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List of All Accredited High Schools Online

Choosing a high school that fits your child’s skills, interests and personality is an important decision. Finding the right school can make a world of difference in their lives, both now and in the future.

Making an informed decision about which high school to attend is essential, and it’s easier than you think with our list of accredited schools in your area.

There are two primary benefits of choosing a good high school.

Standard benefits:

– Get a head start on your future career with an accredited high school degree.

– Be eligible for more scholarships and financial aid.

Emotional benefits:

– Gain the skills needed to be successful in college or the workplace.

– Have a brighter future and reach your life goals quicker than ever before.

These are just a few of the importance of getting a high school diploma.

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Stanford University Online High School

In one of the best Universities in the country is a high school. To be admitted into the school, one has to meet the following requirements.


-The applicant to the high school must be in 7-12 grade.

-The applicant must have a SAT score of 1500 and an ACT score of 33.

-The applicant must have an above-average GPA of around 3.5 or higher on a 4 point scale.

-A tuition fee of $ 22,850. This is for 4-5 classes.

University of Phoenix Online High School Diploma Program

This is among the best online accredited high schools. It caters for people seeking an online high school diploma without the need to go through rigorous exams and with no strict guidelines.

These online accredited high schools help you get a degree. If you want to upgrade your skills, it is a great opportunity for college students to access online education in various fields of study. The affordable tuition fee, which is about 2,000, is characterized by affordable tuition.

GW Online High School

This is among the best online accredited high schools. The school has a wide range of courses. They have career-oriented courses that prepare students for higher education institutions in the United States, and their tuition fee is $ 12,000 per year.

Penn Foster High School Diploma Program

This school has a wide range of online courses, and the tuition fee is $ 1,200. The course content is based on the needs of each student. If one wants to acquire an online high school diploma in science, they can easily do so at Penn foster high school for a fee of only $ 1,000.

University of Missouri High School: Mizzou K-12

This is an online accredited high school that has been with the University of Missouri. The students are offered free classes with limited fees, while the student who wants to join can pay for his excess program. The tuition for half credit class costs $ 500.

Mother of Divine Grace High

This is a Catholic online school. The school was founded in 1995. The tuition fee for this school is $820. Besides this, other charges are inquired from courses a person takes. The catholic school also offers Special Program for individuals with special needs.

University of Texas High School

This is one of the best accredited online high schools. The school was founded in 2000. The tuition fee for every course is $ 225. To be able to graduate, an individual must take 4 courses. Full-time enrollment, which is 12 semesters, will cost you a tuition fee of $ 2700.

Oak Meadow School

This is one of the best online high schools in America. It was established in 1934 and had been offering the best education to students for over 80 years. One can easily join Oak Meadow school at $ 2670 per year, including a room, board, and tuition fee. For each semester which is 10 months, long one has to pay $ 1800 per course. The school has a 10 percent sibling and military discount. The parents are allowed to pay 40 percent of the amount and pay the rest in monthly installments.

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA)

This is one of the best online accredited high schools in America. It was opened in 1999, and it is located in Florida. One can acquire a degree from this school.

For a course, you will have to pay a tuition fee of $ 3779 per year. The institution also has a yearly registration of $ 150. There is a fee of $ 75 for every Honors or AP course that any student takes.

The institution also allows adult learners to enroll. For the military, there is a 10 percent discount. Multi-students also get the same discount. As you enroll in the institution, you can pay in 10 monthly installments, three installments, or 5-semester installments.

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Laurel Springs School

This is one of the accredited high schools that are available online. The school was founded in 1991. The school runs from grade 9-12.


  • 23.5 credits for a standard diploma
  • $ 690 per semester course
  • $ 990 for a year-long course

Military families are given a discount of 10 percent on the tuition. A 10 percent discount is also given to families with more than one student in the institution. Tuition includes:

  • Course materials.
  • Full enrollment teachers’ services.
  • A diagnostic assessment for students in the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades.

Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts & Sciences

This is one of the accredited online high schools in America. The school was founded in 2009. For a diploma, you require 24 credits. The institution also offers AP and Honors coursework. Tuition for the institution can be paid annually, and if you want to pay per semester, it is allowed.

If you are interested in paying the tuition annually, it will cost you between $5,400-$8,500. If you want to pay per semester, you will have to pay a fee of between $3,400-$4,000. For registration, you will be required to pay a fee of $ 150. For the yearly enrollment, you will also be required to pay $ 25.

