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You are struggling in trigonometry and do not know how to get your grades up.

Even if you try hard, it is not easy to succeed when you do not understand the basics. This is where a tutor comes in.

Tutorsploit is the perfect solution for you. We have experienced trigonometry tutors who can help you understand the concepts and improve your grades. We also have a personality matching system to find the right tutor for you. Our expert tutors will help solve problems for all trigonometry topics. Tutoring math helping students understand and remember math skills is our specialty.

Our learning process consists of a diagnostic component that helps us identify your level of knowledge and a coaching/tutoring component that provides you with customized, individualized sessions. Here are some benefits of hiring a tutor through

Benefits of Hiring a Tutor through Tutorsploit

Tutor with the Experienced

Our trigonometry tutors are knowledgeable about the course material in the respective math subjects, with at least three years of tutoring experience.

They have tutored math to thousands of students with great results. They know how to explain complex concepts simply and clearly. Trust them to help you better understand math and get better grades.


Personality Matching System

Tutorploit’s tutoring service understands that finding a tutor who will mesh well with your personality is important. We do not rely simply on experience and qualifications; we match each student with a tutor after an interview process. This ensures that our students get the help they need from tutors with whom they get along.

Parent’s Peace of Mind

Tutorsploit understands the importance of time and convenience for parents. Our service is available easily on your smartphone or tablet, 24/7. When you book a tutor, we will send you relevant multimedia content to help prepare your student for tutoring sessions.

We understand that students can struggle in math for many reasons, not just insufficient understanding of mathematical concepts. Our service is designed to address this with supplemental content to help students struggling with their school work.

Affordable Rates

Tutorsploit offers affordable rates so that everyone can get the help they need. Our online trigonometry tutoring is only easy on the pocket; you get an expert tutor at a fraction of the cost.

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How to Hire a Private Tutor

Hiring a tutor is fast and easy for us. We offer an online chat to help you get the discussion started. Once comfortable with your potential tutor, place an order and choose a payment method. We will connect you with your tutor within 24 hours, so you can finally get back to doing what matters most to you.

Our expert tutors are passionate about teaching. Contact us today to see how we can help you get back on track with your studies. Your trigonometry help is a phone call away!

Our Online Trigonometry Tutoring Services

High School Mathematics-Trigonometry Tutor

We offer trigonometry tutoring sessions to high school students to help them excel in their mathematics education. This includes trigonometry as well as other high school math courses.

Our high school trigonometry classes will cover the following;

Trigonometric Functions

Students will learn about;

  • Basic trig functions; sine, cosine, tangent
  • The six main functions and their graphs
  • Inverse trigonometric functions and how to solve trigonometry problems using inverse trigonometric formulas.

Right Angled Triangles

Students learn about;

  • Angles in relation to a right triangle and how they are used when solving trigonometry problems involving right triangles.
  • How to find the third side and height of a right triangle and work with sin, cos, tan, CSC, and sec values.
  • The law of sines and how it is applied to solve trigonometry problems involving triangles with sides that are opposite angles that are not right angles.

Coordinate Geometry

The private trigonometry tutor will take students through all geometry topics, including;

  • X and Y axis and graphs on a Cartesian plane. They will also learn to use linear equations and inequalities in these coordinate planes.
  • Slope and how to find it using the point-slope formula and the rise/run method.
  • The Pythagorean Theorem and how it is applied in trigonometry problems involving right triangles.

Complex Number Exponentiation

  • Students will work with complex numbers and exponentiation of them as well as learn about Euler’s Identity (i^e=cos(theta)+ sin (theta)

Understanding Trigonometry Concepts

  • Students will learn about the fundamental trigonometric concepts and how they are applied to solving trigonometry problems.
  • They will also work on solving triangles using these concepts.

Trigonometric Equations and Identities

This includes sine/Cosine, sum to product, double angles proportion, etc.

  • Students learn how to simplify trigonometry expressions (like x^2 + y^2 = 1)
  • Our trigonometry tutor will teach you about simplifying angles in relation to a right triangle and how they are used when solving trigonometry problems involving right triangles.

