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Proofreading services are popular aspects of academic writing. Academic editing services are used by students who want to ensure their essays and other academic works are well-written and error-free.

This service is especially helpful if English isn’t your first language, even though native English speakers still make mistakes.

Most experienced editors have college or advanced degrees and have been trained in the appropriate academic writing formats. This makes them an excellent choice for proofreading any academic work.

Tutorsploit boasts some of the most qualified professional editors ready to edit your paper and help you get your dream grade.

Why do you need essay proofreading services?

Academic papers contribute a great deal to your overall grades. Editing your essay or seeking help from your peers are valid options. However, experts go the extra mile in helping you to put your best foot forward in your academic writing. The following are some of the benefits of seeking proofreading essay services.

  • Professional editors help students refine their work in ways they or their peers wouldn’t. Editors are not afraid to take risks with their revisions. They do thorough edits, looking for ways to help you strengthen your arguments or make your writing flow more smoothly.
  • Professional proofreading services can point out any mistakes in citations, grammar, or punctuation. They will also ensure that the formatting is correct and consistent throughout your paper.
  • Professional editors will help you uncover your voice. They will help you put together the best argument possible by helping you find the most compelling evidence. They also eliminate unnecessary details.
  • Knowing that an expert is handling your paper gives you more confidence in the work you finally submit for grading.
  • Professionals will save your time. Because they are highly skilled, editors can proofread your work much faster than you can.

The types of essays we proofread

Our editing service team edits and proofreads all types of essays, some of which include:

• College application
• Scholarship
• Personal
• Professional
• Academic
• Argumentative
• Discussion
• Narrative
• Response

College application essays/Admission essays

A college application essay is one of the components that go into the decision to admit you to a specific college. Sometimes, students don’t get accepted because their essays lack substance or have grammatical errors. This is more common among international students who write in English as a second language.

Essay for scholarship

Scholarship essays are another type of academic writing that might need proofreading services, such as those offered at Applicants who want to win scholarships must write well-crafted essays about their personal or professional goals and why they deserve the funds.

Personal essays

Many students find it challenging to express themselves in writing. An essay is a great way to learn how to analyze issues, make persuasive arguments, write clearly, use persuasive language, and think critically. Personal essays are, therefore, very important tools for self-development.

Professional essays

Professionals who don’t have degrees or training in research and writing might need help with their work. This category includes medical researchers, businesspeople, journalists, and government officials whose work demands well-written texts free of errors.

Academic essays

These essays are written based on the formal guidelines of a certain academic institution or discipline. For example, biology has its unique writing style and formatting rules; therefore, students who want to excel in this field might need essay proofreading services to improve their grades.

Argumentative essays

The goal of argumentative essays is to present a logical argument and back it up with evidence. These essays are written in reaction to social issues, current events, and problems such as oppression or inequality.

Discussion essays

Discussion essays are sometimes referred to as descriptive essays. They explain something in detail and include explanations, examples, analyses, paraphrases, summaries, or quotations to support their claims.

Narrative essays

A narrative essay tells a story through vivid details. The writer describes an experience that affected them personally or professionally. They can also offer advice to their audience based on their personal or professional experience.

Response essays

In response essays, writers give a reaction to something they read or saw. They might offer comments or questions to help the audience engage with the information more actively and form their own opinions.

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Here’s the catch!

We offer bonuses to our esteemed customers over and above our great pricing, editing, and proofreading services. We’ll provide the following free of charge:

• A title page
• A bibliography page
• Formatting services

We also have a secure payment system and 24-hour support to receive and respond to all your queries in real-time.

Our turn-around times(TOTs) range from four hours to seven days. These rates depend on the much you’re able and willing to spend on our proofreading and editing services. The lower the TOT, the higher the price, and vice versa.

Any Guarantees?

Sure. By entrusting us with your paper, you enjoy the following guarantees:

• Plagiarism-free content
• Top-notch quality
• Unlimited revisions
• Anonymity
• Money-back policy

Our proofreading and essay editing services

In our essay editing and proofreading process, we check the following:


Grammatical errors leave a bad taste in the reader’s mouth and often decrease the value of your work. Our editors check your paper and fix any errors they find, ensuring that it is free of any grammatical issues before sending it back to you.


Incorrect spelling is a thorn in the side of any academic writer. Nobody wants to see their name in print with a misspelled word, and nobody should have to! Our editors will make sure your essay is spick-and-span by checking for incorrect spellings and making corrections.


