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Are you a law student looking for someone to help with your legal writing assignments? Are you a practicing lawyer who could use some help getting your thoughts down on paper? If so, then you may be interested in hiring a legal writer.

Legal writers can help you draft pleadings, memoranda of law, and other legal documents. They can also help you organize your thoughts and ideas into a well-written document. However, before you hire a legal writer, it is important to know where to find them and understand what they can and cannot do.

This blog post will discuss the services that legal writers offer and find a legal writer who can help you.

Where to Find Legal Writers

The first thing that you should know is that a legal writer is not the same as a law clerk or paralegal. Although they work for lawyers, legal writers are independent contractors rather than employees.

Visit, a site that offers a wide range of writing services, including legal writing. Our writers are experienced in various legal writing styles, including persuasive writing, academic writing, and legal drafting.

Legal Writing Services@ Tutorsploit

Legal writers do not offer legal advice! A legal writer cannot give you a personalized answer to a specific legal question. Instead, they can serve as your writing coach and help you organize your thoughts so that you can draft a well-written document. Here are some of the services that our top legal writers will provide for you:

Drafting pleadings:

Our writers can help you write complaints, counterclaims, and answers to complaints. They can also write motions for summary judgment or other dispositive motions. They will take complex topics and make them easy to understand for the non-lawyer reader.

Writing memoranda of law:

A memorandum of law is a legal document that summarizes the facts and law in a particular case. Our legal writers can help you write memoranda that analyze legal issues and set out your legal reasoning.

Legal analysis:

Our legal writers can help you perform a legal analysis of a case or statute. They are familiar with the legal terms and format of various legal documents. If you are struggling to draft a complaint or brief, our writers can offer sound advice on how to proceed.

Drafting legal memos:

We can draft procedural memoranda that outline strategies for litigation or strategy in a negotiation. We can also help with transactional memos, setting out proposed agreements between parties.

Drafting demand letters:

Our Legal writers will help you draft letters to the opposing counsel, describing demands for negotiation and explaining your legal position in the dispute.

 Reviewing contracts:

We can go through a contract with you and find any spelling or grammatical errors that may have slipped by you. Our team can also mark up a contract explaining the legal significance of a certain language.

Drafting appellate briefs:

We will help you organize and draft your appellate brief, which outlines the facts and arguments in an appeal to a higher court. We can also offer feedback on appeals written by other lawyers or law students.

Writing letters of opinion:

Lawyers may need to draft a letter of opinion for an existing client, explaining how the law applies to his or her situation. Demand letters sent to opposing counsel also often require explaining and analyzing the applicable law and facts. Our writers can help with these letters.

Help with legal writing courses or CLEs:

Our experienced legal writer can help you improve your writing skills, whether through online courses or in-person classes offered by law schools and continuing legal education programs.

If you are a practicing attorney, they may be able to assist you in completing continuing legal education credits required for license renewal.

Researching legal topics:

Our writers can assist with legal research for various purposes, including doing preliminary research on an issue that might be addressed in litigation or negotiation.

If you need evidence to support your argument, we can help you find the information you are looking for.

Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of different sources of law and can quickly find relevant case law or statutes, depending on what you are researching.

Writing legal newsletters or articles:

Our writers can help you write articles or newsletters on legal topics that might be of interest to your clients or colleagues.

Creating legal blogs:

If you would like to start a blog on legal topics, our writers can help you get started and provide regular content for your blog.

Proofreading and editing legal writing: Our team can help you proofread and edit your legal documents for accuracy and compliance with court rules and style guides.

Content creation for a law firm’s website

If you have your own blog for your law firm and looking for someone to produce content for it, we can help. We create articles, white papers, blog posts, and other types of content that will help potential clients learn about your firm and the services you offer.

Our writers will create SEO content to help you rank higher in search engines.

Social Media Management

Legal writers can also assist with social media management for your law firm. They can help you create and post content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms and help you track the success of your social media campaigns. Our writers can handle many topics related to law, including personal injury, family law, estate planning, criminal law, corporate law, real estate law, and more.

We offer small businesses, attorneys, law firms, legal aid societies, government agencies, law schools, and private solo practitioners. Most of our writers are native English speakers with strong research skills and can assist you with any topic related to the law.

Why You Should Hire Us

Professional writers:

Our team comprises professional and experienced writers who majored in legal writing or an equivalent program. They have years of experience helping lawyers write well-written documents. They hold advanced law degrees and have written for law journals, legal newspapers, and other publications.

Flexible services:

We can work with you on a one-time or ongoing basis, as your needs require.

Affordable rates:

Our rates are competitive, and we offer discounts for bulk orders.

Original content

The writer will also ensure that the content is original and will not be plagiarized. They will cite all of their sources properly and not copy any content from other sources.

Timely Delivery

Our experienced writers have a history of meeting deadlines. You can expect to receive your legal document on time or even earlier.

Ethical and professional writers

The writer you hire should have an excellent reputation for being ethical, honest, and professional. Our writers maintain confidentiality and treat all clients with respect.

Quality Work

You can also expect high-quality work from a professional writer. They will take the time to research the topic and gather information before drafting the document. They will create engaging and persuasive content free of any grammatical or legal errors.

Call us (+1) 406 924 4659. We will help you choose the right person for the job.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Legal Writer?

