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Top 150 Ethical Topics for 2021


Ethical topics are typically defined as something that revolves around moral values, convictions, preferences, or standards. With so many ethical topics to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start or what to do first. However, certain issues have been raised enough and continue to be present in the public eye. We’ll go through some ethical topics and tips in this article.

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What is an Ethical Topic?

An ethics topic can have many different definitions depending on who you ask, but in general, it will either revolve around moral values, convictions, preferences, or standards.

Ethical topics are very common in our lives, and we deal with them every day. Think about this; when was the last time you didn’t face a tough ethical decision? Countless issues exist that challenge us to tackle the morality of certain actions or behaviors. Our knowledge and understanding of these subjects will help guide us on how to act appropriately.

Why are Ethical Topics Important?

Issues of ethics and morality appear in every aspect of human life, from the mundane to the most controversial, such as murder and genocide. These subjects will continue to be issues that have many different opinions surrounding them. It is up to us to choose how we act based on our understanding of these topics.

  • Ethical topics help us reflect on our moral values as an individual and as a society. It can be difficult to tackle and understand these issues, but it is necessary for progress as a society and individuals.
  • It is also important to be aware of the rights and opinions of others regarding certain topics that challenge us, as well as our own beliefs.
  • By understanding these issues and our beliefs, we can better understand why people hold their opinions.

The Top 150 Ethical Topics to Consider (list in categories)

Below is a list of 150 ethical topics that you should consider, and if any of them pique your interest, please go ahead and begin writing about them. Keep in mind that you don’t have to write about all the subjects, only those of interest to you.

Parenting, family, and relationship ethic topics

1). Should high school students be taught about family planning.

2). How do parenting experts view single-parent families compared to the ones with two parents?

3). Should adoption be encouraged when it comes to solving third-world countries overpopulation problems?

4). Are there any alternatives for teenage pregnancy prevention that work better than abstinence-only programs?

5). Should children under a certain age be allowed to make their own medical decisions?

6). When is the appropriate age for a child to begin dating? (You may also debate topics for kids)

7). Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools?

8). Is it right for parents or guardians to discipline children by use of physical punishment?

9). What are the best methods for helping children deal with divorce and other traumatic events?

10). What health concerns should be part of the pre-marriage counseling?

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Social and economic ethical topics

1). Should big business companies have more or less oversight when it comes to ethical practices?

2). Is free trade genuinely beneficial to both developed and developing nations?

3). Should iPods, DVD’s and other electronic goods be banned because of the environment they are made in?

4). Is there anything that can be done to stop companies from outsourcing labor overseas to save money?

5). How do you feel about sweatshops and people who use child labor in third-world countries?

6). Should we ban all products made in China because of the unethical practices used to make them?

7). Is it wrong for a company to lay off workers even though it is doing good business?

8). How do you view “buy local” movements, and does it make any difference from an ethical point of view?

9). Is it wrong for consumers to boycott a business because they don’t like its political or social views?

10). As an employee, is there anything I can do if the company I work for is breaking “ethical” laws regarding wages and working conditions.

Business ethical topics

1). What are some reasons why businesses should seek fair trade certification?

2). Is purchasing a product from an “unethical” company that offers poor labor conditions still ethical when buying it at a discount?

3). Is it okay for companies to lie to get their products into “new” markets that don’t know any better?

4). Are boiler room operators unethical?

5). Is it ethical for a company to offer gifts and other perks to win new business?

6). Are sports agents unethical because they promote the interests of their athlete clients rather than those players’ teams and leagues?

7). Should companies be allowed or encouraged to pollute?

8). What steps can be taken to ensure employees of unethical companies have a way to get justice?

9). Is it okay for authors and publications to use misleading advertising and unethical practices to sell their products or services?

10. Should businesses lobby the government

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Education ethics topics

1). Are unpaid internships ethical?

2). What is the best way to reward students for outstanding academic performance?

3). Do colleges have the right to hold back a student’s class standing and transcripts to force them to pay a debt they owe from prior semesters?

4). Should all private schools be abolished, or do they serve an important role in our society?

5). Is it ethical for college students to buy and sell used textbooks among themselves?

6). Why does cheating on tests seem to have such a stronghold over us as humans?

7). Should schools allow students to participate in athletic events if they fail their classes or do not attend class at all?

8). Can teachers have an intimate relationship with the students they are teaching?

9). Should grade point averages be used to determine college admission decisions?

10. Is it okay for schools and colleges to publicize information about students’ class standing and transcripts on their website or in the paper?

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Professional sports ethics topics:

1). Is it ethical for players to bet on games?

2). Should athletes be paid more than managers and coaches based on their contributions to professional sports teams?

3). Should sports team owners provide equal or greater salaries to all individuals within the organization regardless of what their job title is?

4). Should pro-athletes be tested for performance-enhancing drugs?

5). Is it ethical for athletes to use steroids to improve their performances?

6). Should teams release the names of players who take performance-enhancing drugs to hold them accountable?

7). Does it matter if a professional sports team is owned by one or many people?

8). Are professional athletes overpaid?

9. Is it ethical for professional sports team owners to replace players who are injured with less talented ones in order to save money?

10. Who is more important: the fans or the players?

General media, social media, and entertainment ethics topics

1). Is it okay for news journalists to fabricate details of an article in order to make a story more interesting?

2). Are entertainment reporters and critics ethical because they influence audiences’ opinions and spending habits?

