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If you plan to start or have already started the job search process, you understand what a great resume and cover letter can do. Hiring a professional resume writer is viable because resume writing isn’t a cup of tea for most people.

There are countless resume services globally; some are fully virtual, while others have physical offices you can walk into and consult. While virtual writing services are still valid, sometimes you need an in-person interview or one-on-one career coaching. This is why you need reliable options for local resume services.

Benefits of working with a resume writing service near you

• Convenience
• Access to resources
• Networking opportunities
• Faster services
• Easier to build trust and rapport
• Discounts and offer options
• Individualized attention


You can easily meet in person or have a phone conversation; this is especially helpful if you have any questions or need more clarification. Sometimes you can even get resumes and cover letters in less than 24 hours, depending on the turnaround time.

Access to Resources

Online resume writers may be limited in terms of the resources they offer. For example, a local resume service may have more templates, samples, and even books to help you write a better resume.

Networking Opportunities

In-person resume writers often have access to vast networks of employers, recruiters, and other professionals. They can put you in touch with the right people for a better job offer.

Faster service

If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, a local professional resume writing service can be a better option. They often have a large pool of writers who can work on your resume immediately.

Easier to build trust and rapport

It’s often easier to build trust and rapport because you can see and talk to the resume writer in person. This can lead to a better working relationship and better results.

Options for Discounts and Other Benefits

Local resume writers may offer discounts for referrals, returning clients, or other special deals. Make sure to ask about any discounts or other benefits they offer.

Individualized Attention

When you work in-person or on the phone with a resume writer, you can get individualized attention. This is especially important for your resume because you want it to be perfect.

Resume writing services in your locality

Given the numerous benefits of working with local professional writers, having reliable options will help you find the best services to help you land your dream job. Below are lists of resume writers in various locations to make your search easier.

Chicago, Illinois

Having the third-largest population in the United States of America, Chicago is a busy city. Hiring managers and job seekers are always interacting through resumes and interviews, making it necessary to have great writing services within. Below are some resume writing services that service the Chicago population.

• Tutorsploit
• The Contingent Plan
• JobStars
• Career Canvas
• BeltSytles
• A Better Resume Service
• Resume Pilots
• AAA Targeted Writing $ Coaching Services

Atlanta, Georgia

There are more than 10,000 resume writers in Atlanta. Being Georgia’s capital city, this business hub hosts thousands of job seekers, most of whom desperately need professional resume help. If you’re a job seeker in Atlanta, here’s a list to save your energy.

• Tutorsploit
• Executive Resumes Atlanta
• UrResumeYourFuture
• ReReadsumes by Joyce
• Robin’s Resumes
• Your Next Jump
• CareerPro Resumes
• Ready Set Resumes
• Elite Resume Writing Services

Boston, Massachusetts

Are you in Boston, the largest and capital city of Massachusetts? Are you looking for resume services near you? The following list will simplify your search and haste your job application process.

• Tutorsploit
• New England Resumes
• Resumes Plus
• Whole U
• Solutions by HR
• Job Search Divas
• Spring Forward Resumes
• Beacon Resume
• Elevated Resumes

Charleston, South Carolina

Job seekers in Charleston have the opportunity to work with some of the best resume writers in South Carolina. Charleston is an old city but still has it regarding modern employment trends. Below is a list of local resume writers you can consider.

• Tutorsploit
• Thrive! Resumes
• Expert Resume Writer
• Rescue Resume
• Stancy Merwin

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is the Olympic city that hosts more than sixteen thousand professional resume writers. Consider the following list if you live here and would like to consult and work with a certified professional resume writer.

• Tutorsploit
• A Platinum Resume
• Colorado Springs Resume
• Always Typing
• CAREER-Magic
• Career Pro Impressive Resumes
• Brooke Writes It

Dallas, Texas

If you’re in Dallas and feel the need for an in-person resume consultation, or prefer local resume writers over remote ones, here are your options:

• Tutorsploit
• Resume Lezlie
• DFW Resume
• Enhanced Careers
• Bridges Career Services
• Righteous Resumes
• ER Consulting

Detroit, Michigan

Job seekers in Detroit have several local resume writing options. If you live in this city and need help to land your dream job or advance your career, consider the following resume writing services.

• Tutorsploit
• The Lettersmith
• Galen Michales $ Associates
• About Words
• Employment Boost
• Seasoned and Growing Resue Services
• Verticle Media Solutions
• Chosen Resumes
• Professional resume Writing $ More

Colombus, Ohio

Are you a job seeker in Colombus or the areas around? Do you need a local resume writer to hold your hand through the job application process? Here’s a list of some of the top-rated resume companies serving the Colombus community.

• Tutorsploit
• Worthington Career Services
• Anderson $ Co. Resumes Services
• Nolan Branding
• Executive Resume Rescue
• Windhof Career Services
• Briefcase Coach

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton city hosts numerous careers and industries warranting dynamic job searching and employment needs. If you live here and need resume writing assistance, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you search in the right places. To start you off, below is a list of some reliable local resume services.

• Tutorsploit
• ResumesCanada
• SkyHigh Resumes Edmonton
• High Impact Resumes
• Go-Getter Resumes
• Resume Ready
• Edmonton Resume writers
• Canadian Resume Writing Service
• Edmonton Writing services

Fort Worth, Texas

Several professional resume writing services serve the Fort Worth community, so if you live here, you’re well covered. The following are some of the top-rated resume writers in Fort Worth.

• Tutorsploit
• DFW Resume
• Custom Career Coach
• Bob Janitz
• Up-to-Date Resumes
• GotHired
• Perfect Resume
• Resume Butterfly

Houston, Texas

If you’re in Houston or would like to connect with reliable resume writers in Texas, the list below will be a great place to start your search.

• Tutorsploit
• ResumeZest
• Resumes That Sell You
• Houston Resume Writing
• ResumeSpice
• Resume by Design
• Boardroom Resumes
• Advanced Career Solutions
• Houston Outplacement

Jacksonville, Florida

Florida is not all about fun and holidays; there are serious career people here seeking to employ and get employed. If you need resume writing services along the Atlantic, below are some options to consider:

• Tutorsploit
• ResumeWonders
• Milestone Resumes
• A Remarkable Resume
• Exclusive Career Coaching
• Resume Rocketeers
• Career Florida
• Jacksonville Resume Writer
• Resume Pro

Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you seeking resume writing services in Las Vegas, the list below will help you start on the right footing

• Tutorsploit
• Ward Resumes
• A Better Way Resume
• Sequence Resumes
• Advantage Resume
• Audacity Career Consulting

Bottom Line

Finding a writing service to serve your unique resume needs isn’t obvious. While some resume companies are widely popular, others are not visible or well advertised. This is why it’s important to search for resume writers in your locality to find the best service for your needs.

With that said, take your time and review all of the companies listed in this article. You can also consider other options because the lists aren’t exhaustive. What matters is finding a resume writing service that will serve you best.

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