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Parents want to ensure that their children are getting the best possible education. However, many do not know where to turn for help and guidance.

The Charlotte, NC, area is full of excellent schools, but they all have one thing in common – there is a lot of pressure on students to perform well and get good grades. While some kids can handle this pressure without issues, others struggle with it more than they should.

This often leads to frustration and stress, which can take its toll not only on the student but also on their family!

This is where charlotte tutors come in! We work closely with your child to help them achieve success at school through tailored lessons that focus on what needs improvement or specific areas you want us to cover with the student.

Our team of certified tutors will work hard alongside the student every step of the way until they feel confident enough about themselves and their abilities again!

So Who Are We? is a company offering academic tutoring services to Charlotte, NC, and South Carolina students. We provide one-to-one tuition for kindergarten, preschool, GCSE, A-Level, and University entrance exams in Charlotte, NC, North Carolina.

We have a talented team of instructors who can help your child with a range of subjects, including Math, Science, English, and more. We collaborate with Charlotte tutors who pass a background check and identity verification to ensure they are certified and vetted.

Some of our services include:

  • Academic tutoring for grade school kids enrolled in Charlotte NC public schools.
  • Private learning for students taking their GCSE, A-Level, and University entrance exams in Charlotte, NC.

Our Academic Tutoring Services

Pre-School Tutoring

Our team of early childhood development specialists is available to help younger students prepare for their first time at school and other important milestone events. You will find that our teaching methods focus on the individual child’s ability and potential as we know every child is different.

Your preschooler will learn through play, and we encourage learning through games and fun activities. This approach is proven to enhance the development of your child’s:

  • Communication mastery: verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Personal, social, and emotional development
  • Fine motor abilities
  • Physical development

Our teachers also encourage the development of practical life skills, including:

  • Math basics such as sorting, counting, and simple calculations
  • Music and movement classes including rhythm, dance, and coordination

These early years are critical moments in your child’s development. We can help you to make them all the more special by giving your child an excellent head start at the preschool level for further education ahead. The teacher will have education learning materials ready.

Elementary School Tutoring Services

We understand that children are starting to learn how to read and write at this age. We teach the appropriate knowledge they need for their grade level. We can help your child with all aspects of their school work, including:

Math Classes for Elementary School

Our tutors in Charlotte, NC, help learners develop basic math education. Among the Mathematics topics our elementary online tutors cover include;

  • Number knowledge,
  • Counting,
  • Addition and subtraction

English lessons -Charlotte NC Tutor

Our Charlotte tutors will help your child master their reading, writing, and speaking abilities. This will enable them to prepare for their upcoming test confidently.

We offer a range of English programs that include:

  • Elementary reading and comprehension
  • Writing
  • Grammar understanding and writing
  • Speaking abilities

Our customized programs cater to learners at all levels.

Science Classes

Our private tutor will be covering the different types of Science, including biology, chemistry, and physics. Topics covered include;

  • Atoms,
  • Matter,
  • Liquid and gas phases of matter, among other subjects.

Our expert GCSE tutor will explain the different concepts to your child at their own pace to get them ready for class. Learning materials for Science are available.


History learning on key moments in world history such as the Great Fire of London,

We also offer extra help for your child with preparing for standardized tests such as NAPLAN. At Tutorsploit, we are committed to your child having fun while learning the key concepts they need for school.

Homework Support

Our teaching experts can help your child with their homework, allowing them to get the most out of every lesson. We are available 24/7, even on weekends and public holidays.

Third Grade Tutoring

This grade is a crucial year for students. They will usually start to tackle more advanced concepts in the classroom, and their knowledge will be tested at this level. What a student learns during this time form the basis for what they will learn in future classes.

Our tutoring services in Charlotte, NC, include:


Math learning includes;

  • Addition,
  • Subtraction,
  • Multiplication and
  • Division. 

