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Christian writing is not just for Christians. It is entirely possible to hire Christian writers, regardless of religious affiliation. Christian writing services are available to everyone, just like the word of God is open to all.

However, Christian writers generally do this as a job and also because their faith motivates them to do so. That is to say, they enjoy their work and hopefully believe that what they do is righteous and good.

Christian writing services are possible because God has blessed the writers with the ability to create. In the same way, a painter creates a picture to represent God’s glory, a writer does the same thing with words.

Characteristics of a great Christian writer

If you have a Christian writing project, you’ll need to look for writers who understand what they are doing. Below are some of the fundamental qualities of a great writer.

They are well versed with the Bible

A Christian writer will have a thorough understanding of the Bible and should always be open to discussing it with you. A freelance writer doesn’t need to have a degree in theology, but it is crucial to know their Bible.

A writer with knowledge of the Good Book will most likely produce accurate and beneficial material to the readers.

A good writer is a great communicator

Christian writing is about relaying a message. A writer who can communicate well will be able to get this message across. They should be able to put themselves in the audience’s shoes and figure out what material will draw their interest.

Knowledge of different writing styles and techniques is also important as this allows them to change things up as the project progresses. This way, the writer can accurately deliver various aspects of the message. 

A great writer should uphold Christian living

While this is challenging to tell, especially for freelance writers and Christian ghostwriters, you should do your due diligence. Try to find out as much as you can about the writer before hiring them.

For example, you can:

• Check their profiles
• Examine their social media and see what they mostly post
• Ask for testimonials
• Have a face to face interview to study them and so on

For Christian content to flow naturally, the writer must write from a place of faith and practice. Otherwise, the audience will feel the disconnect at some point, and this robs the content of its authenticity.

They are professional writers

Writing content for Christian consumers shouldn’t be mediocre in any shape or form. Only a professional writer will produce publish-worthy content. To identify professional writers, you can do the following:

• Check their profiles
• Ask for a link to some of their published work for a proven track record
• Find out if they have any higher education certifications like a doctoral degree or a master’s degree. This is especially important for a Christian author.

A good Christian writer should be well-read

Someone who doesn’t read may not have adequate materials to compose a meaningful manuscript. Seek to know how many books or articles the writer has read and let them prove their knowledgeability on a specific subject. This way, you’ll be assured of quality content. Their knowledge, understanding, and interpretation of the Bible are also crucial aspects.

They possess great writing and editing skills

Just like any other writer, a Christian ghostwriter should possess all the necessary writing skills in an overflowing measure. The published materials reach hundreds of thousands eagerly waiting to be spiritually nourished; it’s only fair to release high-quality content.

A dedicated writer will always do their best to deliver high-quality content that not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

What do Christian writers do?

• Christian books
• Biographies
• Articles
• Personal stories
• Children’s short stories
• Commentaries
• Memoirs
• Editing

Various Christian writing projects that Christian writers undertake. These are:

Christian Books

Writing a best-selling Christian book requires more than an average writer. A book written by an award-winning writer is different from one written by a regular writer.


Christian writers may write a biography of someone like Mother Teresa or William Booth.


These articles can be used as blog posts, or they can be sold to different sites. They may also be used as religious pamphlets that church members distribute during services.

Personal stories

Most Christian organizations make weekly or monthly publications of inspiring stories from different individuals. These stories are meant to encourage others and help their spiritual growth through other people’s experiences.

Children’s short stories

Most short stories found in Christian magazines and other publications are written by Christian adults who desire to impart kids.


A commentary can be written about different books or even passages. The writer will examine the text and expound on its content to get their point across.


A memoir is a personal life story that will usually cover an individual’s childhood, the trials and tribulations they faced along the way, the lessons they learned.


Editing a manuscript before publication can be quite a lot. Book and magazine authors hire editors to ensure that their content will be published without mistakes. The editor may also assist the writer sometimes by suggesting significant changes and giving ideas on improving the content.

Find Christian writers for hire at Tutorsploit

If you need a Christian writer for your small business or religious organization, there are numerous of them online. However, you should do your homework well before hiring a writer to write Christian content for you.

Tutorsploit is a sure place to find certified Christan writers who will deliver high-quality content at fair prices and within reasonable timelines. We vet our writers to ensure that they meet our customers’ standards and needs.

How much do Christian writers charge?

• Writer’s experience
• Client’s budget
• Length of work
• Complexity of the project
• Value of the content
Table: Factors affecting writing rates

There isn’t a fixed price tag for Christian writers. Just as it is with other writers, the rates depend on various factors, as explained below:

Experience. Experienced writers charge way more than newbies because they have mastered their craft. Also, most of them have several published works; hence their bargaining power is higher than someone just starting.

Client’s budget. The budget that the client has will determine how much the writer charges. Usually, higher-budget clients get better rates. This is because the writer knows if they bag the contract, they are assured of a constant workflow.

Length of the work. The time it takes to write a piece also determines the charge. If it takes longer, the client is expected to pay more. This is so because the writer has spent hours thinking and working on the project.

The complexity of the project. The complexity of the project also determines how much will be charged. If it’s a simple text, clients get it done for less than a complex piece of work. For example, a biography that requires interviews and other exhausting data collection methods will be costly.

Value of the content. The value that a client seeks is also used to determine how much they are charged. For example, if the client has a small blog and needs an annotated bibliography, they will be charged more than someone with a big company who needs the same thing.

Who needs Christian writers for hire?

• Bible scholars and seminary students
• Christian bloggers
• Freelancers
• Publishers
• Christian organizations

The following people are most likely to hire a Christian writer:

Bible Scholars and seminary students. They have to write and publish various manuscripts before they graduate. These projects can be overwhelming hence the need for a writer who can help.

Christian Bloggers. Blogs are becoming popular these days, especially religious blogs. Writers who specialize in this area are needed to help bloggers manage and add content to their blogs.

Freelancers. Freelancers have the freedom to work for different clients, so they can also hire a writer. Sometimes, they need an extra hand to get their works done, hence a Christian writer.

Publishers. Publishing companies hire writers to abide by their standards and quality often. Also, they deal with many projects, hence the need for someone to help them.

Christian organizations. Christian organizations hire writers to help create literature for different departments. They also have various projects that they need an extra hand in completing. These projects are commentaries, Bible study guides, Devotional materials, and magazines.

What are some of the tips for Christian writers?

  • Remember that your employer is not only looking for a writer; they want someone with a good writing style. Therefore, proofread and check your work before submitting it for publishing.
  • Read Christian materials extensively and intensively to acquire the knowledge you need to be a great Christian writer.
  • Never plagiarize from an online source because it will be easy for a client to discover, and you will be charged for copyright infringement.
  • Make sure your writing is unique, original, and relevant to the core message. This will make your piece stand out from the rest.
  • Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in applying for writing gigs and when executing the projects.
  • Work on your typing speed to make things easier for you, especially if deadlines are near.
  • Keep your social media accounts free from junk that contradicts your faith. Remember, potential clients will go through your social media accounts to know the kind of content that’s close to your heart.
  • Advertise your services without overselling. Overselling may lead clients to think that you’re only after the money, which could affect your reputation as a Christian writer.
  • Always be available to answer questions on how you work, what kind of topics you write about, and your fees.
  • You can sell yourself to clients by giving them a free sample of your work. However, don’t give away the entire work.

Bottom Line

Christian writers are a bit different from other freelancers in that; they write based on their values and belief in God. However, they still have to pass the test as per their writing, research skills, and other essential skills.

While there are many Christian writers online, it is important to choose the best one for your business or faith organization. The guidelines provided here will help you find the right writer for your work.

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