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Anyone who has written a book knows that the editing process can be a daunting task. However, many people do not know that there are professionals who can help make the process easier – book editors.

There are several different types of book editors, each with its area of expertise. So, how do you know which one is right for your project? Moreover, more importantly, how do you find the right editor for you?

This post will outline the different types of book editors, what they do and how to find one that’s perfect for your project. Happy reading! 

What Does a Book Editor Do?

Here is a general overview of what they do:

Developmental Editor

Developmental editing is the most intensive form of editing. The developmental editor might ask writers to re-organize their thoughts, cut or add material, and rewrite entire sections.

They help authors to create a book that is both well-written and well-constructed. Developmental edit focuses on the story structure, looking for holes or gaps in continuity and helping you hone your story’s voice.

These professionals provide feedback throughout the writing process, particularly during the early drafts. If this sounds like the type of editor you need – ask yourself if you are looking for help with content or help with content and style.

Copy Editing

A copy editor makes sure your sentences and paragraphs are clear, consistent, and logical. They focus on content and style, checking for everything from continuity errors to complex or confusing phrasing.

If you are looking for an editor who will pay attention to the technical aspects, ask yourself if you are looking for help with a style or help with content and style.


A proofreader will make sure there are no continuity errors in your story. They will look for typos, improper punctuation, incorrect use of words, and other basic mistakes. If you are looking for someone to clean up your text before publishing it, a proofreader is the best editor for you.

Line Editing

This is a more in-depth form of editing in which editors look for inconsistencies in the plot, characters’ actions, dialogue, etc. They may recommend changes to strengthen the overall structure of a story or argument.

Line edits also include rephrasing sentences to improve readability. If you are looking for help tightening up your story – ask yourself if you are looking for help with plot, structure, and readability.

Whom Should I Hire? How Do I Find a Book Editor?

Before hiring an editor, you need to figure out which type of editor you need for your project. Are you looking for someone who specializes in proofreading?

Or do you want a developmental or line editor? You can identify what type of book editor will be best for your needs by thinking about what you would like an editor to do.

Do you want someone who will look at grammar and punctuation, or do you need someone to give you feedback on the content of your book?

Once you have decided what kind of editor you are looking for, it is time to search.

Book Editing Service

One way to find an editor is to go through a professional organization like the Editorial Freelancers Association or the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. These organizations have directories of members who offer their services as editors.

The downside to this method is that you will be limited to the editors who are members of these organizations.

Another option is to search online. Many websites list freelance editors. Most of them have bios or profiles that describe the editor’s experience and area(s) of expertise. is the best example of a site that offers online listings for editors. They have award-winning editors proficient in different areas of the English language.

Who is is a website that offers professional editing services for students, professionals, businesses, and anyone who wants to make their writing the best it can be.

We have a team of experienced editors who are experts in different areas of editing, from proofreading to developmental editing.

Our team understands that finding the right editor can be daunting, so we offer a free consultation service to help you find the editor that’s right for you. Please fill out this simple form or contact us at

Tell us about your project and why you need an editor, and our editors will get back to you with a quote within 12 hours. We are always available to answer any questions you have, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Book Editing Services

Our editors can help you with any stage of the writing and editing process. We have editors for all genres, including:

Fiction Editor

For fiction books (e.g., novels, short stories, children’s books)

A fictional editor will read your manuscript and make sure it is structurally sound. They will make suggestions about character development, plot, dialogue, flow, setting, etc.

We offer copy editing, line editing, developmental editing, and proofreading.

Our Fiction Editors:

  • Have an extensive background in fiction and non-fiction writing.
  • Know the story elements and how to recognize when they are not working.
  • Are familiar with most genres, including science-fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, and YA (young adult).
  • Have several years of industry experience–we only work with the best.

Non-Fiction Editor

For non-fiction (e.g., memoirs, essays, biographies, manuals, textbooks, research articles, websites).

An editor specializing in non-fiction will ensure that the facts are written clearly and accurately. They will check for consistency throughout the non-fiction book (e.g., between different chapters, headings, and data tables) and for any errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

We offer copy editing, line editing, developmental editing, and proofreading.

Our Non-Fiction Professional Editors:

  • They are experts in their field and have years of experience writing and publishing non-fiction books.
  • Are familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style, APA, MLA, and other style guides.
  • Can fact-check your book to ensure accuracy.
  • Are available for a free consultation.


A proofreader will read your manuscript for grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling errors, and syntax. They will not make suggestions about the content or structure of your work.

Our Proofreaders:

  • Our proofreaders are native speakers of English with excellent grammar skills.
  • Have several years of industry experience–we only work with the best.
  • Can give you an accurate quote for proofreading based on word count alone.

Editorial Assessment

An editorial assessment is a service that we offer that is different from the other services on our website. With an editorial assessment, you will send us your complete manuscript, and we will evaluate it and provide you with a detailed report of our findings. This report will include suggestions for improvement in terms of content, structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Our assessment editors are keen on minor errors which may escape proofreaders.

Our Editorial Assessment Editors:

  • Have several years of experience in the publishing industry and understand what works and what does not for each genre.
  • Will make suggestions but will not make any changes to your manuscript without your permission.

