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As a student, you are tasked with producing quality academic papers for your teachers and professors. This is hard enough when writing the first draft of the assignment. Rewriting your paper is even more challenging because sometimes you don’t know what needs to change. If you are in this situation, it might be time to look into a paper rewriting service.

With these rewriting services, you can have your research paper, college essay, or term paper redone by experienced writers. These professionals will take care of all formatting issues during the process. Once they’re done, you’ll have nothing more to do but turn in your work on time!

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What does paper rewriting entail?

To decide whether you need your academic assignment checked by third parties, you must understand what rewriting is all about.

Professional rewriting services will deliver a high-quality rewritten text by doing the following:

  • The writer will read your paper, identify all grammatical errors and fix them.
  • If you have an unreferenced statement in the middle of the work, the writer will put a citation. They will also check your reference list and ensure that it’s accurately done.
  • The paper writer checks your paper for any tone inconsistencies. They will replace informal language with more formal phrases where necessary.
  • The writer will check for plagiarism using anti-plagiarism software and eliminate the plagiarized content.
  • If your writing style is wanting, the writer will make the necessary changes to produce a stylistically sound paper.
  • They ensure your paper is in the proper format as per the standard guidelines or what the professor requires.

Even after rewriting in own words, the paper should have the same meaning as the initial one (The main idea and key points should be retained)!

Why would I need professional online rewriting services?

The biggest reason why students use academic paper rewriting services is to get a passing grade. If your original submission was full of mistakes and you don’t think you can mark it up yourself, a professional editor will make it shine.

Another important reason to use rewriting services is the time factor. If you are under a lot of pressure, you might not have enough time to finish your assignments on time. In this situation, a paper rewrite service is your best option because you can spend more time on other tasks and still get top grades.

Also, if you suspect that your first draft is generally poor quality, you can hire professional writers to check it. All our papers are double checked before they are released to you!

What should I look for in a rewriting service?

Before you hire a paper rewrite, there are certain factors that you should evaluate to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Below are the boxes an academic writing service should tick before you engage them.

Great customer support

A good paper writing company should have a well-structured customer support department. Check whether they have a functional live chat option and if their responses are real-time. You don’t want to be kept waiting for hours or days with deadlines to beat.

Also, consider the customer service officers’ attitude and their commitment to helping you. You want to find people who can understand and resolve your issues ASAP.

Quality samples

You should never compromise your academic standards by hiring a company that does not have quality work samples. If the company has poorly done or no samples on their website, you might better look elsewhere.

You can check their previous work by looking at their blog or social media pages to see if they are up to the caliber you need. Positive reviews can be bought, but samples will expose below-par writing skills.

Good reputation and reviews

One sure way to get free professional advice is by reading other clients’ reviews about a company. You should look at its website and see if they have testimonials or feedback from existing customers. Happy clients are a sign of a job well done. You can also check their social media pages and see what others are saying about the company.

Competitive prices

Cheap services are very attractive, but usually, there is a reason why the price is low. Look for a company offering fair and reasonable prices for their services, and make sure you know what you are getting. Compare the prices that different companies are charging for their services. Keep in mind that when there are offers, the prices go down.

When it comes to academic writing, you need something authentic to help you get a good grade. Look for a company that meets all your requirements and offers the service at an affordable price.

At Tutorsploit, we also offer discounts. All you need is use the discount code, especially if you’re a new customer, and enjoy cheaper rates!

Favorable revision policy

Check their revision policy and ensure it’s favorable. Some paper writing companies offer unlimited revisions, while others offer a certain number of free revisions. If you’re not happy with the first rewrite, you should get it changed for free until you’re fully satisfied.

Companies that insist on limited or no revisions are most likely to do a shoddy job. Expert writers will be confident enough to guarantee unlimited revision because they know they may not need to do much of it anyway.

Seamless communication

Good customer support is a sign of good service, but you’re also looking for seamless communication with the writers. If you have an urgent deadline and need to contact them, they should be available and respond quickly.

Try and test every prospective writing service before you choose the one. A company that doesn’t prioritize communication may not have much to offer in other services.


