Illustration Essay

Top 4 Examples of an Illustration Essay

Illustration Essay Definition

An illustration is a means to explain a concept or idea by providing specific details showing and proving the point. It can be anything from literature, film, paintings, or people. This type of paper usually describes something significant to help readers visualize and understand the topic being discussed. The purpose of an illustration essay is to provide information and prove a thesis or key point.

Before we get to examples of an illustration essay, let us see how one can effectively write an outstanding essay.

How to Write a Good Illustration Essay?

The first thing you should do is set some reasonable goals. What exactly are the things you want to illustrate? Do you want to describe a place and make it ideal for readers, or do you want to show that a character in your essay has gone through enough pain and agony? You can also show examples of specific works of art or music by creating an illustration for them. Once you have your goals set, begin to think about how you will accomplish achieving them.

Consider the list of scenes as a guide and try to make sure your description is vivid enough for readers to understand the topic but also not give away too many details. You need a balance of accuracy and vagueness at the same time. You should also avoid using words that are overused and will make your description too cliché.

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An illustration essay outline.

-Introduction – body paragraphs – conclusion.

Just like other types of essays, an illustration essay also needs an outline. A compelling and well-written illustration essay will have a clear argument to make, vivid descriptions for readers to visualize, and examples of specific scenes or people as proof to back up your thesis. You should begin by coming up with a good introduction paragraph with 3-4 sentences long, and a thesis.

Next are the body paragraphs where you will provide specific details. They should be based on the point you raised in your introduction paragraph. Your sentences should flow together so readers can follow easily from one idea to the next without becoming confused or lost. Each body paragraph should have a clear structure and track the order of your outline.

Finally, include a short conclusion summarizing your main points to ensure the essay is well-rounded and complete. The outline for an illustration essay can be as brief or lengthy as you want it to be, depending on the type of paper and length requirements. However, remember not to add too many details and stick to the most important parts of your description.

Best Illustration Essay Examples:

The illustration essay examples we will discuss here will help you see how a good illustration essay is structured.

Example essay one:

The following essay will show examples that demonstrate both the positive and negative impacts of artificial intelligence in this world.

“Artificial intelligence has come a long way. It has already been used in many aspects of our daily lives. Artificial intelligence is also being seen as a possible aid in incontinence, depression, and other mental illness treatment.

Since the invention of artificial intelligence, there have been many studies on whether or not it’s good for humanity or just a new way to automate people’s lives. There has also been a lot of debate on the possibility that artificial intelligence will take over and control everything. When looking at the benefits of artificial intelligence, it’s easy to see why it is needed. But opinions change when the negative effects are associated with it.

For example, one study has shown that because more and more companies are using artificial intelligence to cut down on costs, this has, in turn, led to the loss of jobs for many people. This has created an even bigger gap between the rich and the poor because those who still have their jobs benefit more than those who aren’t working anymore.

Incontinence is another problem that might be solved by artificial intelligence. In a study done with mice, it was found that the rodents were able to regain bladder control after their sphincters had been damaged in just three days. After two weeks, they had gained urine control for up to four weeks without any other treatment (Drew, 2017).

On the other hand, those opposing artificial intelligence believe that it is a waste of time and money and should not be taken seriously. The question is whether or not artificial intelligence will make life easier for humans, especially since there are still many things our species can do on their own. They argue that because of the software’s limited capabilities, it can never fully replace human brainpower.

For example, artificial intelligence cannot yet be considered as an aid in depression because scientists have not yet been able to determine what exactly is going on inside a person’s mind when they’re depressed (Stowe, 2017). Just like other parts of the body, there must be an organic reason why someone is depressed.

There are both positive and negative impacts of artificial intelligence in this world. Although it has shown great potential, scientists should not stop looking for ways to make humans better at what they do best. Whether or not artificial intelligence will take over everything will depend on how humanity manages to use it.”

Example essay two:

The following is an illustration essay on globalization.

In one way or another, the positive impacts of globalization in our day-to-day lives have been felt. Globalization is so interesting because it has taken over every aspect of society and culture today. The following essay will discuss both the positive and negative impacts of this global phenomenon and what to expect from it in the future.

“Globalization has become a popular topic for discussion in classrooms all over the world. There are many views on globalization and where it is leading society. Some people believe that globalizing society will bring people closer, while others think it will ultimately be detrimental to humankind.

For example, most people would agree that globalizing society has increased the flow of consumer goods and services and made them more accessible. Furthermore, globalization has allowed unlimited trade between people worldwide, expanding international markets and putting lower prices within average consumers’ reach. In addition to the increased availability of products is the factor of competition in business. With globalization, companies now have to compete worldwide, which has led to the development of new technologies and marketing strategies.

