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Top 4 Essay Examples on Bullying

Bullying is a prevalent problem in society that needs to be addressed. In this article, we have compiled the top 4 essay examples on bullying to help spread awareness and inform the public about what they can do to stop it. Learn more about the causes of bullying, the long-term effects, and how you can help by participating in our campaigns.

Bullying has evolved from the days of teasing classmates at school to the much more dangerous cyberbullying we see today. According to statistics, one in five young people is a victim of bullying each year. This is not just at school but can also happen online and in working environments.

There are many different forms of bullying, so it makes sense to divide popular examples into physical and emotional. Physical is obvious; this is when a person’s body or possessions are being harmed somehow. Emotional might be less clear but can include name-calling or mocking someone behind their back.

Sometimes bullying can go unnoticed, especially if it happens online. Do you know the signs of cyberbullying? The way it can escalate so quickly can make it harder to spot, especially if someone is good at hiding their digital footprint or deleting what they post.

We have compiled top essays that explore bullying and covered some of the reasons it is so pervasive in society. We hope you find these examples useful if you are looking for essay ideas or just want to understand how bullying can impact a person’s life.

Best Essay Examples on Bullying

Essay sample 1: The Negative Effects of Bullying on Society

In this essay example, the author discusses their own experiences and shares how bullying has affected their lives. They discuss some of the effects that it can have on younger victims and how they can deal with the negativity in such a hostile environment.

“I was bullied at school for many years, and it has affected my life in a variety of ways. I could not express my feelings or emotions without being mocked by the bullies as if I should be tough enough to deal with verbal abuse. This made me feel like an outcast even though I had friends. Over time, as the bullying escalated, I began to feel angry, frustrated, and vengeful. This led me to look for fights, and I was even kicked out of some classes, which did not help my grades.

I found being calm the only way to get through this challenging situation, but I could not just sit there quietly forever. I had to do something because some of the bullies decided to hurt me physically. I was forced to do something, and so I fought back just once, but even then, my anger emerged as I punched one of them in the face. This was a mistake because it only made things worse for me since adults got involved.

I felt that the teachers did not believe me, and they began to accuse me of being the bully. This was not true, but they were not interested in hearing my side of the story. It was so stressful, and I felt like there wasn’t anyone to turn to or who would help me. The bullying had a negative impact on me.

There are so many different ways that bullying affects young people. It lowers their self-esteem, it can lead them to be isolated, and they may not have anyone to turn to. They could also be tempted to use illegal drugs, or they could develop mental health problems. Bullying is more than just physical violence; it is about verbal abuse as well, and this type of thing can take a massive toll on young people.”

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Essay sample 2: Workplace Bullying

This essay example provides an overview of bullying in the workplace. This includes discussing forms of bullying, causes, and effects, as well as how to deal with such a situation at work.

“Bullying is something that can happen in any profession, and it can be incredibly damaging to those involved. At the workplace, bullying comes down to power struggles between employees who have conflict about what is right and what they believe in.

Four types of bullying can occur; verbal, physical, emotional, and cyberbullying. Verbal involves name-calling and mocking someone behind their back or negatively talking about them. Physical includes hitting someone or damaging their possessions, while emotional abuse is similar to verbal abuse, but it often happens psychologically. Cyberbullying could be something as simple as posting lies about other people on public forums.

Each of these types of bullying can have very negative impacts on the victims involved, and they may suffer from many symptoms like anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. They could feel low in themselves, and their self-esteem may drop significantly. Their entire quality of life can be affected by bullying, and the psychological effects can be powerful.

Causes for this behavior include frustration, jealousy, or fear, and it may happen because a person is struggling with themselves. A bully tends to take out his or her negative feelings on others, and this can have some terrible consequences. Consequences that affect work and the workplace negatively. It can be dangerous to work alongside someone who is a bully, and it could lead to stress, high levels of turnover, and there may even be legal implications if an individual is physically hurt.