English Charlotte NC Tutor-3rd grade

3rd grade English classes introduce children to adjectives and adverbs. This new knowledge is built on throughout the school years, so this early tutoring is essential. We aim to inspire interest in literature by reading specific genres that match your child’s age and ability level.

Our online tutors help develop creative writing skills by encouraging children to write their own stories at this stage. Our private tutor will build a solid knowledge base that your child can apply in class or on homework.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how to help your child achieve academic success in school!

Tutor class for middle school kids in Charlotte NC

Middle school is considered a necessary time of transition and development, so your child needs to receive extra encouragement and support. As well as teaching your child critical concepts for school, we can also help with their personal development.

Mathematics for Middle School Kids

Our private instructors will cover the key concepts of Math, including;

  • Number knowledge,
  • Algebra,
  • Probability and Statistics, among other concepts.

We also teach your child to master their calculation skills through fun games and activities.

English lessons for Middle Schoolers in Charlotte, NC

The English curriculum at this age focuses on helping students develop their skills across all aspects of English. A perfect tutor will incorporate speaking, writing, and reading into each class to ensure the student is confident in every aspect of this subject.

We cover topics such as;

  • Grammar,
  • Parts of speech,
  • Poetry analysis, among other concepts.

We also integrate the modern world into our lessons to prepare students for their future.

Science Class

We provide coaching for all standards of Science, including

  • Biology,
  • Chemistry and
  • Physics.

Our coaches will teach the student with creative methods which keeps them engaged as they learn the key concepts of the subject.

Social Studies

The social studies subjects cover a range of key moments in history, including

  • The French revolution,

We tutor students in Grades K-12 with subjects for their respective school year. Our online tutor will cover a range of topics ensure your child gets the most out of their lessons.

Life Skills Learning-Tutors in Charlotte

Part-time or full-time homework support is an excellent way for your child to get better grades while learning organization. We will ensure that the student is well prepared for class and has all the knowledge to get better grades.

High School Classes in Charlotte, North Carolina

High school is when students usually require more in-depth explanations about critical concepts. Fortunately, our private tutors can provide this for the student while making the learning fun and exciting. Our teachers will work with your child on improving their grades while providing them with assistance for all aspects of their studies.

High School Math Tutoring Services in Charlotte, NC

Many students often fail their math classes due to not understanding the key concepts. Our private math tutors will break down key math topics into fun and easy-to-understand sections.

Mathematics Education Tutor

Mathematics topics covered by our tutors in charlotte;

  • Algebra,
  • Geometry,
  • Statistics,
  • Trigonometry,
  • Calculus,
  • Probability, among other topics.

We prepare students for their exams by exposing them to previous papers and questions asked in the past. Our private instructors will ensure that students understand each concept before moving on to more complex material.

English Language- Charlotte Tutor

Private tutoring is an excellent way for students who struggle with their English class to get help without any embarrassment. Our private instructors are experienced in assisting with all aspects of high school English including;

  • Reading comprehension,
  • Literature analysis,
  • Spelling,
  • Grammar, among other concepts.

If you are concerned about your child’s education, please contact us today. Our expert teacher will work with you to ensure your child can master all the subjects taught in the classroom.

Science -Charlotte NC Tutor

Do your children struggle with Science? We can help them improve their grades and better understand core concepts from all science subjects. Our tutors have undergone a background check, so parents need not worry about their child’s safety.

Our private instructors will break down each topic into understandable segments that are easy to comprehend. We cover all topics required by the school system, including;


  • Matter,
  • Electricity,
  • Force and Motion,
  • The energy, among other key concepts.


  • Taxonomy,
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology,
  • Cell biology, among other topics.


  • Periodic table of elements,
  • Atomic theory,
  • Chemical bonding, among other concepts.

Homework Help-Charlotte Tutor

We offer homework tutoring for all school subjects. If you are interested, please let us know, and we will work with your child to ensure they get the most out of our tutoring sessions.

