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Movie review writers are in demand. But what is a movie review writer? Do they just sit and watch movies all day and then write reviews about them?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the type of movie review the person writes. There are three types: film criticism, entertainment journalism, and video game journalism.

The first two types involve watching movies or other forms of media, while the third does not require any viewing at all. All three types have one thing in common: writing reviews about their subject matter.

In addition to these different forms, there are many other positions within these fields, such as blogger, reviewer, critic, or journalist. Some people may do more than one type of position, while others may specialize in just one.

Whatever someone does within the field, it all comes down to movie review writing which falls under the creative writing category.

What exactly goes into a movie review?

• Plot summary
• The main characters
• Thumbs up
• Thumbs down
• Advice to audience

Plot Summary – This is where the reviewer describes the plot of the movie or TV series.

Who Was in It? – This includes the names of all the main characters and any notable actors or actresses.

Favorite Parts – Here, the reviewer lists their favorite parts of the movie.

Least Favorite Parts – On the contrary, this section goes over what the reviewer didn’t like about it.

Any Action to Take – This section allows the reviewer to tell their audience what action to take if they want to watch the movie.

All of these sections can be used to help your audience get a better understanding of the movie.

Film Criticism

A film critic watches movies and then writes in-depth film reviews focusing on the good and the bad of the movie.

What abilities should film critics possess?

  • Film critics have an in-depth knowledge of film history through their education.
  • In addition to being smart when it comes to film, a film critic also has strong article writing skills. They have to write articles clearly and concisely.
  • They should be creative. Creativity will make their article exciting and engaging to the audience.
  • A film critique should have a strong command of English or the required language to avoid language limitations.
  • They should be well-versed with grammar rules. e.g., correct grammar use, accurate punctuation, and sentence structure.

Movie critic qualifications

A qualified movie critic should have:

Entertainment Journalism

• A college degree in film, journalism, or English is required. Some colleges offer courses that teach about film critique and provide students with experience.
• Extensive movie review portfolio. This is the only way to prove that a person has the capabilities of being a movie critic.

An entertainment journalist writes articles similar to a film critic’s but for live events. This can include concerts, lectures, and theater performances.

Video Game Journalism

A video game journalist writes articles regarding video games, typically online. There are many video games these days, but the most common include role-playing, adventure, arcade, simulations, and sports.

What is the difference between a film critic and a film reviewer?

A film critic is a type of film reviewer. People who review movies are typically referred to as film reviewers.

A film critic’s job differs from a film reviewer’s because the former charges money for their services. They also have the responsibility to write scathing reviews. A film reviewer only writes positive reviews but does not charge for their services.

A film critic is more specialized in film, while a film reviewer can do other forms of media if they choose to.

A film critic has a greater comprehension of the history and research of movies, while a film reviewer may have little knowledge of the subject.

A film critic may have a degree in film while a film reviewer may not.

What do movie review writers do?-The process

If you’re looking to hire a freelance writer, you may need to know their job and how they execute it.

A single movie is usually composed of many different sections, each requiring its an individual approach.

Different movies need different approaches; for example, a horror film requires more descriptiveness than an animation movie.

Reviewers must look at all these sections and work to ensure that they appeal to as many different readers as possible.

Below are the steps that movie review writers follow:

Watch the movie

The reviewer watched the movie more than once. If the film is unfamiliar to the reviewer, then they’ll need to watch it multiple times for proper familiarization.

Write a synopsis of the story

A reviewer should write a short but concise summary of what happens in the film. They also put down their critique of the movie and what they liked and didn’t like about it.

Write an opinion piece on the film

The reviewer writes an opinion piece that deals with how they felt watching this particular movie. They talk about what hit them emotionally and how it made them feel after watching the film.


In this section, the movie review writer explains the article’s purpose and what it’s about. This is a good place to give a bit of background information on the movie in question.

Character analysis

This is an intensive examination of the characters in the movie. The reviewer talks about what they liked and didn’t like about the cast.

Setting analysis

This section looks at where the movie took place, whether in a single location or multiple locations. They also talk about how well it was represented within the film.

A good setting analysis should also talk about how the setting influenced the overall feel of the movie. If it takes place in a single location and is not accompanied by action, the film will probably feel slow.

Plot summary

They go over each of the major points of the movie’s plot, one by one. They talk about what happened in each section and how it all fits together. This summary is suitable for readers who have already seen the film, as a refresher of what happened.


This is where they review the film as a whole, giving their opinions on its good points and bad points. The critiquing should be done based on certain criteria that are laid out beforehand

This is the longest section of the article. The reviewer talks about what they liked and didn’t like from start to finish. They also suggest ways on how one can improve upon it, if necessary.

The writer also gives recommendations for who should watch this film. They advise on who shouldn’t watch it and what age group they feel would benefit the most from watching it.