Calculus Help

  • You will learn calculus concepts, including; limits, continuity, derivatives, and integrals.
  • Our high school math teacher can help students solve various types of high school level mathematics problems, and they have a deep understanding of trigonometry concepts, so they can teach students in a way that they understand. They will learn basic math skills to trigonometry concepts used in geometry, calculus, and physics.

Trigonometry Tutoring Options for High School Students

At Tutorsploit, we offer several trigonometry tutoring plans that meet your needs and help you excel in math classes such as college preparatory trigonometry and other high school mathematics subjects. These plans include:

Hourly Rate – $30 per Hour.

This option is best for students who want to work with a tutor for one-on-one tutoring. Our experienced and professional math experts will get the job done, and you can track your session using our messaging system.

Group Rate – $20 per Hour

This option is best for students who learn better in a classroom setting. It is also good for students on a tight budget who need help with several subjects or progress in several math classes.

Register today for your high school trigonometry tutoring!

College Trigonometry Tutor

Our expert trigonometry tutors help students prepare for college math courses and confidently study mathematics. Our expert GPA-boosting mathematician will ensure you understand the subject matter covered in college trigonometry courses so that you can ace your exams.

The following are some of the trigonometry topics we cover with our online college trigonometry class;

Trigonometric Functions and their Graphs

  • Students will learn about sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant graph values.
  • They will learn about the unit circle and how it represents trigonometric functions.
  • Students will understand radians and degrees conversions for trigonometry functions.
  • They will also get practice with the inverse trigonometric function definition.
  • Students will work with natural and common logarithmic definitions for trigonometric functions.

Solving Trigonometry Problems

  • Students solve trigonometry equations, including single variable, double angle, and inverse trigonometric function problems.
  • They also get practice simplifying trigonometry expressions involving various operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

We also offer in-depth trigonometry tutoring for AP/college algebra, linear algebra, calculus, and physics students.

Trigonometric Identities

Tutorsploit best trigonometry tutors will help students solve triangles involving various trig functions.

Logarithmic Functions and their Inverses

Many students struggle to understand logarithmic functions and their inverses, so we offer detailed trigonometry tutoring for these students.

Radian Measure and Trigonometry Problems

Our tutors can help you solve problems involving radians as well as other advanced trigonometry concepts such as;

  • The Law of Sines and Cosines,
  • Geometry and trigonometry problems involving 3 dimensions,
  • Exponential trigonometric functions,
  • Hyperbolic trigonometric functions
  • Inverse hyperbolic functions.

Differentiation using Derivatives

Students taking their undergraduate studies in mathematics or any other science-related field will need to understand differentiation. Our best math tutors are here to help you excel in your classes by helping you with trigonometry problems involving derivatives.

This covers;

  • Derivatives of trigonometric functions,
  • Inverse trigonometric functions,
  • Exponential functions and
  • Anti-differentiation techniques for trigonometric function values

Students can send their trigonometry questions to Our online tutors reply ASAP with accurate solutions.

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Other Services

Test Prep- ACT Trigonometry Tutoring

The ACT, short for the American College Test, is an entrance exam colleges use to assess high school students applying for admission. These college admissions tests include several subjects like trigonometry, biology, social studies, and more.

ACT Trigonometric topics include;

  • Trigonometry (Sine/Cosine Law, Pythagorean Identities, etc.)
  • Algebra ii
  • Pre-Calculus (Limits, Derivatives)

Trigonometry for the ACT is divided into 3 main areas;

  • Plane trigonometry, which covers plane figures like triangles and circles,
  • Solid trigonometry involves three-dimensional objects like pyramids and spheres
  • Solution of triangles involving trigonometric functions.

The ACT covers a total of 51 questions in Trigonometry. The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions, which students have to answer in 65 minutes. A large percentage of these trigonometry questions will be from the 3 main topics listed above.

You will get all the trigonometry to help you improve your test scores and increase your chances of being accepted at top colleges.

Test Prep-SAT Math Tutoring with Trigonometry

The SAT, known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is the standardized college entrance examination used by most colleges in America to assess students. The SAT will test your skills in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics, and trigonometry.

