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Getting federal jobs is challenging, but having an effective resume makes it much easier. Federal resume writing services can help federal job seekers stand out from other candidates and get their foot in the door for an interview.

The federal hiring process differs from most other jobs, so hiring a resume writing service is vital. Federal resumes must be more formal than those used in the private sector.

Certified federal resume writing services online

One of the best ways to find a Federal Resume Writing service is by searching for one online. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs. Job search websites, government websites, and other sites that list resume services are great resources.

Start with the most reliable sources, either government sites or large, well-known job search websites. Government websites are an excellent place to start because they list approved resume writing services. From there, look for online reviews of resume services.

Reputable job search websites will serve you right if you vet the services before committing. Look for specific details about how the company operates, what they charge, and whether their clients found success with them.

Remember that any resume writing service can claim or promise results. The best federal resume services are those that provide proof of their success. Be wary if you cannot find any concrete information on a company. The following are some professional federal resume writers to consider:


Tutorsploit is the one-stop shop for all professional resume writing services. We cater to clients in various professions, and each customer is matched to the perfect resume writer. Whether you’re an entry-level or professional federal government job seeker, our resume experts are ready to impress the ATS and hiring managers on your behalf.

You will receive a free consultation interview with one of our expert resume writers, during which you’re required to explain your needs and expectations. Our writers follow instructions to the letter ensuring that resumes meet our clients’ requirements.

Federal Prose

Run by Mary Wagoner and Eric Brass, this professional resume writing service has all you need to start and scale your federal career. Eric is a certified federal resume writer and career coach.

Mary is also a certified resume writer; hence compliments her partner in writing federal resumes with a difference. Their resumes cost between $399.95-$649.95, and you’ll receive yours in 5 business days.


ZipJob federal resume experts will partner with you at whatever level. They write for entry-level job seekers and federal government senior executives eyeing promotions.

The dedicated team of more than a hundred writers is what you need to refine your resume for that federal position. ZipJob will deliver an ATS scan-worthy resume within 3-6 days. Their price ranges from $139-$299.


Robin Schlinger is the owner and certified professional resume writer at FederalResumes.net. He builds personalized and highly customized federal resumes.

To make work easier, Robin prepared seven GS-level packages from which you can choose what best suits your needs. You’ll pay between $395 to %995+ for a top-class federal resume.

Resume Your Way

This resume writing service is owned by a veteran, giving it a direct credibility pass. They understand what federal government jobs are about and the kinds of resumes federal hiring managers would be looking for.

Resume Your Way experts create top federal resumes and other related documents. Their price range is $399-$999 with a turnaround of 7 business days.

Differences between a federal resume and a regular resume

Federal resumes must be written in a reverse chronological format, including full employment dates and job titles for all work experience. Private sector resumes may list information in any order and typically list past work experience separate from education.

Resumes for government positions are also generally shorter, focusing on professional skills and basic employment history. This is opposed to private sector resumes that include personal interests and hobbies.

A federal resume must also include specific information such as the individual’s full legal name, date of birth, Social Security number, etc. A private-sector resumes the Social Security number may not be a necessity.

Another difference is the level of detail required for federal resumes. For example, federal resumes must include the number of employees supervised and a description or cross-reference to job descriptions. A private sector resume may not require such in-depth details.

Why do you need federal resume services?

To get federal employment, you must prove to the hiring managers that you fit the job description. A Federal resume writer will help by improving the overall quality of your resume and ensuring that you are taking all necessary steps to receive a response from government agencies.

Federal hiring officials often receive thousands of resumes, and they frequently weed out unqualified candidates based on keyword searches. The best federal resume writing service will deliver a resume that goes past the Applicant Tracking System.

A professional federal resume writer will deliver a clear and concise resume, conveying your message directly and professionally.

Many elements go into writing an effective federal resume, including the format, content, and style. Certified federal resume writers will get all these details right and bring you closer to that federal government job.

The best federal resume services will ensure that your document stands out without breaking government rules or regulations.

The Criteria for choosing the best federal resume writing service


The owner should be certified by a credible organization such as the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC) or Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW). These organizations require a high level of expertise and a commitment to providing quality services.


