Research Topics in Psychology

Best Research Topics in Psychology


Psychology is a multi-disciplinary subject that touches on a wide variety of topics. To write a top-notch psychology research paper, you need to choose a good topic. Before we get to all the topics, let us first see a few tips that you need to remember.

Coming up with a research topic is the first step to a successful study. Research topics in psychology are not hard to come by, but narrowing them down to the best takes some extra effort. Once you get the topic right, then the rest of your study will fall into place.

If you’re planning to carry out research, you better start putting your ideas together months earlier. This way, you will have ample time to evaluate your topical ideas and narrow them down.

In case you have topical suggestions from your examiner, then your work is simplified. You only need to evaluate what you have and decide on the most-suited subjects for your study.

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Research Question in Psychology Papers

Research papers in psychology are meant to answer specific questions. The topic you choose for your study should be in line with the questions you intend to tackle. Therefore, a research question in psychology is an inquiry whose answers will shed light on an issue.

Determining your queries is the first step in choosing a suitable topic for your psychology research. What would you like to address? Which specific concerns and issues would you like to tackle? Is your study meant for the general society or a group of people?

Characteristics of A Great Research Question

  • Specific. The need for specificity in any given research cannot be over-emphasized. Answering specific questions gives focus to your study. Know what your target audience is interested in and serve their intents accurately.
  • Adequately Broad. A great research question should be broad enough for it to be adequately discussed. If you make it too narrow, your study will be limited and might not achieve your objectives. Again, if the queries are too broad, the research loses focus hence the need for a balance.
  • Significant. The significance of your study determines the attention it gets. Are your questions relevant? Do they hold significant weight to command authority in your area of interest?

Factors To Consider When Choosing Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Scope. A good psychology research topic would have a reasonable and balanced scope. If your topic is too broad, your ideas will be all over the place. Again, a narrow topic will limit your psychological research. Revolving around just a few ideas robs your study of its value.
  • Relevance. A psychology paper is meant to educate and solve societal problems. It is advisable to go for a topic that touches on trending social issues. This way, your study will spark curiosity in your audience and cause them to follow through.
  • Personal interests and values. Psychology is broad and touches on real-life issues. For you to thrive in psychological research, choose a topic that is of interest to you. Also, consider an area of study that doesn’t contradict your values so that you can handle it freely.

Step-by-Step Process of Choosing Psychology Research Paper Topics

For you to come up with interesting psychology topics, consider the steps below:

  1. Brainstorming: Having many ideas for your psychology research topics is a good thing. Brainstorming gives you a variety of options to consider. You can check out scholarly papers, search online and follow social mediums to get ideas.
  1. Form Topic Clusters. Coming up with a list of related topics enriches your study. Since psychology touches on various issues, it’s prudent to have subfields supporting your main topic. This way, your psychology paper study will be more informative and relevant to your target audience.
  1. Review Relevant Literature. Before you do your study, it’s profitable to read and analyze what others have done on your topics of interest. By doing so, you will identify any gaps that need to be filled to make your research more useful.
  1. Pick Your Topic. After brainstorming, grouping topics, and reviewing the relevant literature, you can now choose your topic. Make sure you pick a study topic that will make your research work more manageable and relevant.

Great Research Paper Topics in Psychology

Some interesting psychology research topics to consider for your research papers are listed below:

Research Topics in Social Psychology

If you’re writing a research paper on social psychology, the ideas below can be an excellent place to start your search for a topic.

  • The impact of depression on development and Cognitive abilities
  • How violence is viewed in society and the roles that aggression plays in aggravating childhood traumas
  • Coping with grief: does family play a vital role?
  • Explain the different responses that people have when non-verbal cues do not match verbal expressions.
  • Discuss how social platforms have helped people to interact more globally
  • Does physical disability automatically translate to psychological disability?
  • Disabled people are viewed differently no matter how skilled or qualified they are in some fields. Discuss
  • How do people react to the violation of norms, and are they justified?
  • Explain the factors that can bring severe changes in an individual’s religious perspectives.
  • Is society to blame for moral decadence among young adults?
  • Discuss the impact that cultural beliefs and norms have on children as they grow up
  • Is there a correlation between family social status and the behaviour exhibited by teenagers?

