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Types of Essays-With Examples


In college, you’ll be asked to write many different types of essays. Each essay will require a slightly different tone and focus. There are 5 types of essays: expository, persuasive/argumentative, narrative, and descriptive.

This post will teach you about the various types of essays so that you can choose the appropriate one for your paper in school or on any other type of writing assignment. However, in case you wish to skip this guide due to reasons such as a busy schedule, our professional writers for hire are ready to cover you by acing your essay for you!

Narrative Essays

A narrative essay is a story described in writing. It may be about something that actually happened to you or one of your friends, or it could be entirely fictional. It can also take the form of an account of a historical event.

When producing a narrative essay, it is important to put into words what you saw happen and how it made you feel. You’ll want to describe the setting and who is involved, and how these factors contributed or affected the event’s outcome.

A narrative essay is usually written in chronological order, although you may choose to include flashbacks at any time to provide more depth for the reader. It can be either funny or serious, depending on your purpose and the intended audience.

A narrative essay is not written in “I” or “you” form. Instead, it takes an objective approach by describing what happened and how you felt due to the event. You may include your opinions about the situation, but try to refrain from making statements that will only cause arguments among your readers. Focus on developing a good story that will make your readers feel or think about what happened but not get angry.

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A Short Narrative Essay Example

The moment was tense, and my eyes were wide open. I could not blink for fear of missing something important even though everything that was happening at the time was already impossible to miss. The entire building had been put into lockdown with extra security measures to ensure that nobody could get in or out.

My heart raced in my chest as I watched the well-armed SWAT team enter the building. The buzzer sounded, a loud and long beep that sent chills down my spine. The police officer guarding me stood up straight, his eyes focused on the classroom door where most of us were sitting, waiting to see what would happen next.

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Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay is an essay that makes a point, makes you convince the reader to agree with your opinion.

Persuasive essays can convince a reader to accept your opinion, support your point of view. People are persuaded in many different ways, and you need to know how each method works before you tackle writing one of these types of essays.

Persuasive essays often rely on sentiment. When you are writing a persuasive essay, try to appeal to the emotions and minds of your readers. They will be more likely to agree with you if they like your writing style and voice. Use humour, sarcasm, or irony to get their attention and interest.

Because of the sentimental aspect, it is crucial to know your audience before assigning the appropriate tone for your persuasive essay. The most effective persuasive essays are crafted around the interest and knowledge of the reader.

Persuasive Essay Example:

Are you among the many who feel that education in today’s society has taken a drastic wrong turn? Are you also among those who think that creative learning has become an outdated practice and should be replaced with memorizing facts and figures? Are you one of those people who wish to bring back the fun element to schooling?

Before I proceed, I’d like to mention that my ideas are based on my own opinion. I would like you to read this essay with an open mind and decide whether or not you agree with me.

It is now common knowledge that the current education system doesn’t allow students to unleash their creative side – creativity is a highly underrated aspect of education. Students are made to memorize facts and figures to get good grades. Teachers believe that the answers to all questions can be found in textbooks, but sadly – it is not true!

Since creativity cannot be taught, I don’t think students should stop learning new things about history, science, and mathematics just because they are being forced to be creative. They will never learn how to be creative if they are not given a chance to experiment and explore their ideas. I believe that creativity is what separates people from animals – it makes us human!

I also think that education should revolve around easy-to-understand topics rather than confusing concepts which are hard enough for adults to handle, let alone children. I believe that we need to replace boring textbooks with games and puzzles so students can learn by playing.

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Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are essays that prove a point with evidence based on facts and logic. To write an argumentative essay, the author takes a stance to argue for or against an issue that is often debatable in society.

When writing this type of essay, thorough research is needed since the writer has to support his arguments with solid facts. Moreover, the topic of the essay should be controversial or debatable to make it worth reading. The purpose of argumentative essays is not to persuade but rather to inform the reader why one thing is better or worse.

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Example – Argumentative Essay

Topic- Should poor people be helped?

Poor people are often neglected by society and remain in their situation because no one wants to help them. On the other hand, there is a common opinion that poor people should not be helped or supported because it will make them rely on social assistance. I believe that poor people should be helped because they are human beings just like the rest of us and need a helping hand. I have always thought that if we do not help our fellow humans, what is this world coming to?

While there is a common opinion, not everyone agrees with this view. In my society, I know of people who are neglected by other members of the community even though these poor individuals work as hard as any other person in the community. This is why I believe that it is the right thing to help poor people instead of abandoning them. In my opinion, being poor should not be a deciding factor in whether one seeks or deserves help.

To substantiate my argument, I would like to discuss some of the reasons why poor people should be helped. First, according to a report by sociologists, as many as 77% of Americans give money or food and clothes to the needy. This clearly shows that there is public support for helping poor people who require help.

Another study shows that people who give to charity live longer and happier lives. In addition to the fact that giving money can be good for your health, helping poor people is not a bad idea after all.

