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Many people love to write essays. We know that essay writing is important because we want to prepare ourselves for the different life challenges, such as college entrance exams, the business world, and corporate life.

This article will share with you some essay writing topics about anything. These topics can help you a lot in your essay writing project, whether it is for school or just for fun. The possible list of essay writing topics you might want to select from or write about is endless.

This list is good for you because even if you cannot choose a specific topic, there will always be something that can interest you and pique your curiosity.

Good essay writing topics can help people to win contests and competitions. They are also important for those who want to have good grades in school, even though some students somehow feel nervous and threatened when it comes to writing essays.

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Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Why do so many people choose to be vegetarians despite the abundance of meat products in the market?
  • Is it true that video games are a waste of time?
  • Is living a good life really about money and material things?
  • Do children need too much protection from online predators, or is this just another form of invasion of our privacy?
  • How does technology affect the way our children think, behave and interact with other people?
  • What makes you a good parent more than having a lot of money to spend on your kids? Is giving your child what they want really necessary to spoil them?
  • Should social media be banned in schools because it causes students to waste too much time?
  • Is it true that overeating fast food and fat-rich food products can increase the risk of cancer and heart diseases?
  • Should we live in a society that values people based on their physical appearance instead of having more concern about what is inside them?
  • Who do you think is responsible when something terrible happens to one of your friends? A. The friend B. You C. The other person involved in the incident
  • What is the best way to spend your youth when you are still living with your parents?
  • Your parents and relatives want to give your 18-year-old sister a birthday gift that can help her succeed in life. What do you think is the most suitable gift for your sister?

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Essay Topics on Domestic Animals

  • What are the best qualities of domestic animals?
  • Is it unethical to keep pets in a home because they cannot look after themselves and depend on humans for everything?
  • How does the lifestyle of modern people affect their pets’ health and behavior?
  • Should we treat our dogs more like human beings to better understand their feelings and needs, or do the differences between them and humans make this impossible?
  • Is it possible to have a happy family with pets in the house without having any human children?
  • Can we understand our pets if we are not willing to dedicate time and effort to learn about them? Is it fair to expect a pet to behave like a human being when it is still an animal capable of instinctive behavior?
  • What do you think is the most popular pet in the world right now? Is it their cuteness or just because they are easy to take care of and provide with what they need?
  • Can animals be our friends even though we cannot communicate with them as human beings do?
  • Are pets also part of the family?

Essay Topics About Yourself

  • What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  • What do you dislike most about yourself?
  • Is there something about yourself that you would change if given a chance to become someone else for a day or two?
  • Do other people see you realistically, or are they just too biased to notice that some of your qualities and flaws can be annoying?
  • What is the biggest sacrifice you have made for your family or friends?
  • What are the most difficult challenges you have ever faced in life? A. Academic B. Personal C. Professional D. Family E. Health F. Social G. Financial H. Environment I. Political J. Religious K. Other (specify)
  • How would you define success?
  • Is it possible to make your life more meaningful by improving yourself daily, or do we just have to be satisfied with our lot in life? Do you think that surviving is enough, or should everyone strive to achieve something bigger and better than mere survival?
  • How would you like to be remembered when you die?

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Essay Topics About Environment and Nature

  • What strategies can we use to maintain earth’s natural beauty as it is today?
  • Do you think that environmentalism and conservation are just for the sake of conserving nature, or do they also have some economic benefits to humans?
  • How does our environment affect the way we interact with other people?
  • What causes climate change? Do you think it is human activity or only a natural process?
  • What are your views towards nature conservation programs like planting trees, recycling paper, and throwing less trash on the ground? Do you think these efforts make a difference, or do we just feel good about ourselves because we know that we are doing our part to save the environment for future generations?

Essay Topics from Proverbs

  • Do you agree with the saying “you cannot judge a book by its cover”?
  • How do the phrases “from rags to riches” and “all that glitters is not gold” reflect your attitude towards life?
  • What has been your experience with those who judge other people based on their skin color, origin, nationality, or social status?
  • What is the most efficient way of communication? Do you talk (information you tell someone else) or listen (what other people say to you)?
  • What can we do and not do to make our relationships last a lifetime?
  • Do your friends like you for who you are, or are they just “putting up” with you because you are famous or wealthy?
  • Do you think being intelligent and having a good sense of humor is more important than being charming and physically attractive?
  • What makes some things funny while other things are not even comical at all? Are there universal standards for comedy?
  • Do you consider yourself to be a loyal friend?

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Are video games like movies where we watch the story unfold, or are they more interactive and cooperative because we have to make decisions that affect the outcome of a game?
  • How do people decide what is right and wrong? Do they rely on different sources for guidance in their lives? What could be some of these sources? How do you think people form their moral beliefs and values?
  • Is it better to do what is right or what is easy?
  • What things should we consider before making an important decision in our lives? What kinds of decisions do you make with your family members? How do you know that the choices you made were right?
  • How can we be more honest in our writings and speech today if being truthful is considered a bad trait? Do people only pay attention to words or actions as well? If someone says “I’m sorry,” does it mean he sincerely regrets his mistakes, or is it just a sign of cowardice?

