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At, our pricing rates range based on various factors. Technical subjects like Mathematics and Physics cost more than non-technical subjects like History. This is because of the technicality of the technical subjects.

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– Stories are a powerful medium used to influence, teach, and inspire. They help you learn as well as develop your website. This is why you need to buy stories from

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The Elements of a Story

The five essential elements of a story include the characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution.

1. Characters

The characters in the narrative are its subject. According to the guidelines, introduce the characters in the plot with adequate information for readers to picture them.

This is accomplished through thorough descriptions of a character’s physical and personality characteristics. Every narrative mostly has a protagonist and an antagonist.

The main character drives the plot and solves the problem at its heart more often than not.

However, the other characters are crucial since they provide further explanations, actions, or details. Throughout the narrative, all characters should follow the author’s descriptions, so the reader comprehends what is going on. Readers might even foresee the actions of each character.

2. The setting

The setting refers to the site of the action. The story’s environment or setting should be described in detail that the reader may visualize what it looked like.

Settings that aren’t conventional, like fantasy, can be fascinating. However, mundane settings may help readers visualize the narrative better and feel connected to the plot!

3. The plot

The story’s basic concept is the plot, which serves as the foundation for the book. A story’s beginning, middle, and conclusion must all be apparent.

Like all great stories, the plot is fascinating and keeps the reader turning pages. An exposition allows the reader to comprehend what’s going on and follow from beginning to end. The exposition introduces the characters.

4. The conflict

Every narrative must solve a given conflict. The story’s plot is based on the conflict and how the characters try to solve it. The climax occurs when the action reaches its peak, usually just before the resolution.

The conflict helps the reader apply critical thinking skills to relate to the happenings.

5. The Resolution

The resolution of the problem relies on the technique used to solve it. For instance, the writer could find a compromise for the opposing teams and, in the process, resolve the issue.

The resolution must match the rest of the narrative in tone and originality while addressing the conflict.

Qualities of a Good Story

-A good story must have an opening, a middle, and an ending.

-A story doesn’t predict the future but has an element of realism in them.

-Stories provide facts about fiction but may not be really accurate.

-A good story develops interesting characters that build the plot of the narration.

-Every good story has a conflict and climax, allowing us to read the conclusion with some bit of relieving tension.

-A good story is unpredictable and does not always end as we imagine. This helps capture the reader’s attention to the ending.

-A good story has coherence. This means that it has a defined mood, atmosphere, and tone to avoid emotional confusion within the reader.

-A god story teaches us about others and also about ourselves. Through the rich characters, you understand why people behave as they do. In the process, we acquire moral values like honesty and obedience.

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