Top 100 research Topics in Nursing for 2021

Top 100 Research Topics in Nursing for 2021


Deciding on a specific topic of study is the first step to writing a great research paper. The subject determines the length, depth, and direction of your work.

For you to avoid wandering all over the place as you write or getting stuck midway, choose your subject of study satisfactorily. There are a few rules and guidelines to picking a great research paper topic. However, in case you wish to skip this guide due to reasons such as a busy schedule, our top nursing writers are ready to step in, select the best topic for you, and complete your nursing assignment. All you need to do is place an order with us!

How to Choose A Nursing Research Topic

Below are the main points to consider when deciding on your nursing research paper topic:

What Makes You Tick? For you to have a seamless research experience, you need to study what you love. If a topic doesn’t interest you, it’s most likely that your target audience won’t find it interesting either. You will also not be passionate about a topic that you don’t like.

Be Focused. When choosing your study subject, go for one that is not too broad. You need a streamlined line of thought as you write your paper. A topic that is neither here nor there will make it impossible for you to carry out significant research.

Consider What’s Trending. Healthcare has dramatically evolved over the last ten years. Also, technology has made it difficult for things to remain the same for a long time. There’s always something new happening. Keep up with the trends to make your research more relevant.

Consider Your Area of Specialization. If you’re a college student, it’s expected and required to research your specialty. This way, your study will be relevant so that you don’t lose your points. You can always find interesting topic ideas that fit your area of specialization.

Don’t Copy Others. Researching includes reading what others have done before so that you can build a strong foundation for study. However, duplication waters down your work. Try to be unique in your choice of topic. Identify the main gaps in previous studies, then produce a masterpiece study.

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Outstanding 100 Nursing Research Topics To Study in 2021

Nursing is broad, and this makes the process of choosing a suitable topic more hectic. Many students find themselves in this dilemma, wondering about the direction that their studies should take. If you need help in brainstorming ideas, the list below will be of help.

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

In the recent past, mental health has received special attention worldwide. The number of people dealing with mental illnesses has worrisomely gone up.

Nursing students will do well to conduct detailed studies on the subject. Below are some nursing research paper topics on mental health to explore:

  1. What are the main signs and symptoms of borderline personality? Can early interventions prevent extreme behaviours?
  2. Discuss the reasons behind the increasing cases of anxiety disorder patients. What measures can be taken to improve the situation?
  3. Explain how nurses can use aromatherapy to manage stress and depression and discuss the effectiveness of this kind of treatment.
  4. Is there a correlation between substance abuse and childhood traumas? If yes, to what extent does the latter influence the former?
  5. Discuss the nursing ethical standards that apply in treating patients with depression. Are the guidelines applicable to the nurse and patient?
  6. What kinds of treatments are given to dementia patients in their early stages of the disease?
  7. Explain the difficulties nurses face when dealing with mental health conditions and what health practitioners can do to deal with the challenges.
  8. Discuss the role of nurses in managing psychological disorders and the gaps identified in the nursing profession regarding the same.
  9. What are some of the emergency measures that can caregivers take to help suicidal patients resort to self-harm?
  10. Stress and depression are the most common disorders among the police forces. Discuss

Top Nursing Research Topics on Elderly Care

Health care services for the elderly are among the most necessary in society. Just like babies, older people need constant healthcare.

Doing in-depth research on how to deliver these services is of the essence. Below are some of the best research topic ideas for nursing college students:

  1. How can health care practitioners identify Restless Legs Syndrome, and what are some early treatment procedures?
  2. Discuss the procedures applied in taking care of aged patients who have joint disorders
  3. What is the universal nurses’ code for taking care of dying patients?
  4. Explain how people can prevent bladder cancer and take care of the aged patients suffering from the same.
  5. Malnutrition is one of the most common causes of death among the old. Discuss
  6. What are the common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and the measures can ageing individuals take to reduce the impact of the disease?
  7. Discuss the measures that nurses taking care of elderly patients can observe to prevent stroke in their patients.
  8. Explain the attributes that every nurse should possess to effectively take care of the old who need critical patient care.
  9. What are the early symptoms of aging senses, and what treatment can be applied to reduce the rate of losing those senses?
  10. Discuss the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in elderly patients and how to lessen the impact of the disease.

