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Essay Editing Service-Overview

Do you have a paper due in the next few hours, but you are struggling to edit it? Would you like somebody else to read over your essay so they can offer constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement? offers a professional essay editing service to students who need help with their admissions essays, research papers, and assignments.

Using an essay editing service is a great way to get feedback and suggestions on your documents before you submit them for grading or publishing. We guarantee great service from our team.

Why You Would Need Essay Editing Service

  • Hiring someone to edit your documents means that they will take a look at what you’ve done and give suggestions for errors and things you could add to the work to make it better overall.
  • Editing is essential to non-native English speakers whose first language is not English, especially if you are trying scientific writing or any other specialty requiring advanced vocabulary.
  • But editing isn’t just for those who aren’t native English speakers. Every writer needs somebody else to read their work and give them suggestions on what works, what needs work, the flow of the writing, or sentence structure; any edits that make the document easier to read and improve its grammar.
  • Grammatical errors, wrong formatting, and punctuation mistakes may hinder you from getting the highest grade.
  • Professional editors can help with your spelling and grammar. They can identify words that may have been misused as well as offer better alternatives.
  • Essay expert editors can edit your papers from start to finish or assist in specific assignment areas such as grammar and punctuation errors, awkward sentence structure, and more!

Why You Should Hire Our Online Essay Editing and Proofreading Services

  • We are available 24/7 to help you edit your academic papers. Our professional editing team is currently editing and proofreading thousands of essays like yours.
  • We provide editing services for most subjects, including Business, English, History, Sociology, Psychology, and more. Our professional editors are familiar with the different formatting styles required for papers in all of these topics.

We offer quick turnaround times of 24 hours or less! So if you’ve got a paper due tomorrow morning and don’t have the time to edit it yourself, we’ll be able to help you out.

  • Our expert editors are native and fluent English speakers. Our editors also ensure that your papers adhere to the correct formatting.
  • You can submit your papers in any file format including .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf and more.
  • We have helped thousands of students with proofreading and editing their essays before submitting them. We offer competitive prices as well as special discounts for bulk orders and first-time customers.

How to Place an Order

  • Type in the order you would like to place: Proofreading or Editing. You can also select other type of paper if you already know what you need.
  • Enter your personal information as well as the details of your order. After filling out the required fields, click ‘Place Order.’ You will get an instant quote. Proceed to checkout, where you can enter in your credit card or PayPal details.
  • Upload your essay and attach it to the order. Don’t worry about word count; we’ll do it for you. After uploading your document, you will be prompted to select a delivery date and time that is convenient for you.
  • After submitting the payment details, check your email inbox. We will send you a message from our customer service team confirming that we received your order.
  • Our expert editor will review your essay and give you a revised document to confirm edits before a final well-edited copy.
  • The editor will then give you a link to your edited document. Download your papers ready for submission or publishing.

Our Professional Editing Rates

We offer a flat price of $7 per page on all orders, including editing and proofreading. Prices are based on the length of text in the document being edited/proofread.

The longer the paper, the cheaper the price on a per-page basis. Note that there may be extra charges for final order delivery past deadline times.

Essay Editing Service FAQs

What Information Do I Need to Provide When Placing an Order?

Please include any special instructions in the “note to editor” section right before checkout when you place your first order with us. If there are no special instructions, you can check out without entering anything in the note to editor section.

What File Formats Do You Accept?

All files will be accepted in word, .pdf, or .txt formats. Please make sure that you are attaching a file that has the correct format before uploading.

What Are Some Example Types of Topics and Papers?

Here are some examples of different assignments we can proofread/edit:  

Where Can I Get Samples?

To view examples of our work, please visit our website directly:

About Tutorsploit:

Tutorsploit is a global professional editing service that aims to help students become better writers and improve their grades. We offer essay editing services. We also assist with the creation of high-quality research papers.

We have a team of highly experienced editors who provide affordable yet professional writing services. We aim to aid students in improving their academic performance by offering essays, resumes, research papers, dissertation editing, and much more!

Tutorsploit is always available with affordable rates to help students at all levels. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction possible. Our goal is to create a strong bond between our clients and us to ensure that you keep coming back for more!

Our company operates on flexible hours, which can be customized to fit your needs. We edit documents for students, as they prepare their admission essays to get into college or graduate schools.

We also edit essays for scholarships, grants, or other financial aid that requires an essay as part of the application process.

Allow us to improve your grades by improving your writing skills through professional essay thesis editing. Let Tutorsploit be your ultimate solution towards academic excellence!

If you are interested in our services or want more information about our rates, please visit us at Our support team is ready to assist you.

How Editing Works

Our team of editors will thoroughly review your college papers to check for any errors or inconsistencies. You will be informed precisely what type of editing (i.e., content-related) is needed before receiving the final version back in your inbox. We will let you know what kinds of edits are required through the editing process.

How Much Does Editing Cost?

The fee for the edited chapter (10-24 pages) is $14 per page. The turnaround time is 24-48 hours.

