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Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of taking the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)? Do you feel like you need some extra help with graduate school to get practice exams for that important test? Fear not! An online tutoring its a great way to improve your score by working with a GRE tutor.


A taught algebra by a tutor can help you strengthen your skills and give you personalized feedback on your progress during prep courses. In addition, a gre instructor tutor can help you practice exams test-taking strategies that will optimize your performance on the exam during their act prep.

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Develop Test-Taking Strategies

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With our GRE expert tutors, tutoring students can get help with anything related to the GRE, including test preparation, strategy development, review of exam content, and advice on how to score higher on practice tests.

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Get assistance from a Verified GRE Tutor

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All of the tutors on the site are screened and reviewed by their former clients. This ensures that you work with a tutor who has your best interests in mind and who will provide helpful feedback to ensure your success on the GRE.

Improve your Time Management

Time management

Our tutors will help you manage your time, focus on your weaknesses, and give you the tools you need to improve your GRE scores.  

Work One-on-one with a Private GRE Tutor

Private tutoring

Our focused, one-on-one training sessions consist of a personalized approach to your test preparation. Our tutors will get to know you and work out a plan to help you achieve your goals.

This method ensures that the lessons are customized for you, and you receive maximum benefits from each session. For more information regarding our GRE tutor services, please contact us today.

GRE Test Practice

Tutorsploit GRE tutors will help you learn the ins and outs of the test give you practice GRE test. They will help you develop test-taking strategies that will optimize your performance on the exam.

Expert GRE Tutors

Expert tutor

Get tutored by the best GRE tutors in the world. Our tutors first complete thorough training in their subjects and test preparation. They then pass comprehensive exams to be certified by the company.

As a result, we ensure that our tutors have the bachelors degree and skills to help you succeed. In addition, our tutors are all professionals and try to treat their clients as such, with respect and patience.

Teaching Experience

With over a decade of experience, has helped thousands of undergraduate degree students achieve their desired scores on the GRE. We are committed to helping you do the same at sat prep.

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Boost Your Confidence

Many test takers are apprehensive about the GRE. Our expert tutors understand this and will help you gain confidence in your ability to ace the exam. They will help improve student progress in math,  grammar, and reading comprehension skills.

In addition, they will help you learn how to handle the test taking format and avoid common mistakes that can hurt your score in graduate programs.

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Our GRE Test Prep Tutoring Program

This is what we do.

Grey test prep program

GRE General Test Includes topics from the following sections:

Analytical Writing:

Analytical writing

One section of a sample Analytical Writing Prompt provided by ETS.

Verbal Reasoning sections:

Approximately 40 princeton review questions to test your ability to understand the relationships between words and word elements.

Quantitative Reasoning:

Approximately 40 questions test your ability to solve problems using mathematics, some of which involve multiple steps.


Private Tutoring GRE Math

Our GRE math prep covers all areas, including calculus, algebra, geometry, statistics, among others. The GRE quantitative reasoning section is designed to test your understanding of basic concepts and operations. Below we have mentioned the various topics covered:

Problem Solving – Basic Math:

Basic math

Approximately 20-25 questions testing your ability to algebraically and conceptually solve problems using arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation.

Examples of Problem Solving topics:

Linear Equations, Exponents & Roots, Integer Manipulation, Systems of Equations, Percents, Proportions, Ratio, Proportion, Mean, Median and Mode.

Problem Solving – Word Problems:

Word problems

Approximately ten questions testing your ability to solve problems using arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation.

Examples of Problem Solving topics:

  • Triangles and Polygons,
  • 3-Dimensional Figures,
  • Probability and combinations,
  • Percents and Proportions,
  • Area and Volume.

Quantitative Comparison:

Approximately ten questions testing your ability to compare two quantities.

Word Problems:

Approximately ten questions testing your ability to solve problems using arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation.

Our GRE math tutor will teach essential concepts in algebra and functions that you will need for the GRE test. They can also solve problems using appropriate reasoning and math concepts which is a plus point if you want to get higher scores in this section.

We encourage test-takers preparing to take standardized exams to do early GRE preparation and avoid last-minute cramming. Graduate students are constantly bombarded with new concepts and information that must be learned.

Studying throughout the semester allows students to retain more information long-term, preparing them for exams.

As most grading scales are curved, they will not affect your final grade at the end of the semester. If you choose to take the test while preparing for your exam, we recommend you to take practice tests, and attempting test questions will help you better prepare. is the one-stop shop that allows students to work under experienced tutors to reach their target GRE score.


