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In a 2015 study from the National Center for Education Statistics, researchers found that students who received tutoring were more likely to have higher GPAs than those without tutoring. They also found that tutoring made a bigger difference for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Math tutoring can make a huge difference in a child’s success in school. In particular, elementary math is where students first develop essential skills that they will use throughout their education.

A qualified tutor can work with your child one-on-one to help them understand mathematical concepts and strengthen their problem-solving skills. If you are considering hiring an elementary math tutor for your child, please read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring an experienced tutor.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Elementary Math Tutor?

There are many benefits to hiring an elementary math tutor. Here are just a few of the ways that having tutoring can improve your child’s academic success:

Helps cover key concepts in Math:

Many elementary math students struggle with learning new concepts and applying them to different situations. A tutor can help your child master the material, which will make it easier for them to learn in their regular classroom setting.

Improves the student’s problem-solving skills:

Even at the elementary level, learning how to solve problems is an essential skill that most math classes tap into. Positive reinforcement and practice solving math problems can make the student love math even more.

Build a Strong foundation of knowledge:

Elementary school math tutoring can help identify a child’s strengths and weaknesses and help build a strong foundation of knowledge.

Prepares for standardized tests:

In some states and local school districts, elementary school students will take standardized tests to measure their skills and compare them to other students across the country.

Tutoring is a great way to prepare your child for these types of exams, which can help bolster their confidence when it is time to take the test.

Builds confidence and self-esteem:

Elementary math is a foundational subject that most students struggle with at some point. With tutoring, your child will build on their skills and master the concepts they do not understand in school. This can boost your child’s confidence, which will, in turn, motivate them to succeed in all their school subjects.

What Kind of Tutoring Is Available for Elementary Math?

There are many different types of tutoring available for elementary mathematics. Our private tutor will discuss your child’s needs and current level of understanding to make sure the tutor and their style fit well with your family (and your child). Some of the most common types of tutoring include:

One-on-one tutoring:

This type of tutoring is where your child works one-on-one with a tutor to learn and master math concepts. Students can also use this time to ask questions and get clarification on difficult aspects of the material.

Small group tutoring:

Small group tutoring might be a good option if you feel like your child would benefit from a more interactive environment. With this approach, your child will have the opportunity to work with a few other students and the tutor to complete math projects and cover important topics in class.

What Should I Look for When Hiring an Elementary Math Tutor?

Qualifications vary depending on the tutoring company, your child’s school district, and individual needs. However, here are a few things that are typically required by most tutoring programs:

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education:

An elementary math tutor should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in education. This is the minimum required by most tutoring programs.

Our tutors have math education degrees at the Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral level, which is why they are highly qualified to help your child learn elementary math.

Experience working with students one-on-one or in small group classes:

Most elementary math tutors work with individual students to help them understand key concepts. They also sometimes may work with small groups to expand on these concepts.

Background knowledge in the subject they are tutoring:

Your child’s tutor should have extensive background knowledge of math they are tutoring your child on. It requires them to remain up-to-date on new worksheets and standardized testing procedures.

Tutoring techniques

Elementary math tutors should also have a thorough knowledge of tutoring techniques, including learning styles and curriculum options.

Learning how to solve problems

Finally, the best math tutors are good teachers and role models who encourage your child and keep their attention during tutoring sessions.

Private Math Tutor for K-12 Math Tutoring

Math skills are the foundation for other subjects in school, including science and social studies. With a little help, your child can improve their grades with confidence, leading to better performance in all subjects.

Our online math tutors can help students master concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with fun games and lessons that focus on the building blocks of numbers. They can also help students handle more difficult concepts depending on their grade level.

We offer math online tutoring for elementary school, middle school, high school and college level.

What Are Some of the Challenges My Child Might Have With Elementary Math?

There are many reasons a student might struggle with math, including:

  • They are missing prerequisite skills for the next level
  • Their teacher takes too long to explain the lesson or does not cover it at all
  • The student is easily distracted in class or daydreams about sports instead of math
  • Math concepts make them anxious

A perfect elementary math tutor will help the student overcome these roadblocks. They will assist in unleashing the child’s ability to solve math problems and excel in their grade level.

