Top 50 Counter-argument Examples to Wow Others


Arguments are a part of life. And not just arguments, but also counterarguments. This is because people want to be heard and respected, and if you disagree with them, then they may try to persuade you otherwise by presenting their opinion as an argument. Not only that, but it’s not always easy to come up with a good argument against somebody else’s point. It may be hard to find the right words, and you want your counterargument to have as much of a chance as possible in swaying others. What’s more, you can’t just go around starting arguments with people-it’s not going to get you anywhere but stressed out! Find these top 50 examples of counterarguments and tips for persuading those on the other side of the fence.

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What is a Counterargument, and Why are they Important?

In the context of an argument, a counterargument is where you get your point across in clear terms about how someone else’s opinion is no good to you or anyone else. When throwing out a counterargument, the key thing to remember is that it should never be rude or offensive.

The purpose of an argument should be to make people part with their original views, and this is only going to happen when they come across a strong and well-reasoned counterargument.

For example: “Can you believe that! He said I wasn’t good enough to go on the trip with him as we had never been out before. I couldn’t believe what he was saying to me-he obviously thinks he is too good for me now that we are in college!”

In this case, a friend or relative may be able to offer some helpful advice about how to handle the situation. They may say, “You know, it’s not an insult if people are saying they don’t want to go out with you because of the situation or their family, it’s just that they are not feeling it at this time.”

How to Come up with Good Counterarguments

Before responding to someone’s point, try and understand why a person is making such an argument in the first place. This way, you can gain some insight into their opinion and find a good way to counteract it.

If someone is saying something from a skewed view of the situation, then there is a good chance they are not thinking clearly. It’s your job to bring them back around by presenting a counterargument based on the facts at hand.

However, there are also times when someone has a strong opinion that is impossible to move.

50 Counterargument Examples

Responding to an argument, whether verbally or in writing, is not always easy, but here are some typical counterargument examples for you:

1. Try not to be so critical all the time

Example: “We had you down as our support for this trip, and now you tell us it’s too expensive? That is just a little bit irresponsible, don’t you think?”

Counterargument example: ” I know we agreed on this, but times are tough right now, and I think I can do without a vacation this year.”

2. You don’t have to be good at everything

Example: “Don’t tell me you’re not going to go on the trip with us. All your friends are going!”

Counterargument example: “I know it’s our last chance to hang out as a group, but I’m not really into hiking. You guys go ahead though, I’ll see you on Monday.”

3. Don’t live in the past all of your life

Example: “I know we are going to be friends forever, but that doesn’t mean I want to keep hanging out with people from high school!”

Counterargument example: “You’re right, it’s time we move on from high school, but I think that is something to talk about over lunch or a coffee.”

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4. Don’t force someone to do what they don’t want to

Example: “You need to go out and have some fun! You spend all your time at home looking at Facebook. You’re not going to meet anyone like that!”

Counterargument example: “I know, but I’m more comfortable at home with the people that I already know.”

5. Don’t always think about yourself all of the time

Example: “Why don’t you want me to go out tonight? Is it because I have been spending too much time with my friends lately?”

Counterargument example: “You need to spend some time working on your career, don’t you think? If you do well in that, then maybe we can go out all the time!”

6. Stop trying to change someone else’s mind about everything!

Example: “If you don’t like it, then why don’t you try living in the city for a while? You might see things differently!”

Counterargument example: “I know that there are pros and cons to living in the city, but I am really happy where I am right now.”

7. Don’t bring up old arguments again

and again

Example: “Why do you have to keep bringing this up? You know I hate talking about it. Just drop it!”

Counterargument example: “I’m sorry, but if we can’t talk about this, then what else are we going to talk about?”

8. Don’t spread rumors and gossip

Example: “Why are you so interested in what my friend was wearing yesterday? It’s not like it matters, she looked fine to me!”

Counterargument example: “I know, but I’m just making conversation. No need to get all worked up about it!”

9. Stop worrying so much!

Example: “If you are so worried about everything, then you will never get up and try anything!”

Counterargument example: “That’s true, but I just don’t want to pick the wrong thing to try. That would be awful.”

10. Don’t let others tell you what is right for you!

Example: “Honey, if you don’t want to move back home with your mother, then don’t do it! You don’t need anyone else’s permission!”