Engaging Obstetric Nursing Research Topics

Research papers topics on maternal health are worthy of every nursing student’s time. They are relevant and engaging in every sense. Below are the top ten topic ideas for your nursing research paper:

  1. Discuss the main risks associated with advanced age pregnancies and the measures that help in managing the challenges.
  2. How does breastfeeding for HIV-positive mothers affect the rate of mother-to-child infections?
  3. Explain the natural methods that new mother can use to manage pain during labour and delivery
  4. Pregnant women can avoid episiotomy if they adequately exercise during pregnancy. Discuss
  5. Discuss the dangers associated with epidural and how doctors can alleviate the risks involved in the procedure
  6. How practical are new mothers’ workshops, and at what stage should one start attending them?
  7. Is it okay for one to eat whatever they like or crave during the first trimester, even if it’s unhealthy?
  8. Discuss the most common causes of miscarriages in the third trimester and the professional measures to ensure safety
  9. How often should one check their blood sugar levels during pregnancy?
  10. Those who practice yoga during pregnancy are more likely to have a smooth delivery. Discuss

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Researchable Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Quality healthcare services for children are no doubt essential. Conducting detailed pediatric nursing research will be a boost to the healthcare community. The following are some good nursing research topics ideas for your research paper:

  1. Discuss the leading causes of child obesity and how the role of parents in preventing the same
  2. What is the long-term effect of prolonged seizures in children?
  3. Explain the measures that nurses can take to prevent injury to infants during delivery.
  4. Discuss the common causes of colds in children and natural methods of prevention and treatment.
  5. What causes antibiotic resistance in kids, and how should caregivers deal with such situations?
  6. How long should premature babies stay in the hospital, and does the parent have a right to demand discharge even when the nurses feel otherwise?
  7. Neonatal healthcare is the most delicate and hectic facet of the nursing profession. Discuss
  8. Explain how premature births affect children as they grow up. Do all babies born prematurely struggle with health issues throughout their lives?
  9. Discuss the most common causes of infant mortality and what can be done to keep the numbers minimal.
  10. Explain how neonatal care has evolved over the last twenty years and how this involvement has affected infant mortality rates.

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Research Topics On The Nursing Career

There are many nursing research topics that you can study regarding this broad profession. The following are some of the best ideas for your nursing research paper:

  1. What measures should every nurse take to manage their stress and anxiety levels in the line of duty?
  2. Discuss the expected ethical practices for nurses dealing with mental health patients
  3. What are some of the issues that health workers encounter in the course of their work?
  4. Explain to what extent a nurse is liable when a doctor makes a wrong prescription to a patient.
  5. Is a nurse allowed to prescribe medication to a patient when the doctor is unavailable?
  6. Discuss the legal issues nurses face in your country and how each of those issues affects the nursing career.
  7. Are therapies suitable forms of treatment for nurses experiencing mental stress?
  8. What challenges do nurses face during night shifts, and what should be done to improve their experience?
  9. Discuss the regulations that govern task allocation to nursing students during their practical sessions
  10. What are the main facets of the nursing profession, and how are they interrelated?

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Great Pain Management Nursing Research Topics

Do you need help with nursing research topic ideas? The list below has some topic suggestions you can consider for your pain management paper:

  1. Explain what is meant by pain limits analysis and how it is used in pain management for cancer patients
  2. Discuss the most common causes of chronic headaches and how patients can manage them to live a less dramatic life.
  3. What are some of the tested and effective natural remedies for abdominal pains in children?
  4. Analyze the pros and cons of using therapeutic injections and how other treatment methods can manage pain.
  5. How should pain management be approached in cancer patients?
  6. Elderly patients are more likely to benefit from physiotherapy than pain medications. Discuss
  7. Explain the use of psychological management to treat chronic illness patients and how effective it is
  8. What are some of the modern trends for pain management that all nursing students should be aware of and master their application?
  9. Pain management medication should only be used when the patient has tried all other remedies in vain. Discuss
  10. Analyze the main kids-friendly pain management therapies that are used on children to deal with post-surgery pain.
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Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Choosing a suitable topic for your thesis can be time-consuming. Finding a reliable source of nursing research topics will save you tons of time and energy.

