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While the PSAT is an important test, it can be challenging for students to prepare for on their own. That is why many students turn to tutors for help. If you consider hiring a tutor for your child, read on to learn more.

We will discuss the benefits of PSAT tutoring, what to look for when choosing a tutor, how much PSAT tutoring costs, and the difference PSAT tutoring can make in your child’s scores.

By the end of this article, you will be armed with the information you need to hire a PSAT tutor that’s right for your family.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Private PSAT Tutor?

Overcoming test anxiety

Private PSAT tutoring can help your child overcome any anxieties they may have about taking standardized tests. If you notice that your child becomes nervous before important tests, private tutoring can provide them with the guidance and confidence they need to perform their best.

Improve test-taking skills

PSAT tutoring can help students learn the proper methods for tackling standardized tests. Learning effective techniques for taking these types of exams can make a big difference in their scores.

Overcome content gaps

Many students struggle with standardized tests because they lack the foundational knowledge of their school curriculum. If your child is not mastering concepts at school, tutoring can help them build this crucial knowledge before test day.

Studying with a tutor allows your child to gain exposure to the types of questions they will see on the actual test. With this experience under their belt, they will be more comfortable during testing.

Honing in on specific academic skills

Many students do not realize it, but the PSAT covers several areas. Some of these areas, such as math and writing, are tested more heavily than others.

Private PSAT tutoring can help your child focus on the areas they need to improve, whether sentence structure or algebraic equations. This allows them to prepare for the test in a way that’s tailored to their skills level.

Improving performance by following a study schedule

If the student is preparing for the PSAT/NMSQT on their own, it can be challenging to stay organized and prioritize studying. Having a PSAT tutor can help by providing them with a study schedule and access to books and materials they need to succeed.

Middle school students improve their performance when they know what to expect and feel accountable to their tutor. We also review past questions and quizzes to know what aspects they struggled with during their practice.

Improving time management skills

Sometimes test takers neglect the time management section of the PSAT. They assume that there is no need to practice this area since it is not a graded section. Expert PSAT tutors will help the test takers master test-taking strategies. The tutor will also focus on time management to increase their score. Time management is crucial for this test and others such as the SAT, ACT and GRE that have a time limit.

Best PSAT Prep Course 2022- Our Online Tutoring Packages

To help middle school and high school students prepare for the PSAT, offers various online tutoring services. Our talented team of certified teachers is dedicated to helping students achieve the highest possible score on this test.

Here is our education program that can be tailored to meet the need of an individual student;

Math Private PSAT Tutor

If your child is struggling with math or just does not quite feel confident in their skills, private tutoring can help. Our expert PSAT Tutor focus on teaching students test-taking techniques and mastering foundational math concepts. Then they review previous questions to ensure the test taker knows what to expect before taking this test.

PSAT Math Topics Covered:

Integer Properties, Rational Numbers, Percent, Ratio and Percent

Algebra 1 & 2 Topics Covered:

Linear equations/inequalities, algebraic expressions/equations, linear functions, systems of equations, graphing inequalities, polynomial functions, quadratic functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, geometric sequences, and series statistics, among others.

PSAT Science Tutoring

Our PSAT Tutors focus on the areas tested the most to ensure students achieve their full potential. With trained experts focused on science, your child can boost their score. Our tutoring sessions will focus on these topics, among others:

PSAT Science Topics Covered:

Physical sciences (20%), life science (15%), earth/space science (15%), natural resources, and ecology (10%).

PSAT Language Tutoring

One of the most challenging sections of the PSAT and SAT is the writing and language portion. It requires students to use skills they might not be familiar with, such as parallelism, transition words, and modifying phrases. Our expert tutors focus on building these skills to ensure your student performs their best in this section.

The PSAT is an important test for students in grades 8-11. With the right encouragement and tutoring, your child can greatly increase their score. We are available to help them prepare with individualized tutoring throughout the U.S. We can provide the right tutor who will fit in your family’s schedule.

PSAT Writing Tutoring

Many students lack the knowledge and skills needed to ace the essay portion of this test. Our PSAT tutors focus on writing techniques to help them achieve a high score. We also review past essays and quiz the student on what aspects they might improve during their next test. This gives them an idea of what they can expect from this section.

