the skills and training you have acquired as a military member.

A professional resume will help you get the job you want. It will also allow for a smooth military transition. There are plenty of professional resume writing services; the trick is to choose what works best for you.

The writers can help with several problems many veterans face when they try to write military resumes:

• Difficulty in explaining your work history
• Converting military experience into skills that are relevant to the civilian job market
• Explaining what you did as a soldier in layman’s terms minus excess military jargon
• Not sure what to include and leave out of your resume

Where to find military resume writers for hire

The following are some top military resume writing services you can consider:

• CareerPro Plus
• Expert Resumes
• 1-day Resume
• Resume Prime
• Resume to Referral
• A Platinum Resume

What to look for in a military resume writer?

• In-depth military understanding
• ATS worthiness
• Testimonials
• Payment plans and methods
• Language and format
• Experience and certifications
• Free consultation
• Free resume samples
• Price
• Guarantees

Military resume writing is sensitive and requires extra vetting when choosing a writing service. Because veterans are not the only people who need help writing military resumes, several resume services can be found online.

It is crucial to consider certified military resume writing services and not just professional resume writers. Below are the main aspects to consider when choosing a writer for your military resume:

In-depth military understanding

Unlike civilian resumes that only touch on military issues, military resumes need to dive into the minutia of everything that has happened in your life since enlistment. That can be a lot for one person trying to decipher.

Veteran-friendly resume writers know how to translate military jargon and acronyms not to confuse or distract civilian employers.

Resume services that employ retired military members are the best options. This is because they have extensive knowledge of the job and better understand the military culture.

Military resume writers must be familiar with all military occupational specialties and ranks. This knowledge helps to avoid inaccurate or incomplete information.

Applicant Tracking System worthiness

Many civilian employers and hiring managers use sophisticated applicant tracking systems to sort through resumes. These systems allow for keywords, proper formatting, and other essential elements needed for resumes to get into the correct pile.

Military resume writers need to be familiar with these systems. This way, they can design resumes that will be read by the system and thus make it through to the hiring manager.


When choosing a military resume writing service, do not just rely on the individual resume samples they post online. Do your research and read testimonials from their clients to check for plausibility.

A reputable resume service should have lots of positive feedback from their clients. They should also have testimonials from well-known employers. If the service has worked with these companies before, then you know they are reliable enough to work with you.

Payment plans and methods

Professional resume writing services should offer flexible payment plans and discounts for first-time customers. It is also worth looking at their cancellation policies if you are not satisfied with the service.

Also, ensure they use secure and mainstream payment systems to protect your financial information.

Language and format

Most military resume writers will use military jargon, but it is worth checking that they can provide service in plain language for civilians.

Remember, the resume is the only way to contact a prospective employer so give it your best shot.

Experience and certifications

It is ideal to hire a resume service that has offered military services for a long time. This way, you know that they have enough experience and will write a winning resume for you.

Look for military resume writing services that have earned the Certified Resume Writer (CRW) mark from Career Directors International. The CRW certification shows that they know how to write a resume that will land the best jobs.

Free consultation

Most reputable resume writing services offer free consultations to all their potential clients. This should be provided regardless of whether you are a first-time or returning customer. It allows the writer to get to know you better and discuss your interests, goals, and work preferences in more depth.

Free resume samples

One of the most valuable services a veteran can get is free military resume samples. It helps to see what a good resume looks like, and you can get ideas of how to present yourself best.

Look for a military resume writer who offers sample resumes. These are free examples of what you could have if you work with them, and they allow the writer to demonstrate their style without taking any risks.


Like many other resume services, the price varies depending on the writer’s experience and labor. One way to cut costs is to look for a military resume service that discounts bulk orders.

Price is an essential consideration because it affects how much you can get initially, but it should not be the only thing you base your decision on. This is because quality service does not come cheap, and if you want a great product, you will have to pay for it.