Our Online Tutoring Style for Elementary Math

Small-Group Classes Setting

In a small group setting, elementary math tutors will provide instruction in a variety of ways:

  • They might demonstrate how to solve a problem on a whiteboard or marker board;
  • They might give each student a card with step-by-step instructions for solving a problem;
  • They can work through problems one at a time with individual students, providing praise and feedback as they complete the task;
  • Finally, they will provide positive feedback throughout the session. This approach helps children gain confidence in their math skills and improve their grades.

One on One Setting

In a one-on-one setting, elementary math tutors will provide instruction in a variety of ways:

They may use manipulatives like blocks, number line cards or dice to help the child visualize the problem

They might break up a problem into smaller steps so that it is easier for them to understand

They use other fun, hands-on activities to help kids remember key concepts

How Can I Get the Best Out of My Child’s Elementary Math Tuition Sessions? 

Your role as a parent or guardian is extremely important. You can be your child’s biggest cheerleader while they are getting tutored in math! Here are some simple ways to make the most out of your child’s time with their tutor:

  • Make sure your child is on-task and focused during tutoring sessions.
  • Give your child a chance to ask questions after the tutor leaves so they can retain the information more easily.
  • Keep up with any homework assigned by their teacher, so you know where they are in terms of mastering the concepts being taught.
  • Please take note of their progress and celebrate each milestone along the way.

Famous Quotes About Math:

Live a balanced life — learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.” – Robert Fulghum

I want to tell you a little bit about my education in mathematics. In high school, they convinced me that I was not particularly good at math – this was the educational process – so I went to college repudiating everything about math. And then, when I graduated from college, I got a job in my field and realized that I could not do it. I was lost and incompetent. And then, by some process of osmosis or something, I started to learn math again and became comfortable with it.” – Steve Jobs.

Tips to Become a Better Problem Solver

Becoming a great problem-solver takes time and practice. The more math you solve, the better you get! This is because your brain slowly starts to create connections that make it easier for you to think of new ways to approach problems.

Here are some simple tips that will help your child become a math problem-solver at school:

Encourage them to talk through their ideas

A great way to solve math problems is by explaining your strategy aloud, so encourage your child to do this when trying to find the answer!

Show them how to start big and work their way down

It might seem easier, in the beginning, to try and break apart a complicated problem into smaller pieces, but sometimes it can be easier to start with the big picture and work your way down.

Always check their work.

It is important for your child always to double-check their work, especially when they are adding or subtracting numbers in the millions. This will ensure they find any mistakes before handing their paper over to someone else!

What Kind of Math Do Elementary Students Use?

Here is a look at some of the elementary school math topics covered by Tutorsploit.com tutors;

Tutoring Students – Grade 1 Elementary Mathematics Topics:

  • Number recognition and formation:
  • Teaching elementary math online: 
  • Early number recognition, including the numbers 0-10
  • Writing and understanding written numbers:
  • Basic operations with whole numbers:
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers up to four digits long.
  • Mental math strategies such as counting on, making ten and doubles facts.

Our certified teacher will ensure the child understands and can do the work before moving on. The child will not move on until they master the current concept and prove that they understand it.

Elementary School Math Tutoring- Grade 2 Math Courses:

  • Number recognition and formation: 0-20
  • Writing numbers in expanded notation, including numbers up to five digits long
  • Relationships among place values (hundreds, tens, etc.)
  • Addition of two-digit numbers without regrouping
  • Multiplication facts for up to 4 x 4
  • Telling Time to the nearest five minutes, half-hour and quarter-hour
  • Counting money to $1.00 in values up to one cent

We use techniques like games, songs and puzzles to make learning fun!