Writing Topics Covered:

Alliteration, analogy, appositive, articles, capitalization, coordination and subordination, critical reasoning/reading skills/vocabulary enhancement/usage, comma usage common idioms, context clues, direct object, pronouns, diction, double negatives, figurative language, fill in the blank, main idea/main points, parallelism, passive voice prepositions, predicate nominative pronouns, reference run-on sentences, subject-verb agreement, transitions, use of commas, use of quotation marks, word usage, and sentence structure.

PSAT English Tutoring

If your child struggles with essay writing, this is an area where private tutoring can help. Our online PSAT English classes are for students who want to focus on the essay section. The tutors can help with sentence structure and areas that might need improvement before taking this test again.

Reading Private PSAT Tutor –

If your child struggles with reading comprehension, our expert tutor can help. We focus on reviewing the types of questions so they know what to expect from this section and provide them access to various books that will improve their skills.

Reading & Language Topics Covered:

Comprehension: Main idea and details, sequence of events, characters/setting, point of view

Figurative Language: Alliteration, simile, consonance, repetition (rhyme & rhythm), hyperbole

Context Clues: Vocabulary in context/text-based

Usage: Gerunds, infinitive phrases, predicate nominatives/absolute phrases, subject-verb agreement

Writing Style: Word choice (diction), transitional words/phrases

PSAT Vocabulary Tutoring

The PSAT testing company recently announced that they would be testing on more than just the words commonly used in school. This means students need to be ready for words they may have never seen before.

Our experienced PSAT tutor focuses on teaching students these difficult vocabulary words to answer questions correctly on the test day.

Book a free consultation or sign up for a class today. Please feel free to contact our education specialists at (+1) #

Practice Tests

We offer four online PSAT practice tests nearly identical to the real thing. Our P Test 1, P Test 2, and P Test 3 are timed just like the PSAT with two 25-minute sections of math and one 35-minute section of reading/writing.

The final test is untimed, so students can focus on the individual sections and review their mistakes. Our tutors discuss the incorrect answers with students to ensure they know why they are incorrect and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Free PSAT Sample Questions

We offer a free page of online practice questions so you can see how our classes work before signing up for anything. The topics covered in these sample questions are not limited to what we cover in class, so students can find out what areas they need to improve on before their next test.

Test Prep Courses

We offer a variety of online courses to help students prepare for the PSAT. The three-week courses are for students who prefer an online format and can be used with our practice tests.

Students will receive access to all course material, teacher support, assignments, and quizzes throughout the three weeks.

If a student is looking for additional online classes before the PSAT or wants to “test out” of a course, these are perfect options.

Book a free consultation or sign up for a class today. Please feel free to contact our education specialists at (+1) 406 924 4659

Mock PSAT Test

Our online Mock PSAT Practice Test (90 Questions) is similar to the real test and can be used in two ways. Students who need more practice before the test can complete the 90-minute mock test as many times as they want.

The questions are randomly generated. When students take the practice test again, the questions look completely different from the first time. If a student has taken one of our three-week courses, they can use this practice test to see how much they have improved since their last class!

PSAT Crash Course –

If you need a crash course for exam takers to improve their SAT score and you only have a week to prepare, this is the course for you. This online class covers all core topics areas found on the PSAT and test strategy and mental preparation.

It is taught by experienced teachers who understand that not every student learns differently, so they structure their lessons accordingly.

PSAT Group Class

Our group courses are perfect if you have a large team of students who want to offer specialized classes for different ability levels. We combine small-group classes with online resources like videos, quizzes, and teacher support to provide more comprehensive lessons than regular group tutoring. Our PSAT tutor is a phone call away.

Let us know when you start the tutoring test prep lessons. We will help you find a schedule that works well with your current school schedule and work around it. Book a PSAT tutor today! Our phone number (+1) #.

What Do You Need to Look for in a PSAT Tutor?

A good tutor is passionate about education and loves working with exam takers to help them achieve their goals. Here are qualities you will find with our PSAT tutors:

Ability to communicate well

It is important that students feel comfortable talking about their PSAT tutoring sessions with their tutor. A tutor needs to communicate well for your child to learn from them.

Positive attitude towards students

When hiring a PSAT tutor, choose someone who is a good fit for your family and can work well with your child’s personality. Look for a tutor that has a positive attitude towards learning and can work well with your child to achieve their goals.

Our PSAT tutor provides test takers with the skills they need to succeed while maintaining a fun and encouraging tone.

PSAT Tutor for Homeschool Students

Many parents want to homeschool their children and hire a tutor for on-site or online learning. We offer several tutors that work well with homeschool students for all grade levels.

