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Are you stuck between finding a beta reader for your book and just publishing it as it is? Well, you might consider hiring professional ones to ensure your work is perfect before publishing it. By hiring our readers, they can review your manuscript and give honest feedback.

Have a pro read your work and offer fresh eyes to your recently finished story.

Who are beta readers, you may ask. They are individuals who go over an early draft of a piece of work and offer proper criticism. They provide comments to help you know areas that need improvement before releasing the work to the public.

On the other hand, an alpha reader does the exact opposite of a beta reader. The alpha reads your manuscript or draft as the first person and offers you feedback. has good readers acting as literary agents who provide objective criticism for your work.

Types of Beta Readers

There are different, including individual and group beta readers.

1. Individual beta readers

This kind reads your written material and offers feedback individually. Simply put, they work alone to offer personal input into your work. You, therefore, submit your pages to an individual beta reader, who provides you their feedback.

The benefits of using individual ones are far-fetched to include convenience and time. Each early reader works at an individual pace and gives feedback without communicating with others. Therefore, you’ll get those useful notes faster, allowing you to go on with the writing more quickly.

2. Group beta readers

Here, a group of people working together review your written work and give feedback. This is after reaching a general consensus concerning how to make your writing better.

 A working group may slow down the writing process since each member’s opinion must be considered.  Also, organizing group meetings could be cumbersome due to absenteeism by some members. A group also tends to highlight some parts of your work, leaving out others.

However, group readers can be very beneficial as you receive varying opinions from many people. You will know which sections need improvement by assessing different people’s ideas and opinions.

-We advise you to employ both individual and group beta reading techniques to see which one works best. Once you find the best, don’t hesitate to use it.

How Many Beta Readers Do You Require?

Around three to five readers will be sufficient for your writing. This applies to both group and individual beta readers. The number is critical because fewer will mean insufficient input and range of opinions.

Working with them means you’ll get a general consensus in the group if a conflict arises. This will avoid confusion as you may otherwise feel pressured by conflicting feedback. Besides, you’ll know about the tastes and preferences of different people through the experts’ opinions.

As you may well know, too many cooks spoil the broth. This applies when you use too many readers for your manuscript. Please understand that a professional editor can’t replace good beta readers.

Where Do I Find Beta Readers?

1. You can trade with your writer pals.

If you still lack a critique group with whom you exchange drafts on occasion, get going. A writing community is very beneficial for you if you aspire to be an author. They’ll help you in the beta reading stage.

Take courses, attend conferences, or participate in online or face-to-face organizations meetings. This will connect you to other like-minded writers who’ll be delighted to be your beta readers. We know that having someone with similar interests in your circle is useful.

Remember to keep in touch with the many writers you meet on such occasions. They will walk with you through your publishing journey. What’s more, you could even become a beta reader for them!

2. Find an online writing group to join.

There are a plethora of Facebook groups to join and paid ones. It’s typical for writers to exchange manuscripts, so just post your request and inquire. You may never know who is viewing your post!

You could also visit Google communities and other online platforms to discover upcoming writers. You’ll also find sites dedicated solely to beta readers and critic groups.

3. Visit your local bookstores and coffee shops.

 Here, you’ll find people interested in books and have great literary ideas. Talk to a few of them and later ask them to become your beta readers.

4. Your family and friends could be a great source of readers.

Family and friends are bound to be biased when it comes to your interests. They may say how perfect you are without offering meaningful criticism. They are mainly free ones who are extremely valuable

However, if you find those who are blatantly honest, you could get good ones among them!

5. You may hire a professional beta

When hiring a professional, be careful because many are actually proofreaders and editors posing as beta readers. An editor is entirely different from a beta reader.

Readers are helpful because they critically analyze and think about major problems in your draft. They are as vital as they make it easier for the editor to correct some common mistakes.

-When you’re choosing beta readers, look for skilled individuals who will offer constructive criticism without bias. Group feedbacks are essential as you learn areas that need enhancement.

All you’re required to do is place an order with us. The feedback will be honest and unbiased to further improve your book quality.

Insights for Smooth Working with Beta Readers

1. Ensure that you establish the deadlines

Ensure that you are reasonable and flexible when setting the timelines. This will help them know by when their feedback is required. You’ll also give them enough time to read and analyze your manuscript.

If you’re working with a writing group, specify the timeline. If a member fails to meet the deadline, you’ll know the reliable ones. You can depend on feedback provided by readers who meet the timeline.

2. Consider the opinion of the majority of beta readers

You’ll disagree with some of the comments that come in. At times you’ll be correct. Sometimes, your opinion will find a middle-ground solution where the incorrect advice points to where the actual problem lies.

However, if you obtain the same criticism from multiple readers, be attentive. This is even when you disagree or dislike the feedback. The more you try to dispute, the more likely their feedback is correct.