You want a paper rewriting service that will offer specific guarantees to ensure you are satisfied. Examples of warranties to look out for are:

• Money-back guarantee
• Plagiarism-free guarantee
• Unlimited revisions guarantee
• On-time delivery guarantee

Confident writers do not shy away from making guarantees because they believe in their services.

How to avoid shoddy paper writers and frauds

While there are numerous good paper services out there, there’re also scammers seeking to prey on unsuspecting buyers. They hide their shoddy business behind paper deals that are too good to be true.

Sometimes it’s impossible to identify a scammer before they strike. However, you can look out for some of the following obvious red flags:

  • Sketchy website. Professional writers know a thing or two about marketing, so they will have a very professional-looking website. If the website is full of spelling and grammar errors, chances are they don’t care much about their business.
  • A suspicious payment method. If the company insists that you pay using a certain process, chances are it’s because they’re not legitimate. Also, if they’re not willing to accept credible payment modes, you should think twice about engaging with them. A company that uses a non-traceable payment system could be trying to cover its tracks.
  • A long and unclear terms and conditions section. Legitimate companies will have a terms and conditions page, but they usually state the basics and politely ask you not to abuse their services. If a company’s terms and conditions page is longer than one page, they could be hiding something from their customers.
  • Asking for full payment before the work is done. If a company insists that they receive complete payment before they start working, it is most likely a scam. A legitimate company will ask for a deposit first then the rest of the amount after the customer is satisfied.
  • Broken communication. If the customer support is not replying to your queries or cannot be reached, it could mean that they are out to scam you.
  • Bad or no reviews at all. If a company has bad customer reviews, it’s a no-brainer that their services are poor. Lack of reviews could either mean that the company hasn’t been around for long. There’s also a possibility they have blocked the review section to avoid being exposed.

Which is the best paper rewrite service?

There are numerous online paper writing services. However, finding the one that meets your specific paper needs satisfactorily takes time and much effort. Are you having trouble finding a befitting writing service for your academic work? Tutorsploit is your go-to site for writing help.

Our team of experts will deliver beyond your expectations. They will turn your not-so-good paper into a masterpiece in just a few hours. We have experts in every field, and they always go the extra mile to put a smile on each of our clients.

What we offer

Have you ever heard of the Midas touch? That’s what we do here. Rewriting your essay or term paper means turning it into gold. Our experienced editors address all possible mistakes, yet they retain your paper’s original meaning and essence. You always get more than you pay for.

By engaging our rewriting services, this is what you’ll get:

  • A high-quality paper that’s incomparable to what you’ll send us. Our writers are skilled and experienced English native speakers.
  • Timely delivery regardless of your due date.
  • Progressive delivery where you evaluate several drafts before we deliver the final draft. Thus, you can easily track the order status.
  • Ability to track your order progress and know what’s happening to your paper every step of the way
  • Free Bibliography and title pages
  • Around-the-clock and timely customer service
  • Flexible pricing. The price depends on how fast you need the paper. If your deadline isn’t close by, then you save a few bucks.
  • Rewriting services from professional writers only. We only hire experts with at least a degree or those who have been in the field for at least two years.
  • 100% attention. Our customer service officers will give you all the attention you need. The writers will also follow your instructions to the letter and deliver nothing but the best. We treat each of our customers as though they were the only ones.
  • Customized services. We understand customers are different, and so are their needs. Your unique paper needs will be heard and served accordingly.
  • Free revision for the whole paper, incase you’re not satisfied with the first final final document we provide.
  • Many other additional services.

We guarantee you:

  • 100% unique content. Our team knows that plagiarism is a crime and a disgrace
  • Money-back if you don’t like what you get even after free revisions.
  • Total confidentiality. We have a confidentiality policy to protect all our customers and their work.
  • Risk-free payment methods
  • 100% satisfaction. We will rewrite your paper as many times as you require for free.

How to get secure services from us

1. Sign up to get a personal account
2. Pay a deposit to secure a writer
3. Upload your paper for rewriting
4. Receive the first draft from us and review
5. If need be, ask for revision
6. Once satisfied, pay the rest of the cash

Before you go!

The service you choose is all you have between you and your dream grade. If you choose wrongly, you lose. At Tutorsploit, we win when you win. We will rewrite your paper without altering the original idea.

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