The Trigonometry questions are meant to test whether you can apply trigonometry concepts in real-world problems. They are not meant to test specific mathematical formulas. We will provide enough practice questions for trigonometric functions (Identities, Quadrants, Triangle Ratios), etc.

Test Prep -Trigonometry Tutoring Online for IIT-JEE and Pre Medical Entrance Exams

IIT JEE is one of the most competitive exams in the country. It tests a student’s knowledge on several subjects, but trigonometry is one of its main focuses.

Your tutor will provide an hour of customized study plan for you which includes topics like; Functions (Linear, Quadratic, Rational, Exponential, and Logarithmic)


Test Prep -Trigonometry Tutoring Online for the GRE

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a test to admit students into graduate school in USA or Canada. It is one of the most important examinations for admission into American universities after 12th grade.

Your trig tutor will provide an hour of customized study plan for you which includes topics like; Functions (Linear, Quadratic, Rational, Exponential, and Logarithmic)

  • Complex Numbers (Conjugates, De Moivre’s Theorem)
  • Sequences and Series (Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic)
  • Trigonometric Identities among other math topics.

Other Math Subjects Related to Trigonometry

Algebra Tutoring for Trigonometry

Trigonometry is taught after the student has mastered basic algebra skills such as factoring, exponential functions, etc. Algebra tutoring will be necessary when the concepts of trigonometry are difficult to understand because of weak algebra skills.

Our math tutors will provide an hour of customized study plan for you which includes topics like;

  • Solving Inequalities, Absolute Value Inequalities, and Complex Number Inequalities
  • Functions (Linear, Quadratic)
  • Radicals and Rationals & Radical Functions
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Logarithms and Exponential functions

In addition to this, your tutor will spend a considerable amount of time finding out how you learn best. This will help them design a learning plan that’s just right for them.

AP Trigonometry Tutoring Online

AP stands for Advanced Placement. AP Trigonometry covers the following topics;

  • Trigonometric Functions (Radian and Degree, Parametric Equations, Periodic functions, Combinations/Position problems)
  • Complex Numbers
  • Logarithms (Natural and Common)
  • Sequences and Series
  • Matrices
  • Vectors (Magnitude and Direction)

Our online tutoring provides a customized plan to help you structure your studies and detail points that you feel weak in.


The Pre-Calculus section covers topics that are sometimes included in trigonometry courses. Students who have not studied high school trigonometry but have completed the equivalent of an Algebra II course will likely need some extra help with some of these pre-calculus concepts.

Trigonometry tutors will help such students cover the following pre-calculus topics;

  • Exponential Functions
  • Logarithmic Functions (Log-Rule, Log-Domain, and Range, etc.),
  • Trigonometric Functions (Co-functions, Exterior Angles of Polygons, etc.),
  • Analytic Trigonometry (Finding the Area between Two Curves, Approximating Roots of Non-Quadratic Polynomials),
  • Matrices (Addition/Subtraction of Matrices, Scalar Multiplication of Vector by a Number, Multiplication of Two Matrices).

Calculus – Derivatives and Integration

Trigonometric functions are used in Calculus to find the slope of curves. The first section of Calculus is Differential Calculus, where students learn how to use derivatives and solve differential equations which help them analyze quantities that change with time.

A study plan tailored for your needs would include;

  • Limits (Evaluating Limits of Functions, Computing Limits using L’Hospital’s Rule),
  • Derivatives (Understanding Derivative as a Function, Differentiating Trigonometric Functions),
  • Integration (Double and Triple Integrals, Improper Integrals etc.),
  • Curves (Analyzing Curves to determine Maxima/Minima, Velocity, and Rate of Change, etc.),
  • Asymptotes (Approaching Limits using Asymptotes, Computing Limits using the Squeeze Theorem),
  • Partial Derivatives (Taking Partial Derivatives, Evaluating Double Integrals).


Trigonometric functions (Proofs)

Our trig tutors are experts in helping students prepare for standardized tests, quizzes and examinations. They will be able to help you review the topics of trigonometry that are most likely to appear on your next exam and help you drill down into those concepts that give you trouble.

