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Have you ever wondered what life was like for the people who lived during specific periods? If so, then you should consider becoming a biographer. A biographer is someone who writes about the lives of other individuals.

Biographers write books that are intended to educate readers on an individual’s life and experiences. This can be done by writing fiction stories, non-fiction novels, sharing real stories in magazines or newspapers, or writing fictional accounts of their subject’s lives.

Many people are interested in writing a biography or personal history but may not know where to start. The quickest way to have your biography written is by engaging the services of a professional biography writer.

Their writing skills and knowledge of biographical writing can save you time by creating the book you want quickly and professionally. If you are looking for a memoir writer or want more information about what is involved—this guide will be helpful.

Biography Definition

Biography is the story of a person’s life. A biography may be written about an individual, family, group, business, or organization. It usually aims to describe what made that person special—or provide insight into some aspect of the world in which they lived.

For your purposes (writing your own biography or personal history), it will be essential to focus on the key events, people, and experiences that shaped your life.

Biography Writer for Hire

There are many different types of biographies that one could choose to write about, including sports stars, celebrities, a historical figure (such as a president), influential world leaders (such as Gandhi), and more!

Professional biography writers can offer several services, including book editing, ghostwriting, and research. They can also help you choose the correct publishing route for your biography and provide support throughout the entire writing process.

Biography writers can write about people’s lives based on information they gather from different sources. If your goal is to leave behind a personal legacy for your loved ones, hiring a professional writer is crucial.

Hiring a Biographer

Before you hire a writer, you need to know the exact services you need. Also, read samples of the writer’s work to get an idea of their writing style and the quality of their work. 

Memoir writer:   A memoir writer is a person who writes memoirs. A memoir is a personal account of an individual’s whole life or a part of it. Memoirs can be written by the subject or a professional memoir writer. There is no research involved.

Biographer: A biographer is a person who researches and writes biographies. This type of book usually includes historical information and can be written based on interviews, public records, and other research. Hire a content writer with professional experience writing biographies.

Ghostwriter: A ghostwriter is a professional writer hired to write a book, article, or speech in various genres based on another person’s ideas and experiences. The ghostwriter remains anonymous, and the subject is credited as the author.

Editor: An editor is someone who reviews and revises manuscripts for accuracy, style, and grammar. They may also help with research and fact-checking.

 The Biography Writing Process

Our biography writing service includes the following:

  1. Research

One of the most important aspects of writing a biography is doing the proper research. Our writers will take the time to learn about your life and gather all the information they need to write an accurate and exciting book.

2. Conduct Interviews

One of the essential steps in writing a biography is conducting interviews with the most familiar people with the person’s life story. This could include family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, co-workers—even enemies! They can provide valuable information about early years, schooling, hobbies, interests, and other critical aspects of their lives.  Expect the interview to take approximately 15 hours.

3. Gathering Documentation

After we have interviewed family and friends, the memoir writer will start gathering documentation. This includes photos, newspaper clippings, letters, awards, and other material that can help illustrate your life story.

We will look through old photo albums and scrapbooks, scan family newsletters, or search the Internet.

4. Organizing the Material

Our memoir writers will organize the material. This includes;

  • Grouping similar items together.
  • The bio writer will organize the material chronologically, starting with the oldest items and working up to the most recent ones.

We use folders or envelopes to separate different parts of your life. For example, if we are writing about your childhood, college years, and professional life, we will create folders or envelopes for each of these topics.

5. Content Writing

Our content writers armed with their creative writing skills will be able to craft the narrative and tell your life story compellingly and interestingly. We will write all of the content from scratch based on information we gather from our research, interviews, printed materials, and more. The writer will break the biography into several chapters to make it easier for the reader to follow the story. This process can take several weeks or months, depending on the length and complexity of the biography.

6. Biography Editing

The next step is the editing of the biography. This stage involves fact-checking the text, rewriting passages, checking for grammar and spelling errors, etc.

We can also help you make changes to the structure or layout of your book. The final manuscript should be error-free and plagiarism-free. Our editors are committed to creating an outstanding final product for you.

We also design a free custom cover for your biography.

7. Proofreading

After the writer has completed the final draft of the biography, it will be sent to you for proofreading. You should read it carefully and look for any errors. We will make all necessary corrections at this stage.

8. Publishing

Once the biography is edited and proofread, you can self-publish, or we will submit it to a publishing company of your choice. We can also help you find the best publishing company for your biography and negotiate the best possible publication deal.

