Demonstration speech topics

Demonstration Speech Topics and Ideas


A demonstration speech is a type of speech in which the speaker presents material to be examined by the audience. The purpose of such speeches is usually to show rather than tell or to educate or entertain an audience through a visual, auditory, olfactory, or tactile presentation

Demonstrations can also be used for marketing purposes, where businesses attempt to create interest in their products by letting people try them out before they buy them.

Demonstrations must be planned carefully so that they provide all four senses with information about what you’re trying to sell- whether it’s your product or yourself as a candidate for office- after all, these are our 5 major senses used to take in information

Read on to learn everything about the speeches, as well as numerous topic examples!

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How to write a demonstration speech outline

To create a demonstration speech outline:

  • Begin by brainstorming the topic you’re going to be giving your demonstration about. A good way to do this is to come up with as many topics as possible related to your central idea and then pick out which ones are most interesting or relevant.
  • Research the topic so you can provide as much detail about it in your speech. Research online, at the library, or by reading up about it yourself; find out everything you can think of that will be relevant and interesting to your audience.
  • Next, write an introduction into which you can weave information that will interest people and make them want to read or watch your speech.
  • Write your main points as clearly defined sentences that make your point while explaining or persuading your audience. To do this, you need to define your points so that even someone who hasn’t heard your introduction can understand them.
  • Write a commanding demonstrative speech considering all the above points, try to be as creative as possible with the demonstration ideas, and experiment with a few different props or visual aids.
  • Conclude your speech by summarizing what you’ve told your audience and thanking them for listening. Show confidence in yourself and the value of whatever it is that you are demonstrating.

Note: Always remember to prepare a good demonstrative speech outline before actually doing your demonstration speeches, so you don’t forget anything or get lost in the middle of your presentation. Remember that the best speeches are those which provide your audiences with a sensory experience. Writing a demonstrative speech outline is a great way to plan, and gives you an excellent idea of how everything fits together in your speech; be sure not to miss out important points because of lack of planning.

Demonstrative speech topics

Demonstration speech topics about events and occurrences

History is interesting to listen to and add a bit of spice and variety into what could otherwise be very dry speeches.

They also allow you to demonstrate how you can use your research skills for more than simply class assignments and memorizing information. You will have to put that knowledge into practice as you invent new ways of telling people about historical events.

1) The history of the Olympics

2) The history of India

3) The history of Australia

4) History about World War II

5) History about how aids was discovered

Don’t but shy away from giving a demonstration speech if it’s something you’re particularly interested in. You may not be the most knowledgeable person on a subject, but you can learn all about it and come across as a lot more genuine when talking about something that genuinely interests you.

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Demonstrative speeches ideas on inventions and innovations

Are you going to give a demonstration speech on inventions? This is one of the best topics that can be used in a speech. This is mainly because you can always develop more ideas and new inventions being discovered each day.

That’s not even including the thousands upon thousands of different things already invented that will be relevant to your demonstration speech on inventions as well!

Here are some great demonstrative speech topics about inventions:

1) The history of the internet is a much narrower topic than the previous examples given. But it’s still quite relevant to today’s audience because many people don’t understand how something like this works.

2) How vaccines work and why they’re important.

3) Products using robots in current manufacturing.

4) Showing people how to use a tablet or smartphone – This is a good topic because of the rapid growth of the smartphone industry.

5) The newest technology in your area of study that’s coming soon, such as smart cars.

6) How electric cars work – you can find out by looking online.

7) The history and various types of transportation from the past to the present day.

Demonstrative speeches ideas on successful people

Somebody who has made something of themselves is a good topic for a demonstrative speech. It comes as no surprise that examples of such people would be effective in creating interest and attracting listeners.

Here are some great demonstrative speech topics about successful people:

1) Steve Jobs, the inventor of Apple Inc.

2) Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and many other successful businesses.

3) The Wright brothers who were able to have enough patience to discover flight as an invention. The result of this invention has become so important in our lives today.

4) Anybody from a different country or region with a complicated life story can be a good topic. It comes as no surprise that examples of such people would be effective in creating interest and attracting listeners.

