Music essay topics

The Best Music Essay Topics

The music industry is a lucrative business that has been on the rise for quite some time now. Currently, there are a lot of music sales globally, and the industry in itself is an important factor in the economy of several countries.

Students doing Music Education are expected to participate in academic writing to culminate their music classes, and essay writing tops the list.

Music teachers require the students to explore the different music sub-genres of the industry and share their insights through essays. Choosing an appropriate topic can be challenging, especially when the timelines are short. Below are some interesting music essay topics to consider:

Modern Pop Music Essay Ideas

  1. How Michael Jackson changed the music industry through his hit Thriller
  2. The effect of modern pop music on the behavior and social interactions of today’s youth
  3. Why rap music has become a common way to express dissatisfaction with surroundings
  4. How western pop music has become a trendsetter for local musicians
  5. The impact of modern rock on the arts, entertainment, and sports industry
  6. The influence of modern rap music on current youth culture
  7. The history and evolution of the hip-hop culture
  8. The impact of rappers like Tupac on rap music and hip-hop culture
  9. The influence of modern pop music on the arts, entertainment, and sports industry
  10. How modern pop music has been infused with rap and hip-hop beats
  11. The impact of modern pop music on current politics
  12. What role hip-hop music has to play in the lives of up and coming artists
  13. How modern pop music has evolved since its origin
  14. The history of hip-hop and the emergence of modern rap music
  15. Influential singers and performers of the modern pop scene
  16. The impact of modern pop music on our world today
  17. The contributions of Michael Jackson in the modern pop scene
  18. The impact of the internet on the modern pop industry
  19. Popular genres in modern pop music such as rock and pop
  20. What role do music festivals play in the modern pop scene?
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Interesting Classical Music Essay Topics

  1. The impact of Mozart’s music and how it compares to Ludwig van Beethoven’s compositions.
  2. How classical music has been involved in modern interdisciplinary works
  3. The significance of the String Quartet by Joseph Haydn
  4. The influence of Johann Strauss for modern classical compositions
  5. The contribution of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the development of classical music
  6. Comparison between Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss
  7. The effect of classical music in modern-day cinema and literature
  8. Comparison of the works and influence of Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  9. The impact of the Beatles on the development of classical music
  10. The effect of the Rolling Stones on the development of classical music
  11. The impact of classical music on the modern society
  12. How classical music has evolved over the years to include rock, pop, and other popular music genres
  13. The role of classical music in the entertainment industry and sports industry
  14. What role does modern classical music play in the lives of up-and-coming artists?
  15. The influence of movie soundtracks on modern classical compositions
  16. How classical background music has evolved from its original roots
  17. Comparison between the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Gustav Mahler
  18. The original roots of modern classical music
  19. The development of classical music through the centuries
  20. Why classical music is still relevant in modern society

Argumentative Essay Topics on Music

  1. Whether or not music is capable of changing the world
  2. The significance of music in people’s lives
  3. How musical training influences the development of a child
  4. Social effects of listening to music
  5. How parental influence affects music tastes and preferences in children
  6. The impact of playing music on emotional development
  7. The influence of role models and peer pressure on the type of music that kids love
  8. Whether or not there is a clear line between good and bad music
  9. Whether or not choosing a music career is a viable option for everyone
  10. Music as an escape from challenges faced by bipolar disorder patients
  11. The role of music in the physical exercise process
  12. Whether or not there is a clear distinction between professional and amateur musicians
  13. Is music education really necessary?
  14. Music as a form of art and entertainment
  15. The impact of lack of music education on the development of up-and-coming musicians
  16. Whether or not music is the language of the soul
  17. Music as a source of inspiration and motivation in life
  18. The value of listening to classical music during the recovery process
  19. Why music is often associated with love and romance
  20. Music therapy in rehabilitation centers

Music Essay Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essays

  1. Rock songs have deeper meaning and more benefits than pop songs
  2. The incredible impact of music therapy on patients with mental health problems
  3. Traditional music can enhance one’s mood and mental clarity
  4. Music appreciation is a contributing factor to the high life expectancy of music lovers today
  5. The human brain responds better to music than to anything else
  6. The benefits of playing a musical instrument at a young age
  7. Modern music has the power to alleviate mood swings and stabilize emotions
  8. Valuable life lessons in rap music, rock ballads, and other popular genres
  9. Whether or not the lyrics of modern pop songs have a direct effect on behavior and action
  10. The positive impact that parental warning labels have on children listening to music
  11. The positive effects of listening to classical music
  12. The adverse impact of loud music on a person’s health
  13. Whether or not the lyrics of any song have the power to influence behavior and action
  14. Is it possible for rap music to be beneficial in any way?
  15. Impact of modern-day pop songs on people’s social interactions today
  16. Whether or not modern music is beneficial for people with social disabilities
  17. The impact of pop songs on personal relationships
  18. How modern pop music has contributed to the development of technology
  19. Whether or not the lyrics of rock songs have the power to influence behavior and action
  20. Whether or not modern pop music is beneficial for people with social disabilities.