Our tutors have experience tutoring homeschooled students and have been trained to work with homeschool instructors. We offer traditional tutoring for any grade level and innovative methods with our online courses. We will adapt to the students learning styles.

With our tutor’s vast teaching experience, we are sure the student will improve their writing skills, study skills, and other PSAT core subjects.

Tutor Approach

Private tutoring is available online for this test. Our expert PSAT tutors are knowledgeable about standardizing tests, have scored highly on these exams themselves and can help your child with any sections giving them trouble. Our tutors use various teaching methods to best suit each student’s learning needs.

Our tutors are screened and certified, have many years of experience and speak English as a first language.

We have in-home tutoring and online one-on-one tutoring. Due to Covid 19, we encourage online one-on-one tutoring. We have worked with thousands of students over the years to help them achieve their academic success.

How to Access Our PSAT Educational Program

  • Fill the order form on our homepage. Please provide details about time, location, and the type of tutoring you are looking for. Let us also know the academic goals of the test taker.
  • You can choose online tutoring or in-home tutoring. Select the date you would like to start your PSAT tutoring program.
  • We will email you to confirm your order details and a custom quote
  • Fill out our secure online payment form (all major credit cards and PayPal accepted).
  • Access your new PSAT educational program within 24 hours!

Free Resources:

We provide scores of free resources that can help your child get on track for success on test day, including:

  • Hundreds of sample questions and exercises
  • Test history reports
  • Access to our online review course
  • Online verbal and nonverbal exercises
  • 24/7 access to our online tutoring service

Our goal is to make customized PSAT tutoring affordable for all students who want to achieve their highest possible scores. If you would like more information about improving your child’s performance on this test, contact us today!

How Much Do PSAT Tutors Charge?

Our PSAT Tutoring Charges:

Hourly one-on-one online tutoring

1 to 3 hours – $39.99/hour

4 to 6 hours – $29.99/hour

7+ hours – $19.99/hour

Flat rates or unlimited packages are available for an extra discounted price! Please contact our customer service department at (+1) 406 924 4659 for more information.

What students who have had a PSAT Tutoring experience with us say:

“The detailed reports that my tutor has provided have helped me to see what I need to improve upon and whether or not I am on track with the rest of the students in my grade. He is always cheerful, friendly, professional and available for any pre-test help.” – Jeff S., student.

“My tutor has made a tremendous impact on my test performance. I appreciate his patience when explaining concepts and his tenacity in making sure I understand the material. Our time together has been a pleasure.” – Catherine S., student.

“My tutor is very knowledgeable and personable! He takes the time to explain new concepts and review existing ones that we had covered earlier, but I still needed to brush upon. He takes a very hands-on approach, and has helped me feel much more confident in my PSAT performance.” – Grace S., student

“My tutor is amazing! He really knows his stuff and has the patience to explain the material well enough for me to understand. Every time I go over homework, I feel like it’s helping me improve my grade. And he’s always available when I need help.” – Anthony R., student.

Other Services

College Admissions Consultation

If your child is in the 10th or 11th grade and you are concerned about his or her academic performance, our college admissions consultants may be able to help.

We can provide expert guidance on choosing the right courses for high school students, filling out college applications and writing meaningful essays.

ACT Tutoring

We also offer ACT tutoring for those who would like to improve their scores on this test. Like the PSAT, this test determines college entrance eligibility throughout the country. If you would like help improving your child’s score on this test, contact our customer service department today!

High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) Tutoring

If your child is in the 7th through 12th grade and would like to earn a HiSET certification, our tutoring programs will certainly help.

The HiSET exam tests a student’s proficiency in various subjects, including Math, Science, Social Studies and English. Our tutoring programs are designed to help students succeed on this exam.

High School Diploma Test (HSDT) Tutoring

Finally, we offer test preparation services for those who need help preparing for the HSDT. This is a high school equivalency exam offered in most states throughout the country. Our test preparation programs are designed to boost scores on this exam so that students have the best chance of success. Call us today on (+1) # to book your tutoring session!

About Us:

Our company,, provides affordable one-on-one tutoring for standardized tests to help students achieve academic success. We have worked with thousands of students to accomplish their academic goals over the years.

Our teaching skills and teaching style have made us successful in helping students join the ranks of the nation’s most elite universities.

