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History of Mechanical Engineering

The word mechanical is derived from the Greek word “mekhanikos” which means “engineer.”

The first mechanical engineer was the Greek inventor Hero of Alexandria, who lived in the 1st century AD. He applied simple mechanics to produce various rotating devices that led to more complicated machines.

Mechanical engineering became a profession after the development of machine tools at the end of the 18th century. William Rankine established the first civil engineering department.

The history of mechanical engineering is filled with many great inventors. One such inventor that our team at Tutorsploit likes to talk about is Nikola Tesla. He was one of the most prolific inventors in the field of electrical engineering. He has contributed immensely to the development of alternating current (AC) systems and induction motors. This helped to bring electricity to people’s homes.

The history of mechanical engineering is vast and dates back many years when simple machines were developed in pulleys, gears, etc. Today, this field has evolved with advanced machine tools producing complex components used in various industries, including the automobile industry.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Topics We Cover:

Our mechanical assignment help experts cover all mechanical engineering courses. Here are some of our Mechanical assignment topics- 

Material Science and Structural Analysis:

Material science is the study of material structure, composition, processing, and properties. This topic aims to provide an understanding of materials in terms of their structure-property relations.

It also includes flow, fracture, and failure in stress, strain, and structural changes. On the other hand, Structural analysis focuses on structures in a static or dynamic state of stress.

Kinematics and Kinetics of Machines:

This topic is related to the concepts of simple machines and mechanisms applied in various engineering industries. These include elementary kinematics, dynamics and kinetics of machinery; power transmission systems; and design methodology for mechanisms


Thermodynamics is concerned with heat and work processes in a system. It helps in converting mechanical energy into other forms of energy. It helps in finding out how the system does mechanical work and to recover the original mechanical energy.

Fluid Mechanics;

Fluid mechanics is the study of fluid in motion, either a liquid or a gas. These fluids are known as Newtonian fluids. They have no shear stress at all times. Fluid Mechanics includes Rotational Dynamics, Fluid Kinematics, and Statics, along with Hydrostatics.

Solid Mechanics;

Solid Mechanics involves the study of material in its solid state. It covers topics like stress, strain, and elasticity. This topic is mainly used for designing structures. It also includes mechanics of materials which explains the load-bearing capabilities of a specific material under different conditions.

Material Science;

Material science is the study of material structure, composition, processing, and properties. This topic aims to provide an understanding of materials in terms of their structure-property relations. It also includes flow, fracture, and failure in stress, strain, and structural changes.

Heat Transfer;

It is the process by which energy moves between objects that are at different temperatures. This concept helps in understanding how heat transfer processes occur. It includes methods like conduction, convection, and radiation. Heat transfer also covers thermal fluids technology, which discusses thermofluid properties, open channel flow, pipe flow, etc.

Control Engineering;

Generally, control engineering is part of electrical engineering. It involves designing, analysis and synthesis control systems. Control engineering includes feedback mechanisms based on system modeling and time response. This topic also provides the knowledge of process control system components like sensors, actuators, controllers, etc.

Robotics and Space Exploration;

Robotics is the study of designing machines capable of doing various tasks that human beings can do. Control engineering also involves space exploration for understanding other planets in the solar system. It also helps in knowing about satellites and their applications.

Mechanical Assignment Help -Mechatronics;

Mechatronics is involved with mechanical, electronics, and software engineers working together to build new systems. These are typically designed for the automation and manufacturing of various products.

It also includes mechatronic devices like mobile robots, industrial manipulators, and haptic systems. Students can access Mechatronics assignment help based on their academic level. Fill the order form, and we will help you with the assignment.

Mechanical Engineering Help – Mechanical robotics

Mechanical robotics is the study of various robots that serve different purposes in industrial automation. This involves designing and programming robotic systems for manufacturing, production, and inspection applications.

This covers topics like electro-mechanical actuators, robot path planning, assembly processes, and others. If you need Mechatronics assignment help, we will provide you with a custom written solution. Call us for now for help!

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help-Statics Dynamics Mechanics

Statics dynamic mechanics assignment help service is the topic that involves the study of motion, forces, and equilibrium. It includes topics like friction, the center of mass, work, power, etc. If you need help on this topic,  post your question, and our experts will help.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help – Dynamics of Machines

Dynamics of machines is the study of motion and force interactions between a machine and a power source. Students can access mechanical engineering assignments based on the dynamics of machines at an affordable price. Dynamics includes rotating systems, vibration, and control systems.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help – Thermal engineering

Thermal engineering is the part of mechanical engineering which deals with heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid flow topics.