Exciting Essay Topic Ideas on Country Music

  1. The influence of country music on the economy and employment opportunities
  2. How traditional country music has become a trend among the younger generation
  3. The effect of modern country music on fashion and social life
  4. The influence of country music on the arts, entertainment, and sports industry
  5. The significance of the song ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’
  6. How a country musician can use words and music to tell a compelling story
  7. Country music and the impact of southern culture on the formation of the genre
  8. The influence of country music singers on social issues and charitable organizations
  9. The significance of country music in people’s lives
  10. Discuss the role of country music in the life of a modern man
  11. The impact of country music on psychotherapy and self-growth
  12. Country music forms an important part of American history
  13. Country music singers and their influence on popular culture
  14. How the country music legends are helping the younger generation  to connect with country music
  15. Country music and the significance of blues
  16. How country music influences mood swings and emotional development
  17. Country music stimulates creativity and imagination in children
  18. The role of country music in individual and spiritual growth
  19. The impact of country music on the financial industry
  20. Country music and personal development

Music Essay Topics on Music Production

  1. How record companies can improve music production quality and the financial returns on their investments
  2. Music producers and their responsibility for the sound and style of modern songs
  3. The process of creating original music with various technologies
  4. Different types of instruments used to produce music
  5. The importance of mastering music production before release
  6. How recording studios influence musical creativity
  7. The adverse effects of poor music production on the industry
  8. Whether or not recorded music is better than live performances
  9. The significance of originality in music production
  10. The future of music production and its impact on the music industry
  11. The influence of company culture on the creation of original music
  12. Whether or not it is possible to create something completely original
  13. The influence of music production on the quality and style of modern songs
  14. Whether or not it is possible to create unique sounds by acting randomly on a digital keyboard
  15. What are the differences between music producers, sound engineers, and audio directors
  16. The influence of music production on the global economy
  17. Is it possible for a modern person to produce their own songs
  18. Is it a good investment for a musician to spend thousands of dollars on a music production course
  19. How technology can be used to produce unique sounds and experiment with styles
  20. Music production is a lucrative career. Discuss

Music Essay Ideas on Musical Instruments

  1. The impact of playing musical instruments on the development of the brain
  2. The process of manufacturing different musical instruments
  3. The effects of playing a musical instrument during critical periods of childhood development
  4. The role that musical instruments have played in the history of human civilization
  5. The impact that playing a musical instrument has on the emotional state of the player
  6. Contemporary trends in music instruments and their effect on the industry
  7. The influence of music instruments on people’s lives
  8. How certain types of musical instruments have become a trend among the younger generation
  9. What are the most popular musical instruments and how does each instrument add meaning to music
  10. The significance of musical instruments in various cultures
  11. The significance of personalizing musical instruments
  12. Whether or not music would exist without the presence of a variety of musical instruments
  13. The effect that playing a musical instrument has on an individual’s mental health
  14. Why young people need to learn to play a musical instrument
  15. The effects of playing a musical instrument on the development of fine motor skills
  16. Whether or not musical instruments should be taught in schools
  17. The impact playing a musical instrument has on the development of an individual’s personality
  18. Playing multiple instruments is essential in the shaping of every musician’s career path. Discuss
  19. The role of music as a form of therapy and its impact on the quality of life
  20. Musical instruments are an integral component of every society. Discuss