Our Expert Tutors

We have a team of highly-skilled tutors who work with students from all over the world via online one-on-one tutoring services. We want college to be affordable for everyone. That is why we offer our services at a fraction of the price compared to other companies in this industry.

Our qualified tutors use the latest teaching methods to help students meet their academic goals. Tutorsploit takes great pride in successfully working with test-takers to improve their test scores and overall learning ability.

Our company has been tutoring students from around the world since 2009. We are among the top-rated PSAT test preparation companies both online and in-home. We serve U.S. states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida, and many more!


PSAT/NMSQT is a registered service mark of the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation. This website is not endorsed or approved by the College Board, National Merit Scholarship Corporation, or any other official sponsor of the PSAT/NMSQT. All information contained on this site is provided for general informational and educational purposes only.

The PSAT is a practice exam given to high school sophomores and juniors. It helps prepare them for their eventual entrance into college. It is essentially a more advanced version of the SAT Reasoning Test. Students use their PSAT score as a benchmark to determine which standardized test they want to sign up for eventually.

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation also administers a PSAT scholarship program for juniors seeking recognition and scholarships.

The PSAT is given in October, during the same time as the SAT Reasoning Test. Schools register test takers for the test during their junior year of high school. 

Students must take notice of specific registration deadlines. Dates vary from state to state. Ensure you file the paperwork well in advance of any cutoff deadlines.

The PSAT exam is graded differently than the SAT Reasoning Test. It does not factor in the student’s final score with their percentile rank. Instead, all students receive a raw score based on how many questions they answered correctly.

What Is the Difference Between an SAT Tutor Vs PSAT Tutor?

There are several differences between SAT tutoring and PSAT tutoring. These include the content of the tests, the types of questions asked, and how much weight each test carries in your child’s academic career.


The PSAT is similar to the SAT in some ways. Both cover math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and essay writing. But the PSAT is typically shorter—it covers fewer sections, tests fewer skills, and has fewer difficult questions.

The PSAT does not factor into your child’s final high school grades or class rank. However, since it provides a great indication of their academic performance level, students often take the PSAT in the 11th or 12th grades.

If your child knows they will be applying to college, they might consider taking the SAT (or an equivalent test like the ACT). But if their goal is to excel in school without earning a degree beyond high school, they may want to prepare for the PSAT instead of taking additional standardized tests.

What Types of Questions Do Students See on the PSAT Exam?

The PSAT may seem similar to the SAT, but there are some key differences between content and difficulty. The PSAT focuses on vocabulary, reading comprehension, mathematics operations (like addition and multiplication), and sentence structure corrections. For this reason, it is a good idea to have your child take a practice PSAT before the actual test.

Common Mistakes Students Make on the PSAT

Skipping questions

The main mistake students make on the PSAT is skipping questions. Because there are only 25 minutes allotted for each section, it is important to use this time wisely. Start with problems that can be solved quickly and easily, even if you are not 100% sure you have chosen the correct answer.

Rushing through the test

Students often rush through problems they do not immediately understand. It results in careless mistakes. They also commonly make incorrect guesses on questions they find challenging, which is not an effective use of time.

Please take a deep breath and read the whole question before solving it. This will help avoid rushing through questions. Then find time later during the test to go back and check your work.

Simple arithmetic errors

Other mistakes students make on this test center around simple errors in arithmetic and grammar.

Test prep ensures that the test taker is familiar with how the College Board grades these questions. Students practice solving common SAT math and English errors before taking the actual SAT.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What Is the PSAT?

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is a standardized test given to high school sophomores and juniors. It is used as practice for the SAT and will help prepare students for the test. 

Instead of grading the test, the College Board scores the PSAT and sends each student’s performance to their high schools. Students can then use their scores as a practice benchmark for the SAT.

Who Takes the PSAT Test?

The PSAT is given to students in the 10th or 11th grade. It is used as a practice test for the SAT and an indicator of academic achievement at their current level.

Why Should Students Take the PSAT?

The test is a way to practice the format of the SAT without being penalized for wrong answers. Taking it as a sophomore could help them understand what to expect on the real thing—and improve their scores.

If students do not take it as a sophomore, they can still retake it as a junior or senior and improve their scores. Many colleges and universities will use PSAT scores as part of the admissions process, and taking the SAT (or an equivalent) could help your child get into his or her program of choice.

What Is a Perfect Psat Score?

The perfect PSAT score is 1520, including 400 points for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section plus 480 points for the Math.

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