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A personal statement is one of the main college application documents one is required to deliver to the admissions officers. It helps distinguish an applicant from the other applicants, especially when they are too many.

Personal statements are also required in some job applications. They are presented alongside the cover letter and resume. You can write your statement or seek help from a writing service.

What is a personal statement?

It’s a document that contains personal information. It can tell more about an individual’s personality, motivations, interests, and aspirations. It also expresses one’s experiences that are relevant at a particular time.

The idea that this document should be original, genuine, and personal is what makes it time-consuming. To get the desired result, one has to put much effort into writing an effective personal statement.

Who writes personal statements?

Two groups of people may be required to write one: students seeking higher education admission and job applicants.

University application statements

High school students and new graduates write these. The documents should always remain original, as they present information about an individual, their past achievements, and personal qualities. Such information can’t be copied.

To write a good college application statement, one should be well-informed about the institution’s history, present activities, and future plans. It is also recommended to write about one’s high school life, reasons for choosing a certain college or university, and plans after graduation.

Job application statements

These statements should present one’s motivation and abilities. These two parts are the key to getting the job of choice.

A successful one for a job should demonstrate an individual’s strong and weak points. It is recommended to talk about one’s education and work experiences, and key skills and abilities. One is also required to demonstrate an interest in the given profession.

How to write a personal statement

When writing a university application statement, you can draft it in either of the two ways:

General statement

Writing a general statement allows you to freely and comprehensively write about yourself. There are no restrictions as to what you can say so long as you follow the writing rules. You let your writing flow and write as much as you deem necessary.

Specific statement

For a specific statement, you answer predefined and very specific questions. The writing process is quite different from general statements where you let your imagination run free. With predefined questions, you have to focus and answer them as best as you can.

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The steps of writing it

Determine the purpose of the statement

Ask yourself why you’re writing the statement. Is it for education or job purposes? Also, understand and analyze your audience to write a statement that appeals and is relevant to that audience.

Research the university or job

You should know exactly what you want and where you want it. Research the institution to which you’re applying. Find out what they expect from applicants and get specific information about the institution in your statement.

It’s possible to tell someone who has done their homework well by the way they state facts. Strive to make a lasting impression by giving it your best.

Find a topic

Start with choosing a topic that you feel competent and comfortable writing about. If you’re doing a general one, you can choose any topic that will enable you to express yourself in the best way possible. Some ideas you can explore are as follows:

  1. Discuss your background, childhood struggles, and how your life has come together like a puzzle.
  2. Write a reflection on a specific event in your life. Maybe you challenged the status quo and faced great opposition. Describe how you managed to stay grounded and your point of victory.
  3. Write about your problem-solving abilities and how they have shaped your life. Give specific personal examples to help your audience relate better and get the personal touch in your writing.
  4. Write about your professional goals and how you plan to achieve them. Be specific, present concrete evidence of what you are capable of achieving.
  5. Write about lessons you’ve learned and how it has changed you as a person. Explain the role you played in the events leading to the lessons.
  6. Describe what you see yourself doing in 5 years and how your college/university degree contributes to that vision.
  7. Write about your personal qualities. It’s not easy to write about oneself, but you can turn this difficulty into an opportunity by conveying the individual attributes that make you who you are.
  8. Discuss your professional journey and the call of duty that has brought you to where you are. Explain how that call is related to that particular institution.

If you’re writing a specific one with predetermined questions, the approach will be different. In this case, you can only research the specific questions and provide the best possible answers.

Craft an Introduction

• Catchy
• Straight to the point
• Contain key points

You want to catch your reader’s attention by the end of the first paragraph. Write an introduction that will state all the main points that you’ll be discussing in your statement. You can also say something about yourself, but keep it relevant and impactful to your audience.

You can either write in the first or the third person. Also, remember to use an active voice. You can also mention your gender, age, and background for a specific purpose directly related to the assignment at hand.

Begin your statement with a sentence that will immediately engage your reader and provide them with the necessary background information.

If it’s a job application, mention your interests in that particular position and why you want to work for that company. For a college application, state why you are interested in the specific school and course.

