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What is a literature review?

A literature review is a summary of the current research on a topic. It may also be an evaluation of the state of knowledge in that field, including both published and unpublished sources.

Its purpose is to provide an overview for readers who want to learn about your subject without reading everything. In a research paper, a relevant literature review provides a foundation upon which you can build your primary research.

A literature review writer should be unbiased and objective in his evaluation. Literature reviews also help researchers decide what further studies would be most useful or interesting.

The term “literature review” usually refers to scholarly writing but can refer more broadly to any type of writing.

What are the parts of a literature review?

A literature review has three parts:

The Introduction

It begins with a short paragraph that states the purpose of your review. The rest of the introduction should provide background information to provide context. It usually includes a brief explanation of why the subject is important and summarizes the main points you will discuss.

The Review of Literature

In the review of literature, you discuss and compare each study on your subject. Include only relevant material that has been published in reputable peer-reviewed sources.

Your goal is to present information neutrally, not to evaluate the merit of each study or researcher.

In this section, you analyze and critically evaluate how each study contributes to our topic knowledge. For example, you might discuss how one study answers a particular question while another answers slightly different questions.

The Conclusion

The conclusion provides a summary of your key findings. It can be written in paragraph form or include tables, charts, or graphs to illustrate your points.

If you have a specific purpose in mind, the conclusion should also discuss the implications of your findings. For instance, in a research paper, you might suggest which hypothesis or questions your study answers.

Reliable sources of literature review materials?

• Scholarly articles
• Books
• Conference proceedings and theses
• Other sources

Writing literature reviews requires adequate material from existing research by others. Some material sources you can explore are:

Scholarly articles

Also called journal articles, scholarly articles usually share the latest findings and often contain references to other research. Scholarly sources may not always be freely available online, but you can request a copy from your library.


Books often provide more detailed information than journal articles, including background and references to other research. Some are available for purchase online or from your library. Others may be out of print, but you can usually find them in libraries and used bookstores.

Conference proceedings and Theses

These sources usually contain presentations made at conferences or theses. The information may be presented in less formal ways than scholarly articles, but conference proceedings may help find unpublished details.

Other sources

You can also purchase various research papers collections online. These papers may include those published by university presses and those compiled for academic reference. Even though these sources sometimes exclude the latest information, they provide a good overview of major ideas presented in research on a particular topic.

The different patterns of organizing a literature review

• Thematic
• Theoretical
• Chronological
• Methodological

You can organize your dissertation literature review section in either thematic, theoretical, chronological, or methodological.

Thematic literature review

If you’re dealing with different recurring themes, you can divide your review into different parts addressing each issue in its section. Use well-structured paragraphs to talk about the key themes. Also, use transition sentences to link the various concepts.

Theoretical review

You can organize your thesis literature review according to different theoretical approaches. Use subheadings to divide these ideas. Include the name of the theorist you’re going to discuss in each section.

Methodological literature review

If you’re talking about different types of research, organize your dissertation literature review by every kind of research design. Also, use appropriate subheadings. Each section will include a paragraph about the main idea and how it contributes to your research.

Chronological Literature Review

This refers to a step-by-step method where you build on a topic. Using this method, you first offer a historical background. This is followed by a discussion of the contemporary trends or issues that are relevant to that topic. Next, you present the future perspective.

This order of presentation is beneficial when you review how a topic has changed over time. It’s also used if certain points were missed in contemporary research.

Literature review writing process

When writing a literature review, follow the process below:

Research for materials

Take time to search for materials that will help you write a literature review. Consider peer-reviewed articles, books, and conference proceedings in the library, on publishers’ websites, or through open-access publications.

Review for quality

Take some time to review the materials you have gathered. Evaluate each source based on its relevance, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. This will help you determine the best materials to use for your literature review.

Draft a thesis

Once you have compiled a good chunk of materials, review the sources you have gathered and develop a thesis statement. You can also draft your thesis first before doing the research. It is easier to do the research and gather more materials if you already have a clear idea of your dissertation.

Identify any recurring central themes

You will want to identify any recurring themes in your literature review. Come up with subheadings that reflect each theme that you’ll address in the review. Think about the aim of your dissertation and how you will address these themes. You can also refer to your research question or hypothesis for guidance.

Organize the list of themes logically, and you can also use transition sentences to link them together.

Write your literature review

Write your literature review with appropriate citations for all the materials you used in the study. Use suitable paragraph structures and avoid lengthy sentences that will make your literature review difficult to read. You can also incorporate different presentation methods, such as chronological order or thematic organization, to make the review more interesting.

Provide an annotated bibliography

If you have chosen to write a literature review that is not thematic, then include an annotated bibliography at the end of your literature review. An annotated bibliography is a list of all the resources you used while conducting your research.

Review for consistency and flow

After gathering all the materials and writing it all down, be sure to review your literature review for consistency. You might want to check if you used the same tense and tone throughout the review. You may also want to scan for flow and check if the materials you have chosen work together as a whole.

Proofread and edit

Proofread your work for any grammatical errors. You may also want to get someone else to proofread it for you in case you miss anything. If you’re not confident to do it yourself, hire a professional proofreader.

What is the importance of a literature review?

• Defining gaps
• Historical context
• Research credibility
• Avoid errors
• Spark new ideas for research

A literature review is a comprehensive summary of what has been published on a topic.

  • It helps you to define gaps in the research and focuses your attention on new areas of study.
  • A literature review provides a historical context with its research. This history allows you to show the evolution or changes in a subject over time.
  • It gives your research credibility. You can show that you have gone through the relevant literature, thus making it easier to get published.
  • A well-done literature review will also help you to avoid making errors that others have made.
  • It may even spark new ideas for your research or provide support for theories you want to test.

Why do you need a literature review writer?

  • Hiring a professional to write your literature review will save you time and effort. You can focus on the research and data analysis while a literature review writer does everything else for you.
  • Writing a literature review is not an easy task, and it takes time to do it well. You may also be pressed for time to meet a submission deadline, and hiring a literature review writer is the best solution.
  • Your work will be of high quality if you hire a literature review writer who has the expertise and high understanding of your subject. You can also be sure to get a literature review customized for your needs without any plagiarism issues.
  • A good literature review writer will ensure that your literature review is concise and well-organized. You can trust their expertise as they have the necessary knowledge and experience needed for the job.

Choosing the right literature review writer

  • Check their qualifications and learn about their experience in your subject. You can also check the quality of their past work and see if you can request a sample paper from them.
  • Hire a professional literature review writer who has sufficient expertise in your field.
  • A knowledgeable and experienced literature review writer will also provide you with guidance when needed. They should be able to answer all your questions and help you with any problems that may arise.
  • When choosing a literature review writer, it is also important to consider the cost of hiring them. You can also look for discounts and deals as well as free revisions and guarantees on their work.
  • Pay attention to the customer service and support they offer. You can also check if they have a reliable support system in place.

Where to get literature review writers?

You can get help with literature review writing from a dissertation writing service. There are different types of writing services that you can choose from. Some will do the entire literature review for you, while others will edit and proofread your work. Make sure that you choose a reputable writing service and one that will provide good quality work.

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