Is this a Free Service?

No, Tutorsploit Services are not for free. We need to pay our tutors who dedicate their time and resources to guide you with your work. Our tutors hold Master’s and Ph.D. qualifications and as such, they cannot work for free.

Do you have offers?

Yes, we are always giving discounts on all our services. You can always check out for our offers!

Do you offer Refunds?

Of course! We offer refunds with no questions asked should the work submitted be of low quality or delivered late against our promise. Approved refunds are processed with 1-3 business days.


Can I get a better price for my work?

Yes. We advise you to post your work early enough so that it has enough time. This way, you will get a better price. In other words, the more time a task has, the cheaper it is and vice versa.

Still have more questions?

Please feel free to talk to us by clicking the live chat button on the left bottom corner of this page. We will be glad to assist further.