Counterargument example: “I know you are right, but I really want to spend a little more time in the city alone. I just don’t think that is a good idea just yet.”

11. Don’t just sit there, do something!

Example: “Why are you sitting on the couch all day? Go out and get a job.”

Counterargument example: “I have applied to almost 20 places in the past few weeks. I will just keep trying until one takes me on.”

12. You never know what is around the corner

Example: “You have been working at that job for ages, are you sure you still want to stick with it?”

Counterargument example: “If I can just work my way up the ladder a little faster, then I will be in a better position. It’s worth it.”

13. You live once, so make the best of it

Example: “Why do you keep going out drinking? You know that you don’t have the best luck when you are drinking!”

Counterargument example: “I just like having a good time with my friends, and it’s not every day that I get to do this kind of thing. I know I’ll regret it if I miss out!”

14. Don’t hind behind the crowd

Example: “You should really come to this party tonight, all of our friends will be there, and you can catch up with everyone.”

Counterargument example: “I know, but I’m not sure if I feel like going out tonight.”

15. Don’t use the same excuse over and over again

Example: “Why are you late to work all of the time? I really wish that you would take this seriously.”

Counterargument example: “I know, but there is always going to be traffic at 8 am, it’s not like I can help that!”

16. Don’t let others decide your life for you

Example: “I know that you want to start travelling the world but don’t you think it’s a little risky right now?”

Counterargument example: “Yes, it is something that I have been thinking about for a while and I’m sure that this will be the right time for me to go!”

17. Don’t settle for less

Example: “I don’t know why you are so upset about this break-up. She wasn’t the one for you anyway.”

Counterargument example: “But I loved her, and it just takes time to get over something like that.”

18. Don’t settle for second best

Example: “You know that you are a great waitress, but I’m not sure if this is the right place for you anymore.”

Counterargument example: “I know, but I have spent so much time here now. It’s a struggle to find a good job right now!”

19. Don’t rush into things

Example: “I know that you are excited about going abroad but don’t you think that it’s a little risky at this point?”

Counterargument example: “I know, and I’ve thought about it for a while now. I’m sure that this is the right time to go!”

20. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Example: “Why didn’t you book your holiday in October as I asked? You could be away by now.”

Counterargument example: “I know, but the closer it gets to Christmas, the more expensive everything gets. I’ll save a lot of money this way.”

21. Don’t forget to think about your family

Example: “Why do you need to go backpacking for three months? You should stay here and take care of your mother.”

Counterargument example: “I know, but I want to enjoy my life while I’m still young. This is the perfect opportunity for me.”

22. Don’t quit when you are down

Example: “I know that this is hard for you, but don’t you think that it’s time to move on?”

Counterargument example: “It’s not easy and I realize that, but if I just keep going, then I will be a lot better off in the long term.”

23. Don’t be rash when it comes to important decisions

Example: “Why don’t you take a few days off? You’ve been working so hard that I’m sure you need to rest.”

Counterargument example: “I know, but this project has been going on for too long and I really want to get it finished.”

24. Don’t throw away your chance because of fear

Example: “Why don’t you go out and meet new people? You’ve always said that it was something that you wanted to do more of!”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but meeting so many people at once takes some getting used to.”

25. You just want to get attention

Example: “Why don’t you come out and show your support?”

Counterargument example: “Well, why does it matter so much? I’m not going to be the main speaker.”

26. You’ll regret this decision later on in life

Example: “Why don’t you apply for that job in London? You would be so much better off there.”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I really want to buy a house here and have my family around me.”

27. You’ll never find anything as good as this

Example: “I know that you wanted to go for an MBA abroad but don’t you think that it’s risky?”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but the experience that I would get here is not going to be as good.”

28. You’ll feel stupid later on if you don’t ask now

Example: “Why don’t you go out tonight? I’m sure there are plenty of people who are going to be happy to see you!”

Counterargument example: “Well, I’m just not sure if I can spend so much time out in the evening.”

29. Health comes first

Example: “Why don’t you stop smoking and drinking? I’m sure that it would do your health a world of good!”

Counterargument example: “I know but I’ve tried to quit so many times now. One more day won’t make a difference.”