In written form, punctuation can make or break your paper. That’s why it’s essential to check for correct punctuation. Also, ensure that all sentences are properly structured and written with an appropriate level of complexity.

We go through every detail of your essay, checking for incorrect punctuations, misuse of commas, possessive apostrophes, subject-verb agreement, and more.


An essay that is poorly organized is often confusing and difficult to follow. Our editors check your paper, ensuring that it is well-structured, follows a logical flow of thought, and includes the appropriate level of detail for each section.

The organization of the essay is also checked regarding headings, subheadings, correct indentation, and bullet points.

Language usage

Language usage errors often slip into students’ work, and it’s important to weed them out before your paper reaches its final form. This is why we check your essay for any spelling mistakes related to the use of homonyms (e.g., there vs. their vs. they’re). We also check correct usages of pronouns, possessive verbs, and capitalization of titles.


Every essay has to be 100% original; otherwise, the student faces serious consequences, especially in academia. This is why our editors check your paper for any signs of plagiarism using in-house and third-party anti-plagiarism software. Copyright issues are taken seriously at our editing company, so we never reuse or resell papers.

Subject-specific checking

Essays can be written on different subject matters, so it’s inevitable that the terminology will vary accordingly. Our essay proofreading service has access to an extensive database of major subjects—it ensures that your essay is 100% free of any errors related to the subject matter.

Our editors check for correct subject-specific terminology using various resources. These resources include academic databases, glossaries, major publications, and scientific journals.

Logical consistency

Transitions between paragraphs and sentences can be tricky to get right. Our professional editors will look at your essay, ensuring that the logical flow of thought is smooth. They also ensure that all sentences are properly structured.


Your work’s overall style or ‘voice’ can have a huge impact on how a reader perceives it. We ensure that your paper is written in the appropriate tone. We do this by checking for word choice, sentence length and structure, and punctuation use.


It’s important to check all required formatting for any essay or academic work you do, such as font type and size, margins, line spacing, and more. Even if you use a word processor to write your essay, it’s important to have another set of eyes look over your draft.

Sentence structures

Ensuring that your sentences are properly constructed is another key element of our editing process. We go over every sentence in your work to make sure it flows logically and doesn’t include unnecessary words or phrases.


Breaking up long pieces of writing into small, manageable paragraphs will help readers digest information more easily. We check the flow of your writing, ensuring that an appropriate transition to the next follows each sentence.

Word choice

The words you choose can say a lot about what you’re trying to convey in your paper. It’s important to select the most accurate and precise words with which to communicate your ideas. Our editors go over every aspect of your paper to ensure that your word choice is logical and appropriate.

Quantity of information

It’s essential to provide sufficient detail in any academic work, but it’s equally important not to give too much or too little information about the topic at hand. Our proofreaders check your paper, ensuring you have included enough information for each part of your argument.

Consistency of tense

In any piece of writing, it’s important to establish a single tense and stick with it throughout the entire work. We ensure that your paper is free from errors relating to shifting tenses so you can be sure your meaning is communicated as clearly as possible.

Source citations accuracy

Accurate referencing is essential in any academic work. The editors check your paper for any missing or incorrect information. They will ensure that you have cited your sources where necessary and followed all instructions provided for citations by your professor.


It can be difficult to strike a balance between being too concise and providing too much information. Proofreaders go over your paper, checking for wordiness or unnecessary detail to shorten sections where appropriate.

Word count

Knowing precisely where to stop writing is one of the most difficult aspects of academic writing. We check your paper for sufficient detail and logical progression so you can be confident that your point has been made without exhausting your reader.


Lastly, we go through every line of your essay to ensure that it’s written and free of any spelling or grammatical errors. We check that your words flow together in a way that makes sense and is easy to read. These efforts make our editing services an invaluable resource for any student who wants their writing to be perfect.

Constructive feedback

Our editors will provide you with feedback on your writing style and suggest ways of improving as an academic writer. They will highlight any areas that need improvement, helping you learn how to avoid common mistakes in the future.

A track changes document will also be available for you to see what was corrected and why. You’ll also receive some writing tips to help you navigate your other essay writing assignments.

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Proofreading is most useful when students write their work but want an extra set of eyes to ensure they’re on the right track. Our editors carefully go through every detail of your essay to give you the best suggestions for improvement.

At Tutorsploit, we are committed to creating unique content for each client. We do not reuse any work. Our team of professionals is very meticulous about proofreading each document.

Our main goal is to help students who are having trouble with their college assignments. With an academic writing background and handy experience, our editors know exactly what it takes to make your paper the best it can be.

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