Test Preparation – Charlotte Tutor Services

Our Math tutor will help the student prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT subject test and ACT, we provide test-taking strategies to ensure your child achieves success in their academic goals. We also teach students time management and other vital tools needed for academic success.

Test Prep –Charlotte Tutor Online Services

Many students request test preparation for the Science section of standardized tests, including the SAT subject test and ACT. We can teach students how to answer multiple-choice questions correctly and other techniques to better understand complex material.

Our instructors are available for both part-time and full-time classes, please feel free to contact us today to work with the student to meet their academic needs.

With their experience tutoring, a perfect tutor ensures that a student understands key concepts before moving onto more complex material. This helps the child reach their highest potential and achieve academic success.

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Charlotte Tutor for Other Subjects

We offer tutoring services to all other subjects, including

  • Social studies,
  • Music and dance
  • Foreign languages –Beginning Spanish, advanced Spanish, French, Latin, among other language courses.

We encourage students to analyze different types of arguments in literature to refine their analysis knowledge. We also help students develop research skills for further education ahead. We believe that study should be fun, so we create a supportive environment for your child during their time with us.

Professional Tutoring –Charlotte Tutor Services

We offer tutoring ser to college, university undergraduates up to master’s degree level students. Our instructors can help you improve your grades and graduate with a degree that reflects your academic accomplishments and abilities. We offer assistance with all core required courses.

We have professionals for various fields of study, including;

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Finance
  • Engineering- chemical, civil, computer, electrical
  • Nursing and Health care
  • Law School, among other courses.

We offer flexible hours and competitive rates for part-time and full-time students/professionals.

How to Access Our Charlotte NC Tutoring Services

  • Fill up the form on our homepage. Select the type of service you need. Include your valid phone number. Our friendly customer representatives will get back ASAP.
  • We will provide you with a free custom quote. Complete the registration once you are comfortable with the quote.
  • You can also call us at (+1) #, send a direct message, or email to book your tutoring session.

Our Charlotte NC Tutor Charges

Prices vary according to the number of hours, subject, and course level required by each student. Here is a price guide;

  • Small group courses are generally charged at $20 per hour.
  • One-on-one courses are charged at $25 per hour.
  • Advanced level tutoring for professionals is charged at $30 per hour.

For our custom rates, please contact us for an accurate quote.

We offer a discount to new clients and for bulk purchases. Please contact us to claim your discounted rate.

Please Note: We accept payments online via PayPal, major credit cards, and Bank transfers. No third-party transactions are allowed.

Our Goal

Our team of dedicated teachers is here to encourage your child to:

  • Set and achieve goals in all aspects of life, including staying motivated in class
  • Build study leaning such as note-taking and preparing for exams

How Does It Work?

We will provide the right tutor for your child after assessing their needs using a short pre-lesson questionnaire which you can fill out before each session.

You will be able to communicate with the tutor during each session, so you can see how your child is progressing. We have a team of experienced tutors committed to getting results. We only collaborate with tutors who have passed our mandatory background check.

Our Learning and Tutoring Style

One-on-one Instruction

We work with each student to create a personalized learning plan that meets his or her unique needs. Our Charlotte NC tutors are highly qualified and passionate about education.

Small-Group – Charlotte Tutor

We offer small group learning for high school and college students. Students receive individualized instruction for their academic needs in a collaborative environment. The number of students per group depends on the subject; however, the minimum number is two.

Book the first lesson and get the best tutor for your child!

Tutor Class for Adults in Charlotte NC

We offer private tutor classes for adult learners just like you. We can help with basic math such as addition and subtraction, fractions, and percentages while teaching relevant calculus concepts to further your education. We can help with English, including grammar and vocabulary, while teaching literature and creative writing via our Humanities classes.

We understand that adults want to learn in a tailored way to their working life, so we offer customized options. Our Charlotte NC tutors also tutor highly specialized subjects, including Accounting, Finance, English, and more!

Personalized study programs are designed around your professional goals, whether to earn a qualification, develop your ability to get ahead at work, or advance your career.

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