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Are you looking for private tutors in Chicago, Illinois?

You have come to the right place. Our team of experienced and qualified tutors is here to offer personalized tutoring and help your daughter/ son reach their academic goals. Whether you need assistance with mathematics, science, English, or any other subject, our local tutor can help.

We have been in business for over a decade and have helped 1000’s local students to achieve academic success. We offer a variety of private tutoring options. Whether you just need help with homework or prepare for college entrance exams such as the ACT/SAT.

Our services are available all across the Chicago area. We have expert tutors with years of experience tutoring their diverse academic fields.

Our tutoring sessions are for students of all ages, from kindergarten to master’s degree programs. Our vetted and certified private tutors in our ‘Chicago tutor team’ are happy to share their knowledge. They are committed to helping students excel.

Who Is

We are an online tutoring service offering private tutoring to students in private and public schools. Our mission is to provide students with personalized academic support whenever they need it and at an affordable price.

How Do We Help?

We offer private lessons to all levels of education. Our tutors in Chicago Il offer various services, including:

  • A free assessment to determine the learning needs of your son or daughter;
  • Focused tutoring – focusing on your daughter or son’s weaknesses to help them achieve academic success;
  • Catch-up lessons – helping students to recover from failing grades or other disappointments;
  • Study skills coaching for high school and college students;
  • Test preparation in advance of entrance exams.
  • Assistance with your homework and study questions
  • Test preparation for major exams including SAT, GMAT, GRE, PSAT/NMSQT, etc.
  • Assistance with Software programs such as MS Office, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, etc.
  • Assistance with Language courses, e.g., English, French, and Spanish.
  • Summer programs for school-aged children
  • Tutoring course for students with special needs

We have flexible hours that fit into your busy schedule 

Our Tutoring Services

The success of online tutoring depends on the teacher’s ability to understand individual learning styles. We employ highly qualified tutors who research each student’s background before teaching them. We assist with finding workable solutions for every student, no matter their educational or socioeconomic status.

Hire an expert tutor for the following services;

Chicago IL Tutor – Elementary School 

Parents with kids in elementary school often have many questions about the curriculum and how to help their children best. We are here to assist you in getting the best tutors to improve the learning experience to make sure your child is growing and developing in a healthy way.

Whether they are struggling with math, science, or English, we have the right tutor for your child. Our lessons are fun and engaging. We ensure your child is enjoying the learning process.

Subjects we cover:


An experienced tutor will help students master math operations, including

  • Addition,
  • Subtraction,
  • Multiplication,
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Pre-calculus

Our tutors are well trained to help them gain confidence in math. We also offer relevant activities that make the topics more interesting.


  • Cellular structure and function, genetics, ecology, and earth science.

We have after-school and weekend tutoring sessions to help students stay on track with their studies. We offer instruction based on students’ learning styles and learning needs.


Reading comprehension and writing skills.

Creative art:

We help learners explore their creative side through art. We offer lessons that teach them how to express themselves creatively using different mediums, such as paint and clay. 

Social Studies:

  • Geography, history, and government, among other subjects.

Chicago Il Tutor – Middle School (Grades 6-8) is here to help kids get ahead in their academic studies by providing stimulating and engaging classes taught by experienced tutors. Lessons build upon what the student already knows. The teacher will help the students master concepts they have already learned in the classroom. They also assist them in understanding new topics better.

The teacher will plan lessons and give tasks and guidelines. They will also work with the kids until they understand the concepts. We offer a range of different courses for your child to choose from.

Subjects we cover:


We provide refresher classes in math to prepare them for middle school-level courses. Our lessons are focused on teaching strategies that will help them excel in this subject.

  • Geometry and measurement
  • Linear algebra
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Basic operations,
  • Decimals,
  • Fractions,
  • Geometry and graphing
  • Problem-solving strategies, among other subjects


We tutor a wide range of topics for the whole level syllabus. We ensure pupils have a firm grasp of these concepts before moving on to more advanced topics.

  • Cellular structure and function,
  • Genetics,
  • Ecology
  • Human body systems,
  • Ecosystems
  • Earth science, among many others.