They are called beta readers for a reason. Consider their input into your work.

3. Get opinions from more than one person

Through this, you’ll get a variety of perspectives to sample. You’ll decide which ones to consider and the ones to ignore. Of course, not all feedback will be helpful.

4. Be a reader for other writers too.

This is crucial as you’ll position yourself in a beta reader’s situation to know what is missing in your draft. This is returning a favor to your beta readers if they’re also writers. It creates a community of writers sharing similar ideals and opinions.

You become better at writing by offering beta reading services to others. At the same time, your career and that of other writers advances.

5. Drop problematic beta readers.

Some are only invested in destroying your reputation and discouraging you as a writer. They fail to adhere to the set feedback deadlines unapologetically and offer incorrect critiques. Some even never read your manuscript!

It’s time to replace such!

6. Compare and contrast the received feedback alongside each other.

After collecting all the beta readers’ feedback, it’s time to compare it. You’ll decide what to ignore by studying all the contradicting perspectives.

After carefully assessing the feedback, determine what you’ll apply in your piece or ignore. You’ll notice recurring themes in the comments. Using the themes, you can develop a list of the feedback the readers didn’t think of including.

7. Keep searching for beta readers

Even though your schedule is tight, don’t quit looking for more beta readers. You’ll reach maximum potential if you keep seeking more beta readers. Furthermore, getting more beta readers ensures that you have replacements if you fire others.

A peer group is crucial as you gain more experience and skills in writing.

8. A reader’s feedback should never weigh you down.

Don’t feel discouraged if some feedback appears so brutal. Take it as a learning experience to improve your writing abilities. Consider your beta writer as a coach guiding you to achieve your maximum potential.

However, not all feedback is constructive; hence you should consider ignoring it.

How we Work

Here, at, you can make your order and receive help from the best beta readers at affordable rates.

Simply communicate with our customer support and ask about beta reading services. Create an account and pay for the service. After sharing your manuscript and the questions you need to be answered, we’ll assign them to the best readers!

After completing your first draft, we’ll send it back to you. Remember it is not yet time to get your book published! You still need a professional editor to polish your work.

Our Guarantees

1. A timely delivery guarantee

Once you hire our beta readers, you won’t be disappointed. We will follow your instructions and deliver feedback within the set deadline.

2. Quality services

Our readers offer constructive criticism without bias. We don’t do it for money or pat your back.  Our aim is to ensure that your book or material is published without irregularities. Hire us today and see the difference.

3. Money-back guarantee

 What if you’re unsatisfied with the feedback you receive from our beta? Relax because you’re entitled to a refund if your bases are factual. Just request a refund, and we’ll oblige.

4. Customer-friendly support on a 24/7 basis

Contact our customer support today for help with your manuscript. We’re available to answer your questions and receive your order information at any time.

Tutorsploit is the right place if you require beta readers to work on your draft. Contact us to help with your early drafts if you need an alpha reader.

5. Unique content with zero plagiarism

Tutorsploit offers quality papers with 100% unique content. We well understand the dire consequences of plagiarized content.

Our experts use plagiarism checks to eliminate traces of plagiarism in your paper. Feel free to contact us for original content at affordable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I locate beta readers?

There are many sites to find a beta reader. Family and friends can be good and also Facebook groups. A writer’s group should be a good source of beta writers.

Also, hire a professional beta writer from reputable writing companies like Tutorsploit.

How many beta readers do I need?

You need about three to five. The number depends on your manuscript. You will need opinions from different people to test your writing abilities.

More than one beta reader will give you a wide range of critiques to choose from. Analyze each feedback and make necessary modifications to your draft.

Do beta readers replace editors?

No. Each has a unique contribution to your material. A professional editor checks your work for grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. A beta reader ensures quality control of your work.

Therefore, neither can replace the other.

What exactly do beta readers do?

They are tasked with reviewing completed manuscripts prior to publishing. The author is given feedback based on the beta reader’s perspective.

They points out what they like or dislike about your manuscript. They highlight the points which the author forgot and failed to include. The result is a compelling book communicating the intended message.

Which one should I choose between individual and group beta readers?

How about you try both and see which one works best for you? The truth is, some authors prefer one while others prefer both.

However, try using both to collect a wide range of feedback. There are benefits of working with individual ones as there are with group beta readers.

Do you have a money-back guarantee for your services?

Yes. We refund your money in case our services are unsatisfactory to you. Simply inform us of the order number, and we’ll be back to you with a refund.

Besides that, our services are pretty affordable to give you your money’s value. Unlike other writing companies, we aim to satisfy your needs without exploiting you for your money.

Who are alpha readers?

An alpha is an individual who reads your work as the first draft. They check for the text’s readability and continuity errors.

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