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30. Climate change is something that you can do nothing about

Example: “Why don’t you go cycling to work? It’s a lot better for the environment!”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know, but I can’t afford it at the moment. Besides, more people should use public transport.”

31. You wouldn’t want to lose your reputation for this

Example: “I know that you don’t have any interest in acting, but why don’t you come down to audition for the play?”

Counterargument example: “It’s not my kind of thing but thanks anyway!”

32. You can’t make everyone happy

Example: “Your friends and family don’t want you to go on a yoga retreat? If they really cared, they would support your decision.”

Counterargument example: “I know but I need to find the right balance between all of my responsibilities.”

33. You’re not setting a good example for your peers

Example: “Why don’t you help at the soup kitchen? It would be good practice for when you go into physiotherapy.”

Counterargument example: “I know but I’m not sure if it’s really for me.”

34. You had your chance and you blew it!

Example: “I know that you didn’t get the job but why don’t you try again?”

Counterargument example: “They clearly did not want to offer me the role because I’m just not qualified enough for it.”

35. You’d look so much better in that outfit!

Example: “I know you don’t want to eat at that restaurant but why don’t you try it? They have some delicious dishes!”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I’m just not sure if I should trust my instincts.”

36. Why are you so obsessed with doing everything on your own?

Example: “I know that you don’t like to ask for help when you need it but why don’t you let me give you a hand?”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I just worry that other people might not be able to do the job as well.”

38. If you don’t seize the opportunity, it will be gone forever!

Example: “Why don’t you go to that party? It would be such a shame to miss out on all of that fun!”

Counterargument example: “It might sound like a lot of fun but I’m just not feeling it tonight.”

39. You wouldn’t want to let everybody down!

Example: “I know you are going through a stressful time but why don’t you go and see the doctor anyway?”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I’ve been feeling much better lately, so I think that I can just put up with it for a bit longer.”

40. It would benefit your career in the long run!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to work on Saturdays but why don’t you take the shift? You’ll get some overtime payout of it!”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I just really hate working on the weekends.”

41. You’re not going to let your fears control you!

Example: “I know you are worried about getting into trouble with your landlord but why don’t you just go ahead and fix that broken window right now?”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I’m really afraid of messing it up! I’d rather do it later on.”

42. You’re not letting the side down!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to go drinking tonight but why don’t you come along with us? The group really needs you!”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I just need some time to myself right now.”

43. Don’t be so selfish!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to pick up a shift at work but why don’t you do it anyway? They really need the help!”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I’m just feeling too tired to do anything more.”

44. You’ll regret this later!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to go on a date with your ex but why don’t you give it a try? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Counterargument example: “No, I’m really not interested in doing that.”

45. You need to get some fresh air!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to go outside but why don’t you take a walk? You’ll feel so much better for it!”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I just feel like staying in tonight.”

46. You’re doing the right thing!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to accept this rise in your pay but why don’t you go ahead and take it? You deserve it!”

Counterargument example: “No, I’m not really comfortable with being given so much money for doing nothing.”

47. Your friends will feel let down!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to help out with the move tonight but why don’t you come along? We’ll have a lot of fun!”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I’ve got some other plans for tonight.”

48. You need to get your priorities straight!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to start work on the project tonight but why don’t you go ahead and give it a shot? You’ll feel much better for it tomorrow morning!”

Counterargument example: “No, I’m going to put it off until tomorrow.”

49. Don’t be so selfish!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to let other people come along with us but why don’t you let them tag along? After all, we’ve got room for more!”

Counterargument example: “No, I’m barely going to be able to handle the kids that are already coming, so no more today.”

50. Think of the children!

Example: “I know that you don’t want to help your kids with homework but why don’t you go ahead and do it anyway? You’ve got to set a good example for them.”

Counterargument example: “Yes, I know but I just have so much other stuff going on right now. Later”

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Argumentative Essay Topics

Following is a list of argumentative essay topics that have good counterarguments.

Argumentative essay topics about sports

1. The NFL should allow cheerleaders to accept tips for their performances at football games.

2. Baseball players deserve higher pay than they receive today.

3. When it comes to sports, girls play nearly as well as boys do.

4. Football players get paid too much money today.

5. Paying women at the same level as men is not fair!

6. The World Cup should be held in countries outside North America and Europe and Africa region every now and then.

7. It is worthwhile for the US to maintain troops in South Korea because of a possible North Korean attack on Seoul.

8. The English Premier League should allow both teams to play a shootout for penalties at the end of some drawn games.

9. NFL coaches deserve more money than they are getting today. 10. Having women referees in the WNBA would be a good idea.