Private Tutoring GRE Verbal

Private verbal tutoring

The GRE Verbal Reasoning section is designed to test your understanding of the meanings of words. Below, we have mentioned the various topics covered:

  • Antonyms: Approximately ten questions test your ability to identify words with meaning that is the exact opposite of other words.
  • Analogies: Approximately ten questions testing your ability to understand relationships between words and their meanings.
  • Sentence Completions: Approximately 15 questions testing your ability to choose a word that best completes a sentence based on a standard was written English Language usage.
  • Reading Comprehension: Approximately 20 questions testing your ability to understand a passage and answer questions about it.

Private Tutoring GRE Vocabulary


Our expert tutors will not only train you how to solve GRE Math, Verbal Reasoning & Reading Comprehension problems, but they will also teach you the best way to use vocabulary words required for these sections.

 Regularly practicing vocabulary terms with our tutors will improve your overall English vocabulary and GRE score.

Tutoring GRE-Chemistry Tutor

A chemistry tutor

To be eligible for graduate school, a student must pass various hurdle exams. These tests test the students’ skills in different subjects, and they also help measure their scores before they can appear for real GRE-MCAT or other exams.

In this context, one of these hurdle exams during the final year is the GRE-Chemistry Test. This is a test that the student can take to get into an MS or Ph.D. program.

Topics covered:

Analytical chemistry:

Analytical chemistry
  • Data acquisition and interpretation,
  • Interpreting scientific information,
  • Analyzing chemical/physical data
  • Heterogeneous equilibria
  • Effusion and deposition
  • Colligative properties of impure solids
  • Radiochemical analysis
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Acid-base equilibria
  • Titrations (acid-strong solid base, strong acid -weak base, weak acid-strong base)
  • Complexometric titrations
  • Coulometry (use of coulombic efficiency to determine the number of electrons transferred in a redox reaction)
  • Chelometry (use of molar absorptivities to determine the number of electrons transferred in a redox reaction)
  • Molarity and Molality
  • Aqueous equilibria: K sp, Kw, Ka1Ka2

GRE Test Prep-Chemistry

Our GRE tutors will offer you sessions in an individual setting where they will ask you about your current score and strengths. From there, they will help practice complex concepts that could be hampering your GRE score.

Our students find that this makes their learning experience even more effective by focusing on the concepts they need to improve.

Inorganic chemistry:

Inorganic chemistry
  • Nomenclature of inorganic compounds-Nuclear chemistry-Chemistry of the elements and their isotopes.
  • Ion substances in aqueous solution
  • Electrochemistry
  • covalent molecular orbitals
  • ionic molecular orbitals
  • Molecular geometry of simple, trigonal, and tetrahedral molecules
  • Quantities of reactants and products at equilibrium
  • Precipitation reactions
  • Acid-base equilibria in aqueous solutions
  • Electrolytic conductivity of acids, bases, and salts in an aqueous solution
  • Aqueous equilibria: K sp, Kw, Ka1Ka2
  • Ionic and ionic-molecular compounds: Ionic solids; Melting and boiling points; Structure of solids; Coordination number (CN), radius ratio, and coordination geometry of ions and simple molecules
  • Chemical bonding in molecules and ionic compounds
  • Van der Waals forces between nonpolar molecules
  • Ligand field theory: Crystal Field Theory (CFT); Chemical bonding and the crystal structures of complex ions (homonuclear and heteronuclear)

Physical Chemistry:

Physical chemistry
  • Thermodynamics I-Thermodynamics II-Solid state chemistry-Kinetics and chemical equilibria.
  • Dynamics and spectroscopy
  • Quantum mechanics and molecular symmetry
  • Thermodynamics: First law-Second Law-Third Law; Zeroth law of thermodynamics; Free energy (Gibbs free energy, Helmholtz free energy); Standard molar enthalpy change (ΔH°), standard molar entropy change (ΔS°), standard molar Gibbs free energy change (ΔG°); spontaneity; Entropy and entropy change; Spontaneous reactions and products at equilibrium
  • Spectroscopy: Origin of spectral bands- Optical activity- Absorption, emission and fluorescence spectra (Paschen series)-Infrared and electronic spectra (C-H, C-C, and C=O stretch modes; H-X (hydrogen halide) bands; Fundamental vibrations of atoms in molecules
  • Configuration and geometry of atomic orbitals
  • Atomic mass, isotopic masses and their percent abundances(A r), average atomic masses, relative atomic masses, standard atomic masses, relative isotopic masses Standard enthalpy of formation (ΔH f °) and standard entropy of formation (ΔS f °) for elements in their standard states

