Narrative Essay Examples

Top 5 Narrative Essay Examples for 2021


Simply put, the narration is telling a story. Therefore, a narrative essay writing assignment is a paper that tells a personal story. However, a winning narrative essay isn’t just about narration. It also offers a reader valuable moral lessons.

If you’ve ever written a five-paragraph paper, then writing a narrative essay will be easier. This is because the format used to write the two is the same. However, you’ll want to be creative when working on your personal narrative assignment. In fact, creativity is the primary difference between narrative essays and other academic papers. Should you wish to skip over this guide due to reasons such as a busy schedule, our tutors are ready to ensure you’re covered by acing your essay. All you need to do is place an order with us.

Top 5 Narrative Essay Examples for 2021

Recall: A narrative essay is often focused on a personal experience. However, inspiration from other narrations can help you write a good narrative essay. Here are five samples to give you an idea of what’s expected of you.

#1 Narrative Essay Example for 2021 

Notably, the below sample is written in first-person narration. Also, the use of direct speech is evident. It’s advisable to assume the same style when writing your essay in order to submit a quality paper.

Having been a businessman for over 17 years, I can assure you that it’s a bumpy ride. Some days, I’m celebrating numerous successes. Other times failures abound and, there are also days I sweat due to hours of hard work. Sometimes my heart pounds as I face crises. Tears flow.

However, there’s this particular incident that I can never forget. It’s about having friends as business partners. I run three companies which I started alongside my friends. One day I was with a friend at my place. As we casually discussed random topics, he complained about the lack of organization in his field. He was particularly concerned about plumbers who consistently earned 100 dollars a day. Interestingly, the team made the same amount within 2 hours in the climate equipment niche.

“Let’s venture into the business but offer superior services,” I suggested. I knew we’d make a perfect match because my friend was good at technology while I’m a marketing and management professional. The first month of our joint venture was promising. We recorded profits, though small. However, the modest income didn’t deter me. Sadly, my friend was doubtful because he’d earned 7 dollars. However, I later realized that he hadn’t put in much effort, and it took two good years to record the figure.

Since I was in charge of marketing, I used simple ideas like running online marketing drives and creating a blog alongside a marketing department to help generate more revenue. Consequently, we made double profits in the second month.

The competition was stiff. Although our business was relatively new, we remained afloat. I decided to share the good news but was surprised by what followed. “Let’s divide the profit equally,” said my friend. “I had to wait for two years to make a similar amount while you’ll have earned the 5 dollars within two months. That’s pretty unfair,’ he added.

I was disappointed and confused at the same time. I felt dizzy. I realized my friend overlooked my contribution to our success. Also, he dishonoured his part of the bargain. I thought quickly about it and decided to start my company within three weeks. Within a year, my institution was second-best in our region. In the second year, I sold the business to my friend; then, we parted ways.

The experience taught me the importance of adhering to legal processes in business. Also, I became emotionally stronger. I’m always prepared and can’t be easily swept by sudden business eventualities. I learned firsthand that a stitch in time saves nine. I had to research and formulate terms that I share with a friend before getting into a partnership.

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#2 Narrative Essay Example for 2021

Dad often reminded me to be careful about mistakes. Day in and day out, he’d highlight the dangers of trivializing mistakes. However, dad also told me that laughing at my mistakes is alright. I would later learn the importance of what he said when I was 14 years.

We’d gone to fetch pizza with Naomi, my classmate. Mrs. Terry frequently reminded customers to stay in line, which helped the queue move pretty fast. Finally, after a few minutes, we were at the counter. I looked around but only saw mashed potatoes, fish, and vegetables. My favourite pizza was unavailable, which left me disappointed. My stomach rumbled in agreement.

Had we queued in vain? I scanned the counter again. I was relieved. At the far corner on my left was one piece of pizza. I was so happy. “St. Lois pizza,” I whispered. Mrs. Coburn handed me the only remaining piece. However, my excitement was short-lived. The paper plate slid and, my pizza fell into a pot of delicious-looking mashed potatoes.

I was speechless. I could feel my face turn red. I was momentarily lost in sadness before loud laughter jerked me back to the queue. The kids were laughing in unison. I couldn’t do much. So, I joined them in the laughter.

I was interrupted by Mrs. Coburn’s voice. Clarice, “would you like your pizza with a side of mashed potatoes?” Yes! Absolutely! I couldn’t hide my excitement. Neither could Naomi, who burst out laughing. I joined her before the other kids joined us. It was pretty relieving. At that moment, I remember Dad’s words—Laughter can turn an otherwise awkward moment into a memorable event. I didn’t feel clumsy. Thanks to the laughing.