10. Referees should not have to do a lot of running during a soccer game.

Argumentative essay topics about education

1. It would be a good idea to allow students to select their own courses.

2. Textbooks should be free to students.

3. It would be good for schools to have an open campus policy where students can come and go as they please.

4. Public high school teachers need to give more homework assignments.

5. School boards should allow teachers to take off on Fridays so that they have a four-day weekend when the students are off from school.

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Argumentative essay topics about the environment

1. The government should ban all logging companies in national parks such as Yellowstone and Yosemite.

2. It is a good idea to make rain forests into protected areas because it will help prevent deforestation and maintain biodiversity.

3. The US needs stricter laws regarding the dumping of garbage into bodies of water.

4. There should be stiffer fines or jail terms for companies that violate laws about the dumping toxic waste.

5. It is not good to drive SUVs because they are too heavy and use too much fuel, which contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

6. Volcanoes do more than just create problems when they erupt, so we should encourage countries with volcanoes to take steps to protect people and property from them.

Argumentative essay topics about politics and government

1. It is good for the President of the US to have a large family like George Bush does because it creates a sense of stability in society.

2. If the world has more democracies, there will be less terrorism.

3. The US should not elect a President who is old like John McCain.

4. The US has the best healthcare system in the world.

5. It is a good idea for the President to put his assets into a blind trust after taking office and not deal with them while he is President because it creates too many opportunities for corruption to occur.

6. Every country should have a Prime Minister or Chancellor that can be transferred to another cabinet position, so they can do a good job in that area.

7. The US should raise the minimum wage for workers but they should be allowed to deduct some money from their paychecks to help cover insurance premiums if they qualify for government assistance.

8. If there were a new amendment to the constitution every twenty years, people would be more motivated to get involved in politics.

9. The US should have a rule that no one can run for President more than twice because it would make the government less of a popularity contest and more about qualifications.

10. Electing judges is a bad idea because they are partisan and cannot serve as independent arbiters who understand what their role is.

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Argumentative essay topics about business and economy

1. Companies should pay employees a lot more because they are the reason why businesses exist in the first place.

2. Every country should have an open border policy with other nations to allow for free trade agreements and easy travel of citizens.

3. It would be a good idea for the Bureau of Labor Statistics to create a new category like “not in labor force” so that it is easier to determine the unemployment rate.

4. The US should take steps to reduce outsourcing and bring jobs back from overseas.

5. Businesses have too many workers today, so they need to hire more people or increase the number of hours that employees work, or else there will be a decline in productivity.

6. Companies should not have to pay income tax if they are small businesses because it is too expensive for them and causes an unnecessary burden on the economy.

7. People who own stocks should have more influence over the companies they invest in than just voting rights.

8. It is bad for the government to bail out companies in financial trouble because there is no such thing as a free lunch. They only benefit senior executives and major shareholders who sell their assets quickly when things go sour.

9. Companies need to table the proposed health care reform bill because it doesn’t address the fact that doctors and hospitals are too expensive.

Argumentative essay topics about family and social relations

1. Based on the evidence, women are better parents than men because they tend to be more patient and nurturing towards children.

2. Drug use is no longer considered a criminal activity in the US, so it would make sense for there to be special programs aimed at helping addicts instead of putting them behind bars.

3. children need to experience a male and female parent in the family because that makes them more well-rounded individuals.

4. It is good when older people come out of retirement to take care of their grandchildren because they make up for all of the time they missed due to work.

5. All people, whether rich or poor, should have the right to vote because no one is better than anyone else.

6. There should be an age limit on becoming a parent of younger adopted children because it can be too stressful for teenagers to deal with those kinds of responsibilities.

7. It would help if there were more places where teens could play video games and hang out with friends without their parents having to worry about them.

8. High school football and other sports programs should be eliminated because they are unfair to students who do not excel at those activities.

9. It is best for there to be a general ban on smoking in all public places on the grounds that it increases health care costs, causes fires, and prevents people from being able to enjoy the community.

