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You have decided to take Software Engineering, but you struggle to keep up with the course. You want one-on-one tutoring to help you get ahead of your classmates and not fall behind in this crucial class. is here for you!

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We offer private software engineering tutors who will help you master the concepts that give you trouble. Reach out today, and we will set up a lesson plan that fits your needs!

Why You Should Consider Our Software Tutoring Services

Technical Knowledge:

Our tutors are familiar with the course material, and they understand the ins and outs of C++ programming plus other important concepts. They will convey information to you in an easy-to-understand manner that facilitates understanding.

Customized Sessions:

We all learn differently, which is why we offer custom tutoring sessions tailored to your needs. We offer one-on-one tutoring for all levels of learners, whether they are first starting out or working on a master’s degree! Our tutors adapt their teaching style to meet your individual learning needs.

Note: We offer software engineering group sessions upon request.

Availability 24/7:

You will be able to choose when you want your tutoring sessions, whether during the weekdays or weekends. We are here for you whenever you need us! We have university tutors for all subject areas.


Our site is compatible with all devices, which means you can access it anywhere. All you need is an internet connection! We make it our goal to provide you with the best tutoring experience possible!


We offer reasonable rates for all types of students. Whether you are a high school student or working on a master’s degree, we can help you achieve your academic goals!

Our Software Engineering Tutor Services

C++ Programming

Topics covered:

Structure, file input/output, functions, classes, templates. Our senior software engineer tutors are experts at C++ programming.

All of our tutors are with C++ experts and understand its ins and outs. They can easily break down complex concepts to make them easier to understand for all levels of learning.


Image 2: Software engineering tutor for JavaScript, C++, and Python

Python Programming

Topics covered:

Creating and using modules and packages; writing programs that can read and write data to files; working with arrays, lists, dictionaries, and strings; manipulating such objects; syntax differences between Python 2 and 3.

It is easy to sign up for online lessons with us. We accept online payment and offer a discount on bulk sessions.

C Programming

Topics covered:

Standard library functions, command-line arguments, pointers and dynamic memory allocation, file input/output. As a software developer, you will likely spend much time in C during your career.

This language is used in many operating systems, including Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian) and Android. You can use it to create low-level applications that work directly with your computer’s hardware!

Our software engineering tutor will make learning this language simple for you. Call us at (+1) 406 924 4659 and book your online lessons today!

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Data Structure

Topics covered:

Arrays, stacks, queues and lists. We work with all experience levels – from high school graduates to graduate-level computer science students.

Our tutors have extensive years of programming experience and have helped hundreds of students worldwide improve their grades. Book your online lessons today!

Database Theory

Topics covered:

Relational databases, SQL queries. As a software engineer, you will likely work with databases and write SQL queries.

We offer training for all levels of students. Our tutors make learning the theory behind relational databases simple and easy! Let us help improve your skills so you can achieve your education goals!

Discrete Mathematics

Topics covered:

Sets, functions and relations, Boolean algebra, counting methods. This is one of the most important subjects to learn if you desire to work in software engineering or another analytical field.

Our senior tutor offers students training for all levels – whether you need help with discrete math homework or are looking for a refresher course, we can help!

Applied Mathematics

Topics covered:

Vectors and scalars, geometry and trigonometry, graphs and functions. Our senior tutor is specialized in applied math. He has a Master’s degree from an Ivy League school and understands how challenging it can be to learn mathematics at a high level.

We make math easy to understand for students up to the university level. Private tutoring will help you develop the skills necessary to succeed as an engineer. You can take your career to the next level!

Physics Tutoring

Topics covered:

Kinematics, Newton’s Laws, work and energy. Learning physics can be tough whether you are a high school student or a college junior! Our senior tutors offer training for all levels of students – university-level introductory physics courses and general education courses.

UNIX System Administration

Topics covered:

Linux distributions, system requirements for software, setting up a programming environment, basic shell commands such as ls and Cp, creating and running scripts, working with permissions. Our senior software engineer tutor can help you master these complex ideas, so you will be ahead of the curve instead of behind them. Fill the order form and book a lesson with to get the world-class training you need!

Computer Architecture

Topics covered:

Binary numbers, Boolean logic, positive and negative numbers, transistors and circuit diagrams. Skills in this area are in extremely high demand in the computer engineering field, so you may be able to command a higher salary if your resume shows an understanding of these topics.

Our senior software tutor is available to help students master this subject and give them a competitive advantage when they enter the job market!

Java Programming

Topics covered:

Data structures, recursion, sorting algorithms, concurrency, nashorn engine, object-oriented analysis and design, java concepts, creating and calling methods, writing user-defined classes.

We synchronize our lesson bookings with Google calendar, so you can easily see when your tutors are available for lessons. Our software engineer tutors have been chosen based on their proficiency in the subject area, and they are always prepared to help you learn!

C# Programming

Topics covered:

Basic language syntax like variables, expressions and loops; using LINQ to query data; creating classes and objects, access modifiers.

We have tutors for all levels of Software Engineering, from beginner through advanced topics. The lessons are tailored specifically to the needs of each student, which means that you will get personal attention from one of our qualified Software Engineer tutors every time.

Contact us at, or for one-click access to our online lessons, CLICK HERE!

