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Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with studying and applying electricity, electronics, & electromagnetism. Electrical engineering degree courses include automation, power electronics, control system, microprocessor, digital signal processing, power generation, computer networking, digital design, and CAD tools.

These topics require innovative thinking, problem-solving skills, logic, and a good background in mathematics, sciences, and English.

Most electrical engineering students go through a tough time completing their assignments and project work. In many cases, students have also failed to submit their electrical engineering assignments on time for various reasons.

Assignments may provide a critical distinction between passing and failing grades. Failure to submit assignments on time can adversely affect students’ academic records. It may result in a low or no grade on the assignment you submit late, reducing your GPA.

For most students, an assignment is the most difficult task as they cannot complete it even after investing significant amounts of time.

This article provides students with information about where they can find professional assistance with their assignments and get electrical engineering assignment help immediately.

Electrical Engineering Assignment Solution

Professional assignment experts can assist in writing, rewriting, and proofreading your assignments and projects. They can also help you better understand the concepts and develop writing skills to produce error-free and plagiarism-free assignments.

Students do not have to worry nor feel stuck as there are many credible assignment experts available online who can help with assignments from top to bottom for a reasonable amount of money.

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Who is Tutorsploit.com?

Tutorsploit.com is a popular online service provider that provides expert assistance for all electrical engineering courses. All our electrical engineering writers are graduates in their respective subjects and have years of experience writing academic assignments for students.

Our writers are extremely qualified, skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to their work. They can write any type of assignment on electrical engineering courses irrespective of the number of pages or complexity level.

Our electrical engineering assignment experts provide engineering assignment help for all branches, including;

  • Electrical Engineering-
  • Electronic engineering
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  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Civil Engineering,
  • Automobile Engineering, among others.

Tutorsploit.com provides engineering assignment help to students in the following countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and others.

With over 800 highly qualified electrical engineering graduates, Tutorsploit.com can offer college students all types of engineering solutions, including;

Writing Electrical Engineering Assignments

Electrical engineering assignments help combine different subjects, including engineering mathematics, circuit theory, integrated circuits, automation, electrical machinery, power engineering, command system, radio-frequency engineering, RF design, electrical machinery. Our electrical engineering experts will help with your assignments on all electrical engineering assignment topics.

Writing Electrical Engineering Online Test Help

Electrical engineering multiple-choice questions, electrical engineering short answer questions, electrical engineering case study help, writing a UCB in electrical engineering, writing an Electrical Power Systems assignment for all levels.

Writing Power Electronics Assignments

We offer electrical engineering assistance in power electronics lab report writing services, power circuit theory assignment help from experts, electric power and electronics devices assignment help, and others.

Writing Control System Assignments

This includes control system lab report writing services, control systems engineering short answer questions, and MIMO & OFDM for embedded engineers’ online test help.

Research Paper on All Electrical Engineering Topics

If you are looking for an expert electrical engineer to aid in writing a research paper, our professional writers will assist you.

The research paper should be written according to your instructions and should have several sections, including the Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Literature review, methodologies used & their relevance, Findings, and Discussions, Bibliography/reference list.

Electric Assignment Help-Electrical Engineering Projects

Students are provided with all types of assistance to complete their electrical engineering projects. This includes project management and planning, research and development (including all types of testing like an analog simulation), writing an electrical engineering project report, etc.

Electrical Engineering Homework Solutions on all Electrical Assignment Topics

Students in electrical engineering receive a comprehensive education. They gain extensive knowledge during their schooling years. Furthermore, tutorsploit.com helps them in improving their fundamental learning. Electrical engineering homework help allows students to have a deeper understanding of the topics covered in school.

We help students develop their core conceptual understanding. We follow a precise study algorithm to ensure that each student understands all the concepts and passes their exams with flying colors.

Tutorsploit.com offers online Electrical engineering homework help 24/7. Our tutors will assist you in solving all types of electrical engineering questions, whether for an examination or a task.

Online electrical engineering homework solutions by our top tutors are available for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Our electrical engineering experts are electrical engineer graduates who have good knowledge of all electrical engineering courses. Thousands of students choose Tutorsploit because they believe in the quality of our online electrical engineering homework help.

Electrical Engineering Project Management.

