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Top 150 Persuasive Essays Topics


Persuasive essays are papers where students write about a topic they believe in with their all heart and soul. It is a fact that persuasive essays reflect the author’s personal opinion on the issue being discussed. Hence, a lot of research has to be done to collect enough evidence for it. Good persuasive speech topics are hard to find, but we did it for you.

We understand how difficult this task may seem since many persuasive essay topics are out there, and you might not know where to start. However, worry no more as we have decided to compile a detailed list of the top 150 persuasive essays topics on the web that can be easily found in online libraries or search engines.

All these topics cover different issues and are categorized into groups, and snippets are provided below:

Persuasive essays topics for college students: We are all witnesses to the immigrants’ deportation in our country. Should we allow vaccinations?

Interpersonal relationships: The role of media in interpersonal relationships. How social media affects your interpersonal relationships?

Technology and society: The impact of the internet on family relationships. Do we need real friends, or can everybody be a friend on the internet?

School life and education: What makes good teachers successful, does homework help students to improve their skills.

Social issues and concerns: Should a person of authority be fired only if they have committed a crime, should we kill animals in the zoo to save their species?

Politics: Should politics talk shows be banned from TV? Is it right to hold military parades in your country?

Work and money matters: What makes people wealthy and successful, are you ready to sacrifice your life for money?

Philosophy and religion: What is happiness, how to find the reasons why we should be grateful for something

Health and medicine: Are doctors responsible for a patient’s health, is marijuana safe, or has it too many side effects?

Crime and punishment: What to do if you see a crime being committed, what is the best way to punish criminals?

Environment: Are we doing enough for our planet? Should people get paid only in case the environment has been saved?

Traveling and outdoor activities: Why some people prefer traveling over watching movies, is it better to learn diving in a swimming pool or at sea?

Different views: Should students have exams during their summer holiday, what is better, TV news or newspapers?

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Top 150 Persuasive Essays Topics:

Persuasive Essays Topics for High School Students

1. Should students have to pay for their graduation ceremony?

2. Can online learning be as effective as real classroom teaching?

3. Is it fair when the best athletes get paid more than the other ones?

4. I think that homework is not a good idea! Do you agree with me or not?

5. Should kids be given money for good grades?

6. What is the best way to stop bullying in schools?

7. How can you say that your school is safe and secure when it has the highest number of thefts per year among all schools in your city?

8. Do people lose their sense of responsibility when they have a gun in their hands?

9. What are the most dangerous cities in America?

10. How to go on with my studies if I am forced to move to another city?

11. Why do people still use tobacco and alcohol even knowing that they can kill you?

12. Should teenagers be allowed to drive?

13. Should people who have not been given a chance to go to college give lectures in colleges?

14. What is the meaning of education nowadays?

15. Do teachers still care about their students’ achievements?

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Persuasive Essays Topics for College Students

1. Should students be able to use mobile phones in class?

2. What makes teachers respect their profession nowadays? Is it their salaries or job security?

3.Should college students get grades for participating in class?

4. Should students be allowed to get drunk at school parties?

5. Why do people start smoking even knowing that it can kill them or those around them?

6. Should a college student work while studying at the same time? If yes, why, and if no, why not?

7. I have a great idea to help college students with their problems. Do you think it is beneficial?

8. How can universities and colleges be more innovative and make teaching techniques more interesting for students?

9. What are the benefits of studying abroad?

10. Is high school education good enough nowadays to lead people into higher education institutions like colleges and universities?

11. Which city in the US is the most fun to live in for students? Do you agree with me or disagree? Why?

12. Should schools make exams more difficult every year, or should they stay at the same level of difficulty to avoid cheating during tests and assignments?

13. What are the best ways of studying?

14. Are schools still suitable for teenagers to spend time in nowadays, or have they become like prisons where people are forced to do something they don’t want to and find higher education useless?