You need several options to consider before you settle on the one that makes you tick. Below is a list of top quantitative nursing research topics that you can study:

  1. The mean age of substance abuse patients and the implications of the statistics
  2. Number of aged cancer victims who have no access to modern treatment
  3. Statistics to show the mean age of depression patients who resort to self-harm
  4. The number of people going for free medical camps versus those visiting paid camps
  5. Most reported causes of acne breakouts in teenagers and the most effective treatments
  6. What is the best natural remedy for high blood pressure?
  7. Healthcare expenses in public hospitals versus the government allocated budget.
  8. The number of toddlers who have missed more than two childhood vaccines
  9. The rate of alcohol-induced stroke among civil servants’ retirees
  10. How effective are correction facilities gauged the rate and sustenance of reformations?

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Great Ideas for Adult Nursing Research Paper Topics

Adult research topics for nursing are not hard to find. All you need is to identify the best sources and launch your search for interesting topics in nursing.

In the lists below, you will find several good topics for research papers that you can consider for your study:

  1. Explain the challenges faced by mental specialists when dealing with adults and how to smoothen the treatment procedures.
  2. Discuss the significant causes of anxiety in adults and how to manage the symptoms without medication.
  3. What are the preventive measures that adults should take to keep their blood pressure at the normal range?
  4. Explain the causes of migraines in adults and the most effective treatment
  5. How to avoid fractures and other bone injuries
  6. Chronic acidity is a common problem facing adults today. What are the possible causes?
  7. Should adults be worried about chest pains even if they occur once in a while?
  8. Discuss the most common mental health issues in adults and the causes
  9. Are bipolar disorder symptoms more severe in adults than in young people?
  10. Explain the process of drug abuse rehabilitation for adults and how it can be made more effective

Nursing Research Topics on Women’s Health

Do you believe that women’s health deserves special attention? Below are some good nursing research topics to consider:

  1. Discuss premenstrual syndrome and the emotional symptoms associated with it. What can women do to manage the symptoms and avoid extremities?
  2. What are the leading causes of osteoporosis in middle-aged women? How can the impact of the disease be lessened?
  3. Mothers who have lost fetuses need special care to keep them from depression. How can nurses follow up on such patients to ensure full recovery?
  4. Analyze the leading causes of acne in women and the most effective methods of treatment.
  5. Proper diet and regular exercise can increase the chances of conception. Discuss
  6. Explain the measures against sexually transmitted diseases that young women should observe
  7. Are severe period cramps a sure symptom of endometriosis?
  8. What are the early indications of breast cancer, and how can women self-examine themselves to identify the symptoms?
  9. Early puberty is one of the most common causes of stress and depression in young girls. Discuss
  10. Are teenage abortions among the causes of infertility in women within the child-bearing age bracket?

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Trending Nursing Research topics for Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice research takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. However, the fulfillment that comes with conducting a successful study is incredible.

To make your work more manageable, the following are some of the ideas that you can look into for your thesis:

  1. The effectiveness of nursing services offered at home
  2. Using acupuncture to treat chronic headaches in the place of drugs
  3. The best natural treatment for aged patients living with diabetes
  4. A comparison of the mortality rate between active and less active heart patients
  5. Use of aromatherapy to relieve pain and anxiety in women during labour
  6. Exercising to reduce muscle pain for cancer patients
  7. The effect of female health workers’ shortage in hospitals
  8. How effective is Botulinum injection in managing restless legs syndrome?
  9. Comparing infant mortality rates now and five years ago
  10. Use of herbs to induce labour

Conducting nursing research can be quite tasking. You will need to spend several days gathering materials and information before you can put together a paper.

The faster you identify a good topic for your research, the safer you will be. Consider the ideas listed above to kick start your search for a nursing research topic. You can also let your peers in psychology know that we have a list of topics for them too. Lastly, in case you prefer that our top nursing writers handle your assignment instead, click the “Do my Nursing Assignment” button below and follow the simple steps.

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