Classical thermochemistry:

  • Heckel Theory, dependence upon temperature, enthalpy change
  • States of matter: gas, liquid, solid
  • Specific heat capacity of a solid
  • The standard enthalpy change for the formation of a compound from elements in their standard states
  • Heat capacities of gases and solids at constant volume and constant pressure
  • The first two laws of thermodynamics: internal energy, work, and heat
  • Change in internal energy, work, and heat with changes in state
  • Gibbs free energy, change in internal energy with a shift of the equilibrium position
  • Standard Gibbs free energy change for reactions under standard conditions
  • Enthalpies of fusion and vaporization
  • The Van’t Hoff equation, Le châtelier’s Principle, Collision theory, etc.

Organic Chemistry:

  • Aliphatic nomenclature-Aromatic nomenclature-IUPAC naming system-Orbital interactions in chemistry and physics.
  • Functional groups-Reaction types-Preparation of functional groups-Mechanism of a reaction-Stereochemistry
  • Organometallics-Organic synthesis-Stereochemistry.
  • Inorganic chemistry:
  • Nomenclature of inorganic compounds-Nuclear chemistry-Chemistry of the elements and their isotopes.
  • Reaction types-Pericyclic reactions, among others.

Our GRE coach will provide you with test series for solving problems and teach you how to solve them using appropriate reasoning and scientific concepts that are being tested during the GRE Chemistry Test. The study material is also written so that it caters to your individual requirements.

GRE Tutoring -Chemistry Test

This exam has three question types. They are Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Response Questions, and Numeric Entry Questions, which account for 70 minutes of total testing time

The problem-solving skills tested during the GRE-Chemistry Test are Analyzing structures, Interpreting scientific information, Evaluating chemical/physical data, and Quantitative comparisons. All these skills come under the subject of chemistry. Our tutors will provide you with the best study material for preparing to take the GRE-Chemistry test, one of the official hurdle exams while applying for grad school. GRE tutors will help you solve problems using the necessary math, science, and reasoning concepts covered in the GRE-Chemistry test.

Private Tutoring GRE- GRE Tutors

A private tutor will take their time and go through the above topics and more gre standardized tests to ensure you get the best GRE scores through online tutoring.

Our GRE act prep coaches will tutor you and help you understand the concepts and their application to various questions asked in the exams in their standardized tests.

The study material provided by our subject gre instructor experts which is written so that it emphasizes the integrated approach to the subject. Our tutors will provide you with test series for solving problems in prep courses.

Private tutoring

The act prep tutor will teach you how to solve them using appropriate reasoning and scientific concepts that are being tested during the GRE-Chemistry Test. The study material is also written so that it familiarizes students with terms, formulas, scientific concepts important.

GRE Early Preparation Chemistry

We encourage exam takers to prepare for the standardized exams test day early. Choosing the right prep quant tutor with tutoring experience will be extremely helpful in achieving your target score. Our manhattan prep experts will help you solve GRE Chemistry problems using necessary concepts from chemistry. It is a plus point for your score in the exam and getting into graduate school. Moreover, they will provide you with test strategies that are useful to show your best performance in the exam.

basic concepts of chemistry

GRE Tutoring -Physics GRE Tutor

Our experienced tutor will help you through all the physics concepts you require for the GRE-Physics test that will help you get higher marks in the exam.

Our tutors love tutoring. They will guide you through every chapter of the GRE Physics Test. It is to ensure that tutoring students understand concepts and ideas well to apply them when solving problems in the examination.

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Physics Topics Covered

Classical Mechanics

  • Newton’s laws, the motion of a particle in one dimension, motion of a rigid body-oscillations-energy, and momentum conservation.
  • Vectors -Addition of vectors, scalar product, dot product, cross product.
  • Work-rate and power-Conservation of energy – potential energy, kinetic energy/ linear momentum/ angular momentum/energy


  • The first law of thermodynamics, heat-work, and entropy,
  • The second law of thermodynamics,
  • Third law of thermodynamics.
  • Electric fields -Coulomb’s Law, Electric flux.
  • Capacitance -energy stored in a capacitor.
  • Magnetic fields- Ampere’s Law, Faraday’s Law.
  • Waves -Wave characteristics-transverse and longitudinal waves.
  • Superposition of waves, Standing waves- resonance, Beats- interference and diffraction of waves.
  • Vibrations -Simple Harmonic Motion-Spring constant / Restoring force / Angular velocity/ Displacement/Velocity/Acceleration.