Our electrical engineering experts have helped thousands of students worldwide to complete their power electronics projects successfully. We give undivided attention to every assigned work, ensuring that the customer is fully satisfied.

We offer full-time project management and assignment writing help to guarantee your success. The project can be done either as a team or individually, depending on your engineering assignment needs and requirements.

Electrical Engineering Essay Help for Undergraduate Students

Our experts are fully conversant with the latest technologies. We offer quality electrical engineering essay help that will boost your grades significantly. Our expert team of writers is highly experienced and knows what it takes to compose a successful essay for any topic within the shortest time possible.

Electrical engineering homework help is available 24/7. You can visit our website anytime to get online tutoring regarding any electrical engineering topic. Electrical engineering essay writing service is offered for both high school and college students at the best prices compared with other academic writing services.

How Can You Get Started With Tutorsploit.com Assignment Help?

Getting started with Tutorsploit online assignment help is an easy process that takes less than three minutes. Here is how to do it:

  • Fill the order form at www. tutorsploit.com;
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Why Should You Trust Tutorsploit.com for your ‘Electrical Engineering Assignment Help’?

Tutorsploit.com provides its clients with several guarantees that are designed to ensure complete satisfaction with their work. These guarantees include:

  • Complete confidentiality and privacy of customer data; Privacy policy is strictly observed by Tutorsploit.com;
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Urgent Electrical Engineering Solution

Securing good grades in your electrical engineering studies will not be difficult if you ask for online help from our experts at Tutorsploit.

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Electrical Assignment Help Features

The assignment that you receive from us will have the following features:

  • Free plagiarism report as per Turnitin standards;
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Online Electrical Assignment Help

Tutorsploit.com has professional electrical engineering freelancer writers and professors conversant with the standards and guidelines in completing your project or assignment.

Tutorspoit’s Electrical engineering assignments help save the students from the academic burden of writing assignments or submitting incomplete assignments. Our goal is to provide professional assistance for electrical engineering students and help them attain top grades.

Why Students Need Assignment Help in Electrical Engineering Field

Electrical engineering assignment help service is perfect for students who require help due to 

  • Busy working schedule, which does not allow them to complete their homework and assignment work.
  • Little understanding of the topic, which makes it difficult for them to complete their assignments.               
  • Need to understand confusing topics taught in lectures/textbooks.

Electrical engineering assignment help is ideal for all such students who cannot find enough time or energy to complete their engineering homework on time. We are here to take your burden away and help you get the desired grades.

Consider Tutorsploit.com for Online Electrical Engineering Assignment Help.

Electrical engineering tutors from Tutorsploit provide electrical engineering homework help services to students to better understand the topics. It is necessary to understand every topic of electrical engineering before attempting any assignment or homework.

The student will be able to tackle all upcoming assignments and homework with great ease and confidence after taking electrical engineering tutor help from us.

Sample Papers for Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering model papers are also available with our electrical engineering assignment help. You can check out these samples to get an idea of the quality of content you will get from us for your project or assignment work.

It will also give you a clear idea of how well we understand the needs and requirements of students who seek professional engineering assignment help. Please use the reference papers provided for research and reference purposes only.

Our expertise is to provide electrical engineering assignment help whenever you need it. Our sole goal is to help students excel in their academic performance and succeed in their future careers by achieving better grades with the electrical engineering assignment help we provide.

Electrical Engineering Assignment Help by Expert Tutors

Our electrical engineering assignment helpers are available 24/7 to provide professional help with your electrical engineering assignment work, homework, lab reports, and term projects online through chat or email.

Our self-check feature will allow you to track your progress with each submission. If you need any assistance with your assignments, send us a message via chat or email at support@tutorsploit.com.

Sample Questions for Electrical Assignments Help

The following are some sample questions from our professional electrical engineering tutors:              

What are the various types of electrical equipment? Give two examples?

Answer – There are different types of electrical equipment-

a. Resistive Equipment: Resistors are devices that restrict the flow of current through them. The resistance offered by them determines the amount of voltage drop across them or the power loss in them. They are used to regulate voltage, measure current, etc. A few examples of resistors are– rheostat, wire wound resistor, carbon film resistor, among others

b. Magnetic Equipment: These are devices that use magnetism to convert electrical energy into other forms of energy. The most common type of magnetic equipment is the electromagnet, which can lift heavier objects and pass larger currents at a much lower voltage than an ordinary coil of wire.

c. Coordination Equipment: They combine the function of two or more devices into a single unit. An example is a combination lock that uses a standard dial and set of gears and a solenoid mounted on top of a safe. The solenoid can be operated to rotate the gear attached to the dial and wind up a spring which will turn the dial until it reaches a combination.