Geometry Tutoring with Trigonometric Functions

Geometry is often combined with Algebra II or Pre-Calculus, so geometry students who struggle with trigonometry concepts may find themselves taking an Algebra II or Pre-Calculus course.

Potentially, they will need to take both, and our geometry tutors can help such students review the topics and skills they will most likely face in Algebra II or Pre-Calculus.

Algebra-Trigonometry Tutoring Online

Combining Algebra and Trigonometry into one course can be difficult as trigonometry concepts become more difficult because of weak algebra skills. Our tutors will provide an hour of customized study plan for you which includes topics like;

  • Complex Numbers (Conjugates, De Moivre’s Theorem),
  • Sequences and Series (Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic),
  • Matrices (Addition/Subtraction of Matrices,
  • Scalar Multiplication of Vector by a Number, Multiplication of Two Matrices).


We can also revise elementary school and middle school topics to advanced students if you find topics in lower levels particularly tricky and would like assistance with them.

Our Learning Style

We have handpicked tutors whom we believe will be the best fit for your needs and learning style. Our matching system is designed so you can connect with a tutor who knows all areas of trigonometry.

You and your trigonometry tutor will create a plan and set goals to achieve success. With personalized attention, you will access the knowledge necessary for success.

All lessons are online through an interactive whiteboard or a video chat service (Skype). Students interact with their tutor in real-time and share the screen during the session. Tutors can demonstrate each topic in real-time while explaining it step by step.

Packages for College and University Students

These packages apply to any graduate student, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, MBA, or Ph.D.

The packages are divided into 3 levels based on the difficulty level of the topics to be covered.

Trigonometry Tutor -Level 1 Package ($30 per Hour)

These courses are generally required by many college/university programs over two semesters. They may not necessarily appear as separate courses in the curriculum, but they are required for general math competency.

The packages for level 1 consist of Core Topics (Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, and Trigonometry)


Math Tutor- Level 2 Package ($35 per Hour)

The courses covered in the level 2 package are generally covered over four semesters or more. These include theory and higher-level Mathematics.

The packages for level 2 consist of Core Topics (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry).

An additional course in the package is dependent on the student’s specific needs. During your first session, this may be discussed with the tutor to create an individual study plan if needed.

Math Tutoring -Level 3 Package ($40 per Hour)

The courses covered in the level 3 package are generally over four semesters or more and include college and university-level pure and applied mathematics. The topics may vary based on your specific interests.

The packages for level 3 consist of Core Topics (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus).

An additional course in the package is dependent on the student’s specific needs. During your first session, this may be discussed with the math teacher to create an individual study plan if needed.

Trigonometry Tutor – Hourly Rate – $30 per Hour.

This option is best for college students who want a 1-on-1 tutoring experience. You can communicate with our experts via messaging and track your session using our scheduling system to identify a time that works well for you.


Trigonometry Homework Help

In addition to the tutoring packages, we have trigonometry tutors for assignment, project and homework help.

We assign a private tutor to every student who needs homework help to have a real-time expert guide them through their homework. If a student has any trigonometry question, they can send it to their tutor via chat, email, or calling (+1) #.

Online Trigonometry Tutoring – FAQs Answered

What Is the Best Math Tutoring Site?

The best math tutoring site is one that matches your needs and learning style. We offer several options for students, including online trigonometry lessons, trigonometry homework help, test prep, and trigonometry tutoring.

Does Geometry Help With Trigonometry?

Trigonometry is a subfield of mathematics. It deals with the relationships between the sides and angles of triangles. Geometry is also concerned with shapes, sizes, congruence, similarity, symmetry, and other properties.

Our math tutors will help you understand trigonometry by using geometry as an example or vice versa.

How Do I Find a Good Math Tutor?

You can find a good math tutor by researching online and asking for recommendations from people you trust. You can also call us at (+1) 406 924 4659 to discuss your needs in detail with our customer service representative. Once we have all the details, we will match you with the best math tutor.

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