How to write an autobiography essay

How to Write an Autobiography Essay


People write autobiographies to tell the story of their life. As with any self-expression, it can be difficult to think about how you will put your life into words.

Unlike most forms of writing, where the goal is to communicate information or an idea concisely, autobiographies are incredibly personal and expansive in scope.

On top of that, it can be hard to know how to write an autobiography essay, especially if you are not used to writing.

However, learning the basics of how to write your narrative is easier than you think.

What is the Purpose of an Autobiography Essay?

An autobiography essay aims at telling a person’s life story.

You should try to use this opportunity to be as descriptive and expansive as possible, using all of the knowledge you have gained about yourself.

Instead of writing a copy-and-paste biography, the purpose is to find out who you are by expressing yourself through writing.

To get started, you must consider the following:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your main goal?
  • How will it be structured?
  • What should you include in your autobiography essay?

Step One: Getting Started with Your Essay; How do I start?

When asked, “How do I start?” the first thing to consider is what you want your essay to accomplish. Do you want to tell your own life story with a focus on particular events? Or, will you be sharing moments that shaped who you are today?

Make sure to determine how long it should be and whether it should be written in the past, present, or future. Once you have this figured out, it will be much simpler to begin writing.

Step Two: The Basics of a Good Autobiography

There are a few points that every autobiography essay must cover to be effective and interesting to read.

An essay about someone’s life should include:

  • A chronological approach to the story
  • Life-changing moments and events
  • How those life-changing moments and events shaped who you are today.

By keeping these elements in mind every time you sit down to write your autobiography essay, you can be sure that it will be cohesive and easy to read.

Step Three: Writing the Essay

The amount of time you spend writing your autobiography essay will depend on how much there is to tell, but the chances are that writing an autobiography isn’t something that can be done in one sitting.

On average, expect to spend between 20 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the length of your essay.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are writing:

  • Take it one step at a time, working chronologically through major periods in your life.
  • Write about how you felt during different times and events, using specific examples to illustrate your points.
  • Include memories that have stuck with you over the years and how they have influenced who you are today.
  • Make sure to proofread your work, looking for spelling and grammatical errors as well as a flow that makes it easy for the reader to follow.
  • Use the first-person narration to write in your voice.
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Autobiography Essay Format

Good essays have a proper format that keeps the information easy for the reader to navigate through. Starting from the tone to word choice, there are a few points to keep in mind that can help you create a better autobiography essay.

Consider the following suggestions:

  • Be professional with your work and avoid writing things that are offensive or suggest immaturity.
  • Use clear, concise language throughout the paper to ensure that the meaning is always immediately apparent.
  • Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling, double-checking for errors before you send the paper off.
  • Tell the story in chronological order so that it is easier for your readers to follow.

An autobiography essay is usually written in the first person, starting with “I” and ending with “I.” If you use the third person, you should use “he,” “she,” or their full name.

Finally, make sure to cite all of your sources. This includes quotes and outside information, such as poems or songs that you refer to in your essay.

Autobiographical Essay Structure

How you structure your autobiography essay will depend on the type of story that you are going to tell. Typically, an autobiography essay outline starts with the introduction and goes through the main events of your life in chronological order till it reaches a conclusion.

The body of the autobiography writing process should follow this pattern:


The introduction to your essay should include basic information about who you are and why you are sharing your story with readers. It also explains what your essay will be about, setting up readers for an interesting and informative read.

The first paragraph should tell something about yourself and your position, as well as the audience you are writing for. It should also establish a tone for your essay and give readers an idea of what to expect from it.

Introduction: “I was born in State, Texas on April 26th, 1989. My family moved across the country when I was a baby, and we lived in New York until I started school…”

In the last paragraph of the introduction, you should clearly state what you will be writing about.


The body of your autobiography essay is the juicy part. It should include all of the events that you want to write about and why they are important. You should also provide details to bring the events to life.

Be sure that you are not merely listing facts about your life but instead telling readers what it was like for you in different situations and how you felt when they occurred.