How does mechanical energy help in transportation?

Answer – Mechanical Energy helps in transportation by being converted into electrical energy. The amount of energy produced depends on the source of mechanical energy, its weight, and design.

Mechanical Equipment: They are devices that are utilized to convert energy from one form into another. A few examples of mechanical equipment are- dynamos, generators, gas compressors, and pumps.

What is resistance? State Ohm’s Law and its applications?

Answer – The opposition offered by an object to let electric current through it, measured in ohms after the size of the current is passed, is called resistance.

Ohm’s law states that the current flowing through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference across the two points and inversely proportional to the impedance of the conductor. In simpler terms, it can be stated as I = V/Z or Z = V/I.

This law is used to calculate the value of resistance when one knows its voltage and current ratings. The symbol for resistance is R, letter I for current, and V for potential difference. It can be denoted by the letter Z. For example– If a conductor has V = 100V and I = 10A, then the resistance of this conductor will be–

R = V/I = 100V/10A = 10Ω.

What is a watt?

Answer – A watt is a unit of power. It is the rate at which energy is used or produced. 1 watt = 1 joule/sec or 3,412 Btu/hr or 2140 foot-pounds per minute etc..

Why are kW and MW preferred as units of power?

Answer – kW and MW are preferred as units of power compared to W because watts do not specify any unit of time, whereas kW and MW specify the amount of power per second. One watt = 1 joule/second or 1kg-m/s.

1kW = 1000 watts

1MW = 1000 kilowatt or 1,000,000 watts

What are nominal and maximum values of voltage?

Answer – The value that is quoted for the operating voltage of electric equipment is its nominal value. When this specified current flows through it under normal conditions, i.e., not more than 20% above the rated current, it is termed the maximum value.

How do resistors control voltage? Discuss their ratings and limitations?

Answer – Resistors are devices that restrict the flow of current through them. The resistance offered by them determines the amount of voltage drop across them or the current passing through them.

Resistors come in two types:

a) Fixed Resistance: Resistors whose resistance does not change with variation in temperature and other factors are known as fixed resistors, and they use to control voltage or current by restricting their flow. The usual resistor value range is from 0.1 ohms to 1Mohm. They come in different shapes and sizes, from small surface mount resistors to large busbar.

b) Variable Resistance: Resistors whose resistance changes according to the amount of current passing through them are known as variable resistors. One such example is a photoresistor which changes its resistance depending on the amount of light falling on it. Variable resistor rating ranges from 1ohm to 100Mohm.

What is electrical engineering circuit theory?

Electrical engineering circuit theory is concerned with the flow of electric current in circuits. Circuits are composed of resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc., connected using wires or printed circuit boards.

Resistance is measured in ohms, the potential difference is measured in volts, and current strength is measured in amperes. There are simply mathematical equations for finding unknown values in a circuit.

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Electrical Engineering Assignment FAQs

How Do Engineers Get Assignments?

Engineers get assignments based on their career stage. Junior engineers get entry-level assignments, whereas assistant engineers get mid-level assignments. After that, promotions are given to associate and full engineers, which increases the scope of responsibilities.

What Are 5 Things Electrical Engineers Do?

  • Electrical engineers source, develop and test electrical equipment, materials, and systems. They work with power plants, electric generation plants, etc., to design the infrastructure of the power supply system.
  • Design circuits for products like mobile phones or radios which produce electromagnetic waves. They also ensure that these products are safe for humans to use.
  • Electrical engineers work on the electricity supply systems like power plants, transmission, and distribution. They design the structure of the system and ensure that these are efficient and safe to use.
  • Designing wiring systems for buildings is another important role wherein they plan the entire building electrical infrastructure. One of their main tasks here is to calculate how much electricity will be needed.
  • They also design equipment like motors, generators which convert mechanical power into electrical power and vice versa. They check the performance of these machines too.

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