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Writing a Good Book Review

A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit. A review may also include a discussion about the book’s contents, reception, and impact.

Writing Book Reviews- Factors to Consider

When writing a review, consider the following:

  • The target audience – Is the content appropriate for its intended audience?
  • Book title- Is the title effective and appropriate? What is the title’s relevance to the book contents?
  • Structure and organization – Is it well-structured and organized? Does it cover all the main ideas in good detail? Are transitions smooth and logical?
  • The concept – Does the author achieve what they are trying to accomplish?
  • The content – Are facts accurate? Does the author cite sources properly?
  • The logical flow of ideas – Is there a natural progression of thought, or does it seem disjointed?
  • Overall evaluation – Does the book add to your understanding of its subject?

If you are stuck for ideas when writing a book review, feel free to ask for help from our editors here at

The Benefits of Reviews

  • The readers can decide whether or not they want to read the book based on your review.
  • A well-structured and written book review can help an author get more exposure.

The Book Review Writing Service

Tutorsploit offers professional review writers who are competent in the English language and knowledgeable about your subject matter. Our book reviews are written from scratch and can be tailored to fit any specific requirements you have, whether it is for a college assignment or an internship program.

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What We Offer:

Tutorsploit offers an extensive range of book reviewer services to our customers; this includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Book review writing,
  • Book report writing,
  • Drafting book reviews,
  • Proofreading and editing services for any book review.

We are committed to helping you out with whatever book report needs you to have, using the best of our abilities to get your work done accurately without compromising quality.

What We Review:

We focus on all genres of literature and creative writing, including;

  • Short stories,
  • Novels,
  • Book reports
  • Fiction books,
  • Nonfiction books,
  • Creative nonfiction,
  • Play scripts,
  • Screenplays,
  • Journal articles/papers,
  • Research papers,
  • Case studies,
  • Dramatic works,
  • Academic journals;
  • Poetry books, among other genre.

We take orders for one book review or several reviews, depending on our customers’ preferences.

How to Order:

First, fill in the order form on this page completely to have all the necessary information about your order. Provide a book link for review or a pdf for download to ease us writing the book review. Please include any other guidelines and instructions.

Please pay for your purchase after placing an order and relax while we handle your project to perfection.

Why Should You Buy Book Reviews from

  • When you come to Tutorsploit, expect nothing less than 100% authentic and plagiarism-free reviews. We write our book reviews exclusively for the customers who order them at very reasonable and affordable prices.
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We write book reviews for the following groups;

  • Young adult fiction books,
  • Adult fiction books,
  • Middle-grade fiction books,
  • Undergraduate and Graduate students,
  • Established and emerging writers.

Our Services:

We offer a variety of services from proofreading to editing and writing all types of reviews;

  • Our proofreading service helps you correct the errors in your initial draft. You can send us your manuscript or essay. We will proofread it for any inconsistencies, errors, punctuation mistakes, typos, and grammatical mistakes before publication.
  • We offer writing services to help you get an original book report that follows guidelines and meets the requirements of any assignment. We produce useful reviews that are tailored to fit any specific needs required by a client. Our book reports are a great way to motivate college students to overcome writer’s block and get better grades on their final papers.
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  • We can also help you choose a topic if you are having trouble deciding on one.

Advantages of Writing Book Reviews With Us

Our writing service has numerous advantages that will leave you feeling content with the book review we provide for you:

  • The friendly customer support team, available 24/7 to help solve any issues or explain unclear instructions from clients
  • On-time delivery of our work ensures that all clients have their requests completed before given deadlines.  
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Our Rates

Reviewing books rates will depend on the writer’s experience, the book’s difficulty level, and how quickly it needs to be completed. Here is a list of sample word rates for writers:

$0.08/word – fiction book

$0.12/word – nonfiction book or short story

$0.15/word – academic writing, technical writing, dissertation, thesis.

Cost per page (275 words) – $22 fiction book

Cost per page (275 words) – $33 nonfiction book or short story

Tips from Our Editors

What to Avoid When Writing a Book Review

It would be best to avoid certain things when writing your book review: A summary of the plot or storyline.  An opinion about whether the book is good or bad before even reading it, opinion without support from evidence in the book.

How To Write A Book Review For School

If you are looking for help on how to write a book review for school, there are some basic steps that you should take:

  • Read the entire book;
  • Take notes, especially about what stands out most;
  • Write an introduction;
  • Analyze the text;
  • Write the body of the review and discuss the main themes, characters, plot;
  • Write a conclusion.

Book Reviews on Novels

A book review of a novel should be similar to any other type of book review. There are some aspects, however, that you may need to look at more closely:

  • The setting and time period in which the story takes place;
  • How well the author develops the characters;
  • What is revealed about each character through action, dialogue, or description;
  • How the plot unfolds and how it is resolved;
  • The point of view from which the story is told.