15. Which higher education institution is the best in your city, state, or country? Do you agree with me or not?

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Interpersonal Relationships

1. The role of media in interpersonal relationships

2. How social media affects your interpersonal relationships

3. Why do parents not understand their children anymore?

4. Is it possible to be friends with people you can’t trust?

5. Is it wrong to fall in love with someone without being noticed by your friends?

6. Should you pay attention to your partner’s friends?

7. Is a Facebook relationship a real one?

8. How to keep a healthy relationship with your in-laws?

9. What do people mean when they say that opposites attract each other?

10. What is the secret of keeping a marriage together for many years?

11. Why do people cheat in their relationships?

12. How to keep a relationship with your ex-partner?

13. Do you have the right to criticize your friends’ behavior if you know they will not listen to you?

14. Is it true that we are always at fault when our relationships go wrong?

15. Is it normal for a 20-year-old man to be dating a 45-year-old woman?

Technology and Society

1. How the invention of cell phones changed our lives

2. Is it a good idea to allow children to use cell phones before the age of ten?

3. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using social networking online?

4. Should all schools ban mobile phones?

5. Can you imagine your life without technology?

6. Is it safe to give so much information about yourself on social networks?

7. What is the cost of living without technology?

8. Would students learn faster if they did not use computers in school?

9. Do you think that people should have unlimited access to the internet?

10. Are iPads and Kindles good or bad for children?

11. Is technology making us smarter or dumber?

12. Why are people so scared of robots taking their jobs?

13. Is online dating more effective than meeting people in a pub?

14. Is the Internet affecting students’ attention and concentration on schoolwork?

15. How to stay safe while using the internet?

Technology is always changing, and thus, you may also want to keep yourself updated with topics on current events!

School Life and Education

1. Should all schools ban mobile phones?

2. What is the greatest invention of humankind, and why? (Yes, I know it is a tricky question)

3. Why can’t we make school more fun for students?

4. Is high school education good enough nowadays to lead people into higher education institutions like colleges and universities?

5. What are the reasons why intelligent students drop out of school?

6. Can online courses replace classroom education? Is it helpful or not, especially for adults who have families and jobs and can’t find time to go to college?

7. Do you think grades are essential for students’ self-esteem?

8. Do you think that multiple-choice exams are a good idea or not? Why (not)?

9. Should teachers give more homework to their students? Or should they focus on teaching in class and let the students practice without help from teachers outside of class time?

10. Is it possible to write an excellent English essay if you have no time for research?

11. Should students be paid for their participation in testing processes, surveys, and experiments?

12. Is it fair to leave teenagers alone at home with parents not knowing what they are doing or who they are communicating with on the internet?

13. Why is it so hard for students to stick to the rules?

14. Is it fair for parents to ask teachers about their children’s grades when these teachers have nothing to do with those grades?

15. What are the differences between online and offline studies?

Social Issues and Concerns

1. Should smoking be banned in public places like restaurants, pubs, and the street?

2. What is so dangerous about steroids? Is it true that they lead to mental disorders and cause aggression in people?

3. Why do smokers believe that smoking makes their health better? Does it make any sense or not?

4. Why do people choose to be alcoholics?

5. Is it true that drinking coffee can make you smarter?

6. What is the best way of getting over a breakup? Can you get over your first love if you see them every day in school or the workplace? Can you get over someone you love if you have no contact with them at all?

7. Can the sentence “It’s a free country, I can do what I want” be an excuse for crime and immoral actions?

8. Why is it hard to introduce modern lifestyle habits to older generations?

9. What is more important: family or career? Explain your answer.

10. Should I go abroad to study if my English is not perfect? And can people change their habits and personality over time?

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1. Is it possible to have the same freedom of speech in modern times?

2. What is the difference between a social network and mass media like newspapers, magazines, and radio?

3. Should journalists use offensive language to attract readers’ attention if this offends some people? Why (not)?

4. How can we make sure that the news published in newspapers, magazines, and TV is trustworthy?

5. Is it possible to make money by selling photos of stars (like they do in the tabloids)?

6. Does immigration play any positive role in the development of an economy or not? Explain your answer.

7. Should politicians be as honest with people as they are with themselves? How can you be a successful politician if you don’t know how to lie?