  • Reflection of light-refraction of light-resolution and eye defects.
  • Geometric optics-mirror, camera lens, image formation by spherical mirrors.
  • Physical Optics -laws of reflection and refraction.
  • Wave optics.

Modern Physics:

Atomic structure -Bohr’s model of the atom-de Broglie hypothesis.

Origin of Quantum theory:

  • Particle and wave duality, de Broglie waves, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.
  • The Schrodinger equation – time-dependent and time-independent Schrodinger equations. Eigenvalue problems and spectroscopy.
  • Atomic structure (contd) -electron spin, the Pauli Exclusion Principle, atomic spectra.
  • Nuclear physics-Radioactivity-decay law-half life.

Quantum Mechanics:

  • Ket notation,
  • Matrix representation of physical states,
  • The Dirac delta function.
  • Schrödinger equation in ket notation,
  • Angular momentum operators and their commutators, among others.

Our GRE tutor will provide you with test series for solving problems and teach you how to solve them using appropriate reasoning and scientific concepts that are a part of the test.

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The study material is also written so that it familiarizes students with key terms, formulas, scientific principles important for GRE-Physics Test.



GRE Test Preparation: Psychology GRE Test Prep

Psychology test

Our experienced GRE coach will help you understand the ins and outs of the GRE Psychology test. They will teach you concepts that are important for the exam.

Moreover, they will acquaint you with solved examples to ensure that students can learn key terms, formulas, scientific principles involved in solving questions quickly. You will have a chance to practice questions and utilize our online resources.

GRE Psychology Questions

Psychology questions

The GRE Psychology test comprises 50 questions that you will have to solve in a total of 90 minutes. The 40 multiple choices questions, which are compulsory, carry one mark each, and the remaining ten fill in-the-blanks or numeric entry questions ask for two marks each.

A new question type -structure dependency-has been introduced in the 2017 GRE Psychology test and will expect you to recognize and use a set of rules.



The GRE Psychology test is designed to assess if a candidate knows how to apply psychological principles, understands research methods used in psychology, and uses statistical computations for evaluating data. Therefore, the questions are based on these topics, which should be studied thoroughly.

Topics Covered:

The questions are based on these topics, which should be studied thoroughly.

  • Biological, cognitive, social, developmental, clinical psychology, and abnormal behavior.


Psychological behavior in humans and other animals, perception, learning/conditioning, thinking/problem solving, motivation/ emotion.


Attention, language, memory/ learning, thinking/ problem solving, intelligence.

Social Psychology

Processes & behavior in social situations. Attitudes/social cognition, group dynamics, prosocial behavior.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology

Physical and psychological changes across the lifespan; infancy, childhood; adolescence; adulthood; aging, death, and dying.



Psychological disorders and treatments; abnormal behavior.

Research Methods:

Research methods

Experimental, correlational, quasi-experimental designs, non-experimental designs (naturalistic observation and survey research).

Evaluation: Statistics and its application in psychology (measurement; descriptive statistics; inferential statistics).

TutorsploitGRE offers you complete test preparation material to help you ace the GRE Psychology Test. Our expert instructors have designed comprehensive study material comprising solved examples, questions, notes, practice tests, and online resources to ensure students gain the necessary expertise in studying the course.

Our GRE coach has designed the course so that students will be able to understand the pattern of questions asked in this test and how they can approach solving them quickly and accurately. Our online study material is one of its kind, which focuses on helping you solve each problem within the time limits provided and providing comprehensive explanations for each solution.

TutorsploitGRE – Test Strategy

Test strategies

This test prep course is designed for students who want to improve their performance on the GRE exam. The course provides an in-depth analysis of the different question types and topics that might be asked in this examination.

The online tutor will help you with:

  • Preparation tips and strategies
    • Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses
    • Troubleshooting your performance during the test
    • Sample question papers from previous years for practice

TutorsploitGRE – Mock Test

Mock test

The course will help you take a mock test in a simulated testing environment, just like the actual exam. This will assess your performance and identify areas of improvement.

Rehearsal Mode: In the rehearsal mode, you will be given a blank paper to take the test as if an actual exam is going on.

Timing: You will get 20 minutes to solve each question in this mode.

Test Mode: In the test mode, Tutorsploit will give you a realistic testing experience with instructions, time limits, and questions similar to the actual exam.

Performance Analysis:

After completing your test, this section will provide you with an analysis of your performance on the different types of questions asked in this test, along with strategies for answering them quickly.