Elementary School Math Tutoring- Grade 3 Topics:

  • Number identification and formation: 0-100
  • Multiplication facts for 0-12 x 12. Also, square numbers (up to 25), cube numbers (up to 5) and prime numbers
  • Division facts for up to 4 x 4
  • Fractions: equivalent fractions, word problems with fractions and mixed numbers. Also, finding a common denominator, simplifying fractions and converting fractions to decimals.
  • Estimation skills from 1/2-1/4, 1/3-1/6, half, 7/8, 9/10
  • Converting different units of measuring mass and volume
  • Time on the hour or half-hour for up to thirty minutes. Also, telling time from 1/4 to 15 minutes after or before a specific time.

An experienced math tutor will have interactive lessons to keep up your child’s interest. They will

Elementary School Math Tutoring – Grade 4 Topics:

  • Number identification and formation for numbers 0-1,000
  • Division facts for 0-12 x 12, including long division
  • Fractions: word problem with fractions and mixed numbers. Addition and subtraction of fractions with different denominators. Also simplifying fractions, finding the least common multiple and converting a fraction to a percentage.
  • Conversion from decimals to fractions and vice versa
  • Decimals: converting a fraction to a decimal and vice versa, using place value for decimals from 0.01-0.99, rounding decimals to the nearest whole number and locating the position of a digit in a three-digit number  
  • The child will learn more about geometry, including angles, triangles and two-dimensional shapes.
  • More advanced concepts in geometry, including three-dimensional shapes, measurements and coordinates. They will also learn how to write and understand the equation of a line or an algebraic expression.

If you want to secure your child’s future and make the child succeed, especially in Math, consider private tutoring. Tutorsploit tutors have years of teaching experience and know exactly what is required to help your child excel.

They will practice problems from school work and solve them, so the student knows just what and how to approach them in future.

What Math Should a 5th Grader Know?

Math Tutoring Programs -Grade 5 Elementary Math Topics:

  • Multiplying and dividing monomials (single terms) by binomials (two terms)
  • Teaching elementary math online: 
  • Multiplying monomials and binomials
  • Finding the least common denominator to solve word problems, including those with fractions.
  • Adding and subtracting complex fractions

Grade 6 -Middle School Math Topics:

  • Solving equations with one variable, including linear equations with two terms and equal signs.
  • Teaching elementary math online: 
  • Using number lines to solve inequalities
  • Writing expressions as words, letters or using symbols (variables)
  • Simplifying complex numbers by breaking them into their real and imaginary parts
  • Working with complex fractions using the conjugate (multiplication) to simplify
  • Solving linear equations in two variables, including quadratic equations, can be solved by completing the square.
  • Graphing points on a coordinate plane, including identifying the x- and y-intercepts

How to Access Our Online Elementary Math Tutoring

  • Fill the order form on our home page. Provide details of the order like the course, tutoring time, and student details.
  • You can also contact us directly to discuss your child’s needs. Call (+1) 406 924 4659 or email us help@tutorsploit.com.
  • You will get a free customized quote.
  • Please confirm your order by making payment against the quote. We accept online payments like PayPal and credit cards.
  • We quickly match you with a tutoring session that meets your child’s schedule and comfort level.

Our website is user friendly, and our staff can offer help whenever you need us.

How does Our Elementary Math Tutoring Work?

The tutor will begin by assessing the student’s knowledge, including their strengths and weaknesses. They will also review previous grades to determine if something happened in class that may have caused a shift in learning.

The tutor will then develop lessons based on these assessments and arrange individualized sessions for your child.

Every lesson will begin with an introduction to the new concept. The tutor might use a visual aid to help students visualize what they are learning.

The student will then work through example problems that address any confusion or misconceptions. After completing these problems, students can check their work using a calculator.

The tutor will follow up with test questions from previous grades to check for understanding before the student moves on to new material. They might include practice tests to ensure mastery of the material before moving forward.

Private Elementary Math Tutor – Test Prep

Our tutors will prepare your kid for important tests like CST, ISAT, ISTEP and SAT Prep. They will help your child prepare for states like California and Texas, where they test on a curve.

They will provide effective test preparation strategies to help your child prepare for exams. Many students get high math scores after attending our math class tutoring program.