Research Topics in Developmental Psychology

Is developmental psychology research your field of interest? If so, the topical ideas below will be a great place to start your research paper journey:

  • Discuss how violence is gradually instilled in children as they grow.
  • Is it true that capabilities to learn to diminish as human beings age?
  • Learners who listen to music as they study perform better in class. Discuss
  • Does taking breakfast at home boost students’ performance at school?
  • Explain the facets and effects of psychopathic behaviours in young adults
  • Discuss the role of development in tackling the issues of bullying across all age groups
  • The correlation between physical health and psychological development.
  • How has social media affected the psychological growth of children and teenagers?
  • Discuss how age affects memory and the possibilities of older adults having a better memory
  • How does child abuse affect a kid’s development in the long run?
  • There is a direct correlation between stress and the rate of aging for an individual. Discuss
  • Explain how gender roles’ emphasis influences young children’s development
  • Are children shaped by their parent’s behaviour as they grow, or do they choose what to become?

The developmental psychology research topics above are just but a few of the many. If you do your homework well, you will come up with a top-notch psychology paper.

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Research Topics in Forensic Psychology

Below is a list of good forensic psychology research topics that you can explore:

  • What factors mainly contribute to the increase in terror groups?
  • Mental illnesses play a big part in terrorism and other crimes. Discuss
  • Discuss the causes of the mass killings happening in the United States of America
  • Are parents to blame or raise children who become serial killers?
  • If society took mental health issues seriously, then universal murders would decrease immensely. Discuss
  • Is YouTube a reliable source of learning materials and information for forensic psychologists?
  • Discuss the effectiveness of rehabilitation in state prisons in the U.S
  • Are there direct relationships between mental health and suicide cases among teenagers?
  • Terrorists and murderers are groomed by society through child abuse. Discuss
  • Is cruelty to animals a sign that an individual may be a serial killer?
  • Early exposure to social media is the leading cause of the rise in criminal activities among teenagers. Discuss
  • What is the role of society in taming young criminals and substance abusers?

 Research Topics in Cognitive Psychology

Some of the interesting cognitive psychology research topics you can study are:

  • Discuss the benefits of deliberately promoting cognitive development in children right from infancy
  • Psychological abilities are directly affected by the memories of an individual regardless of their age. Explain
  • How can the elderly and those recovering from illnesses recover their memories?
  • Discuss the uses of colour in cognitive development studies for children
  • The effects of speech disorders on children and what can be done to alleviate the impact
  • Explain the different facets of cognitive therapy and its importance
  • Judgments by others can affect an individual’s cognitive development. Explain
  • Children should start with cognitive development studies right from kindergarten. Discuss
  • How does autism affect modern society, and what can be done to improve the lives of those affected?
  • Discuss the various cognitive behavioural therapy practices to deal with depression
  • Explain how mental disabilities in children affect their cognitive abilities
  • How does the speed of information processing affect decision-making in an individual?

Cognitive psychology experiments are also excellent sources of ideas on cognitive psychology research topics. Visit libraries and other reliable literature archives to see the kinds of experiments out there for your learning.

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Research Topics in Sports Psychology

Writing a research paper on sports psychology will require vast and updated knowledge of the same. Below is a list of psychology research topics in sports to jumpstart your search for a suitable study topic:

  • Explain how the psychology of sports now compares to fifteen years ago.
  • What are the main new challenges that coaches face?
  • What role does sports psychology play in improving the general performance of sportspeople?
  • Team chemistry is the heart of every successful team. Discuss
  • Explain the most effective techniques that players use to handle pressure.
  • How do athletes deal with their emotions to ensure that they perform exceptionally in the face of challenges?
  • Describe the meaning of team chemistry and how can it be cultivated.
  • What is the role of a coach in cultivating individual players’ confidence?
  • Discuss the mental roles that football coaches should play to ensure team success
  • A skillful player who lacks discipline in the field doesn’t go far. Discuss
  • The success of a team is mainly determined by the critical thinking ability of the coach. Explain
  • Self-confidence plays a significant role in the individual performance of the team members. Discuss
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Research Topics in Clinical Psychology

The following is a list of great clinical psychology research topics to consider for your study:

  • What are the side effects of over-dependence on antidepressants?
  • Is Social Media addiction real, and how can it be treated to improve the productivity of its victims?
  • Discuss the roles played by therapists in dealing with depression and its aftermaths.
  • What are the causes of insomnia, and how can one deal with its effects?
  • Compare and contrast the causes of anxiety disorders in adult men versus anxiety in female adults.
  • Explain how people can use psychology to control chronic pain
  • How does a mental disorder affect the physical and social development of a child?
  • Discuss the mental and psychological effects of abusive relationships
  • What causes dissociative disorder, and how can it be managed to tone down the effects?
  • How can cognitive therapy be used to treat anxiety disorders?
  • Compare and contrast different types of therapies that can be used to treat substance addiction in children.
  • Explain the place of family therapy in dealing with depression and other mental disorders
  • Discuss the primary cognitive behavioural therapy practices used in managing depression

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Research Topics in Health Psychology

You cannot exhaust the available options of psychology research topics on health. The list is endless, but you need to narrow it down to something actionable. Below is a list of some of the best psychology topics to study:

  • Discuss anxiety and its dynamics
  • Explain the main theories of chronic back pains and how physical therapy can be used to treat pain
  • Is a proper diet enough to keep one healthy without regular exercise?
  • What is the relationship between eating disorders and the fads going around about ideal boy sizes and figures?
  • Explain the role of physical exercise in managing mood swings
  • Is there any help for substance abusers in the world of psychology?
  • Stress is the main contributor to the deterioration of health for cancer patients. Discuss
  • How to manage the long-term effects of losing a loved one
  • Explain how patients can use yoga to manage or eliminate chronic pain
  • Discuss the use of psychological approaches in conforming to diets plans and exercises
  • Eating disorders are self-imposed and can be prevented through psychological therapy. Discuss
  • What is the relationship between physical exercise and stress levels in individuals?
  • Discuss the stages of adjusting to chronic illnesses and what can be done to ease the process

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Experimental Psychology Research Topics

Psychology papers are interesting to write and read. Do not kill the fun of your research paper by choosing a dull study subject.

Select a psychology research topic on experimental psychology that captivates your target audience. The following is a list of some now great topical ideas:

  • Do female adults perform better in memory tests than their male counterparts?
  • How will the size of a group affect the results of a conformity experiment?
  • Does the colour of an examination paper affect the student’s performance?
  • Are college students more prone to substance abuse than their high school counterparts?
  • Do creative people prefer complex music genres?
  • Is there a direct relationship between sleep deprivation and anxiety?
  • Are men attracted more to intellectual beauty than physical beauty in women?
  • Does caffeine consumption have any impact on the general productivity of an individual?
  • Is there a correlation between coloured school papers and memory?
  • Do students who eat breakfast perform better than those who skip the first meal of the day?
  • Are boys better than girls at memorizing figures?
  • Do children from political backgrounds grow up to be assertive?
  • Do people with asymmetrical faces have a higher IQ than those with symmetrical faces?
  • Can childhood experiences permanently alter the personality of an individual?

Abnormal Psychology Research Topics

Human psychology is fascinating and can take different shapes, ranging from normal to abnormal. Below is a list of abnormal psychology research topics that you can explore:

  • Is there a relationship between asexuality and the psychology of an individual?
  • Discuss the increase in anorexia cases among young children
  • Explain how people suffering from depression can manage thoughts about death
  • Stalking is a psychological disorder. Discuss
  • What are some of the factors that may lead to multiple personality disorder?
  • Discuss the extent to which some video games contribute to violence and aggressiveness in children
  • Is it true that extreme phobias are classified under psychological disorders?
  • Cyberbullying is to blame for the rise in teenage suicide. Discuss
  • Discuss the relationship between childhood experiences and the sexual orientation of an individual
  • Chronic lying is more of a disorder than a question of morality. Discuss
  • What is the silver lining for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder?
  • Discuss the significant causes of self-mutilation and what can be done to help the victims

There are numerous psychology research topics that you can study. However, choosing the most suited for your study calls for diligence. Don’t just pick any topic without considering its viability to lead you into substantial research.

Your choice of a psychology topic for research will determine whether your study will be a hit or a miss. The head determines where the rest of the body goes, so better have a focused head.

The lists of interesting psychology topics given here will form an excellent basis for your psychology research topic search. Also, you may update your colleagues in nursing that we have several topics for them too. Also, in case you’d like our top writers to handle your paper due to reasons such as a busy schedule, just click the “Write my Psychology Assignment” button below and follow the simple steps. Thank you!

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