Study Mode: This section features topic-wise tests which you can take to assess your preparation level. You can take these tests multiple times and view your performance analysis in the Performance Analysis section after every test.

Tutorsploit GRE – Video Lectures

Video lectures

Our GRE instructor will help you understand essential topics through video lectures that are concise, engaging, and easy to follow.

The video lectures have been created by experienced GRE instructors who have taught students at various educational institutions and worked as consultants in the GRE coaching industry.

The videos will enable you to understand what and how concepts are introduced. Learning through both these methods will help you grasp crucial topics quickly.

This test prep course is designed for students who want to improve their performance on the GRE exam. The course provides an in-depth analysis of the different question types and topics that might be asked in this examination.

GRE Tutoring-Private Instruction

Private instruction

The GRE General Test measures the student’s analytical writing skills, mathematical ability, critical thinking skills, and verbal abilities.

The test evaluates a candidate’s ability to understand subtle nuances in expression and use complex reasoning skills through challenging problems.

Our GRE coach will teach you how to solve each problem within the time limits provided. They will also provide comprehensive explanations for each solution.

How to Access the Right GRE Tutor

Professional tutors
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Gre Tutor Cost

The cost benefit analysis of the rational choice theory

Our charges vary according to the type of service you are looking for. Our prices are competitive and extremely affordable with no hidden charges or fees. Use the calculator on our website and get a customized and

Our Price Guide:

Price guide
  • Individual Session for GRE: $30/hr
  • Group Session for GRE: $20/person (group of 2-4)
  • Self-paced online course for GRE: $50
  • E-prep’s E-Book and Practice Test pack: $35
  • Study Material (notes and solutions):$20.

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Our Teaching Style

Our teaching style is simple and effective. Tutorsploit GRE prep team will provide you with private tutoring for all subjects related to the test, be it preparation material or mock tests. Tutorsploit will be your one-stop shop for GRE prep.

We offer our customers a money-back guarantee, friendly tutors, and high-quality content. In short, we promise to provide you with the best coaching material ever!

GRE Prep -Student Learning Style

We offer solutions based on your learning style and performance. For some students, the visual approach works best, whereas auditory learning is most effective for others. Once you contact us, we will understand your learning style and offer you the material accordingly.

We believe in tailoring our teaching sessions to meet your specific needs. You can also choose from various topics that you would like to focus on during your sessions. You will not find a one-size-fits-all kind of teaching here.

A gre -prep student learning style



Private Gre Tutoring

Having a tutor will help alleviate some of the stress associated with taking the GRE and increase your chances of doing well on the test. Our private Gre tutor will provide you with personalized GRE tutoring sessions to help with test prep.

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GRE Tutor FAQ’s Answered

What Is GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test given to college students applying for admission into graduate schools to demonstrate their academic abilities. The official name of this examination is the “Graduate Record Examination,” but you might also see it referred to as the “GRE” or “Graduate Record Examination Test.”

How Do I Prepare for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)?

Gre record examination

There are many different ways you can prepare for the GRE. For some students, taking practice tests and working through problem sets is an effective way to study for the GRE. Other students like to use flashcards and test-taking strategies to improve their scores on different test sections. Others find that watching video courses or reading textbooks about specific concepts is helpful for their study.

The best way to study for the GRE is to try a few different methods and figure out which one works the best for you. If you do not have much time, make sure you plan your studies around your busy schedule so that you can fit them in as often as possible. No matter how much you study, remember to take full-length practice tests to get a feel for the actual GRE. Our GRE tutors can help to test prep for GRE.

Is Gre Tutoring Worth It?

Many students wonder if they should take GRE tutoring classes or just study independently. With so many different GRE prep courses to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you.

The pros of taking a prep course: -You get personalized lessons and support from a professional tutor. You get to ask questions and get help on different material -You get access to practice tests and study advice.

The cons of taking a prep course: -A GRE prep class can be costly, which might not fit into your budget -It takes time away from your schedule if you are working full-time or going to school. If you are interested in taking a GRE prep course, our instructors are ready to help you prepare for the exam.

What Is a Gre Tutor?

A GRE tutor is a professional tutor who specializes in preparing students for the GRE.

How Do I Find a Good Gre Tutor?

A gre tutor has a team of professional tutors who specialize in preparing students for the GRE. Our GRE tutors are experts at teaching their subjects and helping you excel on the exam.

 Our tutors will help you study and practice tests until you achieve your GRE score goals. When it comes to getting a quality tutor, there is no better place than with us! We are available 24/7.

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