Consider a resume writing service that guarantees uniqueness, 100% satisfaction backed with free unlimited revisions, and timely delivery. Also,  if you get one that has a 100% money-back guarantee, the better because you should be sure that your money is safe.

Comparing military to civilian resume writing

The basic structure of a civilian resume and a military resume does not vary significantly. Both will include your name, address, phone number, and email address; your education; any relevant experience; and your skills.

Some of the differences are:

A civilian resume will include work history; a military resume often does not. This is because the work history of many military guys does not fit into any typical pattern or timeline. Also, many military persons have not been employed for several years.

A civilian resume will usually list a job seeker’s responsibilities and achievements; a military resume will not. It is difficult, if not impossible, for recent military personnel to list any actual concrete achievements.

After all, many military individuals do not have a specific, measurable responsibility to list. Instead, they will include skills and training that may not be easy to demonstrate on their resumes.

Who needs a military transition resume?

• Veterans
• Military individuals up for promotion
• People with transferrable skills
• Those injured during service
• Retired military looking for part-time jobs
• Military spouses

A transition resume is written for those who wish to transition from a military career to the civilian workforce or a different service. Civilian resume writing services can do a great job in this one. However, the best option is finding a transition resume writer who understands both sides of the divide. Some people who may need a military shift resume services are:


After an honorable discharge, those who have just left the armed forces will need to transition their military experience to civilian experience. They may need military transition resume writing services for this.

Military members up for promotion

To successfully transition from the military workforce back into the general workforce, those up for promotion will need these services. A military to civilian resume is an essential document they can’t do without.

People with transferable skills

Many people who have served in the military for an extended period will have learned skills that can be used in all types of communities, not just the military. However, these people may need to write a military to civilian resume to ensure these skills are not ignored.

Those who were injured during service

Those who have sustained injuries of any kind during their time in the military may need to transition into a different career. Military transition resume services can ensure that employers do not ignore their qualifications because of their injuries.

Retired military personnel looking for part-time work

Military skills are highly transferable to the civilian workforce, but this is not always easy to convey. Retired military personnel who wish to supplement their income may want to hire a transition resume service.

Military spouses

A military member’s family is usually affected by the constant changes and transitions; many need to find employment after changing duty stations. These transitions are often difficult, not only for the military member but also for their spouse.

Spouses may need a transition from their previous job to their new one and find new employment opportunities closer to the base. This is where the transition services can come in handy.

Benefits of hiring a military resume writer

The following are several benefits that people who hire a military transition services will see:

  • A translation of experience into skills and training. The majority of civilian employers do not know what military experience is actually like. They will not understand the transferable skills that a military member has. The transition resume services can explain these skills.
  • Matching qualifications of the military member with the job listing. When someone uses a professional resume service, they can be sure that the qualifications of the military member and the job listing will match up. This is not always easy, especially if a person does not know what they are looking for. A professional resume writer can do an excellent job matching the qualifications with the job listing.
  • Clean and clear writing. If someone writes their resume, it may become cluttered with unnecessary information. A transition resume service will be able to condense the qualifications of the military member into a short, easily understandable resume.
  • Quick turnaround time. Those who are looking to transition out of the military will likely need a resume quickly. An experienced military resume writer will guarantee a fast turnaround time, which can make all the difference.
  • Assurance of getting a competitive edge over other candidates. With the help of a military transition resume service, those who are up for promotion will compete with other applicants and make their skills known to the employers.
  • ​Career coaching. Any leading resume writing service does more than putting together an amazing document; it also coaches job seekers to navigate the job market.
  • ​Value for money: Military resume writing services vary depending on the service. While it’s prudent to compare prices, an expert resume writer will deliver value for money any time so go for it.

Bottom Line

Job search can be a daunting task, especially if you lack the proper documents to win the hiring manager’s heart. A professionally written resume and cover letter will start you off on the right footing. Finding a befitting military resume writer is a challenge if you’re a military job seekerallenge. Tutorsploit is your trusted resume writing service that understands the unique military resume needs. 

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