Book Reviews on Biographies

A book review on a biography should also be similar to any other type of book review.  There are some aspects, however, that you may need to look at more closely:

  • Who is or was the person being profiled;
  • The reason why the person is being profiled;
  • How well does the author represent events and information that are public knowledge;
  • How accurate is the information given about the character?

Book Reviews on Creative Nonfiction

A book review on creative nonfiction is more difficult to review.  There are some aspects, however, that you may need to look at more closely:

  • The author’s purpose for writing the book;
  • How well does this purpose reflect the facts within the text;
  • Does the author include all of their evidence in a logical order?
  • Is there any bias in what is presented to the reader?
  • What are the author’s credentials?  
  • Are you qualified to write on this topic?
  • Where necessary, was an index included at the end of the book?

What Makes a Good Review?

In general, a book review consists of three parts:  

  • The introduction, which includes the thesis statement and the critical analysis;
  • The body includes a summary and description of the text along with reasons that support your thesis statement; and
  • The conclusion, which includes an assessment of whether or not you recommend the text.

At the end of your review, include the book price and publisher.

Review of a Book Example

Here is an example of how to structure a book review:


The author’s main purpose for writing the book was to bring awareness to the importance of medical treatment after a heart attack and premature death in many patients.  Dr. Michael Muller wanted people to know what they could do to prevent these types of deaths from occurring.  He thought that the best way to accomplish this was by providing various types of statistics and studies involving heart patients, their families, and the health care community.

Author’s Point of View

Dr. Muller had a very objective point of view during his writing process.  While some might say that his main purpose was to show the importance of early treatment, he also stressed that each patient should choose their medical treatment if they were aware of the various options.  From his point of view, patients had become more informed about their health care choices and better able to advocate for themselves while under care.

Study on Heart Attack Deaths

There are many types of heart conditions, and not all heart diseases can be prevented. The only way to prevent death is to provide immediate medical attention after a heart attack occurs.

Dr. Muller took five years to study different types of patients, their treatments, and their effects on the patient’s health and recovery process.  After conducting his study, he created a formula that can determine patients’ risk of death from a heart attack based on the type and severity of their condition.  This information was not readily available to patients because it had not been published anywhere else.

Research Process

Dr. Michael Muller spent five years completing his study by compiling data from medical journals, books, and Internet sites.  He also interviewed patients and their families to learn more about their medical background, heart disease history, and treatment options. He conducted his research at a local hospital to review patient files and help educate the community on the importance of early intervention in treating heart issues.

Clientele at Risk

The study included anyone with heart problems and a family history of heart issues. Dr. Muller spent a lot of time researching patients under the age of 45 with life-threatening heart conditions because there hadn’t been enough research regarding their treatment options.


By using his formula, it’s now possible to predict which patient is at risk for death from a heart attack after being treated by a team of medical professionals.  Dr. Muller’s research showed that even with the best treatment, some patients were still at risk for death no matter what was done to prevent it. Doctors know which patients are at more risk than others and can take extra steps to recover from their attack fully.


The main argument that Dr. Muller used in his book was that it is possible to save lives if medical professionals would learn more about a patient’s heart condition and how to treat it. The main purpose of writing this book was to help educate the public on their treatment options after surviving a heart attack.  He wanted people to know that different forms of treatment are available, but it is up to the patient to decide what they want to be done.  Dr. Muller’s book included various types of studies that helped him reach his conclusion. Still, he also conducted his own research by interviewing patients and their families about their medical background, heart disease history, and treatment options.

Author Biography

Michael A Muller MD received his medical degree in 1980 from the University of Miami School of Medicine.  He has been in private practice since 1980 after completing his internship at North Shore Hospital in Manhasset, NY, and residencies at both Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, and Long Island Jewish Medical Center.  Dr. Muller is board certified in internal medicine and geriatrics. He is a member of the Gerontological Society of America and The American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Muller has been involved in medical education as an assistant clinical professor since 1996 for the UCLA School of Medicine.


Can I Hire a Writer for My Book?

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What is a Review?

A review describes the analysis critical of a text, object, or phenomenon. Reviews can consider books, articles, whole genres or fields of the literature, architecture, art, fashion, restaurants, policies, exhibitions performances, and many other forms.

The most important element of reviewing is that it’s a comment rather than a summary. This allows you to engage in dialogue about the artist’s work as well as other audiences.

You should declare your opinion on the work, and this statement will probably resemble other types of academic writing, with a thesis statement supporting body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Who Are the Best Book Reviewers?

The qualities of a good book reviewer are many, including excellent language skills, a solid understanding of grammar, and an ability to express thoughts comprehensively.

A good review should include the book’s strengths and weaknesses and make suggestions to improve it. Meanwhile, other important qualities for book reviewers include organization, writing skills, research skills, knowledge of the topic being reviewed, and objectivity.

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