Finally, they write a conclusion in which they sum up everything that was said before. This section should give the reader a sense of closure and make them feel as if their time wasn’t wasted reading this article or watching the movie.

Who hires movie review writers?

• Movie producers
• Movie marketers
• Film companies
• Streaming services

The entertainment industry in general needs film reviewers. Examples of groups that need to hire movie review writers are:

Movie producers

The first people who hire movie review writers are film producers. Producers need someone to write an article on their latest films that they can put on the cover of the DVD case or the back of the VHS/poster. With these movie reviews, they can convince people to watch the films more easily.

Movie marketers

Marketers need people who can write good articles on movies; this helps to promote their newest films. This article is usually associated with the producers’ articles to help promote the film’s release. People working for online stores also often use reviews written by film review writers to convince buyers to purchase a particular movie.

Film companies

A third-party corporation might need movie review writers to write promotional materials for their films. They do this so that they can attract investors.

Streaming services

These are companies that stream movies online. They will usually have a staff of writers or freelancers tasked with writing reviews on their latest releases. This helps with their marketing and advertising campaigns.

How to become a movie review writer for hire

One cannot simply decide to be a movie review writer and just start writing reviews. You’ll need plenty of experience to get hired by companies that need film reviewers. Here’s how you can get started:-

Write movie reviews for your social media sites

Because more and more people use the internet to watch movies, you must have a web presence. One of the best ways to do this is by regularly posting about your thoughts on recent films. This not only helps you to get noticed, but it also helps other people figure out what you’re all about.

Participate in movie review contests

There are many websites that post calls for submissions for their online film reviews. They want writers who can represent their brand well, so participate in as many of these opportunities as possible. You may win several contests in a row, which can help you gain momentum and get noticed by companies that need movie review writers.

Get an agent

Getting an agent is also helpful if you want to be successful in this field. An agent can give you access to unique opportunities that aren’t available otherwise. They also look out for various job ads and negotiate the best deals for you.

Visit freelancing sites

As a freelance movie review writer, you’ll bid for jobs on various sites until you get your best writing deals.

Tips for writing a top-notch movie review

• Understand the movie inside out
• Get personal
• Remain original
• Be personable
• Offer advice
• Interview others
• Keep it real
• Be clear and concise
• Keep the juicy

The following are tips that one can follow when writing a review:-

Understand the movie inside out

The only way to accurately review or critique a film is to understand it thoroughly. To do this, you’ll need to watch it several times and pay attention to every detail so that you don’t miss anything important when writing your review. Unlike book reviews where the writer can scheme through the book, movie reviews require great attention to the visual details.

Get personal

A movie review should be written in the voice of an actual person. While it is still good to stick to certain rules, it’s better if the reviewer has their unique style and way of talking about films. They should also adhere to their own opinions and avoid trying to please everyone.

Remain original

Don’t rehash the film’s plot or talk about how good or bad it is compared to other movies by this particular director. People who read your blog want to hear your opinion on what you’ve seen so they can decide whether they should watch it or not. They don’t care about what other people think of it, and they aren’t going to be persuaded by a bunch of opinions that they can find online anyway.

Be personable

Include personal anecdotes in your review when possible. This helps the reader connect with you more intimately. It makes them feel like they’re talking to a friend about how much they enjoyed watching a certain movie.

Offer advice

If you’ve seen a movie that you think others should avoid, don’t just state it in your review. You should also try to give the reader actual reasons why watching this film would be a bad idea. This way, they can make their own informed decisions on whether or not they want to spend their money and time on it.

Interview others

If you’re reviewing a movie with an ensemble cast, consider interviewing them to talk about their experiences making the film. This will be insightful for your readers to read as they get to know what the actors thought about working on this particular project. It also allows you to write more articles in the future as these actors might just have other interesting projects coming up.

Keep it real

You don’t have to be harsh on the film. However, people appreciate it more when you tell them that a movie is not worth their time or money despite all the glitz and glamour. Tell them if they should watch it or if they should avoid it even if the truth hurts.

Be clear and concise

Don’t make the reader guess what you mean. Be as clear and concise as possible when writing your review. If something seems unclear or confusing, it’ll be reflected in the page’s quality, and people will end up wasting their time reading it. This doesn’t apply only to movie review writers but also to people who write in general. Short but thorough is always better than long-winded and rambling.

Keep it juicy

The best thing you can do while writing a review is to keep the reader interested throughout your entire article. They will stick around if they find what you’re saying interesting, even if it’s just because it’s fun to read. If you bore them, they’ll leave your page and look at someone else’s.

Bottom Line

Writing a top-notch review can be a lot of things for several different people. The most important thing to remember is that it should remain your unique style and voice. Write as if you’re talking to a friend and keep the reader interested throughout the entire article.

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