The conclusion is where you summarize everything you have written about in your paper. It should be an overall view of how these events have shaped who you are today.

The last paragraph of your autobiography essay should include a reflection on what you have learned. It is also helpful to include some advice that readers can take away with them.

Beyond the Essay

Writing an autobiography can be a very expressive and cathartic experience, but it doesn’t have to stop when the paper is finished. There are some things you can do on your own to make your paper more than just an essay.

First, don’t be afraid to go back and edit. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking something to make it flow a little bit better or even changing an entire sentence structure. It’s okay to keep editing as long as you keep the main idea intact. Remember that it’s your story, not a novel.

In addition to this, you should try to add extra details when necessary. If a specific memory stands out to you or an event that was particularly difficult, expand on it in greater detail. By doing so, you will give your readers an even better sense of what you are talking about.

Finally, you can read your essay out loud to yourself or anyone else. This will give you a sense of whether or not the writing is as cohesive as it should be and if it flows well as a whole. You may even find errors that way.

Tips for Writing an Autobiographical Essay:

• Write in the third person unless you are writing about yourself. Switch between “she” and “he” while staying consistent throughout your essay. If you choose to use a name, you should refrain from using pronouns such as “he” “she.” If you are writing about yourself, it is imperative that you switch between “I” and “my.”

• Be sure to cite your sources if you are using direct quotes. Include the name of the publisher, date, and page number where they were taken from. You will also need to include a citation if you paraphrase something else written by someone else.

• Do not just list things that have happened to you. You do not want your essay to be a simple summary of what has occurred in your life so far. Instead, you want each sentence to contribute something interesting and meaningful about it so readers can follow along easily.

• Try reading your work out loud before submitting it as a final draft. This will give you a sense of whether or not the writing flows well and is cohesive. Errors may stand out to you this way too.

• In addition, taking time to get some feedback from other people about your idea before starting your essay can be helpful because it can allow you to make changes to improve it.

• Your conclusion should summarize everything you have written about. Be sure to reflect on what you have learned from your experiences and offer advice that readers can take away with them.

• Editing and proofreading are encouraged. Don’t be afraid to go back and tweak things to make them flow better or change sentence structures if necessary.

• keep the essay short. It doesn’t need to be very long at all. All you need is for your essay to be clear and concise.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Autobiographical Essay:

• Don’t be too vague or brief. You want to share what your experiences have taught you, so let the reader know exactly what they are.

• Do not include things that are irrelevant to your major focus. Your writing should never feel like it lacks meaning or purpose because this will make it difficult for readers to follow along.

• Don’t forget to mention any obstacles you have faced and how you overcame them. This will make your essay seem more genuine, as it will demonstrate that these experiences taught you a valuable lesson.

• Don’t ever plagiarize something written by someone else or use direct quotes without including a citation. Doing this will only make you look bad.

• Finally, avoid using too many personal pronouns such as “I” or “my.” You want to be able to switch between them easily while staying consistent throughout your essay. However, you should use “I” and not the third-person perspective if it’s about yourself.

How Can I Make my Autobiography Essay Stand Out?

To make your autobiography essay stand out, it needs to be unique and reflect on what you have learned from your experiences. It should demonstrate a purpose to what you’ve written and capture the reader’s attention from beginning to end.

You can do this by:

• Including something that may not be a personal experience will allow readers to see how much you have learned from others. For example, if you were writing about taking a trip to another country, including how much it taught you about yourself or different cultures.

• Mentioning your obstacles and what you learned from them. It’s also a good idea to share how you overcame these hurdles too.

• Including why it is important for other people to know this information encourages them to take something away from their personal experience.

• Use descriptive language, such as metaphors or allusions, to provide vivid details about your experiences and also makes your writing more interesting.

• Recognize that not everyone has had the same experiences as you, and don’t assume they will benefit from your essay like you might.

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Can I Get Help with my Autobiography Essay?

Absolutely. Writing an autobiography essay can be challenging at times. This is especially true if you have never been asked to do it before. The main thing you need to remember is that all good writing has a meaning behind it, so your job is simply to figure out what yours will be.

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