Top 100 biology research topics

Top 100 Biology Research Topics

Biology is a vast field of science. Many new research projects are being published every day, covering topics from chemistry and physics to physiology and pharmacology.

In this article, we aim to list 100 biology research areas that scientists, students, teachers, and the general public can use to find relevant information about some interesting fields in biology.

Zoology Research Topics

Zoologists study animals and their habitats. There are many interesting zoology research topics, but here we present some of the most popular ones for you to find information on.

  • Do animals have feelings?
  • How do animals interact with each other?
  • What triggers certain behaviors in animals?
  • Why are some animals nocturnal?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of certain behaviors in animals?
  • How smart are some animals?
  • Do pets behave differently around women and men?
  • What triggers aggression in certain mammals like tigers and lions?
  • How are animals affected by urbanization?
  • What is the purpose of playing in some animals, especially young ones?
  • What triggers mating behaviors in animals?

Neurobiology Research Topics

Neurobiology research topics analyze the nervous system and how it works. Many good neurobiology research topics can help you write a top-notch paper for your biology class.

  • How does the brain work?
  • How do different parts of the brain process sensory input from the body?
  • Are there any diseases related to abnormal brain activity?
  • How do neurons generate electrical impulses?
  • How do neurotransmitters affect mood, behavior, and muscle contraction?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of memory?
  • Why is it easier to learn something when you are a child than as an adult?
  • How do people with schizophrenia think differently from neurotypical people?
  • What triggers certain behaviors in people with autism?
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Cell Biology Research Topics.

Cell biology is an important aspect of biology research. It studies cells at different levels, from organelles to tissues. There are many interesting cell biology topics on which you can write a paper for your biology class.

  • What triggers apoptosis?
  • How do caspases work?
  • What triggers the replication process in cells?
  • What triggers autophagy?
  • How does a cell membrane work?
  • Is the flagellum an organelle or a part of the cell membrane?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of mitochondria?
  • Do viruses have DNA and RNA too, as other cells do?
  • How do bacteria use quorum sensing to communicate with each other?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of cells?

Ecology Research Topics

Ecology research topics can help you write a paper on how different species interact in the environment. There are many interesting ecology research topics, but here we present some of the most popular ones for you to choose from.

  • What is biodiversity, and how can we protect it?
  • What determines the number of different species in a certain ecosystem?
  • What happens to the environment when different species become extinct?
  • Why are some ecosystems more vulnerable to invasive species than others?
  • How can we use technology to protect endangered species?
  • How do habitats affect the number of living creatures in them, and how does this affect biodiversity in general?
  • Cell biology research topics
  • How is the inside of a cell structured?
  • What triggers apoptosis, and how can it be prevented?
  • Can cancer cells become immortal?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of telomeres on chromosomes?
  • What causes some viruses to become pathogenic while others stay asymptomatic carriers of a virus that causes no harm?
  • How can we use our knowledge about cell biology to create better drugs that target cells specifically?

Human Biology Research Topics

Human biology research topics examine human body parts, organs, tissues, cells and how all these systems are organized. There are many interesting human biology research topics you can explore for your paper, but here are some of the most notable ones.

  • What are the effects of spaceflight on the human body?
  • How does weightlessness affect astronauts?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of different skin colors in humans?
  • Which brain structures are responsible for certain behaviors?
  • Can people be born with albinism become blind later in their lives?
  • Does having a twin affect the way an individual functions?
  • Effects of child abuse on brain development.
  • Effects of child abuse on mental health.

Topics on the History of Biology.

History of biology research paper topics is extremely popular among students, especially because it allows them to explore scientific discoveries that have shaped our understanding of life. There are many interesting history topics to explore when writing your paper, but here are some examples.

  • How did viruses discover DNA?
  • How were viruses discovered in the first place?
  • Who discovered DNA?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of the Krebs cycle?
  • How were bacteria discovered to cause certain diseases?
  • What is the earliest known record of cells in nature, and how do they function back then?
  • Was Charles Darwin wrong about his theory on evolution?
  • When did the first animals start to evolve?
  • When did multicellular organisms start to evolve?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of eyesight?

Topics Related to Chemistry in Biology.

Chemistry plays an important role in the biology of every living organism. Understanding chemistry topics is necessary for understanding how different organisms function, so students often struggle to find research paper topics on this matter. However, there are many interesting issues related to chemistry that can be written about easily. Here are some examples of chemistry topics in biology you may want to consider.

  • What are the chemical properties of chlorophyll?
  • What are the physical properties of water?
  • Can water become toxic to humans under specific conditions?
  • Does every living creature require water for survival, even microbes that live deep within rocks?
  • Are there other elements that can form water in nature besides oxygen and hydrogen atoms?
  • How can we use chemicals that mimic hormones to treat hormone-related diseases like obesity and diabetes?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of hemoglobin?
  • How do enzymes trigger cellular processes?
  • Do proteins also require water for survival, or do they function outside wet environments as well?
  • If given the right conditions, does water have a memory, and can this memory be transferred to plants and humans?

Easy Biology Research Topics

Easy biology research topics are popular among students who don’t have much experience in writing academic papers. If you want to write a paper independently without taking too many risks, you can choose one of the easy biology research topics presented below.