The school gives a discount for military students and family discount. Both get a 10 percent discount. Discounts for the friends’ savers plan are also given.

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International Connections Academy

This is the first online high school founded in 2001. It’s one of the accredited schools that offers online courses to students. The school has been a winner of some awards like the Cool Tool Finalist Award. Besides dual enrollment, the school also offers honors and AP courses. The school has good attendance, and in the year 2015, all the students graduated. All the students were who applied to colleges got in.

If you are interested in joining International Connections Academy, you will have to pay a tuition fee of $ 6890. This is a fee that will be paid annually. This amount paid covers all course materials. If you pay the full amount, you are given a discount of 8 percent.

Having two children in the institutions will give you discounts on the tuition fees. Military families also get discounts. Other discounts can be given to those who decide to join the school early or enroll early.

WiloStar 3D Academy

Just as you see in the name, this school allows students to interact in 3D virtual classrooms. This is one of the most unique features of the school because there is no other school with the 3D feature. The use of virtual reality in the class allows the students to interact and learn effectively.

How virtual reality benefits the leaners

  • Students can take part in role-playing during lessons
  • Learners can put on plays for their fellow students
  • They can come up with interactive games
  • The students can also do assignments together in virtual worlds
  • The students can also learn 3D programming
  • Finally, they can learn to work with graphic programming

All students in this institution are expected to take part in the service of the community. For a diploma, you will be required to have 24 credits. Once you have attained this, you can be accepted into the best universities in the US.

For full-time enrollment, you have to pay a total of $3,499. There are different payment plans to clear this amount. Siblings are also given discounts when enrolling.

Whitmore School

This is one of the accredited online schools in England. The school was founded in 1974. The students are between the age of 11-19. The institution allows adult students also to enroll. This is possible because they have adult diploma programs.

For learners taking diplomas, you will be required to pay $1599 annually. Those taking diploma plus programs are required to pay $1899 yearly. In every year that an individual takes diploma plus and math tutoring, they will have to pay $2199 every year.

The school gives discounts to students who pay in full. Military families get discounts. Siblings also have the opportunity to get a discount.

Students from Whitmore School have attended the best universities in the world. The advantage of the school is that it has an open enrollment plan that is all year round.

University of Nebraska High School

In 1929 this institution offered 14 students who needed secondary courses. Now providing education to students from all over the world, the school offers many different courses.

Courses offered

  • AP classes
  • Classes approved by NCAA
  • Technical
  • Fine arts
  • Foreign languages

With a GPA of 3.0 and above, you are eligible for dual enrollment.

Residents who are not from Nebraska have to pay $ 250, and those from the state must pay $ 200.

Indiana University High School

Those who are interested in joining this school have to apply before October 31. However, the application fee has to be paid by December 1. After you have applied and been accepted, full credits will add up to $9720.

  • $ 151.98 per course
  • $65 per course for technology
  • $27 per course for study and access
  • $30 per course for overseas airmail

Once you join IU High School, you can choose courses from different programs and categories. You can choose any courses from the school that is related to your interests.

If you enroll early in IU High School, then you will get more discounts on tuition fees.

Fields you can choose from

  • Visual arts
  • Performing arts and technology
  • Choose languages
  • Hands-on learning or online classes at this school.

All students are required to participate in community service projects as a requirement for their diploma or any certificate that they earn in this school.

The institution has a special program for adult students. They have different semesters, and classes are conducted all year round.

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BYU Independent Study High School Program

BYU Independent study is for those who can work independently. The school has a special program called the international student academy.

Students from all over the world are accepted in this institution

Language courses offered are English for Spanish speakers, English for Japanese speakers, Greek and Latin

Mathematics courses are Differential Equations, Statistics

Semester enrollment can be paid annually or per semester. You will have to pay a total of $3,600/year, or you can pay a sum of $1,800/semester.

Liberty University Online Academy High School

Liberty University is a private institution that has been accrediting students from all over the world. Students taking courses offered in this school can expect to get their diplomas and transcripts mailed to them at no extra cost.

Types of diplomas are offered

  • Accelerated Diploma
  • Semester Accelerated Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma and a Certificate of Completion.