The price will depend on the specific project you want us to work on. We offer an affordable flat rate. We also provide discounts to clients who need large orders completed. Our rates are dependent on several factors:

• The number of pages or words the document contains

• The level of difficulty or complexity of the project

• The urgency with which the project must be completed

Contact us for a free quote. Call (+1) 406 924 4659 or fill the order form on our website. Please provide us with all of the details for your project to receive an accurate quote ASAP.

What Legal Writers Cannot Do

Therefore, legal writers are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should consult with an attorney. Legal writers can only help you with the writing component of your legal case or transaction.

Hire Freelancers -Legal Writer

Legal writing is a challenging field. There are many different legal formats, and specialized vocabulary can be difficult for some writers.

The need to produce quality work on time has led many law firms, corporations, and government agencies to seek help from freelance legal writers for hire.

These freelancers offer their services at rates that are affordable and pocket friendly.

Tutorsploit legal writing service is an affordable and convenient way to help with all your legal writing needs. We can help you with anything from creating a legal brief to writing a blog post about the latest Supreme Court decision.

Legal writing requires a wide range of knowledge and skills. A good legal writer will be proficient in many areas, including legal terminology, citation rules (e.g., APA, Bluebook), the writing process, persuasive techniques, and other writing skills.

That is exactly what you get with our freelancers.  Call us (+1) 406 924 4659. Let us know what legal writing help you need. We are available 24/7.

Writing Case Summaries:

Legal writers can also help you summarize legal cases. This is a critical skill for law students and lawyers who need to keep up with the latest case law developments.

Your case summaries will be well written when you work with a professional writer. A good legal writer has excellent grammar and editing skills.

Most lawyers do not have the time to edit their work, and a legal writer can help you catch mistakes before they are made public. A good legal writer will also format your document according to the applicable style guide.

Legal Writing Help

Legal writing is different than other forms of writing. Unlike in an academic paper, where the thesis statement can be found near the beginning of your work, a lawyer’s claim or defense should be stated in the first paragraph of the document. Our writers can help you learn the proper format and style for legal writing.

By outsourcing your legal writing tasks to an experienced professional, you can focus on the more important aspects of your case. Check out our website to find the perfect legal writer for your needs.

Legal writing is a specialized skill, and many lawyers need help with their legal documents. When an attorney needs help, they often turn to a freelance law writer for hire.

Our writers have the expertise required to write quality legal content, whether a brief or a blog post, a contract, or an affidavit. Since their background is in law, they understand legal terms and how to communicate ideas effectively. They have the ability to use the appropriate language and format.

Freelance Legal Writer Services

An attorney is only as good as the quality of his writing. While these professionals likely have many years of experience that help them win cases, they often need to hire someone who can quickly and accurately draft important documents for their clients.

Hire a freelance writer to take the burden of legal writing off your shoulders.

Law Writers

As the legal field grows with an ever-expanding range of subfields, more lawyers are needed within the profession. There is also a growing need for companies to help with drafting documents like contracts, briefs, and memoranda.

The legal industry has changed immensely over recent years as technology advances have enabled new ways of solving legal problems.

Technical Writing:

Apart from writing law content, we can also help you with your technical writing needs. We can create user manuals, policy and procedure manuals, and other technical documents.

Call us on (+1) 406 924 4659 or send us an email at Let us know your job description, and we will be happy to work with you!


Content Marketing

We help companies and individual professionals expand their client base through effective content marketing campaigns.

Legal Writer Job

Legal writing is a profession where individuals specialize in the craft of legal drafting, which includes contracts and other business transactions. Law firms often hire legal writers to draft their company’s agreements and contract language.

Often, these professionals will be required to work with attorneys who create legislation and case law that can affect businesses and their operations.

Qualifications to Work with Tutorsploit as a Legal Writer

You need to have a bachelor’s degree in law, at least two years of legal experience, and excellent writing skills. You need extensive knowledge of how the law works.

We continue education courses or seminars related to legal writing to provide our clients with high-quality assistance. 

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The Tutorsploit Team (Legal Writing Services)

Remember that legal writers are not substitutes for lawyers. They cannot give legal advice or represent you in court. They can, however, help you draft pleadings and other legal documents.


A Legal writer is a person employed to draft legal documents. They are employed in law firms, corporate legal departments and may work independently. The term legal document includes all the written outputs of the legal department, including letters, contracts, pleadings, memoranda, etc.

Legal writers can find employment in a variety of places. They may work in law firms, corporate legal departments, government legal offices, or self-employed consultants.

Only a legal professional can write up legal documents. A legal writer drafts these documents, ensuring they are clear and concise.

The cost to hire a legal writer varies depending on the type of document the writer is creating. The experience and qualifications of the writer also have an impact on cost.

To write legal documents, you must be a qualified lawyer with extensive knowledge of law works. You must also have excellent writing skills.

Upon hiring a legal writer, you will need to provide them with all the necessary information to complete the document. This may include case law, specific legal language, and other relevant information.

Once they have all the information they need, it should take a few days for the writer to complete the document. Give them your deadline, and they will work to meet it.

Fill the order form on our website ( and provide specific instructions about the kind of help you need.  Our experts will then review your order and select the best writer for the job.

Visit our website for a sample writer’s contract. If you do not get exactly what you are looking for, please call us at (+1) 406 924 4659. We will be happy to help you ASAP.

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