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#3 Narrative Essay Example for 2021

Apart from choosing unique personal narrative essay topics, students can write winning narrations by capturing their reader’s attention. To achieve that, make sure to give vivid descriptions of places, people, voices, and events when writing your essay, like in the below third essay example.

As our sheep and goats disappeared one after another, the village was in a state of confusion. No one knew what was happening to our animals. For many days, the mystery remained unresolved. Some villagers said thieves were responsible. Others thought it was a wild beast at work.

Many families suffered losses. However, my immediate neighbour was the worst hit. He lost seven sheep, nine goats, and poultry too. The villagers decided, in one accord, to track the destroyer. However, first, they had to solve the puzzle. In unity, they carefully observed how the village animals were disappearing. It was evident the destroyer was a tiger.

Next, the village leaders requested brave men to come forth and help deal with the wild beast. A group of 10 young men volunteered. I was one of them. I felt like the legendary Duke of Wellington who won the famous battle of waterloo. The strategy was simple. We decided to set a trap and deal with the enemy once and for all.

Knock! Knock! Knock! “Peter! Let’s go!” Shouted Ray before I could answer the door. I jumped out, and we headed to the meet-up point. It was late at night, but the darkness couldn’t deter us. We left for the jungle.

Hours passed. Nothing peculiar happened. The crickets continued singing their tunes while fireflies and mosquitoes jumped here and there. Suddenly we saw paws. We had finally found the tiger’s trail. We set up the trap and tied the goat to a nearby tree. Then we lay in wait. It was daybreak, and there was no sign of our enemy. Desperation started creeping in. When we were almost giving up, we suddenly heard leaves crackle. Something was moving in the nearby bush.

We tensed. I held my breath in anticipation. Then, after a short while, we saw the tiger spring towards the goat. We pointed our shot-guns towards the foe. Luckily the wild beast fell right into the trap. Within no time, one of us shot and instantly killed him. We then untied our goat and headed to the village. The villagers were happy. At least, they could keep animals without fear. It was a successful hunting trip that I can never forget.

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#4 Narrative Essay Example for 2021

From this fourth sample, you’ll notice that the piece assumes the structure of a 5-paragraph essay—it has an introduction (the first paragraph),  body paragraphs that give details of the narration, and the conclusion that summarizes the paper by providing a moral lesson. In other words, the example below is a story. However, the structure is that of a standard essay. So, make sure to write a thrilling narration but remember to have the three parts of an essay (the introduction, body, and conclusion).

There are different types of personalities. For example, some people are out-going. They can’t withstand loneliness or silence. As for me, I’ve loved silence since my early teenage. Growing up, I was never worried about being alone. It’s a virtue that helped me learn life-long lessons.

Near my hometown in Southern Mexico, there was a small hill on which an old mysterious storehouse stood. No one knew when, why, and who had built the structure. There were rumours that the storehouse was once used to keep slaves. Another version claimed that warlords used it during the Second World War for unclear purposes. Yet others, especially us, the younger generation, believed the place was haunted. So, villagers, both old and young, were afraid of visiting the site. However, the wooden shack provided a place of refuge for me.

Whenever I longed for silence, I walked to the old storehouse. I’d carry a snack, sit in the attic, watch many sunrises and sunsets, and reflect upon different things. There were days when I wasn’t alone in the shack. The homeless and travellers were other visitors at the isolated storehouse. Although I was just 13 years, they’d share stories of their lives. Some talked about their failed businesses, marriages, dreams, plans, and aspirations…those who felt exploited would lament their unfair bosses. I would carry more snacks or canned food and share it with those who stayed for several days.

The old storehouse experiences molded my life. I started striving to understand myself. I wanted to know more about the people around me. My interaction with the vagabonds made me learn that people can be a source of valuable life lessons no matter their social status.

#5 Narrative Essay Example for 2021

Top narrative essays comprise a thesis statement (main idea) that forms the basis of the narration. Other sections of the piece link to the idea, making it an easy-to-understand paper like in the below essay example—similarly, it’s vital to relate your story to your main idea (thesis statement).

I knew I was too timid in school. I had been bullied for so long that I lost count and memory of some of the incidences. I also had a tiny frame which made the situation worse. I’d be called names, pushed around, locked in the washrooms, and even tied up by the big boys.

