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How to Make an Essay Longer: Proven

Writing a long essay is not an easy task to do. Most students find it hard to write longer papers than shorter ones because they lack the knowledge on how they should be written and published.

Essay writing is essential in academic work since this is what assesses students. But, writing a long paper requires the student to be wise and sensible with the words they are using as a subject matter.

A number of reasons why a student has to write a long essay include:

The need to hit the minimum word count for an academic paper assignment as set by the teacher or the guidelines from higher institutions.

To fit the topic or essay to a required page count.

Guidelines from higher institutions such as combining 2 shorter essays written during sessions into one longer paper.

Techniques to Make an Essay Longer

Several techniques can be used to help make your essay longer so that you meet the minimum word count requirements or the number of pages required by your teacher or higher institutions.

The techniques include:

Explaining major points in detail:

It is best to take each point you make and explain it in detail when writing an essay. This will help to make your essay longer as you explain each aspect of your topic or argument in depth. Details also help the reader understand the points you are making and see where your argument leads to.

Using examples:

Another technique to make your essay longer is using examples from the real world or any other source. Using relevant examples that fit into your topic helps explain what you mean and makes it easier for the reader to understand. It also helps to give substance and credibility to your argument. Ensure you use examples to explain all the major points.

Using quotes:

Quotes can also be used to make your essay longer. Quotes are very effective because they come from credible sources and have details of what was said, when, and by whom. Quotes help support your argument or topic as you use a different person’s words to show that you understand the subject well.

Building an argument:

Another way to make your essay longer is by building a solid argument. The best way to build an argument is to take one point you wish to argue for or against and then present reasons why you hold such an opinion. For example, if you are arguing against euthanasia, then provide the pros and cons of living a life with a disability and also look at how the government can help people living with disabilities live full lives.

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Conduct additional research:

Another way to make your essay longer is by conducting additional research on the topic you have been given. This means looking around for more information that may help make your point clearer or give it more substantial backing. Extra points, claims, or arguments that help support your main topic will definitely make an essay longer and fulfill your reader’s thirst.

Do not use contractions:

Writers and authors avoid using contractions, especially when they want to make an essay longer. However, this may not be possible for some people who write in their first language as the contraction is a part of that culture or vernacular.

However, if you can avoid contractions, your essay will look more formal and give the impression that you are taken seriously.

Use proper spelling and grammar:

It is also important to make your essay longer by using proper spelling and grammar. If a reader has to stop reading because of misspelled words or incorrect grammar continuously, then he may leave your paper altogether, which will be a loss for you. Always take the time to check for mistakes before publishing your essay.

Employ the use good transitions:

Just like good grammar and spelling, using good transitions help your essay to flow better. This means that you start a new paragraph or section only when the previous point is entirely and adequately covered. Using sentences such as ‘in addition’ or ‘also’ followed by another sentence will make it easier for readers to follow along with your topic or argument.

Use statistical data:

If you are writing an argumentative essay, then statistical data is your best friend. You can find such data by conducting research and using credible sources like the internet or even newspapers. Statistical data makes it easier for readers to understand what you mean and shows that you have researched the topic at hand. Using graphs or numbers gives strong backing to your claims, making it easier for your reader to understand.

Use illustration:

Another way in which you can make your essay longer is by using illustration. Using the text and images together makes it easier for a reader to understand what you are conveying. It also helps to break up the words, thus making your text less burdensome on a reader’s mind.

Use anecdotes (only when relevant):

Anecdotes, short stories, or personal experiences are also ways to make your essay longer. Using anecdotes shows that you have knowledge about the topic, and it also helps you relate with your reader. Anecdotes make it easier for the readers to understand what you are trying to say, especially if they too have had similar experiences. However, do not use anecdotes for the sake of it if there is no connection or relation with your topic.

Use good introductions and conclusions:

Using good introductions and conclusions can help to make your essay longer. Introductions make it easier for readers to understand what your paper will be about, while conclusions summarize everything you have written about. The length of the introduction and conclusion will vary depending on the word count given.

Argue both sides:

It is also important to make your essay longer by arguing both sides of a topic. This means that you write about the positives and negatives of your given topic. By showing both arguments and counterarguments, readers will better understand your perspective on what they are reading. They may even find themselves siding with you if they agree with your points.

Refer back to the rubric:

The last tip to make your essay longer is by referring back to the rubric which you were given. This will help guide and direct you on approaching your paper, especially if you are unsure about what specific details are required. Ensure to check the rubric line by line not to miss anything. It might seem tiresome but worth it since you will be filling all the gaps you had missed during the first draft.

What Not to do While Attempting to Make an Essay Longer:

Many things could go wrong while trying to make your essay longer. Some things you must avoid to make your writing successful.

Do not play with the font size or spacing:

Do not change the spacing or fonts to make your essay longer. Changing the font styles or size frequently makes it difficult for a reader to follow along. This will waste their time, and you might lose them as readers, which is never good.

Avoid using filler phrases:

Filler words or phrases end up adding fluff in your essay and make it boring to read and sometimes hard to follow. Some common examples of filler words are ‘really,’ ‘very,’ ‘just,’ and these should be avoided.

Avoid being repetitive:

Do not state the exact phrases over and over again in your essay. Readers can spot repetition easily, and it will make your essay seem like a waste of time. Only say precisely what is necessary once but do so clearly. Using synonyms or words with similar meanings is an excellent way to avoid repetition.

Do not use complex sentences:

When writing your essay, try to avoid using complex or challenging sentence structures. Using them only makes it harder for a reader to understand and follow along with your argument.

Avoid these mistakes, and you will be able to make your essay longer successfully. It might seem like a lot of work, but in the end, it pays off immensely.

Spelling out numbers:

Use the numerical word instead of spelling out the numbers when writing your essay. This will make your text more concise, and it is also easier for a reader to understand.

Avoid the use of cliches:

Cliches generally add nothing to the text and may, in fact, cause a loss of interest in what you are writing. Avoid recycled expressions such as “a bitter pill to swallow,” “raining cats and dogs,” etc.

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To successfully write long essays, takes a lot of time and effort. However, the benefits are immense because it allows you to get your point across more efficiently. The above tips and examples are just some ways to make your essay longer. You should try different methods and see which one fits you best when writing essays. Ultimately, avoid wordy sentences in the process of making an essay longer.

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