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Essay Topics about Food and Cooking

  • What are your thoughts on genetically modified food (animal or vegetable)?
  • Is genetically modified food bad for us because we are not aware of the consequences of these new types of food, or is it our duty to try different things to learn more?
  • How do you know that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is better for your health than eating artificially processed food?
  • Which country has the best cuisine in the world? Why do you think so?
  • Why do people like to eat fast food when they can prepare meals at home by themselves?
  • Do we have to learn how to cook, or will pre-mixed products suffice for us?
  • What is the most nutritious food in your view?
  • Are you aware of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?
  • Do you support the “right to know” campaign that advocates for transparency in labeling foods that contain GMOs? If so, why are you interested and concerned about this issue?
  • Do you think it is a good idea to let children eat junk food?
  • Is fast food served in school cafeterias a healthy alternative to homemade lunches?
  • What do you think about genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

Narrative Essay Topics

  • Are you curious by nature?
  • Do you like to make up stories in your head about things that are happening around you?
  • Do you believe in ghosts and spirits, or do you think they are just a figment of our imagination?
  • What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you so far? What was the cause of your fear?
  • What did you do as a child that adults would frown at today? How can we explain the changes in our behavior over the years? Is there any change you regret making?
  • Is this generation more open-minded than previous generations were when it comes to accepting new things and people from different backgrounds, or is your view different?

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Essay Topics for School Students

  • Do you think that grades are important in school? Why or why not?
  • Is it fair to assign different grades for the same kind of work? Is there any way to eliminate cheating? How can we ensure a level playing field in exams and tests where some students may have more resources than others?
  • What is your opinion about homework?
  • What are some things you would like to change in your life?
  • What is the biggest challenge that you have overcome so far? What advice would you give others who are facing complex challenges at school, home, or the workplace?
  • How do most students feel during exams and tests? How does it compare with their usual moods at other times of the year? What advice would you give to students who have panic attacks during exams?
  • What are some excellent remedies for a loss of appetite due to stress or anxiety at school?
  • Are the kids in your neighborhood happy and outgoing, or do they tend to be more reserved than children from other neighborhoods? Do you think there is a connection between how a child is brought up and his or her personality?
  • What does it mean to be a good student? Is being a good student the same as making good grades in exams and tests, or do you think there are other ways to define what “being a good student” means, such as showing respect for others, speaking politely, obeying teachers, etc?

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Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Do you think it is easier to cause a change than to prevent one?
  • What kind of opportunities do young people have today compared to the available options when they were a child? What do you think are the most critical changes that kids experience in this day and age?
  • Which does more harm, technology or bad habits? Why do you think so?
  • What is the most important change that schools have made in this day and age, and why do you think it was necessary? What other changes would you like to see happen in your school or local community?
  • How has technology changed your life in general? Do you agree with people who say that one can never be more than a phone call or email away from their loved ones as technology makes it easy to keep in touch with anyone, anytime and anywhere? Do you think that being constantly connected this way causes more harm than good?
  • Are the days of taking a walk by yourself and quieting your mind over with faraway thoughts behind us? In your opinion, does constantly being busy with things like listening to recorded music, watching videos on YouTube, or other online media content make people less creative?
  • What do you think of the changes in fashion trends in general? Do modern clothes still incorporate elements that are designed to meet specific social norms while others are merely a reflection of what is popular at the moment, or do you think modern clothes are a reflection of a person’s personality and self-expression?

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Essay Topics for College Students

  • Is it easier to buy and sell things online when compared with going to local shops? Why or why not?
  • What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom, in your opinion? What does a person need to do for their knowledge to turn into wisdom?
  • In your experience, does technology improve students’ life quality or contribute more harm than good? What makes a person’s life significantly better or worse, technology or attitude?
  • How can I cope with multiple exams and assignments due to which my life has become more of a routine than an adventure?
  • Do you think that increasing the number of homework assignments decreases the time available for other activities such as sports and hobbies? Or should lance be maintained between studying and having fun?
  • How can a person make most of their time without feeling stressed out? Is it better to have many things to do all the time or is it better to leave some free time for leisure activities or something else entirely?
  • Do you find yourself making decisions more easily as you get older, or is it more difficult for you to be more quickly with time? Why do you think that is so, and how can a person find clarity when making decisions?
  • If you were given a day off school or work, what would you like to do without any restrictions whatsoever? Would the answer be different if you had no money in your wallet and were not allowed to use any of your family members’ goods or services?
  • Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Have you ever found yourself in a situation when technology made things more difficult rather than more convenient for you? If so, did that turn out to be a positive thing in the end, or are there specific instances where negative things happen because of technology?
  • Similar to the previous question, do you think that technology makes certain situations easier or harder for people, and if so, why is that the case?
  • How does having different types of technology in your household make life more convenient for you? What are some problems associated with having different kinds of technologies?