This mainly covers designing systems for thermal management, insulation, refrigeration, etc. Students can get assignment help on this topic at affordable prices with complete assurance.

Mechanical Assignment Help – Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing engineering is the part of mechanical engineering which deals with design and production processes in an enterprise.

The main focus is on designing machines and processes to ensure the efficient use of materials, energy, and other resources at affordable prices. Students can get manufacturing engineering assignment help at affordable prices from us.

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Mechanical Engineering Homework Help – Machine Design

Machine design is the part of mechanical engineering which deals with designing machines based on their purpose, requirement, cost, and other factors.

This includes repetitive machines like presses, jigs, spot welding, robots, and inspection machines. Machine design also covers mechanisms like linkages, belts, gears, and cams.

If you need machine design assignment help, we are here to provide you with a custom written solution at an affordable price.

Design Theory for Mechanical Systems (Dynamics and Control)

This topic involves the design of mechanical systems which are needed for working under different conditions like stability, motion, and control. The study also includes designing and analysis of such systems as well as their applications in motion planning, mechatronics, etc. offers assignment help services to university students on these topics and various other engineering disciplines. If you need help with topics not listed above, please contact us. Our mechanical engineering experts are standing by to help.

Online Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help

Online Assignment Help Services is very famous with the name of Tutorsploit. We provide quality services to all Mechanical engineering students, which includes homework help, assignment. Our team of experts is very talented and works on different concepts like mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, etc.

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Reference Papers

Browse through our mechanical engineering sample papers section to get help with your assignments. These essays are selected with utmost care to benefit from them when writing their own assignments. If you do not get samples for your topic, please request us, and we will get back to you soon with a solution.

Disclaimer: The reference papers provided are for students’ academic purposes only. Use them for research and reference purposes. They will help you craft your own research papers and other mechanical assignment.

Mechatronics Engineering Assignment Help

Mechatronic systems are designed using various controls like PID controllers etc. The Mechatronic system consists of both electro-mechanical (electrical systems) and mechanic modules. The control of a mechatronic system is very complex and requires high expertise to achieve the best results. 

Tutorsploit Mechatronics Engineering Assignment Help professionals study all these concepts in detail. They provide students with the correct mechanical engineering answers!

We guarantee that our work will be unique because experts write all our solutions with years of knowledge in their particular fields.

Mechanical Engineering Projects Help

Mechanical engineering projects are tough to manage. Every university student has the responsibility for managing their project work properly. There are different kinds of mechanical projects like design, analysis, and simulation etc. Students require proper guidance in order to complete their projects successfully.

Mechanical engineering assignments also include designing various machines like Car engine parts, turbine blades etc.  We provide all kinds of mechanical engineering project help.

University students can avail of our Mechanical engineering project help by submitting their assignments to us. Please email or fill up the query form available on our website.

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We provide quality assignments as we work on different concepts. Our mechanical engineering homework experts are well versed in their respective subject areas. They will be able to understand and do your projects without any trouble. All assignments are well researched, written, properly formatted, and referenced according to the customer’s specifications.

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Mechanical Assignment Model Papers:

We also provide sample papers to our mechanical engineering students.  It will help the students to understand mechanical engineering concepts better. Students can use the model papers as references to help them write their own work.

Mechanical Electronics Help

Experts describe mechanical electronics as a science that deals with the design and manufacture of devices that involve mechanical -electronics aspects. Examples of such systems include automated handling, electrical actuators for combustion engines, and CD-ROM drives. Sometimes students lack detailed knowledge and expertise to handle their mechanical homework. If you are stuck, do not panic. Call us on (+1) 406 924 4659. Our mechanical assignment help experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to offer guidance.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help- Reporting Services

Students may have doubts in the accuracy of their work. From time to time, they need someone to check their assignments before submission. To help them out, we suggest that they get a Mechanical Engineering help-reporting service. They can submit their work to us, and we will provide them with the best reports within no time.

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Mechanical Engineering Essays Help

The mechanical engineering essays are papers that include different topics like thermodynamics, theory of machines, kinematics, dynamics and mechanics of materials etc. Tutorsploit mechanical engineering assignment writers will help with all types of essays.