Furthermore, there are many non-profit organizations formed with the sole purpose of helping disadvantaged members of society. Giving handouts to the needy is also a common practice in many communities.

Therefore, instead of judging the poor and making decisions on their behalf, we should help them so that they can stand on their own feet and live independent lives.

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Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay is an essay that aims to describe a person, place, or object. Thus descriptive essay is written to provide a clear, vivid description of the subject. Each descriptive essay consists of several paragraphs. Each paragraph describes only one aspect of the topic, and it does not necessarily need to be consecutive.

A descriptive essay also includes an introduction and conclusion. However, there is no need to introduce the thesis statement in this essay because it is already explained in the first paragraph.

A descriptive essay also includes three very important points: Superficial Description, Deep Description, and Emotional Description.

Descriptive essays are very important for the students in building up their vocabulary, writing skills, especially for high school students, and enhancing their imaginations.

Example of A Descriptive Essay

Topic- A teacher.

Teachers are the greatest source of knowledge for us. We learn a great deal from them, and we consider them as our friends because they always try to help us whenever we need their assistance. A teacher is a guide who provides us with knowledge and motivates us to do things that we have never done before.

A teacher is a person who teaches us, loves us, and cares about our problems. They are always there for us whenever we need them. A good teacher makes an impact upon meeting students for the first time; they can easily establish a very good relationship with their students.

The teacher acts as a great motivator who pushes students to do things, they never thought they would ever accomplish.

A good teacher has a high sense of self-confidence because they are able to secure a good place in society. A good teacher knows how to discipline their students. They can be strict at certain times and still very caring with them because they love what they do and enjoy it.

A bad teacher makes life miserable for the students. The teacher always gives his students a hard time in learning by giving a very difficult topic. The teacher is also not able to communicate with students properly, so disciplining them becomes a challenge.

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Expository Essays

Expository essays, also known as informative essays, are written to explain something. They describe a particular topic by giving relevant information regarding that topic in order to make readers understand what is being discussed.

Because expository essays aim to inform the reader about specific topics, they must be well-researched and have plenty of details included. As for the format, an expository essay can be written as a formal or informal letter, newspaper article, etc.

A good expository essay should have all essay elements: introductory paragraph, main body paragraphs, and conclusion. The introductory paragraph introduces the topic you are going to write about, whereas the conclusion sums up what you have discussed in the main body paragraphs and leaves a lasting impression on the reader.

Here is a list of things you can discuss in an expository essay:

  • discuss the history of something
  • give statistics and information about different aspects of a particular topic
  • describe facts, theories, processes, or anything that requires explanation.

You should remember that having too much data can make your work dull and difficult to read, so try to explain things quickly and clearly; maybe include some examples or personal opinions.

To write a good expository essay, one must be able to analyze different sources of information such as video lectures, books, articles, etc.

An Example of an Expository Essay

Topic- Should bibliophobia be included as a mental disorder?

Bibliophobia is a fear of books or reading. The word bibliophobia has Greek roots – Biblio (book) and Phobos (fear). Bibliophobics develop this disorder due to their traumatic experiences with reading in childhood or being forced to read a specific book at an inappropriate age. Most bibliophobics are middle-aged or older, and men seem to be more susceptible to developing this phobia.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association, a mental disorder has certain characteristics that can’t be explained by ordinary fear or stress. For example, a person who fears heights, if he gets stressed or experiences an unfortunate event during a climb, is not considered to be suffering from acrophobia. On the other hand, a person who has developed a fear of heights because he has never climbed on anything taller than his staircase is said to have acrophobia.

So how does one know if his fear is a “disorder” and not just a bad reaction to certain circumstances or memories?

There are two ways to find out whether your fear is included in the category of a mental disorder. First, does it cause any dysfunction for the patient or other people around him? Second, how much has this affected your life and the way you approach the world?

Bibliophobes are usually unable to read a book because they fear having an anxiety attack in the middle of reading. This means that their phobia makes it hard for them to enjoy literature to its fullest extent, which is considered a disorder. Another thing to consider is how much this phobia affects their life. If a person cannot read or go into bookstores because he thinks he’s going to experience a full-blown panic attack, then this phobia has clearly taken over his life and made it toxic.

Many psychologists claim that bibliophobia can be treated just like any other phobia by behaviour therapy or exposure therapy. This process involves exposing people to whatever they are afraid of gradually so that their anxiety remains manageable and eventually fades away completely. In the case of bibliophobes, one can be asked to read short passages or even just words from a book each day until he starts feeling more comfortable with literature and can finally enjoy it.

If this treatment is done properly, the patient can read books again and even visit bookstores without experiencing anxiety or fear. However, suppose a patient doesn’t follow behaviour therapy to overcome his phobia. In that case, it will be very hard for him to lead a normal life and enjoy literature as much as someone who isn’t afraid of reading can.

Mind and body are closely intertwined, so the way we approach our environment determines how healthy or unhealthy we will be. So, think twice before developing phobias and learn to control your emotions to live a happier life. Don’t know where to start? Click the button below and our professional writers will be of help!

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