Your child will learn important math skills that can help them throughout their elementary education and beyond.

Elementary school students build a solid foundation in the basics of mathematical concepts, leading to a better understanding of more advanced material.

Math problems become easier when your kid understands basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

How Much Should I Pay My Math Tutor?

The cost of a private elementary math tutor varies based on your child’s needs. The more time you need with the tutor, the higher the hourly rate.

Elementary Math Tutoring – Our Price Guide

Hourly Tutoring Rates

Elementary Math – $25/hr.

Elementary Reading – $25/hr.

Elementary Writing – $30/hr.

Please contact us for a free consultation and a free custom quote. Call (+1) 406 924 4659 or email us at help@tutorsploit.com / support@tutorsploit.com.

Techniques Elementary School Math Tutor Use to Help Your Child Learn Faster and Better

Your child may require extra support in areas like multiplication or division facts. Some students find it easier to memorize these facts by learning through games and songs. Others may need more traditional repetition until they learn their times tables by heart.

A good elementary school math tutor will ensure that your child has mastered each new concept before moving on so your child will not get overwhelmed with too much new information at once.

An experienced elementary school math tutor will use several techniques to help your child learn faster and better. These may include:

  • Repetition until the material is learned by heart;
  • Interactive lessons that will keep your child’s interest and attention;
  • Doing examples with your child to ensure they understand the process before continuing;
  • Have your child do self-check exercises at regular intervals. This is important for students as they will often not recognize their own mistakes or identify when they need help until it is too late.

Elementary Math Tutor Near Me

Elementary Math tutoring does not have to be a chore. Instead, it can be a valuable investment that will help your child succeed in their classes and build a strong understanding of the material on a deeper level – all while having fun! Contact us today if you are ready to start math lessons with an experienced tutor who can meet your child’s needs!

Elementary Math Tutor FAQs

How Much Should I Pay My Math Tutor?

Math tutoring is typically billed by the hour. Rates vary widely depending on geographic location, school district and individual tutors.

According to several online salary calculators, the average hourly rate for a math tutor in the USA hovers around $28 per hour.

What Is Involved in Becoming an Elementary Math Tutor?

Becoming an elementary math tutor requires a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, education or a closely related field. Many tutors have additional degrees or teaching experience to add to their tutoring credentials.

What Should I Expect From My First Session With A Math Tutor?

The first session will typically involve an interview and assessment process. The goal is for your tutoring session to be productive and successful, so the tutor will want to learn what areas you would like to work on and your math past.

How Long Should I Do Tutoring?

Like working out at the gym, you do not get stronger without practising! Hiring a tutor weekly or bi-weekly is important to help cement your learning of new concepts.

However, many people hire tutors for test preparation or struggle with a specific subject. Whichever the case, tutoring can be used to supplement your classroom learning.

Can I Find an Online Elementary Math Tutor?

Absolutely! Tutorsploit.com will help you. Call (+1) 406 924 4659 or email help@tutorsploit.com. Many students take advantage of live online math tutoring to improve retention and understanding of the subject.

What Is the Difference between Elementary Math Tutoring and Middle School Math Tutoring?

The concepts taught at each level are very different, so your tutor must specialize or have experience in your grade level. You can typically expect more in-depth lessons and homework help from elementary math tutoring sessions.

How Should I Prepare For My First Session?

Typically, your tutor will be able to assess your needs in the first few minutes of your session. However, considering that you will need to know about yourself for this process to work is always helpful!

Bring a mind map, graph paper or your class notes. Prepare to be ready to explain any examples you have done in class or problems that are giving you trouble.

Is Elementary Math Hard to Teach?

For elementary math tutors, teaching is different from explaining. Tutors set up lesson plans designed to achieve certain goals and objectives. The tutor will use examples related to your grade level to teach math concepts you missed or needed more practice on.

If you have more questions or need more information about our elementary school math tutors, please Call (+1) 406 924 4659 or email us at help@tutorsploit.com / support@tutorsploit.com.

We hope this short article helps you understand the importance of Elementary Math Tutoring. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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