Students can approach us for other mechanical engineering assignments help like thesis, lab reports, coursework, PowerPoint presentations, and case study analysis.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help | Mechanical Engineering Homework Help 

Mechanical engineering is one of the most important branches of engineering. There are several mechanical engineers who have made their mark in the field being instrumental to technological development.  Mechanical engineers work on increasing the efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness of machines. So it is natural that mechanical engineering topics are one of the most critical areas which attract students to pursue their studies in this subject.

It is common for students to struggle during their undergraduate years, especially with mechanical engineering assignments.

If you cannot find the correct answers by searching online or asking friends, you can always post your mechanical engineering assignment help questions on our website. Our experts will come up with the best possible answer to your queries. We want you to succeed in your studies and your future career. So do not hesitate to ask us any time you think that we can help!

What Are The Career Options For Mechanical Engineers?

There are several career options for students who have completed their mechanical engineering assignments. What is important is that you choose a career that would allow you to grow both professionally and personally. Some of the options available are the following:

a) Designing mechanical components, systems or processes

b) Overseeing production lines

c) Designing industrial equipment

d) Developing new materials for applications in machines

e) Development of tooling for industrial firms

How is The Career of A Mechanical Engineer?

Engineers are people who apply scientific principles to practical problems. Broadly there are four major branches of engineering – civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers. Civil engineering is the oldest branch and deals with the designing of roads, bridges and buildings.

Mechanical engineers develop power plants, work on machines, engines, turbines, etc. They study the principles which govern the motion of objects. They design machines for manufacturing purposes as well as those used in space travel. They also work on the latest technologies like robotics. In some companies, mechanical engineers are also expected to work on the sales and marketing aspects of the business.

Engineers are expected to produce problem-solving solutions with minimal supervision. The main requirement is strong skills in mathematics, physics, chemistry, creativity, initiative, and thinking outside the box. They can get jobs either in government bodies or private companies.

Why Become a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical engineers are in demand as they can handle all aspects of product development. You can be an entrepreneur, work for research & development (R & R&D) divisions, or work extensively on the marketing and sales side. Being technical professionals, you will need to interact with other professions like design engineers, production managers etc. Their work is quite creative, and they also get to travel a lot.

With the future of flying cars in mind, the field of mechanical engineering will only grow more attractive. We are looking for people who can think outside the box. You should be interested in hands-on activities, problem-solving, working on different projects simultaneously and learning new things. You should also be open to teamwork and function as part of a team.

A mechanical engineer must have an understanding of both the technical aspects as well as the business side of engineering. If you are good with your hands, love working on machines or cars or want to help shape/improve our future, then this is the right field for you.

How Do I Become A Mechanical Engineer?

The basic requirement for becoming a mechanical engineer is a degree in this branch of engineering, proven technical skills and creativity. You can choose to go for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the field. There are both government and private universities which offer degrees in this discipline.

After completing your degree, you can specialize in specific areas like robotics, aeronautical engineering, automotive and aerospace, among others. Depending on the area of study and work experience, subsequent jobs will vary. For example, a graduate degree holder is expected to do more practical work than an entry-level engineer who has just graduated from college.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help FAQs

What Problems Do Mechanical Engineers Solve?

Engineering is associated with the development of new concepts and technologies for the improvement of human life. It helps in solving problems in various areas of life. These include public health, transportation, medicine, space travel and energy, among others.

Engineers are capable of designing, creating, implementing and maintaining machines. They are involved in applications that range from the areas of the military to mining to automobiles, among others.

How Can I Get The Best Mechanical Engineering Help? will offer you the best help. Our mechanical assignment help experts are always available. Please visit our website and submit your engineering assignment help request. Our team is reliable and will assist you in getting quality answers to all our questions within a short span of time. Feel free to call us at (+1) 406 924 4659 anytime.

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It is free to register on our website and post a mechanical assignment help request. We charge a nominal fee for helping you with your work. Kindly call us at (+1) 406 924 4659 or write an email to get more information on pricing and services offered by our experts.

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We have a dedicated team of experts who have been working for us for over a decade now. Your assignment will be taken up by the most qualified expert in your area who has worked on similar projects before and can complete them within the agreed time frame. You will be receiving regular updates from our end as each stage is completed. We do not compromise on quality and make sure that your homework is delivered to you on time.

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