Students from all over the world are accepted into this school. This school has special programs for students such as athletes, those who cannot leave their homes because they are ill and overseas students. Students who want to take courses offered at Liberty University High School should pay a fee of $699, but it is free for the military and students who live in Virginia.

Any family that enrolls more than three children will get a 10 percent discount. This discount will be given to the third and any other children after. There are other discounts offered to pastoral families, missionary families, and military families.

Texas Tech University K-12

This school has been offering courses to students for over 25 years. It is affiliated with Texas Tech University.

You can choose from the different types of diplomas and credits you want if you enroll in this school. You will get two credits per semester, which means that it is possible to earn a diploma within one year, and those who take online classes will get their diploma without the need to go for any classes.

Students take courses depending on which academy they are in. Depending on this, students will earn either a high school diploma or an associate degree. Texas Education Agency accredits the school. NCAA approves courses and credits by exams.

High School Diploma: You can earn credits from 30 categories such as science, math, humanities, languages, and reading. You can also take elective courses such as art history, government, physical education, and music appreciation.

University of Mississippi High School

This school has a graduation rate of 95.3%. The school takes students from grades 7-12. The school was founded in 2003.

The curriculum offered in this school is a blend of online courses as students can take classes and earn credits whenever they want. Students who enroll in this school must complete at least 15 hours of community service work each year.

Applicants who apply for admission are required to show a transcript of all their grades and be involved in extracurricular activities.

Excel High School

This school is a private institution. Students from all over the world can apply for admission as long as they are 18 years and above.

Students taking classes offered in this school must pay for their tuition. You will also be required to pay book fees and uniform costs once you enroll. All fees should be paid before the deadline set by the school.

To enroll, students are required to fill out their applications and show copies of their transcripts. The school also requires that students enrolled in this school must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for freshman-level courses. To be promoted to the next class level, you will have to attain a 2.5 GPA for sophomore-level courses.

Students who fail to meet these requirements will be suspended from school until they meet the minimum required GPA.

Griggs International Academy

This school is located in Chesterfield, Virginia. The school has students from all over the world who want to study via distance learning. The school was founded in 1909.

Students taking classes offered are required to pay a fee of $550 for a course per two semesters. You will also have to pay $3300 for six courses per two semesters. In both, you will have to pay $110 for enrollment.

However, there are discounts for those that want to enroll more than one student at a time.

Those applying for admission do not need to fill out any application. Students can enroll online, and they will be given access to their classes.

The school is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS). The school follows a traditional system where students study for three or four years before earning a diploma after going through high school.

The Oaks Private School Online

This is an institution that offers an online high school diploma. The school takes students from grades 9-12.

You can earn the diploma without going to any classes, and you will be given courses at your own pace. The curriculum offered gives students more time to complete their studies.

To enroll, all you have to do is fill out an application and show copies of your transcripts. However, students are required to pay a registration fee of $250 for the first semester and $200 for every semester after that. To attend the school, students will have to pay a fee of between $ 1550 to $ 3600 depending on the course being taken

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James Madison High School

Get your high school diploma, and you take classes from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. The school was established in 1996.

Students are required to pay for their courses before they start taking them. The courses usually last for 10 weeks, and each course requires the student to pay between $375-450, depending on your location.

James Madison takes in different students, and they include;

  • Summer school students
  • Athletes
  • Adult students
  • Those looking for credits for specific courses
  • Homeschoolers seeking diplomas.

NorthStar Academy

This is one of the schools that allows students to earn their diplomas without having to attend classes. They can get comfortable at home and still be able to graduate on time. The curriculum offered here is suited for advanced learners who do not have the time or cannot attend a regular school.

Students will not have any difficulty enrolling as they only have to fill out an application and show copies of their transcripts. Students are required to pay a registration fee for the first semester. Every semester they register for will cost a fee.

Students are allowed to choose between two main courses; Business or Medical course.

Once enrolled, students will be assigned, different teachers. The teachers are chosen carefully according to their field of expertise. Depending on the subjects you choose, you will be given assignments that need to be completed weekly.

Students should note that if they fail to meet these requirements or stay up with their studies, they might risk being suspended from school.

North Dakota Center for Distance Education

This is a school that offers online high school diplomas for students. The institution was established in 2003.

Students can expect to get their completed courses at the end of their studies. There are no specific requirements when it comes to enrollment, all you need is an internet connection, and you are good to go.