The fee for the edited manuscript (over 25 pages) editing services is $22 per page. Turnaround time can be 1-3 days, depending on the length of your manuscript.

The fee for dissertation editing services is $0.02 per word (minimum page charge). Turnaround time can be up to 14 days depending on the length of your document. For example, if you would like your entire dissertation edited at 48 hours, you will need to pay around $1104. For Ph.D. dissertation editing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote. You can also compute the cost directly here.

The fee for resume services is $30 per page. Turnaround time is 24-48 hours, depending on the length of your document. This price includes one round of revisions with unlimited revisions to fix grammar mistakes, formatting errors, and typos.

Recent Testimonials for Our Editing Services

“I am pleased with the editing service; thank you for your professional work. I need to pass my essay again because of the time limit, but I will share this experience about your excellent proofreading online service with my friends! “

“This is an awesome site. All college students should use it… The price isn’t too bad at all. Thank you so much!”

“I am happy with my thesis papers and have already started to recommend Tutorsploit to all of my friends. Your services are greatly needed for students in college. THANKS, A LOT!!! “

“I’m happy that professionals from Tutorsploit edited my research paper. I will use this site again. You guys are a fantastic team! “

“… thanks for making my essay perfect! Your website is impressive and cool; I’ve got no words to describe it :)… The instruction on order was clear enough for me to understand that writing an order won’t take a long time. “

I Need Academic Editing Services to Edit my College Application Essay is here to help you. We offer online editing services for college applications. Log in to and upload your essay. One editor will be assigned to change awkward phrasing, misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors, and awkward wording or sentence structure.

Our professional editor will offer suggestions, and even recommendations, to better your essay. You will have the option to preview their changes before you approve them. You will be able to download your completed paper- proofread and edited within the hour.

I Need Editing Services to Improve My Resume

A resume is your first impression to an employer, so it has to be perfect. You are only allowed one page for a resume, so every single word counts.

Don’t let any error get in the way of you landing that dream job! With Tutorsploit, you can upload your resume and have one of our highly skilled editors look at any errors to make it the best it can be before you send it off.

Can I Pay for Editing Services for My Research Papers?

Yes, at Tutorsploit, our research papers editing service will help ensure that you meet the article’s requirements before you turn in your research project.

Some students struggle with ideas for their papers, while others have great information but find it challenging to organize the words on the page. With our help, no matter what issue is holding you back, we can quickly and easily fix it.

Can you help to Edit My Thesis?

Yes, we will! Whether you are writing a thesis for your doctorate, MBA, or graduate degree, you need to make sure that it is precise and well-written.

You want your thesis papers to be the best that they can be. When you turn it in with your name on the front page, you will be confident in the content soundness and ability to communicate ideas.

At Tutorsploit, we will help you with that. We will edit for awkward phrasing, comma splices, verb tense changes, and more so that when you turn in your thesis, it is polished and ready for grading!

Can I Pay for Your Essay Proofreading Service?

Yes. Please fill the order form on our website. When you are in need of editing services for an essay, it is essential that you consult with an editor who understands the ins and outs of essays.

Many individuals believe they can edit their own work, but they often do not have the experience needed to catch all of the errors to produce papers that meet the formal requirements. If you want to make your essay shine, whether for a scholarship or an application, turn to Tutorsploit and let one of our editors handle it for you. We don’t change the meaning of any sentence or section of your document, but we make sure that everything is in the right order and flows naturally.

What Other Services Do you Offer?

We can help with any writing project, including:

  • Book reports
  • Term paper writing
  • Research papers
  • Personal statements for college admissions
  • Resumes and cover letters for work/internships/schools

I Need Assignment Editing Services with Cheap Rates

As we all know, college is expensive enough! With tuition fees rising by the year, it’s no wonder that students everywhere are turning to Tutorsploit for help with editing their papers.

We are dedicated to offering affordable rates for all types of academic projects, so the next time you need editing services, come to Tutorsploit and see just how little we will charge for your papers!

I Need a Native Speaker as My Essay Editor. Do You Have Any?

Yes, we have a large pool of native-speaking editors on staff here at Tutorsploit. We are glad you asked if you need an essay editor who speaks English as their first language. We are happy to provide recommendations on the best writer for your project! Contact us anytime. Our support team is available 24/7.

Can I Hire for Your Service For My Essay? It Requires Simple Edit.

Yes, our editors are available to help with your essay. Please send us your details by filling the order form on our website. Once we have received your request, our editor will get in touch with you to discuss the details of your project and how soon you would like it completed.

Do You Have Any Blog Post Proofreader?

Yes! Whether you are writing a blog post for your business on WordPress or if you need someone to review your post before you share it with the world, Tutorsploit is at your service. We will assign a professional editor who specializes in blogging.

They know just what needs to be included for a blog post to be successful. From sentence structure and flow to punctuation and grammar, we will proofread and ensure that your message is portrayed in the best way possible.

Other Editing and Proofreading Services You Can Get from Us

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