Easy Art Projects for High School


Art projects are a very common assignment for high school students. They offer a chance to stretch your creative muscles, but they also provide you with an opportunity to work more independently.

If you find yourself struggling to understand art projects, please don’t be afraid to ask questions! The teacher may take a little extra time with you at first, which may slow the rest of the class down, but it will be worth it in the long run.

The best art projects ask you to explore a variety of different techniques and media. Don’t just stick with what you know! You may discover that you love a particular new medium or approach. These can often be used far beyond this specific project, which is an excellent way to expand your skill set.

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Here are some easy art projects for high school students:

#1: Collages

Some of the easiest art projects are collages. These can be made from various materials, from magazine clippings to scraps of fabric or other materials. Just mix – and match!

#2: Self-portraits

Self-portraits are wildly popular among high school students. This is an excellent way to let your personality shine through and to learn how to see yourself in a different light.

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#3: T-shirt transfers

If you’re good with graphics software, a self-portrait can be turned into an awesome t-shirt transfer! There are many ways to do this, but most involve printing out the image as you want it to look on the shirt and then ironing it onto the fabric as many times as necessary.

#4: Acrylic paint

Acrylic paints can be very forgiving when you’re learning how to work with them. The best art projects for high school students to do in this medium are often colourful splatters or abstract drawings.

#5: Pen and ink

Pen and ink can be a very intricate medium for art projects, especially if you’re interested in technical drawing. You get to use your imagination without having to worry too much about colours or textures: just draw what you want!

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#6: Wood carving

If you’re more interested in sculpture than painting, wood carving is an excellent way to get started. A little practice with a knife and woodblocks, and you’ll be creating incredible sculptures in no time!

#7: Watercolors

Watercolour can add an infusion of colour into almost any medium. It’s beautiful on its own, but it also looks especially wonderful when combined with other media.

#8: Paper sculpture

Paper is extremely versatile as a medium and can be used to create all sorts of interesting shapes. It’s also fairly forgiving: if your paper sculpture doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, just try again!

#9: Photography

Photography isn’t just for art classes in high school: many students have begun to make photography part of their coursework. Even if you don’t get credit for it, taking photos can be fun to express yourself.

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#10: Plasticine

Plasticine is one of the most popular mediums for art projects among high school students. You can mold and sculpt with this material in so many ways. It’s almost impossible not to have fun!

#11: Model cars

High school students love model cars. From carving to painting and gluing, you can create amazing sculptures out of wood and clay – even if they’re small at first.

#12: Sculpture in wire mesh

If you want to get technical with your art projects, try using wire mesh sculptures to create fun geometric designs.

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#13: Paint

No matter how careful you are, the paint will get on places that you don’t want it to sometimes. In a pinch, this can actually be part of the design! It’s an easy way to add an interesting texture or pattern.

#14: Stencils

Stencils are one of the most versatile art supplies and great for high school students to play around with. You don’t have to be an artist at all to use them – just cut out shapes from cardstock or even old receipts, stretch some tape over them, and you’re good to go!

#15: Pencils

Pencils are an excellent way to start practicing art because they can be erased. Eventually, you’ll develop a skill that allows you to create exactly what you want without having to resort to erasing or using ink over your mistakes.

#16: Watercolors and crayons

Combining crayons with watercolours can make an amazing piece of art. You get the fun, bright colours and playfulness of crayons but also gain new techniques for painting that you might not have tried otherwise.

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#17: Comics

You don’t need to be a great artist to draw comics – just put yourself in funny situations and describe what happens!

#18: Crayons

Crayons are a great way to make art. You can create so many interesting pieces just by using different colours, and they’re also easy to erase if you don’t like how the project turned out.

#19: Sealing wax

If you’re interested in creating your own seals, try out sealing wax sculptures. This is one of the more unusual art projects for high school students but can be fun.

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#20: Origami

Origami art requires patience and practice, but as an art project, it’s an excellent way to perfect your origami skills while making unique art pieces.

#21: Drawing in the sand

Drawing or painting on sand can make an interesting piece of art. Try doing it with several colours – as you can see, the results are very creative!

#22: Sculptures out of vinyl records

Don’t throw away your old vinyl records just yet – this is a great way to use them in an art project. Try combining different records for even more interesting effects!

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#23: Model cars from wood or clay

Instead of using model car kits, try creating your vehicles out of wood or clay. You can modify the design to suit your preferences and create something unique.

#24: Sculpture with potatoes

If you’re looking for a very unusual, playful art project – try creating sculptures out of potatoes. They’re great materials to mold and sculpt into unique shapes that are sure to get people talking!

#25: Watercolors and coffee filters

You don’t have to use watercolours or coffee filters independently – you can combine the two. Try painting your favourite mug and letting it air dry while still on the filter. When it’s dry, take a cup of coffee through it for a cool effect!

#26: Prints using lightboxes

Creating prints is an excellent way to have fun without worrying about messing up a canvas or paper. Not only that, but they can be a lot of fun to make!

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#27: Charcoal or pastels

Drawing on charcoal is a lot like drawing in pencil, but more interesting. It can be a little messy at first – just draw over the areas you don’t want to keep with another sheet of paper and clean them up later!

#28: Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are a great way to practice art – just fill with all kinds of drawings, sketches, and notes. Even if they’re not particularly good, you can learn from your mistakes!

#29: Funky macaroni sculptures

Are you looking for an easy art project that will still turn out amazing? Try creating fun little macaroni sculptures with various designs. Not only are they cute, but they’re easy to make!

#30: Sculptural flowers

Sculpting is a great new art form for beginners – all you have to do is start practicing! With some practice, you can create beautiful floral sculptures. Just make sure the materials are food-safe before you start.

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#31: Paper bag sculptures

Another simple, easy art activity is creating paper bag sculptures. Just cut out a piece of paper and stick it on top of a bag for an interesting effect! For more advanced projects, try using different kinds of bags and wrapping paper.

#32: Paint an egg with vinegar

Not only does this look cool, but it tastes good too! Just use some vinegar with a paintbrush – the shell won’t get damaged while doing so.

#33: Cast objects in concrete

Let’s say you’re looking for an art project that will last longer than just a few minutes or hours. Casting different objects in concrete is a great way to do so and turn them into permanent pieces of art.

#34: Create a mosaic out of pasta or rice

Another simple yet interesting project is creating a mosaic with different kinds of small objects like rice or pasta.

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#35: Sculptures out of cardboard boxes

You can use cardboard to make all kinds of interesting sculptures. Try making different shapes and sizes, or even make an entire model house!

#36: Watercolor on wood

If you have a piece of wood that needs to be painted, try using watercolours instead. The effect is really interesting – not only does it look good, but it’s unique too! It’s sure to turn heads!

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#37: Pen and ink drawings

Pen and ink drawings are a great way to practice your technique. Try drawing different subjects such as faces, animals, or even spider webs. As an extra challenge – try creating pen and portraits.

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#38: Geometric with watercolours

After the use of watercolours, challenge students to perfectly cut out geometric shapes from the paint.

#39: Wall art

Wall art promotes individual creativity as students choose what to create, even using natural materials.

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