5) People who have overcome a hardship or serious illness (ghostwriter). Why not give them a voice by writing an informative speech about their life?

Demonstration speeches ideas on current events

Here you can use topics that are more related to current events. This is a good way to keep your audience interested in news and information they are most likely familiar with. Demonstrative speech topics on current events should still be interesting and entertaining for the listeners.

Here are some great demonstrative speech ideas about current events:

1) Social media history – this is a much narrower topic than the previous examples given. But it’s still quite relevant to today’s audience because many people don’t understand how something like this works.

2) How vaccines work and why they’re important.

3) Products using robots in current manufacturing.

4) Showing people how to use a tablet or smartphone – This is a good topic because of the rapid growth of the smartphone industry.

5) The newest technology in your area of study that’s coming soon, such as smart cars.

Demonstrative speech topics on culture, tradition, and holidays

You can come up with interesting demonstrative speech topics about anything related to different cultures and traditions. This is also a good way to show your audience that other cultures exist beyond what they’re familiar with.

Here are some great demonstrative speech topics about culture, tradition, and holidays:

1) Different kinds of cuisines and food recipes are always interesting to people. So, how about making a speech about how to make some dishes? This is a great topic for demonstration speeches because it’s something that everybody likes.

2) Try talking about different ceremonies or traditions from around the world. You can talk about their origins which will be interesting for your listeners.

3) Different kinds of celebrations are always a good topic – whether it’s from the country you’re currently living in or some other place around the world.

Demonstration speeches ideas on health and medicine

Health is an important part of everyday life, so it’s no surprise that people are interested in knowing more about it. Demonstrative speeches on health could be a good way to inform people.

Here are some great demonstrative speech topics about health and medicine:

1) Vaccines – this is very important today because of all the diseases. Especially in areas that have warmer climates with more mosquitoes and insects which carry all kinds of diseases.

2) How CPR works and why it is important to know-how.

3) Ebola virus- this disease has been widely covered by all media outlets. As you plan your demonstrative speech, you could talk about the Ebola virus and its origins as a way to give people more information about the disease.

Demonstration speeches ideas on education

Education is very important because it helps us prepare for the future and learn new skills. It’s a good idea to give people more information about what they don’t currently know. Having topics like these in a demonstrative speech will help you do that.

Here are some great demonstrative speech topics related to education:

1) Explain how studying is important – Everyone is told to study in school. But, why exactly? What is the point of studying, and how does it benefit you in the future?

2) A famous writer or poet – choose an author with a reputation to make your speech more interesting for your listeners. You can speak about their life story or literary works, which will be entertaining for your audience.

3) Show people how to use an app or a website – This is a good topic because of the rapid growth of technology and all kinds of online resources. There are many different websites, social media sites, apps for mobile phones, etc. They have become essential parts of modern life, so everybody must know how to use them.

4) The history of education – This is an interesting topic to choose for demonstration speech because it’s much broader than other topics given here but still quite relevant to today’s audience.

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Demonstrative speeches on entertainment, arts, and music

At the end of the day, people like to relax and have fun. Demonstrative speeches about entertainment can show your audience that there are a lot more things to do. Give them new ideas of how to entertain themselves. Your speech could also include some interesting facts about famous artists and their work.

Here are some great demonstrative speech topics about entertainment, arts, and music:

1) The best movie you’ve ever seen – this will be a fun topic for your listeners because it’s enjoyable and entertaining.

2) A famous artist or their work – cover all kinds of artists such as painters, sculptors, photographers, etc. Demonstrative speeches about artwork can help give people more information about famous artists and what they are best at.

3) The history of entertainment – This is also a good topic to choose if you want to cover more than one idea in your demonstrative speech. Entertainment is an important part of our lives, and its history will be interesting for people who want to learn more about the subject.

4) A board game – Demonstrative speeches about board games are a good idea because many people like these kinds of activities and it’s always fun to learn something new.

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Demonstration speech ideas on inventors and innovators

Many demonstrative speech topics are based on inventors and innovators. These are based on the new technologies and how their inventions made the world a better place. Here are some great demonstrative speech topics on inventors and innovators:

1) The history of how Stevie Wonder invented the synthesizer

2) The creation of space by NASA’s engineers

3) The invention of cars or airplanes by Henry Ford and Orville Wright

4) Thomas Edison and his incredible inventions or Nikola Tesla, and his discovery of electricity.