Effects of bullying at work include generally reduced output of the business or company, sickness due to high-stress levels, and loss of morale. It costs a lot of money to replace an employee who leaves, which can incur recruitment agency fees, advertising costs, and training programs. It may also be more challenging to find a replacement for the position than dealing with the bullying issue itself.

How to approach bullying in the workplace depends on what type of bullying one is dealing with. If it is verbal, confront the person doing it calmly, collected. If it is emotional, it is advisable to involve other parties and take their opinion on what should be done. If it is cyberbullying, keep evidence of what has been posted to use it as proof if necessary. For physical bullying, one should make a formal complaint to the employer, and if the bully becomes violent, it is important that help from the police is considered. It could be seen as assault or workplace harassment.”

Essay sample 3: Cyberbullying

This essay example explores the impact of cyberbullying on those who are targeted. This includes discussing causes, effects, and ways to deal with cyberbullying if it happens to you or someone close.

“It is possible for bullying to happen in a range of different environments, and one of these could be online. The internet has revolutionized how we communicate, and it has made it possible to form friendships with people across the world. It has also brought new dangers into play, and one of these is cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can have a significant impact on those involved, and it may even lead to them taking their own lives. In some cases, the person who commits suicide was a victim of cyberbullying, and the bullies may not have meant that to happen. This is a difficult situation, and it isn’t something that a victim can ever forget easily.

Effects include fear, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. It could also lead them to miss school or work through illness. Victims could feel very low in themselves, and their self-esteem could drop very significantly. Their entire quality of life could be affected, and the psychological effects can be powerful.

Countering cyberbullying has been a significant concern in recent years, and there are various measures that schools, employers, and governments have put in place. Measures like anti-bullying policies, awareness programs, and penalties for those who carry out cyberbullying are important.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the best way to deal with cyberbullying is through prevention. Figure out where you stand on this issue before anything happens and make a clear decision about your position. That can be difficult if bullying is happening, but it is still a part of this situation. If the victim could think about how to handle it, the best way to counter cyberbullying, and ways to help themselves, it will be easier for you to spot it.

If one decides to confront cyberbullying head-on, then there are some important steps needed to be followed. It’s important to keep evidence of what is going on so that it can be produced at a later date. One should also stay calm and communicate with the bullies in a very clear way. Bullies thrive in an anonymous environment where they do not have to face any consequences for their actions. If anonymity can be dealt with, dealing with the situation will much easier and more effective. By staying calm, you will also make it difficult for others to become involved and escalate the situation further.”

Essay Sample 4: How to deal with a bully.

The following essay example explores ways to deal with bullies in general. This includes physical and psychological bullying as well as cyberbullying.

“Most people prefer to work or study in an environment where they are not bullied, but this isn’t always possible. Sometimes, no matter what one does to avoid them, they will always be there. This is why it’s crucial to be able to deal with bullying.

The first and most effective strategy of dealing with a bully is using non-confrontational techniques, such as walking away. Bullies want attention and confrontation, so if you give them that, it can worsen the situation. Dealing with a bully is difficult, but walking away will help avoid any further harm.

If one decides to confront the bully, then there are some things he or she needs to keep in mind. When confronted by a bully, it’s important to stay calm and not raise the voice. In some cases, bullies will want a reaction from the victim, so if they get one, they may be satisfied with the outcome. The best way to counter physical bullying is by defending oneself or getting help from another person nearby. If it is possible to turn out violent, it’s important to be prepared for the situation and get protection.

Physical bullying can be tough to deal with because there is a possibility of being injured – even severely. This type of bullying needs to be dealt with best by a teacher or someone in authority. By keeping evidence of the bullying, such as photographs, threats made, and witnesses to the bullying, it will be easier to build a strong case. This can make dealing with physical bullying easier.