These are only some examples that demonstrate how globalization has positively affected day-to-day lives and the economy. However, it is important to remember that not everyone benefits from having an international society, which is why globalization can also harm our society. A consequence of having an interdependent and interconnected world is that sometimes these connections are not beneficial. In other words, globalization has opened new doors to trafficking in illegal goods and people, as well as the spread of disease.

Some people are concerned about the effects of globalization on culture, as well. They argue that when societies worldwide begin to think and act similarly, they lose their own culture and identity. For example, when a society becomes more developed or industrialized, it opens up new opportunities for other countries that do not have them. Those without power and resources are then forced to become consumers of these new cultural products.

In conclusion, globalization is a controversial topic that has created much debate and discussion concerning how it affects society, culture, and the economy. Many people argue the positive impacts outweigh the negative ones, while others claim quite the opposite. What is clear is that globalization will continue to play a role in the society for years to come.”

Example essay Three:

The following is an illustration essay about the 1946 film titled “It’s a Wonderful Life” directed by Frank Capra.

“It’s a Wonderful Life is an American film that was released in 1946. It is considered one of the most memorable films ever made and has become a staple in holiday tradition. This film is so famous for its unique storyline, which tells the tale of George Bailey and his journey through life. At first glance, George’s story appears to be a tragic one. On Christmas Eve, the building and loan association that he has worked so hard for all of his life is in jeopardy due to some shady dealings on the part of Mr. Potter – George’s rival.

At this crucial point in his life, George feels as though he is at his wit’s end and wishes he had never been born. The film then fast-forwards to a point where George’s life has completely changed, and his story takes an unexpected twist.

At this point, it is possible to think that the protagonist will experience some happy ending for all the difficult times he endured throughout the film. However, when George returns to his life, it is revealed that he never really existed at all. He was dead the entire time and was simply an angel in a world without God.

As one can imagine, this film presented quite the controversy back in 1946 when it first came out, especially considering its setting during the end of World War II. The film’s central theme is that humanity cannot live without God, and it challenges us to consider if we are living our lives to the fullest. This message resonated with many viewers at the time, which is why It’s a Wonderful Life continues to be so popular today.”

Example essay Four:

The following is an illustration essay on the health effects of smoking.

“Many people enjoy smoking a cigarette after a nice meal or as part of their daily routine, but most do not realize how much damage it can cause to their bodies in the long term. Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death and disease worldwide and in all age groups. Every year, smoking-related illnesses take millions of lives. This is a serious problem, which is why many countries have passed laws regulating cigarettes’ manufacture and distribution.

The smoke from a cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals. Some of these are carcinogenic (cancer-causing) and lead to cell mutation. Over time, these mutations can result in the development of cancerous cells and tumors. Cigarette smoke contains an ingredient known as nicotine, which is highly addictive. The fact that it is addictive is one of the reasons why smokers find it so hard to quit even if they want to.

Smoking also increases your risk of coronary heart disease, strokes, and peripheral vascular disease. It can also lead to various breathing problems, including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma attacks, and more. The good news is that if you stop smoking before your 40th birthday, you will reduce your risk of dying from a smoking-related illness by about ninety percent.”

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Tips for Writing an Illustrative Essay

1) The topic sentence where you present the college essay example should reflect what your college essay thesis statement is going for.

2) Quantify your thesis statement by providing statistics, facts, and examples.

3) If you are writing on a sensitive topic, be sure that you cite all of your sources correctly and use them responsibly.

4) Try to stay away from personal opinions in favor of well-supported facts.

5) Be sure to go over your essay for any misspellings or grammatical errors before submitting it to the college of your choice.

6) Make sure that what you are trying to illustrate is evident.

Mistakes to Avoid when you Write an Illustration Essay

1) Avoid using the same examples as college essay samples that appear on other college websites.

2) Do not change your thesis statement halfway through the college essay because you struggle to illustrate it. Be consistent in your illustration and make sure that you have enough support for your claims.

3) If you are trying to illustrate a certain point, make sure that you are not straying from that topic.

4) Vivid examples are encouraged as college essay samples when illustrating a college essay thesis statement, but avoid going overboard. You do not want to divert the reader’s attention to something else that is not relevant to your college essay.

5) Using as many examples as possible is good, but do not use irrelevant examples or go overboard with them.

6) College students should not be writing on a topic that they have no knowledge of or experience in. So, do not make up your own topic and pass it off as an illustration essay college sample to get into college. This is a recipe for disaster and will only hurt you in the end.

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