Argumentative essay topics about Health and Medicine

1. It is a good idea for hospitals to use electronic medical records on an intranet or internet platform because it will save money while improving efficiency and the quality of care.

2. The government should make vaccines mandatory for children because they are beneficial in preventing disease, and infants can be vaccinated against diseases such as polio without suffering from any side effects.

3. All people should have access to the best modern medical care for diseases like cancer, AIDS, and diabetes because those illnesses are not communicable or contagious, so there is no danger in allowing others who are infected to mingle with the public.

4. It was a bad idea for pharmaceutical companies to change their methods for testing drugs because the new methods are costly and take longer to produce results.

5. It seems like a good idea for people in nursing homes to be given physical examinations by personal healthcare providers at least once a month instead of just doctors who make occasional visits.

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Argumentative essay topics about technology and artificial intelligence

1. It is a good thing that cell phones are being included in policies for free lunches and other school-related events because it will help students stay better connected with their families.

2. All computers should have the latest security software installed on them at all times in order to ward off viruses and hackers looking to steal private information stored online.

3. It would be a good idea to invest in new technology for automobiles that will allow them to self-drive because it will eliminate the need for driving lessons and make the roads safer on account of accidents being eliminated entirely.

4. A good thing about having specialized hand tools is that they provide individuals with greater capabilities in relation to their work while saving people money.

5. It would be a good idea to have computer chips implanted in children that would allow for their parents to know where they are at all times and respond by sending in police to rescue them if they get kidnapped or lost along the way.

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Argumentative essay topics about animals

1. A good thing about animals in zoos is that they give people an opportunity to see and experience animals from around the world and also learn more about how those animals live in their natural habitats.

2. It is a bad idea for animal shelters to require DNA testing before adopting out pets because it creates delays that often result in cats and dogs being euthanized due to overcrowding.

3. It is important that all pet owners purchase pet insurance for their animals because it provides money needed to cover the cost of expensive diagnostics when pets become ill, and also saving them from having to put down their animals out of financial concerns.

4. Dogs are dangerous creatures that should be kept under control by their owners at all times, and there should be a rule that prevents people from allowing them to roam unleashed near schools or playgrounds for the safety of children.

5. It is good that animals are not allowed to be eaten as food anymore because it means less cruelty involved in raising them on factory farms prior to slaughtering, and also, those animals now have a chance to live their lives in peace.

Argumentative topics about ethics and morals

1. A good thing about criminals serving time in prison is that it gives them a chance to rehabilitate themselves and become productive members of society when they are released and also serves as a deterrent from committing more crimes in the future.

2. Doctors should be allowed to give terminally ill patients who ask for painkillers a lethal dose of drugs to put them out of their misery because doctors should not have the right to play God with people’s lives.

3. A good thing about a police officer using deadly force against someone resisting arrest or trying to flee is that they must protect themselves and serve as a deterrent from future violence on the part of the suspect.

4. It is bad to have people go around killing endangered animals for sport because it undermines conservation efforts and serves as inspiration for other poachers looking to illegally kill those same animals.

5. Cigarettes should not be permitted to be manufactured, sold, or used anymore by anyone because they are dangerous for human health and encourages addiction to nicotine among young people.

Tips for Persuading your Readers

  • Understand them and offering a solution. In order to understand your opponent, try asking them questions about why they feel that way or what their life is like as of now.
  • A counterargument may be the most effective if you use facts and evidence to support it. The more information you have, the better we can tailor your counterargument to match their way of thinking, so good research should be done first.
  • Asking for more time. This makes people feel like they are being heard, and it also gives you a bit more time to gather information about why they feel the way they do.
  • Acknowledge their feelings by giving them an alternative. They may be feeling too pressured to agree with you right away. If so, give them away out and let them know that they have more options than just what you are pushing for.
  • Don’t act like it doesn’t matter at all when they refuse your offer. You should always act like the counterargument that you’re offering is still important. If it doesn’t matter at all to you, then why should they listen?
  • Offer a reason to support your argument. This can be a great way to get people on your side if they consider what you have said but just need a little more information before deciding to go with your argument.
  • The thesis statement is the most important part of an argumentative paper. The thesis statement needs to be debatable and fun so that your readers will want to read more and meet your counterarguments.

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