3). Should newspapers, magazines, and online publications hire people with relevant education or experience instead of someone attractive?

4). Should television shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment be censored or banned?

5). Is it okay for media outlets to pay sources for information or interviews?

6). What is the best way to ensure newspaper reporters and editors are held accountable for their actions (ethics topic)?

7. Should promotional contests and giveaways be prohibited?

8. Should what people say on a social network or video website be considered their words and treated as if they were said in person?

9). Why is it unethical for businesses to pay writers, singers, and actors to promote products without disclosing this information to the public?

10. What steps can celebrities take to protect their reputations?

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Environmental ethical topics

1). Do we have the right to do what we want with our property even if it negatively impacts the environment?

2). Are environmentalists crazy for thinking that human activity is harming the environment?

3). Should pets be allowed to roam freely in parks and other public areas where they can cause harm to wildlife and the environment?

4). Is it unethical for humans to kill one animal species to save another when both are part of the ecosystem?

5). Is it okay for major corporations to pollute and destroy the environment when they have the funds to prevent this?

6). What steps should humanity take to ensure that the planet remains habitable for future generations?

7). If a product is labeled as “green” or environmentally friendly, does it necessarily mean that it is good for our planet?

8). Is it okay for people to steal plants or other living organisms from nature reserves?

9). Should organizations that protect the environment be allowed to charge admission fees in exchange for providing entertainment?

10). What are some examples of unethical waste management practices?

Ethic topics about animals

1. “Is it okay to eat meat?”

2). Is it ethical for humans to kill animals for food?

3). Are vegetarian and vegan diets healthier, more environmentally friendly, and better for the planet than eating meat?

4). Should animal owners be held accountable if their pets attack people or other animals?

5). Should animals be used for scientific research?

6). Is it okay for governments to impose fines on individuals who abandon pets or allow them to roam the streets as strays?

7. What is the best way to prevent animal abuse and cruelty in households, shelters, and breeding facilities?

9). What are some unethical ways in which business owners use animals to make a profit?

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Ethical topics about religion

1. Is it okay for Jews and Muslims to pray at sacred sites of believers of other religions?

2). Should religious groups be allowed to impose their views on others?

3). Should businesses be allowed to impose their views on customers in the name of religion?

4). Are religious people trying to destroy other religions simply because they disagree with them and feel threatened by the beliefs?

5). Are atheists unethical for not following any religion or belief system?

6). Is it okay for religious organizations to hire only members of their religion without admitting or even asking about the applicant’s beliefs?

7. What is the best way to reconcile different religious views on important issues such as abortion, homosexuality, and war?

8). Should religious organizations be allowed to participate in state-run political campaigns?

9). Should students have the right to wear crucifixes or other visible symbols of their religion in public schools?

10. What is a “blasphemy law?”

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Ethical topics about politics and government

1. Should laws be fair or effective?

2). Are there benefits to having some elected officials who are not part of the mainstream political parties (third party candidates)?

3). Is it ethical to impose higher penalties on unethical politicians than what is imposed on private citizens for the same crime?

4). What are some unethical ways that elected officials use their power to influence voters and gain support for themselves?

5). Should all laws be made public before they go into effect so people can see what is being proposed?

6). Are elected officials who receive donations from wealthy interest groups biased because they were elected based on campaign contributions rather than what is best for the electorate?

7. What are some unethical things that politicians do to win elections, raise funds and please their contributors?

9). Is it okay for judges to impose excessive fines or jail time on people who break the law?

10). What are some examples of unethical campaign practices, election fraud, and ballot issues that citizens should be aware of?

Ethical topics about technology, artificial intelligence, and computers

1. How can we protect personal information on the Internet from being stolen and used by criminals?

2). Are some jobs being lost to computers (programming, robots, artificial intelligence) or other machines because they are too expensive to operate and maintain compared to human workers?

3). What is cyberbullying, and how can it be stopped?

4). Are employers being unfair by asking job applicants for a list of all the websites they have visited in the last 12 months?

5). What are some unethical ways that people use social media to harass and threaten others?

6). What is identity theft, and how can it be prevented?

7). What are some unethical ways in which businesses use social media to promote themselves and gain new customers?

8). How can we protect ourselves from data mining companies who collect our personal information without our consent?

9). What is identity theft insurance, and how does it work?

10). What are some problems with self-driving cars, and who regulates them to make sure they operate safely, ethically, and follow the law?

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Benefits of writing about these ethical subjects

There are several reasons why you might want to write about these ethical subjects.

  • First, they are important topics that can interest a broad audience of readers.
  • Some have been written about before, while others are relatively new and need more information or different views to be better understood.
  • Researching and writing about ethical issues will help you become a more knowledgeable, informed, and engaged citizen.
  • It is important to understand both sides of an issue, which you can do by researching the topic fairly with different sources.
  • Ethical issues affect your life and the lives of people you know, even if you do nothing about them.
  • Writing about ethical issues can be a good form of therapy since it helps you feel better by learning something new, sharing your opinions, and helping others.
  • It isn’t easy to understand complex topics in one sitting, so take some time to read articles about the subject and other information to understand it better.

Ethical issues are important topics that affect us every day, even if we do nothing about them. They can be a good form of therapy, and with so many subjects to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start! The 150 ethical topics above should get you started on your research in finding the best topic for you. If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know.

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