If you are interested in our biography writing service, please visit our website at or send an email to You can also call us at (+1) 406 924 4659 to discuss your biography writing project with one of our professional biography writers. 

How We Conduct Biography Interviews

Our bio writer will work with you throughout the writing process, giving you feedback on your memoirs and asking questions about anything he is unsure of.

This collaboration can occur over the telephone, through email exchanges, or in person, especially if the writer has to travel for interviews or research purposes.

Since COVID 19 pandemic, we do most of our interviews through email and audio files. When we do one on one interviews, we ensure the parties involved are vaccinated against COVID 19, and there is a one-meter distance during the interview.

The parties must also wear protective masks and be in a well-ventilated area.

We also provide a wide range of services to help you capture your life story, including:

  • Interview preparation;
  • Transcription of audios into manuscript form;
  • Writing and editing services;
  • Publishing and Promotion Assistance.

The interviews conducted on the phone lack the human touch. They fail to capture the facial expressions and emotions of the interviewee.

Biography Sections

A career biography should focus on how you have developed as a person and how you have strengthened your job-related skills. You want to highlight the most relevant content to potential employers, so be selective about what goes into your biography.

The biographical sketch may not have to follow formal academic structure conventions if it is longer than a page. A rough guide would be:

  • Title page – with the title of the biography, your name, and contact details, and perhaps a note that it is a “rough draft.”
  • Contents page.
  • Introduction – overview of why you are writing this sketch, what it will contain /its structure, etc.
  • Any necessary disclaimers (e.g., “this is not the final version,” “any opinions expressed are my own”).
  • The main body of the biographical sketch – written with chronological order in mind. This section may include sections (e.g., significant events).
  • End with an ‘Epilogue’ or ‘Conclusion.’
  • Acknowledgments – whom you would like to acknowledge, for what.
  • References or bibliography – if necessary.

Examples of Beginning Biography Topics

Listed below are some examples of beginning biography topics;

1) Famous people – their life and accomplishments.

2) Historical figures – their life and what made them significant.

3) Businesses or organizations – their history and how they developed.

4) Groups of people – a particular family, tribe, or social group.

5) Your own life story – what made you who you are today.

Frequently Asked Questions- Answered!

Can You Hire Someone to Write a Biography?

Yes, you can hire a biography writer to write your biography. You can also hire someone to help you write your memoir or personal history.

When looking for a biography writer, it is essential to find someone with the skills and experience to bring your story to life. A professional writer can also help you sort through sensitive issues, so they are presented tactfully.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Writer?

When it comes to costs, the price of a biography depends on several factors. Factors that determine the cost of biography include the length and complexity of the project, the writer’s experience, and how quickly you need the project completed.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2,000 for a professional biography. If you are looking for someone to help you write your memoir or personal history, prices start at $350.

When hiring a professional biography writer, it is essential to find someone with the skills and experience necessary to bring your story to life. A biography writer can also help you sort through sensitive issues, so they are presented tactfully.

If you would like a custom quote, please write us at

Can I Pay Someone to Write My Autobiography?

Yes, our autobiography writing service can write your life story for you. You provide us with the details, and we will create a professionally written autobiography for you.

How Much Do Biography Writers Make?

A writer’s income varies depending on how many books they write each year and the type of writing. A new freelance writer might earn $10,000-$25,000 annually. A more experienced writer can earn up to $80,000 or more per year.

How Long Does It Take To Write A Biography?

It generally takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to write an average biography. Usually, the more time you are willing to give the writer, the better your finished biography will be.

What is a Writer’s Biography?

A writer’s biography is a collection of basic facts about an author’s life, education, awards, and publications. It is included in the back matter of the book so readers can get to know the author.

What Do You Write in a Biography for a Writer?

The focus of a biography for a writer should be on the author’s professional accomplishments. You can highlight any awards they have won, their books, and any other notable achievements.

What Is the Difference Between Biography and Autobiography?

A biography is an account of another person’s life, while an autobiography is a story of your own. While writing a biography on someone else, you are not that person, so you write everything secondhand, usually with some investigation into the subject’s life.

With an autobiography, it is your own story, and you are the one telling it. You have first-hand knowledge of every event, and unless you choose to fictionalize some parts, it is all true.

If you want to share your life story but do not know how to begin or do not have time to write, let us help you.

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