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We are an online service that allows you to share documents with others for grading. Many online sites offer paper grading services. A paper grader will read your document and evaluate it to ensure appropriate writing conventions are in place. The rater then grades your paper based on a score.

You can easily find a free online essay grader or pay a paper checker to do the job for you—an essay rater grades essays with a numerical score. Your essay grader will also comment on the text or add a written critique to give you specific feedback on your paper.

What to expect from an essay rater service

An online paper grader checks the following before rating your essay:

Copyright issues

The rater has a plagiarism checker to check if the document has been plagiarized or not. You can expect 100% original text from a paper rater service that works for you.

Grammatical consistencies

The grammar checker will fish out any grammar mistakes and make improvement suggestions. The aim is to help you write proper grammar and produce top-quality papers.

Word spellings

An online essay rater has a spell checker that ensures all spelling errors are flagged. Spelling mistakes will make your paper look and sound unprofessional.

Citation issues

This online tool will identify citation errors in your citations. These include missing citations, wrong citations, and incorrect formatting. For example, if you write that the article is from an academic source, but it is not, then your paper rater will flag this.

Flow of ideas

A well-written document has a logical flow of ideas to make it easier for readers to follow. A rater service checks your writing to see if there are any major logic problems.

Writing conventions

Several writing conventions will be flagged by a paper grader if they are missing or incorrect. These include repeated words, tense inconsistencies, and poor sentence structure. You can expect your essay rater to flag these kinds of mistakes.  


After completing the quality check, your paper rater will grade it. The grader assigns a score based on the following system: For example: excellent (80-100), very good (70-79), good (60-69), okay (50-59) and needs improvement (0-49).

How does it work?

• Content posting
• Paper checking
• Grading

The grading process involves more than just rating a paper. It includes an extensive and intensive analysis of the essay to give a fair overall grade and help you write better.

Essay raters use machine learning algorithms from professional editors and special encryption techniques. The service works by analyzing your text and compiling it into a grade. The paper grader then compares the content to standards in academic writing to come up with an accurate score.

Below are the steps followed in paper grading:

1.    Post content

This is the first step towards grading your paper. You can visit a paid or a free essay grader site. Copy and paste your text on the available space, then click on the ‘Grade my paper’ icon. This click will send your document to the grading service for review.

2.    Paper checking

This is a process where essay grading programs run a check for various things in your paper.

Plagiarism. The grader will run the text against a known work database to ensure that it does not contain any copied content. Once this step is completed, the proofreading begins.

Writing level analysis. This stage focuses on checking if your text follows the required writing standards. For example, it evaluates if your sentences are well formulated and properly formatted to meet the standard requirements.

Grammar checking. Bulletproof grammar is a must for top-quality papers. The paper grader will check your essay for grammatical errors.

Punctuation. The grader will analyze for punctuation errors that might give your text a completely different meaning from what you intended. Some of the most common errors are comma splices; they occur when you use a comma to join two complete sentences.

Spelling. To check spellings, the proofreader uses a dictionary to search for correctly spelled words. The proofreader points out any misspelled words or typos in your document.

Writing style evaluation. This step focuses on evaluating whether your essay follows the required writing standard or not. It checks if you have used proper vocabulary throughout the paper and how it is written.

3.    Paper grading

Once all the above steps are complete, it’s time to receive feedback. Your paper will be graded using an algorithm that assigns a score based on the following:

• Excellent (80-100)
• Very good (70-79)
• Good (60-69)
• Okay (50-59)
• Needs improvement (0-49)

The scoring categories used by online essay raters are as follows:


This category focuses on how clear, logical, and well-structured your ideas are. Your argumentation should be efficient so that your thoughts are effective and convey the intended message.


The content category ensures that the language you have used is jargon-free, natural, and makes sense to readers. It also evaluates if there are any unnecessary reasons or explanations in the text. The concept must be clear enough for readers to understand what you are talking about.


The grammar category ensures that the paper is free from sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors. The sentences must be clear enough for readers to understand what you are trying to say. It also evaluates if there are any unnecessary words or arguments in your text.

Quality of writing

This category evaluates the quality of writing by a student. The score is based on how well you have communicated your ideas and kept readers engaged throughout the text.

Word choice

The word choice category ensures that your vocabulary choices are suitable for academic writing. Additionally, it checks if there are any unnecessary words or phrases in the content.


This category ensures the content is formatted correctly for academic writing. It evaluates if all citations used are in-text or endnotes and your formatting style follow the required standard.

There are other parameters based on which your paper will be graded, but these are the primary factors considered while grading student papers. The higher your score, the better your paper quality.

Why use these services?

• Speed and efficiency
• Personalization
• Accuracy
• Objective feedback

Some students prefer checking their papers or asking peers to help them proofread. However, there are some benefits you can only find in a paper grading service. These include:

Speed and efficiency: The grading service provides students with a quick and efficient way to analyze their essays. Additionally, you can send a paper as soon as you have written it without waiting for your professor’s feedback.

Personalization: These services provide experienced writers who check your papers based on specific criteria. They ensure the quality is up to academic standards. Sometimes, the professor may not have enough time to review and give feedback on every essay. This service helps you better understand your paper quality and how well you can express your ideas.

Accuracy: A paper grading service ensures that your paper is free from grammatical errors, plagiarism. The essay rater also ensures your paper is written according to the required format.

Objective feedback: The benefit of getting feedback from a professional writer is that it’s unbiased as opposed to what some peers may give you. Paper raters base their feedback on specific criteria for essay grading and can point out errors that you might not have noticed. This kind of objective report is invaluable, especially if it’s your first time writing a paper.

Who uses ‘grade my paper’ services and how?

• Professors
• Mentors
• Students

Professors: Instructors use the service to check students’ papers while grading them. They can provide feedback and suggestions on how a student can improve their essays.

Mentors: A mentor is a professional who helps students in various ways, including writing papers. A good mentor has experience with this type of service and will help you identify areas where your paper needs improvement.

Students: Students use the service to receive feedback on how to improve their papers and assess if what they have written is up to academic standards or not. The good thing is that you can find free services online if you don’t have money to spare at a particular time.

What to consider before choosing a paper grader

• Customer reviews
• Sample essays
• Specialization
• Costs

Check out for the following:

Customer reviews. Look for reviews by students who have used the service to ensure that it provides quality feedback. This information can be found on the website or through social media.

Sample essays. Look at the paper samples provided by the service to see if they meet academic writing standards. If they are not up to the required standards, the paper grader might be too inexperienced. Don’t rush to use grading services just because they seem affordable. If the quality of their work is worse than what you’d achieve by yourself, then it’s not worth it.

Specialization. When you want to check your academic writing, the writers must be experienced with this type of paper. For example, a science student cannot rely on a writer who only knows how to write essays in humanities. This way, you’ll be sure to get the right deal for your paper.

The costs involved. Check if the price is reasonable for the service provided, i.e., how much does it cost to check an essay? If the fees for a particular grader are too high, consider other options.

Take Away

The score you get from the paper grader is calculated based the content quality, formatting accuracy, uniqueness, and other aspects. The score will depend on how you score on all the measured parameters.

If you are looking for a service to just check your English grammar, there’s no reason to pay someone to grade your document. However, an essay rater does more than just grammar checking.

Your best bet is a grammar checker that helps you improve your writing skills. These services give you a detailed report on all the errors found in your paper and provide feedback on correcting them.

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