Write the body

• Skills and talents
• Relevant experience and achievements
• Academic and career goals

This section contains all the main points expounded. In the body section, discuss your relevant skills and experiences. Here, you expound on the following aspects of personal information:

Skills and talents. List and expound on your relevant skills and talents that make you suitable for that job or admission slot. Ensure that you provide concrete evidence of your abilities. You can also include relevant extracurricular activities and hobbies.

Explain how your skills can be applied to that particular job or course. Give specific examples and describe how you’ll use these skills to bring a change in the company or university.

Relevant experience and achievements. If you’re applying for a job, mention your most relevant experience in a particular field and achievements. Mention how your work ethic and attitude will add value to this company.

If you’re applying for a university course, write about your academic achievements and any projects you have been involved in. Make it as relevant as possible to your application for this particular course.

Academic and career goals. State your educational and career goals that you will be working towards in the future. Mention how these goals tie into your personal statement and what they will help you accomplish in your career path and academics.

This section explains why you believe that particular institution is the most suited to helping you achieve your goals. Personalizing your statement shows you have adequately researched and gives you a hedge over other candidates.

What your input will be. Conclude your statement body by stating what you plan to do in the organization to make it more efficient and well-rounded. Give concrete evidence of how you can contribute to making it a better place.

And finally, emphasize the need to hire you for this job or accept your application for this course.

Write a conclusion

Conclude your statement with a summary of all the points you have made in your body paragraphs. You can also summarize why you believe this particular institution is suited to fulfill your goals and what you plan to do if hired or accepted.

You can repeat your approach in your introduction, but it is not necessary. Be sure to include the most important of your key points and how you plan to continue achieving your goals in the future.

Include a reference list or bibliography if you have consulted any sources for your personal statement.

End with a ‘Call to action.’

Give a clear idea of what you plan on doing if the person reading your personal statement hires or accepts you.

Edit and proofread

After completing the first draft, you need to go through it and check for grammatical, spelling, and other mistakes before you submit it.

Valuable tips for writing a winning personal statement

  • Do your research. It is important to look up the job or school for which you are applying and write a personal statement tailored to them.
  • Be specific and concrete about your strengths, examples, and achievements. This will make it easy for the person reading your statement to assess your capabilities and suitability.
  • Craft a catchy and solid introduction. Nobody wants to keep reading a statement if the opening paragraph isn’t worth it.
  • Creatively introduce yourself and present your best qualities to the reader in an original manner.
  • Keep the clichés away. Interesting and cliché cannot co-exist. Avoid words that have been overused like “dynamic” and “motivated.”
  • Avoid flowery language. Your statement isn’t a poem. Also, use simple words and avoid jargon.
  • Be professional and formal in your language but not stiff. Avoid slang, contractions, and casual tone.
  • Make your conclusion as solid and brief as the rest of your statement body paragraphs. Keep it short, concise, and impactful to leave a good impression on the person reading it.
  • Keep it interesting. Dullness will put off the admission and recruitment officers, and they won’t e interested in meeting you. Remember, a personal statement is a complete representation of your personality.
  • Narrate. A good personal statement should be like a story. Maintain logical flow and keep the ideas flowing. Build up your statement just like you do a story.
  • Find and stick to an angle. Your statement shouldn’t be all over the place. Identify one writing angle and maintain it throughout to avoid confusing or losing the reader. This also means being consistent with your tone and style, depending on how formal or informal you need to be.
  • Edit and proofread your statement after completing each paragraph to catch any mistakes you might have missed earlier. You can ask a friend or family member to help you edit.

We hope these personal statement tips have been helpful!

The importance of a personal statement

Some people wonder why they still need it on top of resumes, cover letters, and regular application letters. Below are some of the unique benefits of a well crafted one:

  • It presents your very personal information in more detail than any other application document would.
  • It helps you vouch for yourself to get a particular job or course, rather than just submitting your application and hoping for the best.
  • You can mention special qualifications and skills that other documents lack. A personal statement has more room for extracurricular activities and hobbies.
  • You can outline specific and unique achievements and experiences that would take a long time to describe in the other application documents.
  • Personal statements add a bit of humanity and individuality to your applications, unlike other documents that may sound mechanical. This unique aspect can make all the difference when finding a job or studying in a school.

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