8. What should the role of media be in politics? Should they support specific political parties or not?

9. Is it possible to stop corruption in a country if there is no democracy? What can be done about that?

10. Should we be afraid of the government, or should we trust them completely? Does anyone have “too much power”?

Politics can sometimes bring some controversy, so we thought it would be awesome to compile a list of controversial topics as well!

Philosophy and Religion:

1. Is it possible to be perfect if you have no one to compare yourself to?

2. Is there an afterlife?

3. How can we be sure that a person who is important to us (as a teacher) loves us and did not get stuck in their duty?

4. What makes people happy in life?

5. Why are people so obsessed about being accepted by society?

6. How do you determine who is a criminal and who is not? Is it possible to be more objective?

7. What makes good things happen to bad people when they deserve them least?

8. Which one is stronger: love or hate?

9. Is it possible that we are not living in reality?

10. Does God have a plan for us?

11. What makes people who are different so similar to each other at the same time?

Health and Medicine

1. What are the chances to cure a disease that is as old as humanity? Is it possible to cure all the diseases?

2. How can you be sure that a treatment does not have adverse side effects in some patients?

3. Is there any way to lift consciousness from one person into another living person’s body so people will live forever?

4. Why do bad things happen to good people?

5. Is it possible to prevent cancer?

6. How do you measure pain?

7. Is there any treatment that can cure all the diseases at once?

8. How can a person gain self-esteem if they have low intelligence and have not accomplished anything in life?

9. What are the chances of finding a cure for AIDS?

10. Have we done everything we could do to find a cure for cancer?


1. What would be the best way to make trash go away?

2. Do people have a right to kill animals for their food and products if necessary for survival?

3. Is there any natural resource that we should not waste?

4. Are there ways to reduce air pollution without experiencing economic problems, like losing jobs?

5. What should we do about the people who pollute a lot, for example by driving an old car?

6. How can we preserve all the animals in nature that are on the brink of extinction?

7. Is global warming an actual threat? Should we do something to stop it?

8. Is there any way to protect the environment and reduce pollution?

9. What is your attitude towards recycling, for example, plastic bottles versus aluminum cans? Which one should be recycled more often or at all?

10. Are animals more intelligent than humans in some ways?

Travel and Outdoor Activities

1. How can a person learn to appreciate nature better?

2. How do you make the best out of traveling if it is your only goal?

3. What makes a country rich or poor? Is it possible for any country to be rich without being environmentally conscious?

4. Where on this planet will you find the most extreme temperature?

5. How can you be sure that all the animals in nature are protected from people who hunt them for their fur and food or destroy their habitats?

6. What makes us feel happy even if we do nothing but lie in a bed and do not move at all for hours during our vacation?

7. What should people do if they want to experience the most extreme physical feeling?

8. Is it possible to do something that everyone is guaranteed to remember you and what you have done in life for a long time?

9. What should people do when on vacation, besides lying down and doing nothing at all?

10. Are there any places on this planet where one can find and still touch nature without getting in its way?

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More Persuasive Topics

1. Do you know how people made fire first?

2. Or did it happen by itself? What’s your opinion on the subject?

3. What is the most important invention in the history of humankind? Is there any person who could be called a world genius and changed the world into a better place?

4. Why is it that many people live in poverty when there are so many opportunities to get rich, but they fail at doing it?

5. Do you agree if someone would say that we have everything necessary to be happy now precisely because of all the modern inventions around us? What should people do to be satisfied?

6. Do you think that the idea of communism is still relevant today in our world, or are we too far from it to consider it again?

7. What is the one thing you wish would never be invented?

8. How can we fulfill the wishes of millions of people within a limited amount of time but without making them wait too long or get disappointed with the results?

9. What are the chances that we will ever have flying cars like in Back to the Future movies?

10. How can you make people around you laugh if they have a sad look on their faces?

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