Once enrolled, students will have access to their school portal, where they must view instructions on accessing their courses. Students are allowed to select from three different levels for their courses: basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The institution has a flexible system for payment of fees as students can pay at any time during the semester. However, students have to pay a fee for enrollment plus a fixed amount that could be more or less than the total depending on your location.

Park City Independent High School

This is an institution that offers an online high school diploma. The courses offered here include exciting and challenging subjects so you can be sure that they will prepare any student for higher education in the future.

The curriculum is divided into three different levels, which are basic, intermediate, and advanced level. The levels are based on the difficulty of the course. The school offers adult high school programs. Besides this, the school also offers supplemental courses and summer school.

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The Keystone School

The school was established in 1974 and has been offering quality courses to its students ever since.

Students are expected to complete their studies within a certain period of time set by the school, depending on their level. Failure to meet these requirements might result in being suspended from school.

The school offers three (3) levels for students; basic, intermediate, and advanced level courses. Students have the option to choose a course of their choice.

Students have to pay a registration fee before they are allowed to enroll in their courses. You will have to pay from $ 399 per course in this institution.

The school offers different plans and has discounts of 5-10 percent depending on the plans.


A group of dedicated visionaries established Sevenstar in the year 2001. There goal was to offer affordable school for students who wanted to graduate.

The courses offered are both online and offline. Students who opt for the online courses are allowed to study from home through the internet connection. They get textbooks and audio guides that can only be downloaded from their school portal.

For you to graduate with an honors diploma, you will have to have five complete honors. You will have an ACT score of 27 or scoring 1210 in your SAT.

The classes will cost a student from $ 599—In case of any credit recovery courses, the student will have to pay $ 399.

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Greenways Academy

The school was established majorly for students who couldn’t attend traditional schools. The school was started over 20 years ago.

The school has an all-year-round enrolment. This has made it possible for students to interact with teachers all year round. As students take their diplomas, they can also take their credit recovery courses.

For every course you take, you will be required to pay a tuition fee of $ 360. Every student gets their monthly bill for all purchases at the beginning of a semester.

Students are expected to complete bible classes at the end of every semester.

Penn Foster

The school is now one of the biggest privately licensed school in the United States of America. The school has over 150 courses and has been offering education for over 120 years.

The institution has some extensive support it offers to students. This is like the online library that is available for students. Students with disabilities such as blindness and hearing impairment are taken care of. There are also benefits for veteran families.

The school allows both traditional students and adult students to enroll. The yearly pay that every student incurs is $ 949. This fee can be paid monthly.

Smart Horizons Career Online High School

Smart Horizons is one of the best online schools for a high school diploma. Both state and national agencies accredit the courses offered in this school.

Students who wish to take courses from this institution have to register online before being allocated a class teacher.

The syllabus is set by the school itself but is reviewed by experts before offering it to the students.

The school offers different courses for its students in which each student will have to pay a different tuition fee.

The tuition fee sums up to $ 1386. They are also required to pay $ 77 for enrollment. They also offer credit recovery courses that are generally cheaper than the other courses.

There are various discounts given to the students that are enrolling. This is for service members. Military families are also given discounts.

Forest Trail Academy

This school has focused entirely on providing education to those who want higher education. The school is known for its affordability and excellence in education.

Students have their very own mentor who will supervise them throughout the course that they take. The teachers are all highly qualified to deliver relevant content to students.

Forest Academy has open enrollment, AP courses, credit recovery courses, and many online courses.

A student will have to pay a sum of $ 3100. There are various payment plans. For example, you can pay $ 350 during enrollment. Then $ 250 can be paid every month.

National High School

The North Central Association Commission accredits the national High School on Accreditation and School Improvement.

The curriculum offered in this school is designed to equip students with relevant skills in today’s society. There are different programs that students can take part in.

The school is designed to offer students strong critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills.

The school offers credit recovery. National High School also offers remedial courses, homeschool integration, and adult enrollment.

The high school’s tuition fee is 199 dollars per month. This is for two or more courses. When the hours go up, so does the fee.

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No matter what type of school you’re looking for, a high-quality online education option is available. From traditional schools to adult courses and credit recovery programs, all your educational needs can be met with the right degree program online from one of these accredited high schools. With so many great options available today, it’s never been easier or more accessible to acquire an education that will help build your future.

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