Technical, academic, and other non-fiction (e.g., legal, medical, and executive)

Our Technical Editors:

  • Are familiar with the different styles used in these fields.
  • Know what is expected of authors trying to get published.
  • Have many years of industry experience, including academic editing and writing articles in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Can check your manuscript for accuracy within their specific field.

Other Editors / Services

Beta Readers:

Our beta readers will read your manuscript and offer feedback on content, character development, plot flow, and other aspects of writing. They will not correct errors in spelling or grammar.

EBook Editing Services: 

We offer a different service from the other services on our website. With eBook editing, we will edit your manuscript and prepare it for publication as an e-book.


Our professional translators translate documents into many languages. We provide translation services in French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili at a low cost.

If you want to submit a query for our book editors, please email us at or fill in the form on our homepage.

How to Access our Online Book Editors

You can access our professional book editors in 3 easy steps;

  • Fill the order form and select the service you need.

We will get back to you within 12 hours with a free, no-obligation quote.

  • Upload your document if you are comfortable with our quote. Either as google docs or a word document.
  • Make the payment.

A professional editor will edit your manuscript. Your polished manuscript will be returned to you within the set timeframe.

We offer copy editing, line editing, developmental editing, and proofreading. Depending on the type of book editing you need, you can request more than one editor.

Our editors can edit short stories, articles, poems, personal essays, academic papers, technical material for publication or reports.

We offer free consultations before placing your order, so please contact us to learn more about our services and prices.

How Much Does an Editor Cost?

The cost of an editor depends on the type of editing you need and the length of your book. The average cost for copy editing is about $0.005-$0.007 per word, while developmental editing costs around $0.01-$0.02 per word. A proofreader charges an average of $0.005-007 per word.

These rates can vary depending on the editor’s experience and location. Also, rates can vary depending on how quickly you need your manuscript edited. It is important to ask about discounts for rushing services or repeat customers.

Our editorial assessment costs $30 per hour. Get a quote for our top editors. We will offer you free consultations, so feel free to contact us to learn more. Book Editing Services – Pricing Guide

If you’re uncertain about what editor you might need, we offer a free consultation service that will help you find the right one for your project. Fill out this simple form or contact us at and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

The average book editing takes about 2-4 weeks, depending on the length of your manuscript and whether it needs any structural changes. Sample edits are provided for every type of editor so you know what your project will look like when it’s completed.

Here is a breakdown of our pricing options:

Line Edits (Editing only)

$1 per line for 10k words (0.02p/word)

Example: 20,000 words = 400$ approx.

Proofreading (Editing only)

$0.01 per line for a 60k manuscript (0.0002p/word)

Example: 100,000 words = 1000$ approx.

Developmental Editing (Editing and Content Rewrite)

$0.02 per line for a 60k manuscript (0.0004p/word)

Example: 100,000 words = 2000$ approx.

Content Rewrites (Editing and Content Rewrite)

$0.025 per line for a 60k manuscript (0.0005p/word)

Example: 100,000 words = 2500$ approx.

Book Editor for Hire | Editor for Novel

We have a large pool of vetted professional editors. You can access developmental editors, line editors, copy editors, proofreaders, or fact-checkers any time you need. We are available even on weekends and public holidays.

The Tutorsploit team will edit your novel, science fiction, non-fiction, or any other document you may have. Feel free to ask for a sample edit to test our quality. As a company known for the best content editing services, we ensure that your manuscript meets the publishing industry’s standards.

Call (+1) 406 924 4659 for more information.

Freelance Book Editor

Aspiring writers often overlook the importance of professional editing. They think that the editor will make it perfect if they have a good story. However, most good editors are not interested in rewriting an author’s work. They are interested in helping authors create a perfect manuscript from the beginning.

A freelance editor can help you improve your writing skills, tighten up your plot, and catch mistakes that could cost you sales.

If you are serious about becoming a published author, then you need to consider working with a book editor right from the start. Freelancers work with both published authors and those who are still unpublished.

Editors for Self-Publishing

If you plan to self-publish your book, you will need to find an editor who can help you prepare your manuscript before you send it out to publishers.

Consider hiring a freelance editor rather than a full-time employee from a publishing company. This typically provides more flexible scheduling and lower prices.

Our experts understand the importance of editing with a customer-focused approach. We offer support through email, phone, and live chat. Our staff is also available on weekends and public holidays.

FAQs Answered

Who is a Book Editor?

A book editor is an individual who is responsible for making sure that the content of a book is consistent, accurate, and grammatically correct. They also edit the text to create an effective layout, design front covers and organize the interior of books.

They typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism with additional coursework in publishing or editing. 

How Do You Become a Book Editor?

Editors need at least a Master’s degree in English, literature, or journalism to get started. They need to have excellent critical thinking skills and great attention to detail.

Editors must also be skilled writers who know the rules of correct grammar. They should be able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Editor?

As with any service, the cost to hire an editor will vary depending on your needs. Most editors charge by the word or page for their services. Some may include other factors in their quotes, such as how much time it will take them to edit a book or provide additional services like consulting and formatting.

Our editorial services start from $0.005 per word. We offer free quotes before placing your order, so feel free to contact us today. We will give you a free, no-obligation quote. You will also get a free consultation from our best copy editor!

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