Video Games Programming

Topics covered:

Writing action games, platformers, puzzle games, top-down shooters, and basic artificial intelligence for non-player characters. With years of teaching experience and the love of passing on the knowledge, our teaching team will be happy to have you in their class regardless of your level or subject.

Feel free to click the order button and choose the tutor that best suits your needs!

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Image 4: Computer Science-Video Games software Learning

Machine Learning

Topics covered:

Linear regression, gradient descent, error function, multivariate regression. Our software engineer tutor understands how difficult it can be to understand this complex material. That is why we offer detailed explanations and a broad range of examples to help you master the subject.

Statistics & A/B Testing

Topics covered: Probability distributions like the Normal distribution, independent trials and the Binomial distribution, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals.

Web Designing

Topics covered:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

Our tutoring is affordable and aims to serve as a supplement. In addition to the given areas of programming, we also offer courses in statistics, web design and data science. Get in touch with us today to see where you can go from here!

We also help students start their own website businesses. Contact us by clicking the button above to find out how!

Artificial Intelligence

Topics covered: State machines, search data structures like Binary Search Trees and Heaps, graph traversal algorithms like depth first search, breadth-first search. We also provide software engineer tutoring in game theory and advanced topics like neural networks.

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Image 5: Learn AI skills with a software engineering tutor

If you are struggling to understand the basics of Software Development, or if you need help with a more advanced topic like Software Testing, then we are here to help.

Android Development

Topics Covered:

GUI components and layout design of Android apps, using different types of intents for sharing data between apps.

We provide private tutors with degrees in computer science or related fields; these individuals know all of the ins and outs of the software world and will help your child find success!

Computer Networks

Topics covered:

Types of networks, client/server architectures, internet architecture, protocols like TCP/IP and UDP, data packets.

HTML5 Game Development

Topics covered:

Using the canvas to draw on a web page, animating sprites with the Canvas API, creating simple games with the Canvas API and the HTML5 Game Engines.

Many students have aced their courses after taking our tutoring sessions. We provide a wide range of tutoring services, and the classes are one-of-a-kind!

Computer Science

Topics covered:

Introduction to object-oriented programming, using Java syntax in your programs, working with predefined Java data types like strings and integers.   All of our courses are taught by Software Engineer tutors who have years of experience in the field.

Operating Systems

Topics covered:

Basic concepts like the difference between a process and a program, security, file systems.

Web Services

Topics covered:

Creating web services with Node.js, building RESTful APIs, creating SOAP-based web services with WCF.

Computer Architecture

Topics covered:

The binary system, CPU representation in memory, machine code instruction cycle, ALU operations, and different buses in a computer system.

How To Access Our Software Engineering Online Tutoring

We want to make it easy for you to sign up, which is why we have simplified our process as much as possible.

In one click, access our online tutors. CLICK HERE

You can also book our online lessons by filling up the order form on our home page. Select the software engineering topic you would like to schedule a lesson on and enter your contact details. We will get back to you ASAP with the tutoring schedule.

We will give you a free custom quote for our software engineering tutoring services.

Make payment to confirm your order-We accept online payments from PayPal accounts and credit cards.

You can then select one of our computer science private tutors, or you can allow us to assign you one of our best tutors based on your specific need and schedule.

Systems Engineering

Topics Covered:

Introduction to computers and computer systems, machine code programming (instructions, addressing modes), assembly language programming (stack operations), memory hierarchies.

Our engineering tutors also provide tutoring sessions in the newest programming languages like Python and Swift!

Teaching plus revisions plus is good for your grades. Practice makes perfect. As a student, make use of all the free time you have to hone your software engineering skills.

Software Testing

Topics Covered: Software testing methods like black box, white box, unit testing, integration testing, regression testing. We provide you with an expert tutor who knows how to break down complex topics into bite-sized chunks.

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Image 6: Learn how to execute computer program to find software bugs

We have a wide range of experts that you can book for your online learning sessions on (+1) # or chat with us via live chat.

Software Engineering Homework Help Online

Our software engineering tutor can create a personalized homework plan for you or your child. We have been helping students of all grades and backgrounds excel in computer technology and software engineering courses.

Exam prep sessions are available. Scheduling a session before you take on your exams is a good idea. Our experts can go over the most important topics in your syllabus and help you build a study plan that works for you.

Master your software development skill and concepts with our expert tutors online. We have successfully helped students learn how to code, build mobile apps and websites through online sessions and offline training programs.


What Is Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems. It is a way of thinking about what makes these systems tick, how to solve problems using them, and how to make them do things for us.

The field itself has existed for over 50 years now; however, it was not until recently that universities worldwide started recognizing software engineering as a discipline in its own right.

What Is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is the development of software by an engineer, including computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks resulting in high-quality, maintainable and efficient code.

The need to handle this increased complexity created a new job role for developers—software engineers.

How Can I Get a Software Tutor?

You can get a software tutor right here! Call us on (+1) # or email us / Our company offers software engineering for all levels from high school to Master’s degrees.

Book your Software Engineering Lesson Today!

An experienced software engineering tutor can help you become a pro software developer, web developer, iOS developer, Android developer in weeks. If you are a beginner, our experts can help you get started with the basics and build a solid foundation in the field of software development.

Book a class with us today!

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