Our tutor will help your daughter/son master essay writing skills through composition classes. The teacher will focus on literacy skills such as punctuation, grammatical structure, and creative writing.

  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing skills.

We offer flexible hours and a wide selection of courses so you can find the tutor that’s right for your child. We are dedicated to helping children achieve their learning goals.

Our goal is to prepare every student for higher learning by building on the fundamentals they have already learned. We offer engaging and interactive lessons to keep them focused on the learning process.

Social studies:  

Geography, history, economics, and government. Our tutors prepare the student for high school by teaching them study skills that will help them excel in this subject. They are committed and available 24/7 to help kids master the key concepts of all subjects in their grade level. 

Computer skills:

We offer classes that teach different computer applications such as;

  • Word processing
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Online research tools.

These lessons are designed to improve different aspects of the learner’s computer literacy skills.


We offer Spanish tutoring for kids who want to learn this language. We deal with the grammatical structure of the language and conversational skills. Contact us for subjects not listed. We offer after-school and weekend tutoring sessions to help students stay on track with their studies.

Chicago IL Tutors – High School (Grades 9-12)

We have answers for high school students in search of a perfect tutor in Chicago, IL. We offer stimulating classes that improve study skills and boost academic performance.

High School classes typically include Honors/Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate level mathematics and literature programs. We have instructors that can cover these subjects and more.

Subjects we cover:

High School Math:

  • Trigonometry, geometry, algebra II and I
  • financial mathematics

The tutor may focus on teaching concepts using different mediums that make learning fun and engaging. We prepare them for advanced classes by teaching them the skills they will need to excel in this level of education.

English Essentials:

  • Reading comprehension,
  • Vocabulary,
  • Grammar and essay
  • Writing skills
  • Essay writing,
  • Literature
  • Public speaking.

Our knowledgeable instructors dedicate their time to building the learner’s essay writing skills through creative composition classes. They are taught to use descriptive language and build vocabulary through different mediums such as poems, short stories, and movie scripts.


Your son or daughter is taught how to dissect and understand scientific theories. These classes are designed to strengthen students’ grasp of core concepts like chemistry, biology, and physics.


  • Mechanics of solids and fluids, vibrations and waves, electricity, and magnetism.


  • Atomic structure, chemical reactions, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.


  • Anatomy, cells, organisms, and genomes.

Social studies:

We tutor different world issues through in-depth lessons on;

  • Culture,
  • Political science
  • Politics,
  • Economics
  • Geography.

These classes help them develop a well-rounded knowledge of different cultures and regions.

Computer Science:

We offer courses in programming languages such as Java and C++. Our learning system is based on the highest standards.

These classes help students develop their problem-solving skills and boost their confidence in using computers for academic purposes.

Chicago Il Private Tutors – College / University 

Many students find themselves struggling or require assistance to keep up with their studies in college or university. We have University Tutors Chicago Il to assist in all stages of higher education. We have tutoring sessions with DePaul University, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago, among many other college and university institutions.

Subject Tutors

Whether an undergraduate or graduate student, you can easily access your ideal tutor to help you with exactly what you are looking for.

The tutor is available to help, whether you need a subject review or require assistance with your thesis or dissertation. We will walk with you until you succeed in your academic goals.

Get the best tutor in Chicago Il for;

  • Computer science
  • Mathematics: Mathematical methods for physicists, applied and numerical analysis, advanced topics in mathematics.
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Political science
  • Humanities and social sciences

We have free consultation sessions to determine the student learning academic needs. Schedule a session today by calling (+1) #.

Homework Help

Many people struggle with their assignments. This can be due to a lack of understanding or lack of time. Our Chicago Il tutors have a broad range of experience in the subject they tutor and know how to convey complicated concepts in ways that are easy to understand.

We offer assignment assistance for elementary to post-graduate levels. We also tutor adults who take night classes or need assistance with their job-related studies.

Chicago Il Online Tutors – Test Prep

Standardized examinations are a common requirement for applying to college. We have Chicago tutors specialized in preparing students for SAT/ACT/GRE tests. College Board tests are a big part of getting into college. The College Board is the most widely recognized association that administers standardized tests for college admissions in US colleges. 