Music Genres Essay Topics

  1. Music essay topics about musical genres
  2. The distinction between popular and non-popular music
  3. Why some genres are more memorable than others
  4. Whether or not it is possible to create original sounds when working with a certain musical genre
  5. How certain genres influence the mood of listeners and shape their expectations
  6. The role that music genres play in the lives of individuals and society as a whole
  7. The impact that musical genre has on the development of specific cultures and       subcultures
  8. The influence of musical genre on an individual’s sense of belonging to a certain group
  9. Whether or not specific genres promote empathy and understanding among people
  10. The popularity of modern music is a reflection on the current generation. Discuss
  11. Whether or not musical genres are disappearing from mainstream society
  12. What is the process of creating music genres
  13. Is it possible for a musician to create their musical genre
  14. The effects that various genres have on individuals and society
  15. Whether or not an individual’s choice of musical genre defines their identity
  16. Is the preference for a specific genre merely subjective, or is it logical
  17. The significance of musical genres in the history of human civilization
  18. The popularity of musical genres and their effect on the music industry
  19. Why genre classification is necessary for music listeners and professionals
  20. Whether or not one musical genre can replace another

Essay Topic Ideas on Music Performance

  1. The importance of maintaining an ideal body weight for singers
  2. How the physical state of a performer influences their musical abilities
  3. How performing impacts the body
  4. The ideal vocal range for pop singers
  5. Should performers be completely free to exercise their creative freedom when it comes to using props during a performance
  6. The impact that performing has on an individual’s mental and physical state
  7. Whether or not certain types of performances should be allowed at music festivals
  8. Whether or not there should be laws enforced by authorities to protect musicians’ health
  9. How certain performances impact the perception of an artist’s career and overall image
  10. How the presence of fans at performances changes their overall experience
  11. Whether or not it is important for artists to incorporate politics in their music during live performances
  12. Whether or not it is important for young musicians to pursue careers as professional performers
  13. How the performance of music differs between traditional instruments and modern equipment
  14. The influence that performing live has on an individual’s career path
  15. How young performers are trained to deal with the stress of performing
  16. The role that music venues play in shaping an artist’s career path
  17. Whether or not only famous musicians should be allowed to perform at music festivals
  18. The influence that performing has on one’s mental health
  19. Whether or not performers are underpaid for their skills
  20. What musicians should do to improve their performances

Interesting Music Essay Ideas About Famous Musicians

  1. The life and times of Mariah Carey
  2. The talent and difficult childhood of Bob Dylan
  3. How karma influenced the life and success of Eminem
  4. Elvis Presley’s legacy, style, and impact on music
  5. The life of Michael Jackson as seen through the eyes of his fans
  6. Lady Gaga, her music, and the gay community
  7. How Jay-Z continues to stay relevant in modern entertainment
  8. Jimi Hendrix, his music, style, and personality
  9. The ups and downs of Justin Bieber
  10. The roots, style, impact, and legacy of Beyoncé
  11. Whether or not Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Roll
  12. The significance of Elvis Presley’s impact on music, fashion, and social life
  13. The influence of Lady Gaga on fashion and social life
  14. How Beyoncé continues to stay relevant in modern entertainment
  15. Whether or not Michael Jackson was a musical genius and pop culture icon
  16. The significance of Bob Dylan’s music and impact on the American culture of the 1960s
  17. Is Justin Bieber more famous than Michael Jackson?
  18. How Eminem’s struggles in life influenced his style of music
  19. The impact of Mariah Carey on the entertainment business
  20. The influence of Michael Jackson on fashion and social life

Great Essay Ideas on Choral Music

  1. The what, when, where, and how of the choral singing trend
  2. Reasons why people like to sing in a choir
  3. Positive effects of choral singing on human health
  4. The difference between choirs and choruses
  5. History, styles, evolution, and future of choral singing
  6. How a group of singers can produce a beautiful harmony
  7. The role of a choir in music concerts and similar events
  8. Organizations that encourage young singers to join choral groups
  9. The effect of well-trained voices on the quality of music
  10. Why people like to sing in a choir even without an accompaniment
  11. The influence of choral singing in various cultures and traditions
  12. The contribution of choir singers to the musical industry
  13. How choral singing has evolved over time
  14. Different types of choirs and their significance in the music industry
  15. The rewarding experience of performing with a choir
  16. The effect of different pitches (notes) on the human body
  17. Positive effects of choral singing on social well-being
  18. Whether or not choral singing is a form of art
  19. The difference between choirs and an ensemble
  20. What makes a great choir director, and how natural talent contributes to the greatness
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Take Away Messages

Music essay ideas are infinite. All you need is to search in the right places, and this article is one of the best places to begin your search. The topic ideas suggested here are effective, but they are certainly not all-inclusive.

The best way to approach a music essay is by using the process of elimination. You can choose any topic, but the specific angle that makes it unique separates a regular paper from an extraordinary one.

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