Psychological bullying is not clear-cut, and there are different ways of dealing with this type of bullying. For example, if someone has been verbally abused, it’s important for the victim to stay positive and not think of those things. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but telling yourself that the comments do not matter can often help in the long run. Sometimes the best way of dealing with psychological bullying is by ignoring it. Often, bullies will say things to get a reaction, and if they don’t get the reaction, then their comments may not be as effective.”

The internet is a wonderful tool, but sadly people use it to bully others for their satisfaction. This can happen in many different forms, such as sending nasty messages through social media or creating websites designed to demean someone else. Cyberbullying can be dealt with by screenshots and screen videos of offensive messages and reporting the bully to the police or anyone in authority. The bully will be dealt with the same way as they would if they were doing this in person.

However, a cyberbully might be anonymous, making it difficult to deal with them. It will be much easier to deal with the situation if one can get hold on the IP address or a pseudonym that they use. As technology evolves, it will become easier to deal with cyberbullies and stop this form of bullying from happening.

In conclusion, there are many ways to deal with different types of bullies. This includes walking away, confronting the bully, and reporting the bully. If one doesn’t feel safe or comfortable with any of these, it’s important to tell someone who can help, such as parents or a teacher. As technology evolves, it will be easier to deal with bullies more effectively.”

Essay Topics on Bullying

  • How to deal with school violence
  • What are some causes of school bullying?
  • How do you respond to workplace bullying?
  • How does physical bullying manifest in the workplace?
  • Psychological effects of verbal bullying.
  • What are the causes of domestic violence?
  • How can emotional bullying affect a child?
  • How might sexual bullying manifest online?
  • How to respond to school violence.
  • What are some different ways to deal with bullies?
  • What are the causes of repeated aggressive behavior in school children?

What Not to Include in an Essay About Bullying

Bullying is a sensitive topic, and there are many different opinions about how it can be dealt with. Many people have been victims of bullying, which means they may find certain opinions difficult to hear. If you are writing a paper on bullying, then it’s important to avoid the following:

Don’t make assumptions about the situation. You’re writing it because you don’t know enough – otherwise, you wouldn’t need to write an essay on bullying.

Do not generalize or stereotype victims and perpetrators of bullying. This can be extremely harmful if done incorrectly.

Do not include personal biases based on your own experiences. Everyone’s situation is different, and therefore this can make it challenging to write an accurate, unbiased paper.

Do not include information that could offend anyone reading the essay. This means avoiding using swearing or anything else that may be inappropriate for the audience.

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How to Structure a Bullying Essay

When writing about bullying, there are specific steps that you can take to make the writing process more manageable.

Firstly, it’s important to look over any pre-writing work you may have done so far, such as notes or drafts. A good way of doing this is by mapping out your ideas and putting them in chronological order. This means working from what happened first to what happened last for each part of the story. Once you have a chronological structure, it’s important to use this structure when writing your essay.


Your introduction should introduce the subject and give some background information about why you’re writing about bullying. This is important as it will help to build up the context.

Once you have given some background, you should state your thesis statement clearly and concisely. This means explaining what your main argument is going through each paragraph.


Your body paragraphs should make a point and then back it up with evidence. It’s important to include at least three points to make your essay stronger, instead of having as many ideas as you can without any detail. You should plan what points will be in each paragraph before starting the writing process to avoid missing anything important.


Finally, your conclusion should bring everything together and give a sense of finality to the piece. This means restating your thesis statement while pointing out any course corrections that could be made to make your argument even stronger.


Bullying is a sensitive topic, and there are many different opinions about how it can be dealt with. It’s important, however, not to make assumptions or generalize when writing your paper. There may be something you missed in the process of researching, so don’t forget to do some digging before putting your thoughts on paper. All we ask is that as you’re crafting this essay about bullying. Use empathy for all involved. If at any point someone reading feels offended by what they read, then back up and reevaluate your ideas because no one deserves to feel attacked while trying to learn more information about such an emotional subject.

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