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Essay Topics About Technology

  • Have you ever had a conversation with someone about computers, and each person uses different terminology for the same things? Do you think that is because of a specific cultural perspective, or do you believe there are some objective standards involved when it comes to using technology?
  • E-readers are gaining popularity over traditional paper books. Being an avid reader yourself, how would you describe the difference between reading on a Kindle and reading a book in print?
  • Do you find yourself using your cell phone or other smart devices more often than actual human interaction? If so, do you think the way we communicate with each other is changing for the worse because of technology, or are there certain benefits to it?
  • Are modern video games better than older video games? What makes you enjoy modern video games much more than older ones? Are certain kinds of video games better than others, in your opinion?
  • How can something be entertaining while also being educational or informative at the same time? Do you think that is possible, or is it impossible to engage people and make them learn simultaneously?
  • Technology is supposed to make people’s lives simpler. However, many people complain about their computers being slower or the Internet being challenging to use. How can these kinds of complications be avoided?
  • Many people often think that technology makes our lives easier in many ways. Do you believe that is true in the case of older adults as well? What are some advantages that older people have in terms of utilizing technology?

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Essay Topics About the Ecosystem

  • How far do you read the date on food items before consuming them? Do you think this is a good habit to develop, or are you of the opinion that it doesn’t matter and everything will be fine unless there’s a foul smell or something unusual about the way it looks?
  • Do green vegetables taste better than meats and other products? If so, what do you think accounts for this difference?
  • Are there any unexpected side effects to eating organic food? What would be some of them, and how can they be avoided?
  • Have you ever heard about genetically modified organisms in the media but did not understand what that means or why people consider it a bad thing? Do you think genetic engineering of plants and animals is a positive or negative development?

Essay Topics About Wild Animals

  • Do you think it is important for people to be aware of the dangers of certain kinds of wild animals? What kinds of things should people know in that regard, and why do they need to know them?
  • Are there any instances when an attack on a human being by a wild animal was unjustified? Please explain your answer.
  • Any illnesses or diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans. Is there any disease that animals are spreading for too many people are unaware of? What is this disease, and why do you think it is not well-known?
  • Are wild animals more likely to attack human beings when they have been threatened in some way, or are they most likely to attack out of hunger? What kinds of wild animals do you think are most likely to attack humans in either of those situations, and why?
  • What is the difference between an endangered species and a threatened species? How seriously should society take these two categories? In your opinion, which category best describes the gorilla; endangered or threatened?
  • Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? What kinds of things do you personally do to maintain a healthier ecosystem in your local area, and why do you think these are important?

Essay Topics About Crime & Punishment

  • Do you believe there is any justification for the death penalty as a punishment for committing crimes? If so, what kind of crimes warrant capital punishment, and which do not?
  • Should convicted criminals be allowed to return to society after they have finished serving their prison sentences, or should prisoners be kept in custody for the rest of their lives if the crimes they committed were violent enough?
  • What punishment would you consider most appropriate for people who profit from illegal activities such as drug trafficking, giving weapons or money to those who murder people in a civil war?
  • What do you think is the one thing that would be most effective in eliminating organized crime from society and returning it to something more like an option for people rather than something they have to participate in order to survive?

Essay Topics About Government

  • Is there any difference between good leadership and bad leadership? What are some of the qualifications you would look for in a leader to ensure fairness and honesty?
  • What is your opinion of the current state of politics in the United States? How do you think it could be improved, if at all possible?
  • As an American citizen, were you aware that our government was spying on many of its citizens? Do you believe this is an unacceptable violation of privacy, or do you feel it is justified to some extent?
  • A lot of people in the United States are dissatisfied with their government. Why do you think that is, and what would they like to see changed?

Essay Topics About Education

  • What was the most important lesson you learned growing up?
  • What is something that you feel students should learn when they are in elementary school?
  • Do you think it would be better for children to go to public schools or private schools? Why?

Essay Topics About Current Events

  • Although most Americans were horrified by the attack on the World Trade Center, many of these same people also believe that the United States should fight the war on terrorism in Afghanistan. Do you agree with them, and why or why not?
  • What do you think is currently one of the biggest problems in our country? Can this problem be solved by working together for a common goal, or will it require a complete change in how we live as individuals?

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There are many different ideas for essay topics about various subjects available. Everyone is interested in something, so it is possible to find an essay topic that interests you, and that will attract the attention of your reader as well. The examples above provide some excellent ideas for essay topics, but they should be just used to get started thinking from a broad perspective. Once you have that, then narrow it down to something unique and exciting to you.

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