A federal resume writing service should have extensive experience preparing resumes for those who want to work in the government. The writers should also have vast knowledge and expertise in various fields, yours included. This way, you’ll be assured of an accurate resume.

Reputation/ Feedback

Don’t forget to check online review sites and the company’s website for customer feedback. The best federal resume writing services will have a wealth of positive reviews from happy clients.


Federal resumes can be more complex and detailed than regular resumes, so it’s crucial to find a resume writing service that offers reasonable rates.

Originality/Plagiarism concerns

Federal resume writers must follow strict guidelines, including formatting and length restrictions. A good federal resume writing service will ensure that your resume is 100% original and compliant with government standards.

Free consultation

A good resume service should offer free federal resume consultation for all their prospective and confirmed clients. This allows clients to express their needs and discuss the best approach to their federal resumes.

Client privacy policy

Your resume contains sensitive information that you want to keep private. Make sure the company has a privacy policy in place to protect your documents and identity.

Customer support and seamless communication

Effective communication is an essential factor to consider when choosing a federal resume writing service. You should have the ability to contact experts with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process.


Good resume services offer a money-back guarantee, originality of content, the confidentiality of information, and unlimited revisions.

Tips for federal resume writing

Use reverse chronological order. When listing your work experience, use reverse chronological order to list your most recent experience first. This will highlight your most current and relevant experience to potential employers.

Include all relevant experience. Federal resumes require more detail than regular resumes. Make sure to include all of your relevant work experience.

Include your relevant education and training. Include all of your relevant education and training, including any licenses or certifications. These can add value to your resume.

Customize your federal resume according to the position you are applying for. Understand what qualities are most important for the job you are seeking and highlight these qualities in your resume. Having one blanket resume for every position will jeopardize your job search.

Include all of your federal experience if you have any. This includes any volunteer work, internships, or employment.

Proofread and edit. A critical part of any resume is proper spelling and excellent grammar. Make sure to have your federal resume professionally proofread before submitting it.

Be concise. Federal resumes can get longer than standard resumes if the content isn’t managed. Make sure to include only important information and to be straightforward.

Use formal language. Federal resumes are more formal than regular resumes. Make sure to use complete sentences, proper grammar, and avoid abbreviations.

Use action verbs to describe your experience. Action verbs will help to highlight your skills and accomplishments.

Avoid using personal pronouns. Federal resumes should not include any personal pronouns, such as “I,” “me,” or “my.”

Frequently Asked Questions about federal resumes

Q: Can I use a standard resume template for my federal resume?

A: No. Federal resumes must follow specific formatting guidelines, different from the standard resume format. A good federal resume writing service will provide a template that follows all guidelines and ensures your document is 100% compliant.

Q: What is the difference between a federal resume and a standard resume?

A: Federal resumes are longer and require more detailed information than a standard resume. They must also follow specific formatting guidelines that differ from the traditional resume format.

Q: What should I include in my federal resume?

A: You should include all of your relevant work experience, education, and training. You should also make sure to include all relevant licenses and certifications.

Q: What are the best action verbs to use in a federal resume?

A: Action verbs are words that describe what you did in each job. You should use action verbs to highlight your skills and accomplishments. Some common examples are “managed”, “led”, “developed”, and “created”.

Q: What should I avoid including in my federal resume?

A: You should avoid including any personal pronouns and abbreviations. Use full sentences and proper grammar throughout your resume.

Q: How can I make sure that my resume is 100% compliant?

A: Using a good federal resume writing service ensures that your document is 100% compliant. A good service will proofread and edit your resume before submission to ensure every detail is covered.

Q: How much does a federal resume writing service cost?

A: Prices for federal resume writing services vary depending on the company you choose. However, most services offer a variety of package options to fit your budget. Make sure to compare prices before choosing a service.

Take Away

A successful federal job search will require you to put your best foot forward every step of the way. Keeping tabs on the career opportunities isn’t enough. You need to have above-average documents ready to back you up in the federal job application process.

A perfectly written federal resume and cover letter will position you for a sitting with the hiring manager, the first step towards federal employment. However, crafting a competitive resume isn’t child’s play. You need help from writing services to build a comprehensive federal resume.

Determine your specific resume needs, then look for a professional writer who will serve you best.

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