  • What happens when soap is added to water?
  • How does electricity affect plants and animals differently?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of enzymes?
  • What happens when an allergen enters the human body?
  • How does radiation affect plant life?
  • How do antibiotics affect the immune system, and why are they necessary?
  • Are there any examples of successful vaccinations?
  • What are the effects of water pollution on marine life?

Biology Research Topics for High School Students

High school students that are just beginning to explore the world of biology research topics might find it hard to write their papers. If you feel like you need help when choosing a topic, consider one of these suggestions.

  • What is DNA, and how can it be used in forensics?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of venomous animals?
  • How do animals with a backbone differ from invertebrates?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of hormones in plants and animals?
  • How does DNA affect sexual reproduction?
  • What causes color changes in amphibians during the mating season?
  • What is the evolutionary function of meiosis in organisms that reproduce sexually?
  • What are the effects of air pollution on plants?

Biology Research Topics for College Students

College students who have already experienced writing a biology research paper know what they are looking for in order to be satisfied with the result. If you feel like you’ve been doing some research on your own and now it’s time to write the paper, consider one of these biology topics.

  • What is the evolutionary purpose of vision?
  • How does collagen strengthen bones?
  • How do the neuromuscular junctions in my muscles work?
  • Why is cancer so prevalent in today’s society?
  • How does the human brain recognize faces?
  • What function does skin play in humans?
  • Is there a correlation between hair and intelligence?
  • Explain how an embryo develops over 42 weeks.
  • What causes the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • How do plants use sunlight to create food?
  • Which types of light can be used to treat clinical depression?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of the appendix in humans?
  • What role does serotonin play in appetite and mood regulation in humans?
  • What roles do carbohydrates play in the human body?
  • How are plants able to fight off infections?
  • What is the evolutionary purpose of the immune system?
  • Why does physical exercise cause humans to sweat?
  • Why do some people develop allergies?

Other Interesting Biology Topics

If you are still having trouble finding an interesting topic for your paper, try the following biology topics. However, it is important to remember that these research questions can be very difficult, and you might need more than one source of information to find all the answers.

  • What happens when a person dies?
  • How does malaria affect the human body?
  • What is the evolutionary function of emotions in humans?
  • What is an epigenetic, and how does it affect meiosis in sexually and asexually reproducing organisms?
  • What is the effect of age on muscle mass and strength?
  • How do hormones affect our mood, behavior, and cognitive abilities?
  • Why is sleep important for humans even when we don’t have any biological need to rest?
  • How do cells work to allow organisms to sense their environment and move around in it?
  • What happens when a person goes into cardiac arrest?
  • Why can some people hear better than others?
  • Why is the color of blood important?
  • How does pollution affect the human body?
  • Why do humans have wisdom teeth?
  • What is sleep paralysis, and what causes it?
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How do I Choose a Topic for my Biology Research Paper?

Choosing a topic for your biology research paper can be a challenge, especially for students who are not familiar with the field of biology or are new to writing research papers.

Your biology research paper should take into consideration the following:

  • Relevancy.

It should reflect the current state of the field. This means that if there are hot topics recently published by scientists, then it would be a great idea to include them in your research paper for biology class.

  • Your interests.

If you are interested in the topic, you will most likely be able to find enough relevant information on it. Also, if you like something, then it will be easier for you to express your thoughts and write about it.

  • Depth of coverage.

A research paper should cover the most important aspects of a chosen area. You don’t want to choose a shallow topic. Besides the depth of coverage, you should also consider the length of your biology research paper.

What Should you Know About Biology Research Papers?

When you need a topic for your biology research paper, you need to know few important aspects of biology research papers.

  • The number of words.

The length of biology research topics varies. Some biology research papers might be short and only contain a few pages, while others might be longer and cover more subtopics.

The length of your biology research paper should correspond to the number of words that you need to include for your topic.

  • The format.

The format of biology research papers varies. Most institutions prefer to use the APA style, but other formats are also widely used for writing a biology research paper.

The structure of your biology research paper should include an introduction, several sections, and a conclusion. Depending on the length, you might want to consider splitting a research topic into a few separate papers.

  • Style.

The style of your biology research paper should be formal. You should avoid slang and use the simplest terms in your writing. The structure of your biology research paper should be clear, with each section containing a few paragraphs that are well written and easy to understand.

  • Bibliography and citations.

A good research paper needs a bibliography where you can find all sources used for writing it. Don’t forget to cite all sources properly and use proper formatting. If you don’t know how to cite a source, APA style has special rules for citing materials in research papers.

Why is Research Important in Biology?

An incredible amount of research has been conducted in biology. It has a profound impact on different aspects of our lives, including how we grow and develop, learn about the world around us, and even heal from injuries or diseases.

Human beings have been fascinated with life processes for thousands of years. They wondered about human origins and how life functions. That’s exactly why research in biology is so important.

The progress made by scientists throughout the history of humankind has changed the world for good. Research in biology helps scientists develop new theories about how living organisms evolved on Earth and how they are connected.

Research also allows biologists to study the human body and understand how it functions, so people can develop medications to prevent or cure illnesses.


One thing that biology research is known for is its depth. If you are looking for interesting biology research topics to write your paper on, check out one of the topics mentioned above. However, it’s important to remember that these are suggestions, and many other great ideas are out there.

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