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Career change comes with its fair share of challenges. Every step that you take in your uncertain new path is one of uncharted territory. You need to do everything carefully and ensure that all your bases are covered.

One of the most important steps in your career change journey is your resume. This document is often the first impression you make on a prospective employer. It is the thing that will make them decide whether to give you an interview or not.

If you want your resume to do its job, you need to be polished and perfect. This is where professional resume writers come in to help. They understand the resume writing process and deliver a professionally written resume to hook hiring managers.

Who needs a career change professional resume writing service?

Various categories of people might need the help of a career change resume writer. They include:

  • Service members planning to join the civilian workforce
  • People changing careers in the same industry
  • Those changing careers to a completely different field but have some transferable skills
  • People who are re-entering the workforce after an extended leave

All these people have one thing in common; they want to make their resumes stand out in a competitive job market.

How can a professional resume writer help?

Resume writing experts can help you to:

• Make your career change stand out from the competition
• Put together an impressive resume in a short time frame
• Give you an objective view of your strengths and weaknesses
• Customize your resume to the specific job you are applying for
• Showcase your relevant skills and experience in the best possible light
• Create an optimized resume that goes past the applicant tracking systems.
• Thoroughly prepare for your interview and light up your career path through career coaching
Table: Why hire a professional writer?

Reliable career change resume services

If you need resume help to smooth transit from your previous career, you can check out the following resume writing services:


At Tutorsploit, we help career changers with one of the most crucial job search documents. We offer a free consultation where the customer works closely with an experienced resume writer.

After consultation, you’re required to upload your current resume for review and changes to fit the new career path. You receive the first draft for review, and if anything needs to change, the writer will work with you until you’re fully satisfied.

Are you considering a career change and need a professional writer to work on your resume? Worry not. is the home of quality and effective career change resumes.

You will consult with an expert writer then submit your old resume through their website. After three days, our new resume will be ready for your review and approval. They also offer various resume packages to cater to different customer needs.

Craft Resumes

Look no further if you need a professionally crafted resume to make your next career move. The Craft Resumes is a professional resume service specializing in helping job seekers achieve their job search goals.

At Craft Resumes, you’ll work one-on-one with a certified professional resume writer to ensure you secure that job interview and get your dream job. You will receive a resume that perfectly suits your target career.

Your career change plan isn’t complete without a matching resume. is your go-to site for resume writing services. You need someone who will pay attention to details and deliver accordingly’; that’s what this service offers.

A free resume consultation will allow you to communicate your needs and requirements for your target career. After that, a qualified resume writer works on your old resume to create a new and effective career change resume.

Careers booster

Changing careers isn’t always a smooth process. If you are considering shifting from one career to another for whatever reasons, ensure you prepare adequately for the transition phase. Your new resume plays a major role in determining whether you get that coveted interview and a new job.

Careers booster is one of the best resume writing services that craft winning resumes for career changers. They will use what you already have to get you what you want.


ResumeSpice professional writers have been writing effective resumes for various job seeker categories for the longest time now. If you’re in the process of changing careers, ResumeSpice has got you.

An expert writer will review your existing resume and discuss with you the various options available to make your resume relevant to the next career path. A lot goes into resume writing, and changing careers makes the process more challenging. However, working with ResumeSpice will lighten the burden for you.

CareerPro Resumes

If you feel lost on your career change path and wonder how to make the process better, don’t worry. CareerPro Resumes has got you covered. They write resumes from scratch, edit and revamp resumes for career changers.

Quit worrying about how much relevant experience or transferrable skills you have; CareerPro experts will draft a career change resume that will win the hiring manager’s heart.

Find my Profession

Find my Profession is a virtual resume writing service that helps professionals secure their dream jobs, get promotions and change careers with minimal hassle. Career change requires solid strategies, and that’s what this resume service is all about.

After your resume consultation, you’ll be required to upload your current resume then wait for the magic to happen. Find my Profession resume writers are vastly experienced to help job seekers in various industries, so expect the best regardless of your target career.


Changing careers can be hectic and confusing, especially if you lack the necessary tools and guidance on how to go about it. Professional resume writing services help you eliminate the confusion and make you shine in your new career path.

Your existing resume needs a major revamp to fit your target career, and that’s what Zipjob does and much more. All you need is to discuss your resume needs and expectations, then submit your current resume.

Career change challenges

Changing careers is a challenging transition. It might involve various challenges such as:

• Lack of relevant resume content
• Lack of transferable skills
• Lack of experience in the new career
• Inability to highlight strengths and areas of expertise from previous jobs
• Facing the fear of change, uncertainty, and insecurity

Resume writers are experienced in handling these types of challenges. They will help you to package your skills and experience in a way that makes you stand out.

Tips for creating effective career change resume

Career change resumes ought to convince the hiring managers that they can comfortably take a chance with you even though you’re changing careers. If you’re hiring a writer to work on your new resume, ensure they consider the following tips for creating an effective resume:

  • Research extensively on your target industry and strategize on how to create a winning resume
  • Write a strong summary of qualifications section to highlight the relevant skills, experience, and transferable competencies
  • Include detailed descriptions of your previous and current responsibilities
  • Use keywords from the job opportunity to describe your experience so applicant tracking systems can pick it up
  • Quantify your accomplishments where possible
  • Include volunteer work or unpaid experience if it is relevant to the new career
  • Make sure you customize your resume to the specific job.
  • Use the appropriate format for your new resume- usually, a functional or combination resume works best for career changers
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile so potential employers can navigate more of your network.


If you’re planning a career change, the focus must be on how to get your new resume up and running with minimum hassle. Professional help from resume writers guarantees that you’re on the right track.

Enlisting an expert’s help ensures that your resume will be relevant to your new career path and highlights your strengths and areas of expertise. The list of resume services given here isn’t exhaustive but will help you start your search right.

  • Proofreading and Formatting
  • Free revision
  • Plagiarism Report on Request
  • 24/7 Support
  • Money Back Guarantee

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