The education system didn’t help make life easier either. Manhattan Elementary was a non-graded school. So, we only received a pass or a fail instead of grades. The system has its advantages, such as lesser pressure on the students. It also had disadvantages like the inability to deal with bullies and bullying in school. So, I became an easy target for the bigger boys.

In my sixth grade, I’d had enough. The same year, I received a birthday present from my mum. She knew I loved basketball, although I was pretty short. So, she bought me a basketball. I was overjoyed. I could freely enjoy my therapy sessions by dribbling anytime I wanted.

The following week after the birthday party, I carried my basketball to school. I’d planned to shoot some hoops during break time. As I played casually and enjoyed my newly found freedom, a bigger boy snatched the basketball. I was hot-red in the face. Anger took over, and within no time, I punched the boy so hard in the face and left him crying his heart out.

The principal called my mum and explained what had happened. She was indifferent. I think she had also been waiting for the day I’d stand up for myself. The incident marked the end of bullying in my life. I’m happy that it happened. I could now live a normal life without fearing bullies.

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Differences Between a Narrative Essay and a Short Story

Since writing a narrative essay is simply telling your readers a story, it is easy to confuse the paper with a short story. However, the two are different in the following ways:

  • In a narrative essay, the story is often based on facts (a real-life story), while a short story is often fictitious.
  • A personal narrative essay has a pre-defined structure—the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Contrastingly, a short story lacks those three distinct parts.
  • A narrative essay is often defined by what happened. Conversely, the plot of a short story can take different twists and turns without restrictions.
  • Since a short story is imaginary, characters and events are tweaked to fit the piece’s theme.
  • Unlike a short story, a narrative essay must have a compelling thesis statement (the main idea).
  • Given that a narrative essay is a story about a real-life experience, it’s regularly written in the first person. On the other hand, a short story can assume a second or first-person narration.
  • Generally, short stories are for entertainment. Narrative papers, however, are used to teach a specific lesson.

How to Write a Winning Narrative Essay

Every student desires to score high grades in any given assignment. Aside from crafting an excellent topic, creating an outline, formatting, and editing your piece can help you write an outstanding personal narrative essay.

Formulating a Good Narrative Essay Topic

A good narrative essay topic can be an idea, a fact, or any goal you want to achieve. Also, the internet, past essay narrative papers, and essay examples taught in class can be alternative sources of inspiration.

Tips for Choosing Good Personal Narrative Essay Topics

It’s essential to have several topics from which you can narrow down and settle for the best title. To do that, make sure to choose:

  • A title that’s not easily available on the web.
  • A topic about adversity you had to overcome.
  • A title that’s neither too narrow nor too broad.
  • An attention-grabbing topic.

Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

Besides getting inspiration, you can tweak one of the below personal narrative essay topics and then formulate an excellent title for your narration.

Essay topics for high school

1. Your hobby

2. Your favourite high school subject

3. The most outstanding achievement you had in high school

4. How you overcame fear

5. An experience in which you got into trouble after sharing your opinion

Essay topics for college

1. A narrative essay about a moment you protected someone

2. A story about a time you had to delete you’re a specific social media account

3. How you resolved a historical mystery

4. How rebellion taught you the importance of obedience

5. An outstanding karaoke experience

Creating an Outline

Creating an outline is essential because it keeps you on the right track. A narrative essay follows the traditional essay outline that comprises:

The Introduction: This section features your essay hook and thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs: It’s the second and often longest part of an essay. You’ll have the scene setting (place and time), events, the characters involved, and the moral lesson you’d like your readers to learn.

The Conclusion: The conclusion helps to summarize your essay. A well-written narrative essay usually links back to the thesis statement.

Formatting and Editing

After creating an outline and writing your essay, it’s essential to format it. You’ll also need to read through the paper, edit any typos, rewrite or delete vague and unclear sections.

It’s advisable to allow yourself time off before editing. Go for a walk. Take a nap or snack, then get back to proofreading your assignment. It helps you look at your narration with a fresh set of eyes.

Also, consider reading it loudly or ask a friend to read it aloud to identify areas of improvement. Alternatively, you can ask your tutor for suggestions to further improve your narrative essay.

In Conclusion

The purpose of a narrative essay writing assignment is to test your creative skills and your understanding of different elements of writing. That’s why the assignment is popular in schools. However, the challenge of keeping your reader hooked to the end abounds.

So, it’s essential to choose a story that’ll be captivating from the beginning to the end. Therefore, start by having an exciting topic. You’ll also want to use vivid and colourful words. Remember to include conflict and sequence to make the piece both organized and exciting to read.

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