5) How Tim Berners Lee invented the internet

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Demonstration speeches on scientific research results

Here are some interesting and fun facts about different scientific research results such as the fluorescent lamp, inventions of computers, and how they revolutionized the world.

1) How Thomas Edison invented the clockwork radio in 1877 with his assistant Joseph Villard. The invention was able to transmit sound but only over a very short distance.

2) How Henry Ford invented the assembly line to mass-produce automobiles to make them more affordable. The cars were sold at a price that just about everyone could afford, making America’s love affair with the car begin and continue today.

3) Nikola Tesla is considered one of the greatest inventors of all time by many scientists. However, it is controversial because Thomas Edison is still considered one of the greatest if not the most famous inventors. Tesla was a Serbian-American. He invented many things, including his famous alternating current electricity generator and transformer. These two inventions have provided power to homes all over the world since he created them in 1882.

3) How computers were first invented by Alan Turing, Charles Babbage, Herman Hollerith, and many other genius inventors.

Demonstration speech structure and outline ideas

Just like any other essay, the structure of this type of speech is very important. Demonstrative speeches usually follow an outline organized into three parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction will provide the details about what you are going to talk about in your speech. Here you can also give some background information about your subject or tell a story from that period.

The body of the demonstrative speech is where you will spend majority of your time explaining your topic and details. It could be a story or some interesting facts about it.

The final part or the conclusion of this type of speech is where you sum up everything said in the previous parts. It’s simply an overview of what was discussed in the main body of the speech. Here you can also make some conclusions and recommendations to your audience or any comments about this.

The first thing to do is to start with why. You can tell your audience why you are talking about this subject matter and its relevance to them. This should be very interesting to them because they will want to know what the relevance is.

Tips for giving a successful demonstration speech

Demonstration speeches can be a great way to persuade your listeners and show them something they have never seen before.

You must be able to show the audience what your speech topic is all about in an interesting way.

Show them photos or videos of your speech topic.

This is how you will allow them to enjoy the topic. You can also tell your listeners what you are going to do and then immediately go ahead a do it. This will help keep their attention on your speech topic because they will be paying close attention to what is coming next.

Give your audience sufficient and detailed information.

You will want to give them relevant information that they can use. You can summarize your speech topic or give them a detailed write-up.

Tell an interesting and captivating story about your topic.

You want to be able to bring the audience in so that they are captivated by what you are talking about. This will make sure that they do not tune out of your demonstration speech.

Be creative and stick with one point throughout the entire speech.

Avoid adding unnecessary details about your topic. Jokes during a demonstration speech should only be used for entertainment, not as a way to explain anything.

Provide enough evidence/facts

This will help you support your topic. Use good visual aids such as pictures or videos to help show what you are talking about. You can use PowerPoint slides to go along with your demonstration speech if you’re giving it in front of a large audience.

Write out your presentation and practice it before the demonstration.

Should I write out my presentation and practice it before the day of my demonstrative speech? Someone would ask. Yes, definitely! Most of the time, you will be more confident and have less stage fright if you practice your speech ahead of time. The more familiar you are with your topic and presentation, the better off you’ll be when it comes to giving your demonstrative speech in front of a crowd. Practice makes perfect!

Organize your demonstrative speech

Organizing your demonstrative speech can be as easy as writing out a list of things you want to mention in your presentation. It can also include creating an outline or diagram highlighting your demonstration speech’s different points and topics.

Visual aids

Will you be using a PowerPoint presentation? You can easily create PowerPoint presentations by writing out everything on note cards or typing it up in bullet points.

Do you want to use an overhead projector? Are there any special materials that the audience may need to see to follow along with what you’re saying? Ensure these materials are provided beforehand, so they’re all ready to go for the big day.

Keep your demonstrative speech short.

Most demonstrative speeches are only 5-7 minutes long, and that’s what you should aim for. Anything over 10 minutes begins to feel like an eternity, and chances are listeners will start getting bored if you don’t keep them engaged.

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