We also offer test preparation material to get you ready for your exams. Whether it is an AP or IB exam, or college entrance exams like the GRE examination, students are coached according to the standards set by their exam boards.

How to Access our Chicago Il Tutor Online

It is easy to get a perfect tutor with these three simple steps:

  • Fill out the order form on our homepage. Choose the service you want. Include a valid phone number.
  • A friendly customer representative will get back to you ASAP with a custom quote (based on your needs).
  • Confirm your order and schedule your first tutoring session.

How Our Tutor Connects with Students

We provide easy-to-use online tutoring services that connect customers with their tutors via any device. Whether it is a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or other computer-based system-our, technology makes it possible for our students to learn anytime and anywhere via the Internet.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of picking the perfect tutor for you. We have tutors from various backgrounds who have expertise in test prep, math, science, English, and other subjects.

Contact Us today at (+1) # or email us at for a customized quote!

How Much Do Online Tutors Charge?

Prices can vary depending on the tutor’s skill set, education, and prior experience. You will get a customized quote.

Our Price Guide

  • 1-5 hours one-on-one $25-$80 per hour
  • 6+hours one-on-one $20-$75 per hour
  • Group tutoring (2 to 4 students) $60 per hour
  • Assignment help $20 per hour

To book your first lesson, call (+1) 406 924 4659 or email

Tutoring Programs in Chicago-Our Teaching Style

We understand that people learn differently. We use various teaching methods to help your son or daughter grasp concepts and reach their full potential.

The tutor will design an individual plan that matches a student’s learning style and needs. They will monitor and adjust that plan as needed to help students succeed.

Private Tutor in Chicago Il-One one tutoring

We offer a personalized approach to all our students. One-on-one teaching style works best for every person. A student is free to choose the best time for their lesson. Private tutoring allows the tutor to focus on your child and give them individualized attention.

Private Tutor Chicago Il-Small Group Tutoring

This teaching style works well for a student who learns better in a group setting or for sensory overload.

Private Online Tutoring services-Specialized courses 

We have specialized courses for learning disabilities like ADD/ADHD, autism, and dyslexia. Our specialized Chicago tutors have the ability to identify a student’s needs and design a personalized plan to help them succeed. We, of course, work with the family to create a roadmap that makes the tutoring experience fun and rewarding.

A perfect tutor will use proven teaching tools and techniques specifically designed to address ADHD and related challenges. This is a sure way to improve attention skills, promote learning and increase the student’s test scores.

We have experience working with talented students who need help staying motivated, memory retention techniques, test preparation strategies, time management skills for homework completion. We offer regular assessments to make sure your son or daughter is progressing according to their goals.

Chicago Tutor FAQs

How Much Does a Tutor Cost in Chicago?

We understand that tutoring is an investment in your child’s education. We offer competitive prices for our one-on-one training services. Our price guide is $20-$75 per hour, depending on how long you book the lesson and the subject of instruction.

How Do I Schedule a Tutoring Session in Chicago?

All you have to do is call (+1) # or email, and we can set up a time that fits your family schedule. You can choose an in-person or online tutorial, depending on your preference.

When Do I Need to Meet with the Tutor?

Depending on what is best for you and the tutor, you can meet your instructor as often as needed. Some people prefer one or two weekly sessions; others need more time. We will work out a plan to help you reach your goals faster and efficiently.

How Do I Find a Reputable Tutor?

We can help you find a tutor that will make your child’s academic journey fun and rewarding. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process to match your needs with one of our talented tutors. Please call (+1) #. Our private tutors will be happy to assist you in reaching your academic goals.

What If My Child is Not Receptive to Tutoring?

We know every student learns in different ways. Our private tutors use various teaching methods to help students grasp concepts and reach their academic goals. Contact us today and get the best Chicago tutor who will support your daughter/son at the comfort of your own home.

Contact Information

Call us at (+1) # and book a free consultation with one of our Chicago tutors.

Email us at / or visit our website for more information.

We are open 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.

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